Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend Workout Update

Thanks to Twitter, I find I'm blogging my workouts less. I need to get back on track! So here's the weekend workout update...

My last report was Thursday, when I talked about Wednesday's hotel room workout. Then on Thursday and Friday I went through "dry runs" of workout A and workout B from the February TT Workout of the month called, "Turbulence Training for Hot Chicks and Buff Dudes". Tomorrow I'll do Workout C.

But today I did a real workout. I went over to the Gold's Gym here in Hollywood, FLA, and did...

1A) Squats (3x3, worked up to 355)
1B) Inverted Row (3x15)

2) Front Squat (4x8-10) - that is a tough, tough, TOUGH exercise. Didn't pair it with anything.

3A) Back Extension (4x15)
3B) Hanging Knee Raise (4x8)

After the workout I had grilled chicken overload, grabbing a grilled chicken salad (with oranges and almonds) along with a grilled chicken sandwich.

More great workouts coming your way,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Don't forget...

If you want to talk "workouts, fat loss, and intervals" with me in person, head over to the TT Seminar next Saturday in Mississauga (near Toronto).

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outdoorgriller said...

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Kyle, Turbulence Training junkie said...

Hey Craig,

Just checking in to say 355lbs is awesome for squats! I'm working on building it up, but I'm only up to 145lbs (14 reps x 2).

Is it better for a sore lower back to do lower weight, higher reps, or higher weight, lower reps?


VelocityRD said...

That grilled chicken overload makes it sound like you ate at Wendy's.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Kyle, if you have a sore lower back you should not be squatting, sorry!