Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do Women Need Turbulence Training?

Do women need different weight loss tips?

Well, we could debate that all day, but I've included 3 of the most important weight loss tips for women in this recent fat loss interview I did...

Hi Craig, could you first please give us your most important fat loss strategies for women?

The first, and most important strategy, is to make sure all female clients are eating for fat loss.

Our basic recommendations are:

a) Use a site like to find out how much you are eating.

b) Improve the quality of your diet (i.e. eat more fruits and vegetables, and less processed foods and sugar).

c) At this point, if you aren't losing weight, you probably just need to eat less.

That's it for basic weight loss. For advanced belly fat loss, we'll start to look at eliminating pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes.

Combined with good nutrition, I design short, intense workouts that focus on bodyweight and dumbbell resistance exercises followed by short interval training workouts. No long slow cardio in my workouts.

And how is your Turbulence Training system is based on these?

We start the workout with bodyweight exercises in a circuit as our warm-up. No useless "5-minutes on the treadmill" for us, since that is a waste of time.

After the bodyweight exercises, we do 20-minutes of superset resistance training, usually doing 4-6 exercises per workout.

Then we finish with 20 minutes of interval training, which can be done outside, inside on most machines, or with bodyweight or kettlebell exercises.

Does weight training cause women to bulk up?

No, eating too much causes women to bulk up.

And how does Turbulence Training differ to others on the market?

Mostly because we avoid cardio in our workouts, and because there are only 3 workouts per week.

So we exercise less, but harder when we do exercise. It's a big mindset shift, but it works really well for women because in my opinion, most women are not given the respect they deserve in terms of what they are capable of doing.

That means books, magazines, and trainers generally tell women to workout for a long time at a low intensity.

But while that works great for me (I'll explain in a second), it's terrible for women. So when they switch over to the more intense Turbulence Training workouts, they get results super-fast, and I look like a genius.

Craig you have helped both men and women drop body fat in the fastest time possible. Is there a big difference in how you would train women and men??

No, not really.

There are some mental blocks I have to work around with women, so I'll use more bodyweight exercises, but the principles are the same, and eventually after I have convinced the female client of my superior methods, then the fat loss workouts for men and women will look almost identical. Of course, I always try to make things as individual as possible.

But everyone does the bodyweight warmup, the resistance supersets, and the intervals at the end.

Craig could you give us a few things you see women doing in the gym that really messes up their results?

The biggest mess-ups are truly nutrition-based.

For example, if you do a long cardio workout and "justify" extra treats because you think you burned a lot of calories, then you are in trouble. You will not get anywhere.

In fact, one research study shows that doing cardio can cause people to eat more calories than normal, and they may even GAIN weight. So eating too much and depending too much on cardio are the KILLER mistakes.

Any last thoughts for Helping Women looking to drop Body Fat and Tone their Body?


Just trust me.

I know my answers aren't politically correct, telling you that cardio is a waste of time, and that yes, you do need to be strict with your diet.

"But if you accept that fat loss is difficult, that's when it becomes easy!"

Because if you accept it is difficult, you realize that shortcuts don't work and that you don't deserve success you haven't earned. It's not your fault that you are in this fat loss mess, but if you work hard and follow the TT Nutrition Guidelines, you will succeed!

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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"The true test of Turbulence Training for me was during a anniversary/family reunion I attended last weekend. Everyone commented on how great I looked and wondered what I've been doing. Of course I told them about I have been using TT for the last six months and have been able to meet my first goal weight and maintain it. I am a stay-at-home mom of two preschool boys and I recently entered the world of politics by being elected as a school board trustee last fall. My time is limited but I always make time for exercise everyday. I also believe it sets a good example for my kids. Both of my kids have joined me from time to time in rounds of jumping jacks, running sprints outside and even burpees. I have my free weights and stability ball set up in the basement so that I can watch the kids play while I exercise. Turbulence Training totally fits my lifestyle and I always recommend it whenever someone comments on how great I look. Thank you, Craig, for all of your guidance and inspiration."

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Susan said...

There's a very easy one word answer to the question, "Do Women Need Turbulence Training?" - YES.

I was stuck at the same weight for 5+ years until I started TT February 13, 2008. I'm now18 lbs lighter, lost 9% bodyfat and as I was told earlier this week by someone who hasn't seen me in a year that I look 10 years younger.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Amazing results, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig. I've been reading your advice in your blog and so far I love it. My question is: I don't want to gain a lot of muscle mass just tone up and maintain. Instead of doing 3 superstes can I do only one? thanks


Anonymous said...

Hello Craig!

Your training programs have help me very much! I now, need your knowledge for something more.. What exercise could i do except of squats if i had 2 injured knees by long time ago? Is there a good substitute to establish on the home workout???

Thank you very much!!