Friday, April 17, 2009

How many calories in a starbucks frappacino?

Here's our latest Diet Vs Exercise video where you'll see Brad Pilon destroy over 1100 calories from a Starbuck's frappacino and espresso brownie while I do a lowly 50-60 snatches with a 35 pound kettlebell - even with one of the best workout exercises to burn belly fat.

Once again, the joke is on me, and diet wins in the battle of diet vs. exercise.


David at said...

This is a great video. It really got across just how easy it is to consume a ton of calories without even realizing it. As Jack Lalanne said, when it comes to health, exercise is the king, but diet is the queen. If you want to be healthy, you need both.

- Dave

Adam L. said...

I honestly cannot stop laughing. These videos are hilarious (and very legit and to the point). I mean, once a weak (assuming you went 6-7 days eating good) Sure, you can treat yourself to one. But people are drinking/eating this crap daily. (You forgot to mention the the fact of trans fat in the whip cream!)

Sean said...

I'm loving these series of videos. I actually just blogged about all 4 of them this morning.
Keep 'em comin'!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Great form on the snatches, CB!