Thursday, January 01, 2009

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back From Losing Fat

Happy New Year!

I truly hope that 2009 is one of the greatest years of your life, if not the greatest!

Over the past few days, reading the 100+ entries in the "Transform Your Body" contest, I've come to realize that some of the info I've been giving you has been too advanced.

I apologize.

You've also told me - through your essays and emails - that fear and a lack of motivation (and the ability to stick to a program) have been the biggest stumbling blocks to your success.

So today I want to share 3 solutions with you that will help you...

=> finally lose that belly fat

=> regain your health and vitality so that you can keep up with your kids and spend more quality time with your family

=> improve your intimacy with your partner (and have them desire you again)

=> and boost your confidence in your appearance for your social life and career (an essential factor in today's turbulent times)

1) First, if you live anywhere near Toronto, please consider coming to the First Ever Turbulence Training Seminar.

You can come and hang out with Brad Pilon and myself on January 17th in Mississauga (near Toronto) and we'll go over all of your fat loss questions.

And when I say, "hang out", I truly mean that will be the atmosphere during the day. It will be fun, interactive, and not one of those "I'm on stage don't talk to me" type of fitness seminars that you are so used to attending.

In fact, Brad Pilon and I will be fasting, using his Eat Stop Eat diet program, so we won't need a lunch break, and while you eat (right in front of us!) we'll sit there and do more Q'n'A.

Grab your spot at the new discount price here:

=> Click here to get your spot

2) Second, I have a NEW free beginner workout video for you.

=> Click here to watch the beginner workout video

I filmed this in my living room, and I'll be filming more "at home" workouts using minimal equipment to show you that you can burn fat at home in just a tiny space.

Please let me know what exercises you'd like to see me demonstrate.

3) I want to know all of your beginner questions.

=> What are you intimidated by in workouts?

=> What confuses you about nutrition?

=> What fears do you have stopping you from success?

Please let me know.

Just post a comment here and I'll cover your questions by video, in my weekly audios, in these emails, and in more free reports for you.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

You'll be a fat loss pro soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - If you are still intimidated and don't know where to start...

...please remember that you have 60-days to try out Turbulence Training to see if you like it.

If you don't, just let us know and you'll get all your money back and you can keep all of the programs and bonuses (just in case you ever feel like giving it another try in the future).

You have nothing to lose. I promise you that.

And if you are still skeptical about Turbulence Training and how it can Transform Your Body, you can take the $4.95 trial offer and test out TT for 21 days. Get your trial offer here:

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Anonymous said...

i am not a beginner and i'm not afraid of turbulence training (i love it), but i am definitely coming up against a lot of fear as i shed weight. i am afraid that i will get negative feedback from people who think i am losing weight too quickly, or getting too thin, or caring too much about what i look like, or obsessing unhealthily about my diet and exercise. and i find that i am afraid of getting skinnier than i've ever been (even though it's what i want), because it means leaving behind the kind of body i've been comfortable in for so long.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

You should be very proud of your success! I'm proud of you. Stay strong!

Helena Denley said...

I've got plenty to share on this one - I hope it's ok.
I really need help & am completely frustrated, disillusioned and wonder if I will ever reach my ideal weight.
I am 37 years old, I weigh 105 kg (about 231 pounds) & thankfully I'm tall 5' 9" & well proportioned so I don't look completely huge. When I was in my early 20's, I was around 65-70kg. By 26 (when I met my husband) I weighed 75kg, at 28 when I got married I was 80kg. After I had my first baby in 2001 I was 95 & got back down to 85kg. She died in 2002 after which I put on weight, then went to a personal trainer for 6 months & got down to 83kg early 2004. Since then, the weight has just continued to creep on. With my second pregnancy I started at 95, went up to 105, back to 95 after my little boy was born in May this year & since then have crept back up to 105kg which gets me to now.

Initially when I started putting on weight I thought it was hormonal issues (thyroid, progesterone cortisol etc). I have never been one for fad diets, I mainly did various exercise regimens.
I read a lot of different things on the internet, am into alternate health (I avoid drugs & doctors) & I have gotten to the point where I am completely confused don't think anything will work for me, but I so desperately want to be back to 70kg. I have had various health practitioners tell me that if I don't change my mindset, it wont matter how much exercise I do, nothing will change.
I have started the Turbulence training program before but like everything else it seems to fall by the wayside after a few weeks. I feel like there is no point, that nothing I do changes anything, so why do anything. I can't even be bothered walking every day anymore because it's just walking - what will that do.
When you talk of having support and it being so crucial, I don't feel I have much at all. My husband is trim & doesn't see what I'm so upset about. He says he loves me the way I am, which is great, but when I tell him I need some help getting motivated until the exercise becomes a habit again - he'll say, well tell me when you want to exercise & I'll help you out. If I can get myself to the point of wanting to exercise, enough to actually ask him to come along, then at that point I don't really need anyone - I need someone to get me started.
When I first met my husband I weighed 75 kg, I was going to the gym 3 times per week trying to get back to my ideal of 65 kg - I wasn't seeing much change, just staying the same. I eventually gave up on that. Both times I was pregnant I had pubis symphysis - worse the second pregnancy - so much so that even though the pain has subsided after 7 months, I still having hip clicking when I get up in the morning & the chiropractic treatment I've had hasn't really changed anything. So it feels like a catch 22, my joints hurt, my pelvis clicks because I'm overweight, but these things also hinder my exercise efforts.
When I start making dietary changes, I feel like I'm being deprived. Although my diet is reasonable - I eat the same but smaller portions to what my husband does, & he stays mainly the same while I put on weight - frustrating. I feel very unattractive, low on energy, unmotivated on most days.
Have I missed anything? I know this was a very long verbal download - but I really need help. I really want to be 65-70kg again - fit, toned, strong, energetic & it's not a matter of being able to afford a personal trainer, or buying a program - I just don't trust myself anymore that these things would make a difference, so why spend/waste money on them.

Can you please help??

Thanks for listening.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Hello Helena!

Thank you for posting.

You must get started, one day and one change at a time.

This is not going to happen overnight...the only way to see change is to make change.

Please get started again soon, you will thank yourself for it later.


Jay said...

I would like to see more on nutrition. There are already tons of exercise plans on your site. I would like to see what we should be eating, when, and how much. Food prep strategies would be useful too. thanks.