Saturday, January 03, 2009

Russo-Japanese Workout

Today's workout was brutal combination of Russian and Japanese fitness secrets. Kettlebell exercises (from Russia with love) combined with Tabata intervals. 400 reps of swings, snatches, and a few squats, using the 35 pound, 53 pound, and 70 pound kettlebell.

Did some warmup rounds with the 35 and then moved to the 53. Used it for swings and snatches and did some swings with the 70 (no snatches with the 70 today).

In exactly 20 minutes I did 404 total reps.

I also used my new Gym Boss Interval Timer. I finally got around to ordering one of those the other week. I highly recommend it. Grab it at:

The Gym Boss is simple, but really helpful for doing timed intervals, especially the 20-on, 10-off Tabata style intervals.

I'm also going to use it to test my theory that you can get just as good results doing 15-on, 15-off as you can using the 20-10 system.

I did that workout this morning and then I filmed a couple of TT workouts OUTSIDE in the snow. I'll post those on Youtube this week. They are funny, and Bally The Dog has a starring role in both videos.

Later in the afternoon, I had a piece of peanut brittle. The last piece left over from Christmas. My friend Tom Venuto, from, was asking me to share the "treats" I had over Christmas.

To be honest, I had quite a few. But I ate them in small bits. No "going overboard gluttony" for me. Here's the run-down.

On most days, I had 4-5 pieces of chocolate covered peanut brittle. That stuff should be outlawed. On Christmas day, I had two pieces of an ice cream dessert. And some chocolate treats.

I also got a small pack of chocolate covered nuts and ate those before New Years.

Finally, one night we watched "The Dark Knight", and I had a Coke and some pringles.

So there you go. Quite a few holiday treats. But I swear I didn't gain an ounce of fat. Thanks to the Turbulence Training Lifestyle. Allows you to be quite flexible with nutrition and workouts.

Overall, a great holiday season!

Happy New Year,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Turbulence Training


Fernando Polania said...

Thanks, for sharing.

Sher Khan said...

hi craig,
it's interesting that you also indulge! ;) now I know you're a normal human being :)

that said, being me your avid follower et all... nope, i've not even sip a single drop of can sodas for close to 2 years now! .. let alone ice-creams or any kind of sinful dessert. BUT, i do take some dark chocolate once in a while (the ones with at least 70% cocoa..) the nutritional value is too good to resist..
happy new year craig!

Sher Khan.

aemit said...

Hi Craig,
How is the doggie doing? My cats are fine.
Wel, I'm a little shocked over the coke & pringles treat you had. Until now you gave the impression that you only eat healty and unprocessed foods but the stuff in coke is good for engine cleaning and not for drinking. And the pringles sure has a lot of MSG to make you think that it tastes good.
I do eat chocolate and apples, dry figs and nuts etc but I would not put these two you just mentioned in my body simply because I know that they are harmful and I don't even crave them for this reason.
Thanks for the new workouts lately.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...


It was one glass of coke and a small amount of pringles once per year.

Its not *that* bad once per year.

The rest of the time I practice what I preach.