Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheat Diet

I'm working on the next TT Transformation Contest, and I've been researching more diet options to help you rapidly change your body.

I stumbled across one *new* diet that surprised me...in fact, I might have to debate this diet author about his approach.

Let me know if you'd like to see an interview with this Joel...
After all, you know how I feel about whole, natural foods all the time!
On the other hand, Joel does have some amazing before and after photos, just like the ones you've seen in the latest TT Transformation Contest.
So maybe the diet does work...
I'll let you decide for yourself.
Only 12 more days to go till the next TT contest,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS


JeremyD said...

Knowing Joel's history being a Body for Life Champion, he is using somewhat the same "diet" technique explained in Bill Phillip's book, although Joel may have some more science to back it up.

I too have tried eating cleanly for six days with one day of "freedom" and I too have had similar results to what Joel saw. However it is easier to go overboard and completely negate the hard work put in during the week as I have done that as well. (I love Fruity Pebbles cereal).

Anonymous said...

hey craig this seems very intersting and i would appreciate it if u could get an interview. Thanks

Amber said...

I am a little skeptical on the all out cheat idea. It sounds a little like zig-zagging calorie days - which I have heard works well. Depends on how much it costs if I will buy it or not, but I am getting frustrated with my lack of results. I did the Elimination Diet to a T in January and did not lose a single pound - so anything different right now might be good.

Alex said...

I've been following Joel on this recently, and it sounds like a program that came out a few years ago called "Cheat to Lose", though I can't remember the author. I'll give it an honest read, though I'm still skeptical that these "refeed" type days have any actual physiological benefit. I would love to hear you interview him about this.

Anonymous said...

you mentioned recently that you've gained some mass (maybe 10-12 lbs.). How do you do it? Do you REALLY increase the calories and the heavy lifts? I've tried before, and just can't seem to muster more than a few pounds before I start to feel a little "soft" around the middle.