Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Interval Training Workout

Sometimes it just feels good to run really fast. But we forget that as we get old and practical and set in our stuffy adult ways.

But this morning, when I was out with Bally the Dog on our morning walk, I found myself thinking, "dang, the conditions are perfect for running". The weather reminded me of the high school soccer games I played over 15 years ago on days like these...and so once we got to the trails in High Park, I just started running.

Bally and I ran 8 sprints. Who knows how long they lasted and I didn't give a care about my "work to rest" ratio. We just ran till we (I mean until "I") couldn't keep that pace and then we walked (well, I walked and he sniffed things), and then we started running again.

We ran twists and turns through the trails, with him biting at my butt and trying to jump on me. Probably not the safest interval workout in the world, but it was fun. Just a boy and his dog running for no reason other than to run as fast as they could.

Now he's all tuckered out and I feel like a million bucks.

But you know, I take it for granted how I can just go running around anyplace I want, anytime, and how I feel before, during, and when I'm done.

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Anonymous said...

Niceee. Sprints are king.


I'm 5 foot 4 (Male) and weight 130 under 10% body fat. Would you recommend adding weight? I am already pretty 'ripped' but looking to get my abs more shredded.

Nate - Fit-Life Online said...
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Nate - Fit-Life said...

Got a nice sprint workout in today myself. Mine were of the barefoot variety. Gotta love nice weather!

skinnybuddah said...

yep, kinda blowy and blustery here in scotland (uk) but also got a great sprint session and bodyweight circuit done early this morning in the local park.

Geez, I'm in my 40's in one of the unhealthiest countries in Europe and couldn't give a monkeys how I look!!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Great workouts guys! Hopefully someone will be inspired to take action after seeing your workouts skinnybuddah!


Adam L. said...

Nothing like 6-8 sprints followed up by a nice dog walking through the woods for me!