Sunday, January 18, 2009

3 Secrets from the Turbulence Training Seminar

On Saturday night I crashed into bed at 10:24pm, exhausted by presenting at the amazing TT Seminar all day Saturday.

Along with nutrition expert Brad Pilon and up and muscle-building expert, Vince DelMonte, I shared dozens of TT workout ideas, bodyweight exercises, motivation tips, nutrition secrets, and alternative interval workouts with the TT attendees (who made the seminar even better by asking awesome questions and make it a great atmosphere).

Brad, Vince, and myself all challenged the audience to suspend their preconceptions about fat loss, cardio, and diet, and we opened their eyes to new ways of getting faster fat loss results, including the TT bodyweight exercises & circuits.

And both Brad and I did the entire seminar while following his Eat Stop Eat program, proving that you can function while fasting. Heck, I wasn't even that hungry all day, due to one of Brad's secrets...

But I have to be honest with you...we did NOT sugar-coat the truth. This was probably the first "No-holds barred, no-BS" fitness seminar that many folks had ever been too. We don't believe in power or potions, excuses or expensive equipment, but everyone at the seminar was happy to hear how honest we were.

So if you're interested in the No-BS truth about fat loss, here are just a few of the top secrets we shared to help folks burn fat the right way...

1) Responsibility Rules

I came right out of the gate and told everyone that each of us is personally responsible for the results we get. I also explained my favorite phrase to them...

"Once you accept how hard it is to lose fat, then it becomes simple and easy."

I also told them that who they associate with and what they truly believe about themselves are two of the most important factors in their success, and I showed them examples of men and women of all ages and backgrounds who overcame great obstacles to lose fat.

If other people can do it, so can YOU!

2) Metabolism-boosting foods are a myth

Brad then knocked out they myths and exposed the truth about foods and diet pills. He showed research that no food or supplement could possibly increase your metabolic rate enough to have any long-term impact on your fat loss.

The harsh truth is that we need to focus more on eating less and avoiding mindless eating. A little "handful" of food here and a nibble of food there adds up to just enough calories to keep us at a weight loss plateau.

So I challenge you to take a good, hard look at your daily eating habits and see if you are justifying unnecessary calories that will shut down your fat loss.

3) Internal Motivation is Essential

Then I shared another motivational workout secret for fat loss...and I told the TT audience that they must find a personal challenge to help them stick to their workouts. From the Bodyweight 500 to the 12-week Transformation Contest, these types of challenges and internal competitions are what drive some of the great TT fat loss success stories.

If you don't have internal motivation, there is nothing even the world's greatest motivator can do for you. That's why you need to try all of the TT challenge workouts to find the one that clicks with you.

BONUS TIPS...Why stop at 3 are 2 more!

4) The Secret to Fat Loss Fasting

Brad said the secret to success on a fast was staying busy. He wants you to ask yourself, are you eating out of TRUE hunger or out of tired old habits? That's another No-BS secret about fat loss nutrition.

We all - and I mean everyone, including me - eat too much food that we don't count toward our daily calorie intake. Find the hidden calories in your diet, eliminate them, and you'll get through any fat loss plateau.

5) Timed Bodyweight Intervals Rule!

After I shared my "patented" fat burning bodyweight circuit formula, I then revealed my latest bodyweight interval methods, "The Timed Bodyweight Interval".

I showed them all sorts of nasty fat burning bodyweight circuits and supersets done in short bursts, often paired with another non-competing bodyweight exercise to make things even more intense. You'll find out more about those in the TT February Workout of the Month.

I can't wait for you to give those a try!

(The February TT Workout is just one of the dozens of programs you'll get in your bonus Platinum TT Membership when you grab your copy of the Bodyweight DVD's.)

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Bottom Line:
Brad and I both agreed that fat loss comes down to the classic equation that your "calories out" must be greater than your "calories in".

Use his program to develop CONTROL and POWER over food (rather than food controlling you) and use the Turbulence Training programs to burn calories in short, fun, fast, and effective workouts you can do at home.

At lunchtime, I signed autographed copies of my #1 Amazon best-seller, "Just Say NO to Cardio" and offered the attendees the sweetest deal ever on my Bodyweight DVD package.

Find out how to get your own autographed copy below,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - I've declared Jan 18th to 24th to be "Bodyweight Workout Week"...

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Andy said...

Sounded like a great Seminar, Craig! Wish I was there.

Keep up the fantastic work you do at!!

~ Andy

Jon Le Tocq, Storm Force Fitness said...

Craig shouldn't it be calories OUT should be greater than calories IN?!

Or is it a new magic formula?!



Mark Raynsford PT said...

Damnit! I was wondering the top button on my trousers doesn't do up anymore!!

Mickey said...

Looks like Jon beat me to it. Calories out need to be greater than calories in.

Maybe that's CB's dastardly scheme to create more people who need TT. :-)(As if the world wasn't already full of them.)

Anonymous said...

What the hell, can't you guys read?! CB does say it the right way round up there!!

great work anyways craig!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

i fixed it. thanks!

Pipa said...

Hi Craig,

I'm trying to buy your ebook "TT for Fat Loss" but I can't! I don't know why but it always rejects my payment!! Can you help me? I'm from Portugal but it's not the first time that I buy a Ebook by Click Bank or Pay Pall.

Love you workouts!

Thank You


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Hi Filipa!

You can also try here:

Add it to your cart there.

Let me know if that works!


Ursula said...

Hi Craig
Sounds like it was a great seminar. Wish I would live in your area so I could attend. But you can always come to South Africa and do it here too :-)
Thanks for a gread TT Book.