Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Skeptical About TT - So Was He!

Another TT Success Story...from a formerly skeptical guy who now amazes runners and bodybuilders alike with his Turbulence Training Workouts.

"As you know, I got started with TT just before the start of TC3...I was pretty skeptical of the program as I've gone though many other workouts in the past couple of years.

I originally decided to follow TT and stop searching for another program b/c I really enjoy the member forums. Well after losing 11 lbs and 3 inches from my waist during TC 3 I'm no longer skeptical.

As it turns out, I'm finding myself becoming a bit of a TT evangelist! I've recommended the program to several friends and
co-workers. Many of which expressed being impressed by what I accomplished in such a short time. My brother really got excited when he asked me "And you did all this without running?" I told him I had barely run a mile since I started w/ TT. He was floored.

The final story that I wanted to share with you happened in the gym last night. I'm packing up to leave as another one of the regulars comes in to get started on his workout. We exchange greetings, when he pauses and says "What is that program that I see you doing? You're in here pretty regularly and you really put in work!"

I was floored b/c this dude is a body builder and freakishly strong. I saw him doing BB shrugs w/ over 400lbs earlier this week. Yet he was impressed w/ my workouts. So of course I tell him all about TT!

It felt good for someone that really works hard in the gym to be impressed by my workouts. That was more proof to me that TT is the real deal! Thanks again Craig!"
Milan Turner

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Andrew R - Go Healthy Go Fit said...

Hey Craig,

I just wanted to let you know that I first found out about Turbulence Training via Rusty's Fitness Black Book and I've been doing your crazy 8 routine personally for a few weeks now.

It's amazing how you can get such a great total workout in without any weights! With all the New Year's resolutions taking up cardio machines at the gym, your body weight circuits are a fantastic tool and I throw them in between jump rope sessions.

Thanks again for providing the crazy 8's!

All the Best,

Andrew R
Go Healthy Go Fit