Saturday, May 10, 2014

Slay the Stairs 355 Workout

355 "Slay the Stairs" Workout Part 2 - This is ADVANCED...not for Beginners...Intermediate would do 3 rounds and cut back on reps and intensity:

1A) San Diego Convention Stairs - 1 rep bottom to top
1B) Decline Pushups (walk hands down stairs) - 10 reps
1C) Narrow Stance BW "Air Squats" - 20 reps
1D) Close-Grip Pushups - 10 reps
- 5 rounds, no rest

2A) Jumps (jump and SOFTLY land 2-3 steps up with bent knees) - 10 reps
2B) Walking Lunges up stairs (3 steps at a time) - 10 reps/side (count as 20 reps total)
- 5 rounds, no rest

This is a LOT of work for your glutes and quads. They will be sore. It's almost a substitute for a lower body strength workout.

Slay the stairs, savor the victory view.
Turbulence Training's photo.
Turbulence Training's photo.

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