Wednesday, July 30, 2014

21 Exercise Substitutions

This is long overdue, and for that I apologize.
Here's the Turbulence Training Ultimate Exercise Substitutions List.

Feel free to add your suggestions or follow up questions below, and we'll keep building this great resource. There are at least 21 great replacements for common exercises that TT readers can't do for one reason or another.

For Squats -> You can do split squats, lunges, step-ups, reaching lunges, 1-leg deadlifts, or 1-leg hip extensions

For DB Incline Press -> You can do DB Chest Press, DB Floor Press, DB Standing 1-Arm Shoulder Press, Dips with Knee-ups

For DB Chest Supported Row -> You can do DB Row, BB Row, Seated Row, DB Renegade Rows, DB Rear Deltoid Raise

For Dips with Knees-up -> Any version of close-grip pushup, DB Floor Press, DB Close-grip Press, DB Close-grip Floor press

For DB Chest Presses (of any kind) -> You can do one of these:

- pushups
- close-grip pushups
- decline pushup
- elevated pushups
- off-set pushups
- pushups with your feet on the ball
- pushups with your hands on the ball
- spiderman pushups
- pike pushups
- or possibly the hardest two hand pushup of them all, decline close-grip spiderman pushups

For DB Split Squats -> You can do:

- 1-leg lying hip extensions for beginners
- high-rep Bulgarian split squats for advanced
- high-rep split squats with your front foot elevated 4-6 inches for intermediate
- 1-leg deadlifts
- 1-leg squats onto bench
- 1-leg squats standing on the bench
- deepstep-ups
- reaching lunges

For DB Rows -> Using the smith machine, you can do...
- inverted rows
- underhand inverted rows
- inverted rows with your feet on the ball
- inverted rows holding the ends of a towel hung over the bar (advanced grip strength there!)

For DB Rows -> Using the pullup bar, you can do...
- eccentric pull-ups
- regular pull-ups
- sternum pull-ups
- chinups
- side to side pull-ups

Not strong enough for Stability Ball Leg Curls -> You can do:
- Lying hip extensions and 1-leg hip extensions
- Then progress into hip extensions with feet on the ball.

If you have pain during squats & Lunges -> You can do:
- lying 1-leg hip extensions
- trap-bar deadlifts
- split squats might even work


That had to be helpful, right? 

But if you have other ideas or questions...

Let me know,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer => just like this trainer

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Deadlift before the big city with coach

I won't be getting much done today due to travel. I'm heading from the farm to the big city, so I hit the gym early today.

This was week 2 of my current program. I did bench and deadlift to cut down on the number of times I need to go to an actual gym. I can do the assistance stuff at home.

1A) Long Jump
1B) Trap Bar DL

2A) Hang Clean
2B) Bench

3B) OH Squat

It's great to have your coach waiting at the bottom of the stairs for you every's not so great when you almost lose "Coach" in the wheat field because he was chasing varmints. Good ol' Coach...always getting into misadventures. Ha!

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Be ProActive. That is a behind-the-scenes secret of a British Gentleman. He plans and prepares, and always has 2 charming solutions to every obstacle.

ProActive means that when there is a problem, you are working to solve the problem in every which way you can...and also keeping the lines of communication open.

That's what we need to do every day going forward. Be ProActive. Put that on a sticky on your computer during your workday.

Whatever is in your way, you're stronger than it, you're tougher than it, and you're better than it. You're going to beat it.

Push on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Wouldn't everyone, including you...

be better off if you put a little extra effort into taking care of your health, into giving generously, having patience, and showing compassion? Find one way to improve all of these areas today. Give a little extra random kindness to the needs it now more than ever.

A British Gentleman aims to be better EVERY day.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#1 Hollywood Body Exercise

According to one of those celebrity gossip magazines (Bally the Dog has a subscription, I swear!), "In less than five months, Jessica Alba has gone from pregnant to bikini-clad" thanks to one exercise.
Alba's mean ol' trainer makes her do this exercise almost every workout. And mean ol' CB likes it too. In fact, I used it yesterday morning while training one of my "guinea pig lab rat" clients out here on the farm. Ol' Bally the Dog and I put together this circuit to burn the fat for all TT readers:
1) KB Swings - 25 reps
2) Narrow-Stance Bodyweight Squats - 20 reps
3) TRX Ab Fallouts - 15 reps
4) Jump Rope - 30 seconds
Yep, that's all you need of her Hollywood fat burning exercise to jack up heart rate, get you back in shape, and boost your post-workout metabolism.
Do that circuit 3-5 times, with 30-60 seconds of rest at the end of each circuit. Oh, and that mystery exercise that Jessica Alba uses?
Most trainers think there is only one way to do it. NOT true.
There are over FIFTY ways to do this one exercise and 21 different workouts for you to do with this move. Check them out here:
No equipment needed,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Curious about the magic move?
It's just one move, done 50 ways, in 21 workouts, that will get you incredible results. In fact, this one exercise kicked my butt big-time in the hardest workout I've done this year. 
I blame this one evil trainer and her magic move that works 639 different muscles at once.
Put your body to the test, take the Hollywood exercise challenge.
PPS - Sorry, beginners need not apply.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

1000 rep challenge in under 30 minutes or it is free

This a small gamble, but I won. Again.

After all, we live by this Kekich Credo, right?

" Half-hearted efforts = half-hearted results. Do more than is expected of you. Life's easy when you live it the hard way…and hard if you try to live it the easy way." – Kekich Credo #4

My Gamble was the 30-Minute 1000 rep challenge. I wanted a tough circuit for some reason today, even though I'm deadlifting tomorrow.

The best way to satisfy my crazy craving was to use lots of different movements so there would be no muscle soreness (and in fact this would help my mobility).

The workout was done in circuit fashion. Some exercises were "crossed off" earlier than others (i.e. TBX took 4 rounds of 25 reps, while jumps took 5 rounds of 10 reps)

Here's how it went down in almost exactly 30 minutes.

So you can do this one of TWO ways:

i) Do all 1000 reps as fast as possible (has to be done in less than 30 min)
ii) As many rounds/reps as possible in 30 min (if you can't hit 1000 reps)

The Domino's Pizza 1000 Reps in 30-Minute Challenge or it's free!

1) 50 box jumps
2) 100 Total Body Extensions
3) 100 Pushups
4) 150 Squats
5) 50 Slam Ball Slams
6) 50 Ab Wheel Rollouts
7) 100 Lunges (50 per side)
8) 400 Jump Rope reps

Good times.

You know who could do that really fast?


Meet Shawna Kaminski, Master Certified Turbulence Trainer, pullup queen (she can do more pullups than me and she's OVER 50!), and Burpee Challenge Queen.

Shawna lives by motto of:

"You cannot fail but you can always make progress. If you persist, nothing will stop you from moving ahead and getting closer to your goals and dreams. Keep on pushing on, little by little on some days, BIG step by BIG leap on others. Never give up on what is important to you. Stay strong, get STRONGER every day. I believe in you. You CAN do it."
Meet Shawna Kaminski, Master Certified Turbulence Trainer, pullup queen (she can do more pullups than me and she's OVER 50!), and Burpee Challenge Queen. Shawna lives by motto of: "You cannot fail but you can always make progress. If you persist, nothing will stop you from moving ahead and getting closer to your goals and dreams. Keep on pushing on, little by little on some days, BIG step by BIG leap on others. Never give up on what is important to you. Stay strong, get STRONGER every day. I believe in you. You CAN do it."

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
You must truly believe in yourself. You must end the "I'll give this a try" mindset, and switch to an, "I'm going to succeed" belief. You CAN do it. I know you can. I know you WILL. Stay strong and push on.

Push on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Business owners, mavericks, entrepreneurs...

"Get your idea out there as fast as possible even if it's not quite ready by setting must-hit deadlines. Let the market tell you if you have a winner or not. If not – move on and fail forward fast! If it's got potential – then you can make it better." - Yanik Silver, Maverick Business Rule #10

Monday, July 28, 2014

4x's more fat loss for people over 30

Do you ever feel like you're too busy to look and feel amazing?
That your work and family responsibilities are keeping you from ever feeling young, sexy and energetic again?
If so, then I promise you're NOT alone.
As we get older, life gets more...complicated.
And over time, that number on the scale keeps creeping up and we start feeling older. 
But it doesn't have to be that way.  You see, most diet and exercise plans are WAY TOO INTENSE to actually work.  I know that probably sounds crazy but hear me out for a second...
If you're over the age of 30, then you need an age-reversing and fat-burning system that fits in with YOUR LIFE. You don't need the hard-core bootcamp training that is only good for a 20-year old.
Forget about it. 
Punishing your body with hours of exercise doesn't work.  Giving up all the food you love and making yourself miserable doesn't work either.
If you've tried it and not seen results - don't's not your fault.
And that's why I'm so excited to share this new research with you.  Because I believe that science has finally cracked the code to fat loss.  Not only have experts created a system that is amazing at burning fat and boosting energy...this new system takes just 6 MINUTES PER DAY. 
Read that last line again.
Just 6 minutes per day!  And you can do it first thing in the morning.
Literally, before your friends and family climb out of bed, you can set your body up to burn 400% more fat all day long.  They'll still be rubbing the sleep out of their eyes while your body's metabolic furnace is melting away stubborn fat from your arms, belly and thighs.
Here's the REASON WHY:
Your body goes through various cycles throughout the day.
It's why you have lots of energy in the mid-morning, you feel tired in the afternoon and why you get a burst of energy a few hours before bed.
But here's the thing...
If you USE your body's natural cycles right, you can burn 4x's more fat and re-shape your body faster than you could ever imagine. 
When you strategically enhance your metabolism, fat loss becomes so easy that it seems like cheating.
And there is just one system out there devoted to using your body's natural metabolic cycles in order to burn fat.  It's a remarkable discovery that could change your life...starting today.
Finally you will be able to lose weight without:
·      Long, slow and boring cardio
·      Insane, restrictive diets
·      And dangerous diet pills that could kill you
That's why experts are calling it the "Holy Grail of Fat Loss."
Here's how the 6-Minute system works:
You start your day off with a simple "food and movement" pattern.  It takes just 4 minutes and it's not hard to do at all. 
What happens next is amazing...
After you finish your light movements, a flood of youth-enhancing and fat burning hormones are released in your body.  The mitochondria in your cells are primed to melt away fat. Mitochondria are just little power-plants responsible for giving you energy.
Those 4-minutes of movement sets those guys up to wage war on your stubborn fat cells!
Then, you eat a delicious breakfast which takes just 2 minutes to prepare.  This special meal flips on your body's thermogenic switch...
...which means you flip the switch on your body's natural fat burning furnace.  You'll melt away stubborn fat and you'll feel full and satisfied. 
You'll be ready to start the day.
And best of all - this pleasurable 6 minute food and movement system will set you up to burn fat ALL DAY LONG. 
4x's more fat in fact.
This powerful secret shocked me when I discovered it several years ago, and today you'll learn exactly how the system works and how you can get started today. Read this article below:
You'll be shocked, amazed and delighted that it takes just 6 minutes per day to get the body you want - and deserve. 
It's perfect for you if you feel like your busy life is keeping you from looking and feeling GREAT.
Learn more at the link below:
To your BEST life,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - I almost forgot to mention...'re also going to learn some other cool stuff like 3 delicious snacks that melt away fat.  You'll get the recipes and these fat burning snacks have CHOCOLATE, CHEESE, and CARBS in them...
Who says losing fat can't be fast and delicious?

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Upper Body Fun

I shall suffer the pain of discipline today, enjoy it, and benefit from it so that I do not suffer the shameful pain of regret.

And so I did with this garage gym upper body meathead workout:

1) KB Snatches - 4x12/side

2A) KB OH Press
2B) DB Row

3) Max Pushup sets to get 100 reps

4A) DB Floor Press
4B) KB Shrug

Good times. That was it. Upper back was a little tight from yesterday's heavy squatting (getting in the tight position). 

Alright, busy of 6MTS ends tonight. It's based off my favorite transformation ever. One bad day changed her life for the better. Congrats Catherine Gordon! So proud of what you've done...what about you? Do you have before and afters? Would love to see YOUR success story.
My favorite transformation ever. One bad day changed her life for the better. Congrats Catherine Gordon! So proud of what you've done...what about you? Do you have before and afters? Would love to see YOUR success story.
Catherine tells her story here:

She also knows the importance of diet prep day. Use these free meal plans. Share them with friends.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
All progress, all good days, start by winning the morning. Attack your #1 priority. Stick to your best habits when willpower is highest. Do something BIG early in the day that moves you forward. You'll get that sense of accomplishment and success to make the entire day better.

Push it,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Peter J learned this lesson the hard way...

...don't make the same mistake!

So lessen learned and I now have the lofty goal of not checking me emails until 9am or until my number 1 task for the day has been completed.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

ny times

The numbers were startling: Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill shot up 12 percent on Tuesday after the company reported a nearly 26 percent spurt in its quarterly profit. For the fast-food industry, this was fresh evidence that the world of Big Macs and Doritos Locos Tacos has room for a menu with healthier-than-average food and higher-than-average prices.

But it came as no surprise to a new generation of smaller fast-food chains that are coming up fast behind Chipotle and its peers, and taking its "food with integrity" mantra even further.

A handful of rapidly growing regional chains around the country — including Tender Greens, LYFE Kitchen, SweetGreen and Native Foods — offer enticements like grass-fed beef, organic produce, sustainable seafood and menus that change with the season. Most promise local ingredients; some are exclusively vegetarian or even vegan. A few impose calorie ceilings, and others adopt service touches like busboys and china plates.

And despite the higher costs and prices, all are thriving and planning national expansions, some directed by alumni of fine dining or of fast-food giants like McDonald's.

Their success marks a milestone: After decades of public hand-wringing about the empty calories and environmental impact of fast food, the farm-to-table notions that have revolutionized higher-end American restaurants have finally found a lucrative spot in the takeout line. The result already has a nickname: farm to counter.

"This is not a passing fad," said B. Hudson Riehle, the research director for the National Restaurant Association, who added that locally grown food and sustainability were the top two customer priorities reported this year in the group's annual poll of American chefs. "It's only going to get stronger."

This month, Veggie Grill, a vegan chain with 25 stores on the West Coast that serve nachos and Buffalo wings made with meat substitutes, showed up at No. 7 on Restaurant Business magazine's annual list of the 50 fastest-growing small chain restaurants  in the United States, with a reported $26.6 million in sales in 2013; the company says its revenues jumped 47.9 percent from the previous year. 

At No. 10 was Tender Greens, which brought in more than $40 million in revenue last year from just 12 stores; that is over $3 million per restaurant — about 25 percent more than at Chipotle and Panera Bread, chains that are far better established.

LYFE Kitchen, which is to open a New York City branch this fall, brought in more than $3 million in its first year at one store in Palo Alto, Calif.

These ambitious new chains make up only a sliver of the nation's $683 billion restaurant industry. But all are within its swiftest-growing segment, "fast-casual," a subset of fast food that includes places like Chipotle and Panera, whose offerings are marketed as a rung or two higher than those of Burger King or Taco Bell: fewer frozen and highly processed ingredients, more-comfortable seats, better coffee and (sometimes) healthier food.

Fast food is served with a halo of virtue nearly everywhere these days: Subway introduced wholesome-sounding "nine-grain" bread in 2009, and McDonald's made itself the country's largest buyer of apples when it started selling apple slices in 2004.

Chipotle, the first chain to dive deeply into animal-welfare issues with its vow (since suspended from time to time) to serve only "naturally raised" antibiotic-free meat, recently posted controversial YouTube videos that demonize factory farming and boast of its relationship with small family farms.

But in order to be green enough for today's customers, and to justify charging $12 for salad, the newer chains promise an even more exalted level of nourishment.

By adapting to the seasons, by eliminating genetically modified ingredients and mainly by serving "real" food — the kind of salad a Whole Foods shopper might toss at home, or the grilled herb-dusted albacore tuna that the same person might order in a more expensive restaurant — these chains set a higher standard for fast food.

That means no protein-powder shakes, turkey wraps and egg-white omelets, the staples of standard "healthy" chains, and more choices like the Cobb salad at Dig Inn, an eight-store chain in New York City that opened its first restaurant in 2011.

The substantial bowl of greens and grape tomatoes is tossed with blue cheese free of bovine growth hormones, local organic hard-boiled eggs, what the menu calls "naturally raised" bacon, freshly squeezed lemon juice, extra-virgin olive oil and yogurt (476 calories in all, for $9.19).

"Good food doesn't have to be expensive," Adam Eskin, the chain's founder, said. "It's not calorically defined. It's not about being vegan or vegetarian or pescatarian. It's just knowing where your food comes from and exactly what's in it."

Some of these terms are little more than buzzwords and branding: "Naturally raised" is not a category recognized by the Agriculture Department, and it is debatable whether consumers should be concerned about the amount of growth hormone in a tablespoon of cheese.

Still, posting the same prestigious ingredients usually seen on fine-dining menus on the wall of a fast-food chain is a bold move, and will soon become a challenge for the chains that plan to go national.

"Local and seasonal works for us in California," said Erik Oberholtzer, a founder of Tender Greens, a Chez-Panisse-meets-Chipotle concept that now has 14 stores in California; the company works with Scarborough Farms, a 400-acre, family-run farm in Oxnard, Calif., as an investor as well as a supplier. "I don't know if it would be scalable."

If anyone has experience in scalability, it is the founders of LYFE Kitchen. Mike Donahue and Mike Roberts left McDonald's in 2006; Mr. Roberts had been the company's global chief operating officer, and Mr. Donahue its chief communications officer in the United States. Between them, the two had spent nearly 50 years nurturing the world's largest restaurant chain and responding to near-constant criticism of its agricultural, ethical and nutritional practices.

"Having worked at the scapegoat for everything that's wrong with food in America, we know what issues consumers care about," Mr. Donahue said.

In 2011, with more than 100 investors, they opened the first LYFE Kitchen; now they simply refer to McDonald's as "the old place."

"At the old place, we had to learn everything about GMOs, recycling, animal welfare, calories, sodium, fat, social responsibility," Mr. Donahue said. "We took all of that and poured it into the new place."

LYFE Kitchen has a mission to go with its name (an acronym for Love Your Food Everyday) and motto (Eat Good. Feel Good. Do Good.). Each of its 10 restaurants, strategically distributed from California to Illinois, has a wall of fluffy herbs growing in the dining room, serves only grass-fed beef, uses china instead of plastic and keeps all entrees under 600 calories.

"We want to be the place where the vegan can come for the portobello burger with almond-milk cheese, with the Neanderthal friend who just wants a really good cheeseburger," Mr. Donahue said. "We want to beat the vegetarian veto, where one person gets to decide where the whole group is going to have lunch."

Coming from the other end of the culinary spectrum, Mr. Oberholtzer arrived at a similar place.

"Most of my career was centered on feeding what you might call the 1 percent," said Mr. Oberholtzer, a chef who worked at Chez Panisse and Lark Creek Inn in the Bay Area and was executive chef at Shutters on the Beach, an upscale hotel in Santa Monica, Calif.

In 2006, he and two partners left Shutters and began putting their longstanding relationships with food producers to work at Tender Greens, which serves mainly vegetables (locally grown) in salads with meat (humanely raised) and seafood (sustainably fished).

Mr. Riehle, of the restaurant association, said chains like Tender Greens were perfectly timed to compete for the substantial combined buying power of health-minded baby boomers and idealistic, tech-savvy younger diners.

"The boomers are still strong but dwindling in numbers, and people between the ages of 18 and 34 are growing into their strength as consumers," Mr. Riehle said. "A decade ago, I don't think there was enough overall awareness of food issues to support this kind of enterprise."

SweetGreen, which has 27 outlets in and around the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, was started in 2007 by three Georgetown University seniors and is tightly connected to that younger demographic; its founders, Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman, are all still under 30. (Mr. Jammet grew up in the kitchen, the son of André and Rita Jammet, who owned La Caravelle, the luxe New York restaurant that closed in 2004.)

Although Mr. Jammet said the target customer for their seasonal, local salads is an active, in-the-know type of any age (they use the term "conscious achiever"), SweetGreen has branded itself with events like SweetLife, an annual music and food festival; an active social media presence and a smart Instagram feed; and careful partnering with trendy urban brands like SoulCycle and Lululemon.

And more than the other chains, SweetGreen uses its loyalty program and its mobile apps to track, predict and guide customers' behavior. In addition to where they eat and what, customer profiles include gender, age, ZIP code and other data that provide clear, real-time feedback.

"We've been bringing in a lot more men since we added these," Mr. Jammet said, pointing to steaming canisters of organic wild rice, quinoa and farro. "Some of them still just don't see salad as a meal."

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

5 snacks to avoid

Most people have read that snacking is good for your metabolism. But...
...if you eat these 5 snack food disasters, you will actually gain weight and get a bigger belly. Worse, you'll mess up your fat burning hormones so that it makes it harder to lose fat.


Today you're going to discover the shocking truth about 5 so-called "healthy" snack foods that are wrecking your diet and keeping you fat. We'll also show you the perfect guilt-free snacks to use instead.


#1 - The Addictive Snack


Our first snack is delicious and addictive. But did you know that a single cup of your favorite trail mix filled with salty peanuts, chocolate, dried fruit, and oats could deliver a super fattening wallop of over 700 calories? It would take you over an hour of extreme hiking to burn that off. And that's IF you could limit your snacking to ONE cup.


Worse, store-bought brands add in sneaky extra calories from added sugar, increasing your insulin levels and shutting off your fat burning hormones.
Swap this out immediately and swap in a high-protein version instead.
  • Mix one ounce of almonds or cashews with three tablespoons of cacao nibs and three tablespoons of coconut flakes.
The healthy fats, fiber, and protein from these three all-natural ingredients will fire up your fat burning metabolism and keep you full between meals for hours. Plus, your hands won't be sticky and gross from the added sugar and trans-fats found in traditional trail mix.


#2 - The Diet Fraud


For years you've been told that cereal is part of a complete breakfast and a great snack. However, most cereals are full of processed grains and added sugar, and combined with milk these ingredients will make you tired while shutting off your fat burning hormones. Plus, cereals are often high in sodium and leave you puffy and bloated.


Ditch out the grains and get rid of the cereal. Replace your traditional cereal with this new-school fat burning recipe:
  • One cup of plain Greek Yogurt, one scoop of chocolate whey protein, one ounce of almonds or walnuts, and a tablespoon of yummy natural almond butter.
You'll be satisfied for hours and you'll have all day energy to boot. Plus, you can even have this snack BEFORE bed.


#3 - The Calorie Bomb in a Wrapper


"Mmmmm, that granola bar filled me up," said NO ONE ever.


Energy bars are dangerous calorie bombs that will easily wreck your diet while still leaving you hungry for more at the same time. These small little snacks are filled with sugar, processed grains, and at best, a cheap, ineffective protein source.


Energy bars do NOT fill you up and because they are so sweet, they make you want to eat a second one, further destroying your diet. Do not eat Energy Bars, ever, not even the fancy new fruit'n'nut versions that are still too sweet and loaded with sugar.


#4 - The Starbucks Diet Disaster


There is a right way and a very, very wrong way to enjoy a mid-morning coffee break. In the diet disaster version, you could set yourself back over 400 calories of fat-gaining sugar by ordering a Frappuccino at Starbucks.


Get this: A Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino Blended Beverage contains a whopping 410 calories, with 140 calories from fat and a gut-busting 64 grams of sugar. That's TWICE as much sugar as a Red Bull and you know to avoid those like the plague. Even a large latte with whole milk will set you back 300 calories and 15 grams of fat.


Stop the Starbucks Sugar Rush immediately and switch to black coffee (just 5 calories) or even better, Green Tea, which has been proven to increase your fat burning and help you burn up to 5% more calories in a day.


#5 - The Belly Fat in a Bottle Beverage


Like coffee, smoothies can be done right, or you can fall into the trap set by Jamba Juice and Odwalla and end up consuming more calories from a smoothie than you'd get from eating a Big Mac. Those high-calorie smoothies also come with a dump truck's worth of sugar in the form of hidden syrups and added juice, guaranteed to put you into a post-smoothie coma and leave you sluggish for hours.
Never eat those fattening snacks again. Instead...
Say goodbye to bad snacks and so long to belly fat,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Saturday, July 26, 2014

3 wrong exercises

If you are doing these 3 wrong exercises, you are completely wasting your time in the gym.
Please stop doing biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, or side bends. Those do NOTHING for your fat loss or body sculpting.
While we're at it, bicycle cross crunches and long slow cardio don't work either. That's research proven to be a waste of time. The good news is that you only need a few minutes a day to lose weight and flatten your belly.
Find out the best way to lose weight

Swap out those bad exercises for good ones,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Saturday Circuit

This is going to be another PERFECT Saturday morning, and you'll get a fast fat burning workout to kickstart your full day of fat loss...
Did this 4-Minute NO-equipment workout and followed it with a couple rounds of KB snatches, then a bike ride, and morning paper.
The Weekend Fat Burning Workout
1) Punisher Squats - 20 seconds squats, 10 second hold in bottom position
2) Spiderman Pushups - 30 seconds, alternating sides (or normal pushups)
3) Switch Lunges - 30 seconds each side
4) Close-Grip Pushups - 30 seconds (or hold a Plank)
5) Punisher Squats (Round 2!)
6) Burpees - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
7) X-Body Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds, alternating sides
Then some foodz!
Want the recipe used by Craig "The Kitchen Clutz" Ballantyne to start his Saturday morning? Here you go! I had Bally the Dog make it for me :)
Your Fat Burning Saturday Morning Shake:
- 8oz water + 4 ice cubes
- BioTrust vanilla cream protein
- 2 handfuls of baby kale and spinach (trust me, you can't taste it!)
- 1/2 banana
- 10 frozen cherries
- 1 tablespoon Athletic Greens
BONUS: We remembered to put the lid on the blender before starting it. Ha!
(DOUBLE BONUS: I was going to add to a tablespoon of Almond-Hazelnut butter, but I just ate that off the spoon instead!)
Here's my home gym where I do my short 4-minute workouts...
Hope you have a perfect weekend planned,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Got a few extra seconds? Enjoy these kick-butt mindset tips...
Focus on small, positive changes, habits, rituals, right thinking, and routines everyday. Change your mindset. You are a person who can and will succeed. Truly believe in yourself. You CAN - and WILL - do it this time! Never give up on what is important to you.
Make the RIGHT DECISIONS every day in every thing that you do, from family to health to meals to sleep to wealth. What you do and where you end up is your responsibility.
Step-Up. Commit to fixing the BIG obstacles in your life today. You can't be satisfied with mediocrity when excellence is within your reach. Make the call, do the work, pay the price. It won't fix itself. It's up to you!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Why do women exercise like this?

It's really confusing. So many women are willing to work so hard, but they do almost everything wrong at the gym.

I don't understand why women exercise with 4 types of arm exercises and 30 minutes devoted to chest exercises. That only makes people bigger (which is fine if you're a bodybuilder, but most folks don't want that).
And why do women do bicycle cross crunches? Those don't work. And side bends? Those make the waist bigger! And long slow cardio? That's research proven to be a waste of time. All of these exercises take too long.

You only need a few minutes a day to lose weight and flatten your belly.

Why women should exercise like this

Find out the best way to lose weight fast,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

5 Tricks to Maximize Fat Burning

Let's start today with some STRAIGHT talk...the motivation you need to finish the week strong (and don't miss the inspirational image at the end of the email, either).
Whatever is in your way, you're stronger than it, you're tougher than it, and you're better than it. You're going to beat it. No matter what happened yesterday, stay strong and get STRONGER today. I believe in YOU.
Perhaps, like most people, at one point or another, you have struggled to lose weight with long, slow and boring cardio exercise. It happens. Don't feel bad.

You spent hours on the machines each week, for months at a time, only to get no results - nothing but sores knees and a lighter wallet from wasted gym fees.

You need a different approach, one that uses breakthrough exercise science and delivers a fat burning workout that is 7 times more effective than cardio
The good news is that you can get this WITHOUT long, intense workouts (like those TV infomercials promote) that hurt your knees and back.  

And this exercise breakthrough doesn't require expensive exercise gadgets.

Instead, this amazing system reverses your body's natural aging, tones trouble spots and blasts through stubborn fat loss plateaus.  How?  By activating and restoring your body's natural fat burning metabolism.  

I'll reveal this new Fat Burning System to you in a just a second, but first, if you're still skeptical, you need to see...
The 3 Reasons that Cardio FAILS FOR FAT LOSS

There are three major reasons that cardio has failed you in the past.

In one study (from the journal Obesity), subjects did an hour of cardio 6 days per week for one year. They lost only 5 pounds - in the entire year! That means it takes over 50 hours of slow, boring cardio just to lose one pound.

Worse, the weight loss was not all fat - it included water and muscle loss, too. When you lose muscle, you get weaker and your metabolism slows down. That's reason number one that cardio works against your fat loss efforts.

In a second study, this one from Britain, researchers discovered why you can actually GAIN weight from cardio. Slow cardio exercise turns people into "compensators" that eat an extra 300 calories per day because cardio makes them so hungry. If that sounds like you, you're not alone. The Compensators in this study gained 3 pounds after a 12-week cardio program. YIKES!

Finally, in a third study, this one reported by Shape magazine, researchers at the University of California found that all cardio machines overestimate the number of calories you burn in a workout. The elliptical machine was the worst, overestimating your calorie burn by a whopping 42%! It's no wonder why people are NOT losing fat with slow, boring cardio.
Fortunately, there is a MUCH better way to lose fat and it takes just a few minutes in the morning. This simple system will help you burn fat all day long, even while you sleep.

In the first four minutes you activate your body's metabolic furnace. After you've completed this SuperCharged session, you'll spend the next the next two minutes regenerating your body's fat burning hormones.

This Activate-Regenerate Combo is the Breakthrough System that will help you beat stubborn fat loss plateaus. It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 50 pounds to lose, you can do so - all in the comfort of your own home. Here's are the 5 tricks this System uses to MAX your fat burning. 

Trick #1: Ignite the Fire

You'll start with a simple movement pattern.  The first 10 seconds activates your metabolism and cranks up your fat burning.  These movements are a lot more fun than slogging away, over and over again, on a treadmill. This FORCES your body to maximize the burning of stubborn fat. 

Trick #2: Trigger the Thermogenic Threshold 
Between 60 and 90 seconds, your muscles start to pump out massive amounts of signaling compounds - think of it like your car releasing exhaust when you step down hard on the gas.  

These powerful little compounds tell your body to release the metabolic "super-hormone" that burns 450% more FAT.  

But when you do slow cardio, you NEVER release this powerful hormone.

Trick #3: Feed the Fat Burning Fire

At this point your body starts tapping into its glycogen reserves.  This is like grabbing some extra firewood and throwing it on top of the fire you already started.  Guess what happens next?

Your body's fat burning furnace gets even hotter and you'll burn WAY more calories.  This also sets you up to burn fat after you finish this short workout. 

Trick #4: Afterburn Activated

  • In the fourth and final minute of your metabolic movement session, you'll max out your fat burning for the ENTIRE DAY.  Here's why:
    • You've ignited your metabolic fire in the first minute
    • You've released powerful fat burning "super-hormones" in 2nd minute
    • You've put extra fuel on top of your fat burning fire in the third minute
    • You've "switched on" your fat loss afterburners in the fourth minute.
    You can consider this "Fat Burning Mission Accomplished" because your body will be burning fat for the next 48 hours. Awesome right?

    This Afterburn is the MAGIC behind a special form of training that lets you lose more weight while exercising much, much less. 

  • Trick #5: Regenerate the System

  • Your "movement" session is over now.  But now you're going to take your results to the next level.  In the next two minutes you're going to boost your fat burning with a delicious recovery meal. This simple meal takes just 2 minutes to make but is the key to getting the fastest results possible.

    Fat Burning Locked & Loaded for 48 Hours - Even While You Sleep!

    You're DONE!

    As you enjoy the boost of energy and kickstart your daily fat burning, you'll see how simple and easy this 6-Minute System is to add to your day. 

    Finally, nothing will get in between you and the body of your dreams. 

    This amazing system is the key to overcoming all the weight loss obstacles in your life and is a proven blueprint for losing the belly fat without giving up time with your family, friends or career. 

    And here's the final beauty of this system: it doesn't require any equipment. 

    You can do these 4-minute miracles anywhere, anytime, including in a hotel room, the park, and of course, the comfort of your own living room or bedroom (many folks just wake-up and exercise right away in their pajamas).

    It's the perfect way to start the day because you're setting your body up to burn fat for a full 48 hours. The amazing breakthrough system starts working immediately and you can expect fast results. I've been studying health and fat loss for more than 15 years. And this is my most important discovery yet.

    Use this system to your advantage today,
    Craig Ballantyne, CTT
    Certified Turbulence Trainer

    PS - You'll be shocked and delighted by...
    ...the results you'll get when you follow my proven system for burning fat and boosting energy in just a few minutes. 
    PS - Have an amazing day and end to your matter how tough it has been. Stay strong and get stronger.

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    Handstand pushups making a comeback

    It is an absolutely perfect day here in my lil' town of Stratford, Ontario. It's cool for a summer's day, but I prefer that. It would be just right to do the Justin Bieber walking tour. Alas, I'm too busy for that. But...

    I went to our little health food store. It's our Whole Foods with less junk (there is SO MUCH JUNK in Whole Foods these should be called 1/2 Junk, 1/2 Whole Foods)

    I had a few questions about the meat, and spoke with the owner. As we ended our discussion, I told her how much I loved the store and everything it offered the city. She was very flattered and thankful.

    Most people doing good work don't get thanked enough for it. So go out of your way to give a BIG Thank You to someone today that brings goodness into your life...whether it's your barista, your boss, your best friend, your bus driver, your beef farmer, etc.

    Today's Workout
    Today I handstand pushups and downward dog pushups in the garage with ol' Bally the Dog, as well as pullups, powerblock presses and rows, and some TRX stuff.

    My best ever is 4 handstand pushups - The French think I'm crazy! This was from 2009...and I'm working my way back to doing this exercise.
    Photo: 4 handstand pushups - The French think I'm crazy! This was from 2009...and I'm working my way back to doing this exercise. Today I handstand pushups and downward dog pushups in the garage with ol' Bally the Dog, as well as pullups, powerblock presses and rows, and some TRX stuff. What about YOU?

    Here's the link to the video

    Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
    Focus on small, positive changes, habits, rituals, right thinking, and routines everyday. Change your mindset. You are a person who can and will succeed. Truly believe in yourself. You CAN - and WILL - do it this time! Never give up on what is important to you.

    Stay strong and push on through your challenges,

    Craig Ballantyne, MCTT

    PS - Great quote from an impressive young man...

    "There's money, there's mastery, and there's meaning. At different points in your life, you will weigh each of those differently and appropriately. But always remember that all three are a form of compensation and look at all three when making the big decisions that you have to make."
    - Adam Braun, "The Promise Of A Pencil: How An Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change"