Saturday, May 24, 2014

Best chest workout

Ready for my best chest workout formula to pump your pecs?
I created this for Men's Health magazine because they demanded my perfect dumbbell chest building routine. It started with this MH reader question: "What exercise can I do to build a bigger chest?" - Steve, Gallup, NM
Hey Steve, there's no one magic exercise that'll give you the perfect pecs on its own. The secret is to use a few key exercises and a select number of proven, unique strategies to maximize results.
I've been studying pec training since I was 16-years old training at a YMCA in the small hockey town of Stratford, Ontario. (The same city that gave the world Justin Bieber - who is only slightly more famous than Bally the Dog.)
Here's the foundation for your dumbbell chest workout.
1) A heavy, low volume, basic dumbbell press (6-8 reps) 2) A moderately heavy, moderate volume dumbbell press (8-12 reps)
3) A modified dumbbell chest fly with high volume (12-15 reps)
Why that 'trinity' of chest exercises?
Because it attacks the muscle at all angles, and with the advanced techniques you're about to get, it will stimulate the maximum amount of muscle fibers for growth (if you want muscle gain) and metabolism (if you want fat loss and muscle maintenance).
With that formula, we can build DOZENS of chest workouts to use year round with continual results.
How do we do that?
By using these techniques:
- Slow eccentrics (lowering phase)
- Squeeze techniques at the top of the movement (90% or 3/4 reps)
- 1 & 1/2 reps, Triple stop reps
- Neutral, pronated, and supinated grips
- Different bench angles (decline, flat, low-incline, steep incline)
- Modified exercises that maximize leverage, like the DB fly-press
- Drop sets
- And so much more
But that's not a complete chest workout. We still need to add upper back exercises to build the opposing upper back muscles that keep your shoulder joint safe when doing chest presses.
For example, let's start with something simple, yet profound:
1A) DB Semi-Pronated Flat Chest Press with 3s eccentric - 3×6
1B) DB Row - 3×8 per side
2A) DB Incline Press 90% with 1 second pause - 4×8-12
2B) DB Chest Supported Row with 1 second pause - 4×15
3A) DB Flat Chest Fly-Press - 3×12-15
3B) DB Rear Deltoid Raise - 3×12
NOTE: That is a muscle growth program. For fat loss, do 1-2 sets per exercise and add finishers or intervals to the end of the workout.
DOUBLE NOTE: Your warm-up should include shoulder mobility exercises like W-Y-T's, Band Pulls, and Stick-ups.
Like that workout? Want another chest program just as good as that?
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