Saturday, May 18, 2019

Farm Daisy an Deadlift

It was a great trip to California, but I'm very happy to be home. Friday morning I took the early flight back to Toronto, landed, grabbed a green smoothie, and then picked up Daisy the Dog at my sisters. We took a big walk, had a bigger steak dinner, and then had an even bigger drive home to the farm.

After a short sleep I got back up this morning to write some newsletters. I was tired, but soldiered on...after a heavy dose of Green Tea, we had finished the newsletters, done a big Daisy walk, played in the backyard, and got ready for deadlifts.

I nearly quit.

Daisy wanted to play, I was sleepy, and a little slow moving.

Impenitent, I stuck to it. And it was so worthwhile.

The workout was good. Very good.

  • Ball curl
  • Split squat
  • 1-leg RDL
  • Band Pull
1a) Deadlift
1b) Mobility

2a) KB Farmer's Walk (barefoot, on the grass)
2b) Band Walk

3a) Snatch-Grip RDL
3b) Mobility

Then more playing with Daisy. She loves grass, and today she had a fresh cut lawn to sniff and snack on.

It worked out great. She's so big, and so fast.

Little girl is getting all grown up!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Recovery and Empire Building

While Daisy rests and recovers back in Toronto, I'm down in California for the Empire Mastermind. I'll be resting and recovering from workouts for a couple of days too, and focused on teaching.

But yesterday I had one more workout with Bedros before filming some episodes of our show.

1a) Pushups
1b) Band Pulls

2a) DB Incline Press
2b) Face Pulls

3a) Hammer Strength Press
3b) Triceps

Great times.

Alright, off to work!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

California Love in the Gym

Hello from Chino Hills in the Inland Empire buried in Southern California. It's the home of Fit Body Boot Camp and Bedros Keuilian, and his gym BK Strength.

Before I arrived in Cali, I had one more great workout in Toronto Town on Friday morning.

1a) Pushups
1b) Upper Back Mobility

2a) Bench Press
2b) Inverted Row with Rings

3a) Pullup
3b) Incline 1-Arm DB Press

Oh yeah, and my poor lil doggy got bit at the dog park, and she had to get stitches!

Saturday was an off day with lots of walking around...

And then on Sunday it was off to LA... landed, grabbed a cab to Chino Hills, did some grocery shopping, and then got fired up for this workout at BK Strength:

1a) KB Swing
1b) X-Band Walk

2a) Deadlift
2b) Mobility

3a) Leg Curl
3b) Mobility

Good times. I was gassed.

Tomorrow it's back to BK with BK for an upper body session and then lots of Empire Filming.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Big City Workouts and Daisy

Daisy had a great time on the farm, but we had to shift into the big city for a few days.

Wednesday was an off-day/travel day, but today I got under the bar for a great squat workout.

I gave myself exactly one hour to do my old-man warmup, heavy squats, high volume hamstrings, and end of workout mobility.

Great times... this was all done in 53 minutes and then I went and got a green smoothie at Impact Kitchen

1a) Band Walks
1b) Stability Ball Leg Curls

2a) Heavy Front Squats
2b) Kettlebell Swings

3a) Squats
3b) Glute-Ham Raise

Now for a big walk with Daisy. 🙂

PS - Nothing has the power to change your life like love.

- When anger strikes, Defeat it with love.
- When fear is felt, Defeat it with love.
- When envy rises, Defeat it with love.

Love heals hurt. It mends wounds. It brightens paths. Love is the answer. It is the only answer indeed

Monday, May 06, 2019

Miami and the Fast Growing Daisy Mae

Hormones are powerful.

I left Daisy, my 4 month old yellow lab, for a week.

I came back and she's so much taller, faster, and stronger.

She's losing her puppy fat... it might be time to give her more peanut butter.

Daisy spent the weekend playing at a kennel, and I'm wondering if she did nothing but sprints, squats, and push presses. 😉

While she was playing, I was down in Miami working, and then playing too.

After the Masterminding on Friday, I had dinner at Strip Steak in the Fontainebleau Hotel. The brussel sprouts were great, but my steak was just ok... grizzly.

The next day I walked 8 miles (four miles to dinner and four miles home). I had a great stick at Prime 112, and tight calves the next day. But that's alright, it was just upper body workout day:

1a) Face Pull
1b) 1-Arm KB Press

2a) DB Chest Press
2b) Mobility

3a) Triceps
3b) Lower body stretching

Then it was a flight home and some time with Daisy.

Today, after a long walk with her and some playing in the backyard, I did:

1a) KB Swings
1b) Mobility

2a) Deadlift
2b) Mobility

That's it.

Short workouts, but fun.

Back to Toronto on Wednesday.

Friday, May 03, 2019

Miami workouts and Steak

My trip to Miami has been a blast.

First up, a trip to Whole foods for protein bars, haha.

Then on Wednesday morning it was a pushup workout in my hotel room because I forgot my workout shorts.

Wednesday was an all day workshop.

And then a big night...

We visited #SaltBae at his Miami restaurant and we got a picture with him and had a delicious meal... get the Meat Sushi! 

I've now visited 2 of his 13 restaurants while he was there, lol.

Thursday AM i was in the gym at 5:30 for rows and abs... and then it was day one of my Mastermind with 36 entrepreneurs from Australia, the UK, and all over North America.

Next, dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Miami, Il Gabbiano... the food was delicious, including a dangerous flourless chocolate cake.

Today it was back in the gym at 5:45am for:

1) DB BG Split Squats - 6 sets of 10!

2a) Goblet Squats
2b) DB RDL

Now for day two of the Mastermind.

"Of all the virtues we can learn no trait is more useful, more essential for survival, and more likely to improve the quality of life than the ability to transform adversity into an enjoyable challenge." – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Weddings and Workouts

This was a HUGE weekend for the Ballantyne family, including Daisy the Dog.

My sister got married.

It was a small but beautiful ceremony and a wonderful, but low-key reception after (there's a YUGE party planned for late May).

Daisy the Dog was the flower girl (in theory), although only at home. She did not attend the wedding, lol.

The day started out cold and snowy (!), but Daisy and I drove back to the farm from Toronto.

I grabbed a quick upper body superset pre-wedding:

1a) Half-Kneeling 1-Arm KB Overhead Press
1b) DB Row

5 sets. No issues with neck or shoulder.

Then it was off to the wedding, then a break, then back to the dinner at a local restaurant.

This morning I was back on track and hit the garage gym... after Daisy did some wrestling with another local yellow lab.

Lower Body Workout

1a) DB 1-Leg RDL
1b) Band Walk
1c) Plank
1d) Stability Ball Leg Curl

2a) Front Squat
2b) KB Swing

3) Bulgarian Split Squat with Weight Vest

Afterwards we had a big post-wedding brunch, and I had some champagne and lots of fruit... and some chocolates, but no pastries.

When everyone left I crushed a Hulk-Shake of vega protein, spinach, Athletic Greens, banana, and berries.

Rock on,