Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Sell Fitness

You probably know all about the following trainers:
- Mikey Whitfield (see his amazing results below)
- Kate Vidulich (up-and-coming superstar)
- Shawna Kaminski (breakthrough trainer of the year)
What do they all have in common?
They learned how to sell fitness from this ONE expert.
And now he's ready to help YOU.
Yes, my best Armenian friend, and master of selling fitness, Bedros Keuilian, is doing a free webinar for you next week.
You'll discover how to build sell fitness online. He'll be teaching some big secrets that we've shared in our $1000/day Mastermind sessions with folks like Mikey Whitfield, Kate Vidulich, and other superstars.
Here's Bedros to tell you about their recent results:
Bedros here...And you won't want to miss this...here's why...
Two days ago Mike Whitfield ended his four day Sprint Conditioning info product launch which sold over 1,900 front end sales...

...by front end sales I mean just his main product, not counting his up-sales which account for another 30% of revenue.

Ten days ago Shawna Kaminski sold 1,500 front end units of her Challenge Fat Loss program during a four day launch.

And a week before Shawna's launch Kate Vidulich made 1,300 front end sales during her four day launch of 1,000 Calorie Accelerators.

Three info product launches over the last 30 days and each of them netted 5 figures in just four days - that's HUGE!

So how did Mike, Shawna and Kate do it?

I'll be teaching you that next Tuesday, May 27th on this free webinar trainingBut I don't want you to miss out, so reserve your spot today so you don't forget ... and get left behind.

If you're an expert in ANY field and have an idea for an online information product like an ebook, online videos, or coaching programs, and want to know how to create, launch, and sell your info product to the masses then this free webinar is for you.

...and as usual I'm gonna pack this webinar training with a ton of killer content that you can take action on instantly.
Remember - it's free, it's next Tuesday, May 27th, and it's going to be packed full of proven content that has helped experts just like YOU finally breakthrough in their field and earn the respect, attention, and income they deserve. If that sounds like something you're interested in, don't miss it.
Thanks Bedros, looking forward to it.
Be there,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Keep on pushing, testing, tweaking, tracking, failing forward, learning, and applying these new lessons. Focus on Forward Progress. Always be improving. Baby steps and little bets every day. Keep on pushing on, no matter how dark the days. The right attitude goes a long way.

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