Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Morning Bench Press Workout

One of the keys to having lots of mental alertness (aka - energy) all day long is to get up and go to bed at the same time every day.

I'm sure you've heard that before, dozens of time. I know I had, but it wasn't until I started doing it that I noticed a change in my daily "energy" levels. In the past, if I slept in on weekends it would leave me tired during the weekend and that would creep into Monday.

But now I stick to my regular wake-up time on the weekend and have even more mental alertness than usual all week long. Plus, I use these 7 tips for more energy.

Today I got up and we did a dog walk through High Park and then I hit the gym for a workout (after a snack of a giant red delicious apple and some crunchy almond butter).

Workout was...

1A) Bench Press - worked up to 270
1B) Back Extension - 4x8 using 30 pounds added resistance

2A) Rack Lockout - 3x6 (a good exercise to build bigger arms)
2B) BB Row - 4x15

3A) DB Incline - 1x12
3B) Cable Rotator Cuff

That was it. Walked home, grabbed a chocolate milk, and then did a big dog walk with Bally.

Almost time for another walk outside while it is nice,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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Anonymous said...

Your video at:

is a joke.

Craig is light and fit i.e. burns calories efficiently.

Put a 'typical pizza eater' on a treadmill and put that treadmill at an incline and see what happens.

I can WALK 15 cals a minute on a treadmill; if I try hard at a steep incline then I can do 23 cals a minute which, for ten minutes equals half a pizza. Plus there's the after-effect.

The video's purely a gimmick.


Wazzup said...


Of course it's a joke... That's the whole point. Cardio is a joke if you "compensate" it with a bad diet. (even TT)

Derek said...


Even if your cals/min presumptions are correct at 23 cals/min for 10 mins you've only burned 230 calories in 10 minutes...unless you're eating pizza made on an English muffin that's not half a pizza worth of calories.

Also the whole point of the video is you can eat calories ALOT faster and easier than you can burn them off...aka you can't outtrain a bad diet. The video was supposed to be a joke/funny but the point made was/is valid.

Stop hating...

Adam said...
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