Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Quick Kettlebell Snatch Workout

Todays mini-workout:

70 pound kettlebell
Kettlebell snatch
5 sets of 4 reps per arm

Tomorrow: Workout B from Phase 2 of Ferruggia's program

Thursday: Off to Chicago to meet and train with Ferruggia for the weekend.


Positive Coach

In 2004 I contributed to a chapter on coaching for the Leading Experts On Youth Fitness. One of the books I referenced was the book from http://www.positivecoach.org/ (The Positive Coach Alliance).

If you coach kids you MUST read the info from both organizations...

Here's some comments from Jim Thomson, the leader of the Positive Coach Alliance, about what he calls, "the worst week ever in sports".

Bill Walsh's Passing Caps Worst Sports Week Ever

I have been asked repeatedly by the press in the past few days whether this has been the worst week ever for sports.

  • Barry Bonds pursuing Henry Aaron with the Major League Baseball Commissioner not willing to be there for the historic moment, reflecting the ambiguity many of us feel about this historic event-to-be.

  • Tour de France turning into a revolving door of drug cases.

  • Michael Vick accused of crimes against man's best friend and being immediately vilified by many well in advance of trial.

  • The referee cheating accusations in the NBA.

  • And below the radar screen, but just as sick, is a hockey "fight camp" for kids

How much worse could it get?

I have consistently replied that I wasn't sure if this were the worst week ever, but now there is no doubt. Bill Walsh died yesterday and that makes it the worst week ever for sports.

Bill is the personification of the power of ideas to make a difference. He was called "The Genius" by many, with most people not realizing that this title initially was bestowed on him sarcastically by the over-macho football establishment of the time, which looked askance at his cerebral nature. He was just too much in his head. Football is a man's game! As one of my high school football coaches used to say, "2 1/2 yards and a cloud of dust."

Even then I wondered what he was thinking. Three runs into the line at 2.5 yards each equals 4th down and 2.5 yards to go! No wonder people thought Bill Walsh was a genius for doing away with that ridiculous notion!

One of my favorite stories of Bill and the accidental source of many great ideas concerns the tight-end-around play. Bill and his coaches were studying game film when they came upon a botched play. The 49ers tight end lined up on the wrong side, realized it in time, and trotted over to the other side. The play was uneventful but on tape Bill saw how the befuddled defense reacted with consternation to this surprise and turned it into a play that even macho coaches now use!

A few years ago Bill and former Stanford Athletic Director Ted Leland participated in a PCA event that the Oakland A's sponsored. There was a famous coach who took up most of the air time with stories designed to entertain the crowd. He left little space for any of the other panelists including Bill to get a word in edgewise. I watched as Bill grew more agitated and wondered what was going to happen.

Finally Bill could take it no more. He interrupted in a burst of energy saying, "I thought we were going to talk about the problems with youth sports!" This redirected the entire conversation to the topic that had gotten Bill interested in doing this event. Bill wasn't upset with the other coach hogging the mike. He was concerned that no ideas were being shared about how to improve youth sports!

I had the privilege of interviewing Bill for PCA's "Momentum" newsletter several years ago. I got to sit in his office for two hours with a tape recorder and listen to a nonstop stream of fantastic ideas about coaching and kids. One quote stood out in my mind to the point that we have incorporated it (with a photo of Bill) into one of our Double-Goal Coach workshops (a Double-Goal Coach wants to win AND use sports to teach life lessons):

"Players see a coach who's generating energy in everything he does, not just a person standing in judgment of them. That creates a captivating environment that you really must have."

What a terrific image. Instead of a coach sitting in judgment of a player, a coach should create a captivating environment! Are there any sports parents who wouldn't want a coach who does that for their child?! (To check out the entire interview with Bill, click here)

A few years ago PCA launched a Mentor Coach program in Los Angeles thanks to the support of the Durfee Foundation. The tag line on the t-shirts given to the participants says, "Creating a legacy of positive coaching." In the workshop, we use a legacy chart with Bill Walsh in the center and several generations of great coaches who are where they are now because of Bill's mentorship.

My last conversation with Bill was in May. I stopped by his office at Stanford, and he greeted me enthusiastically, "What can I do to help you and PCA?" I said that it would be great if PCA could honor him and give him our Lifetime Achievement Award. He immediately said, "I'll do it. I really want to give a lecture on leadership. Let's get a date on the calendar and do it."

The date we picked was May 31, 2007. We reserved Maples Auditorium and began planning an event that would allow Bill to share all that he had learned about leadership while giving his many fans in the Bay Area a chance to let him know how we all feel about him. So many people were excited to be involved with this event honoring Bill.

Unfortunately, Bill took a turn for the worse a few days later and the event never happened. I sent him a card that a friend of mine from Minnesota had created with a rainbow over Stanford's lovely Memorial Church. I now have his note thanking me for the lovely card on my desk.

So, worst sports week ever? You bet. Bill will be missed by many, none more so than the thousands of individuals and organizations across the country who are working valiantly to transform the culture of youth sports. We've lost a real champion.

-- Jim Thompson, Founder and Executive Director

For more information on becoming a better coach for your kids, visit http://www.positivecoach.org/

Bodyweight DVD Filming...

We had a camera meltdown after our bodyweight filming session last month, so last night we had to slip into The Urban Athlete Gym to re-film some of the workouts. Got in about midnight last night, and boy am I glad that is over.

We should have the bodyweight DVD's completed by end of September - there's a lot of footage, after all, it is a 6-month workout.

In the meantime, our Turbulence Training YouTube workout videos show you how to get an interval style bodyweight workout complete with nothing but your own bodyweight. No accessories necessary.

Plus, I have two workouts for you to use if you act today...

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Kettlebells vs. dumbells, who would win. I'd pick dumbells since it would be 2 on 1,

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Monday, July 30, 2007

New Workout for Me and You

Alright, starting a new workout today. Phase II of Jay Ferruggia's Maximum Mass workouts.

Great workouts.

Still the hardest thing about gaining mass, for me and many guys, is not the lifting...but the eating.

Gotta force it down, without resorting to junk. But that's why I'll still have abs at the end of this.

I have noticed a difference in the upper chest...always a weak spot for me...hard to gain mass but Jay's porgram seems to making a visible difference after only a couple of weeks.

And today's upper body workout from Phase 2 will only make things better.

It'll do the same for you as well,


PS - Get Jay's Muscle Building Program Today!

I gained 10 pounds in 4 weeks with Jay's program and hard eating...what can you do?

7-Day Fat Loss Guide: Two Workouts for One

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Now for the 7-day workout plan...

TT workout. It's Monday, and your beat from the first day back at work, and you have a lot of stuff on the go this week, and perhaps even a vacation you have to plan for next week. So just focus on the basics today.

Do each exercise in the first superset 5 times instead of 3. Do 6-8 reps per set. Do 3 intervals, and get on home to better things.

30 minutes of activity, check in with your social support group. Laugh some more here with friends.

Plan, shop, and prepare.


If anyone knows of any good cookbooks, aside from Gourmet Nutrition by John Berardi & John Williams, please let me know so that I can pass this info on to others.Eat, drink and be healthy,



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30 minutes of activity. If you are more than just average fitness, you might like a combination of bodyweight exercises followed by easy cardio as your choice of off-day activity.

Just remember, all off day work should not impair recovery from yesterday's workout or reduce performance in tomorrow's workout.

TT workout. Don't forget to aim for 1 personal best in every workout. So today, you might try and do one more rep than ever before in one of the exercises. Train safe, and with good form only.

30 minutes of activity. Start planning the weekend's shopping list so you cut time off your weekend grocery time.  

TT workout. Then de-stress. Rent a funny movie or record your favorite, funniest TV shows during the week and watch them on Friday night. Chances are, you need to laugh more. It's good for you. 

Saturday, July 28, 2007

August Workout is Now Ready!!! Kettlbells & Dumbells for Fat Loss

The August workout has arrived! It's the TT KB-DB-BW Fusion Workout, combining kettlebell, dumbell, and bodyweight exercises together as one.

The Ultimate Home Gym, Dumbell Kettlebell & Bodyweight Fat Loss Program

I've left out all chinups and pullups and rows, so you don't need a bar for this one. Just

a) dumbells

b) Kettlebells (OPTIONAL)

c) Bodyweight (everyone's got this!)

Have a good time with this one...I've been told I've outdone myself with this one.

PS - Grab the workout at The Fat Burning Workout Membership Site

Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Filming And Workout

Today was the filming day for the August 07 Turbulence Training workout.

This program is another fat burner, consisting of supersets of dumbell or kettlebell exercises paired with a bodyweight exercise.

So it's the dumbell-kettlebell-bodyweight fusion fat loss. This workout will not need more cowbell, because its a great one.

It will be up on www.TTmembers.com this weekend and the video will be done early next week.

So be ready to start this new workout next Monday!

www.ttmembers.com - grab the advanced bodyweight workout while you still can!

Nutrition Expert Interviews Fitness Expert...

Here's an interview I did with nutrition expert, Dr. Chris Mohr Meal Plans 101

CM: This month I am interviewing a very well respected strength coach, Craig Ballantyne, who I have personally learned a lot from, and I know readers will find it interesting. First of all, how did you get involved in strength and conditioning?

I played a lot of sports, did a lot of bodybuilding type workouts when I was a kid. It just grew from there, and from reading all the magazines. Decided pretty young that I wanted to do something related to these hobbies.

CM: In addition to your real life experience in the field, you also have a formal education in Kinesiology and a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology. I often get the question as to how much education is enough when trying to work in the exercise and nutrition arenas; in your opinion, how much has this contributed to your knowledge versus real life experience?

I am big on formal education.

It's been my experience that the majority of the best strength coaches, personal trainers, and nutrition experts have a formal education in sport sciences. When I was in school, I researched the education of NHL strength coaches, and almost all of them had M.S. degrees.

Getting a formal education gives you the foundations of anatomy and physiology. When a trainer doesn't have the foundations, or neglects them, they are more likely to follow trends and fads and get away from the basics that give you the most results in the least time.

You shouldn't need someone to show you a system of training if you have a foundation in the sports sciences, because then you should be able to critically analyze the movement, the training system, the physiology affected, etc. I really believe that if you understand exercise physiology, you'll be able to separate the crap from the gold pretty quick.

CM: You have several great products available for consumers; tell us about some of your current commitments and ongoing projects.

Due to a huge demand, I've been working on a lot of bodyweight programs.

Many readers want all the results (lose fat, gain muscle, get lean, improve health), but are busy and often don't have equipment. So the bodyweight programs were prepared to help these people. In addition, a lot of lifters are flocking to them as well because they are a great challenge, and more exciting than traditional cardio sessions for weight loss.

A lot of the athletes I work with are using them as well, to increase their mobility and fitness for sport -- in conjunction with traditional strength exercises of course.

Each day I spend an hour or two writing my various online newsletters, the most important of which is my site for increasing muscle and burning body fat.

CM: With 65% of the population overweight or obese, I'm sure you've had your share of clients who fall into this category. How do you start off working with someone who is in extremely poor shape--under fit and overfat?

Just be really conservative.

Stuff you might take for granted is of course, strenuous for them. For these individuals, I believe that nutrition is going to make a much greater impact early in the weight loss program. Therefore, there is no need to go overboard on the exercise prescription at this time. They'll lose fat faster by dumping the fast-food than they will by working out 6 days per week.

We start with an assessment of course, and I like to get a detailed background on their past exercise programs, athletic ability, etc. Oftentimes the assessment will turn up chronic injuries that have to get sorted out, so you should spend time on that at the start of the program.

For fitness, if they can walk without any risk of biomechanical issues, than that is a good place to start for fat loss. Calories out. Get fancy later. Just make sure that walking doesn't hurt them (going from the couch to walking three times per week could injure a completely sedentary individual).

For strength training, generally a lot of floor-based bodyweight exercises are the place to start, and the move to bodyweight squats, assisted pushups, etc. Always be conservative and do as little as possible in the first session.

CM: I've always heard very positive reviews of your unique ability to get people into tip, top shape. Without giving away all your secrets, let's start with fat loss--what are the top 5 fat loss tips for individuals?


Read the rest of this FREE fat burning interview at Turbulence Training Members...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friends Let Friends Get Fat

At least, that's what the New England Journal of Medicine says...and it certainly makes sense, considering all the things I've said about the need for social support for fat loss.

"The researchers found that if someone's friends becomes obese, that person's chances of becoming obese increased by 57 per cent. Siblings and spouses also have an influence, although a reduced one."

If you only hang around people that don't exercise and eat junk, guess what you'll do? If your co-workers insist on bringing in donuts everyday, guess what's going to happen? If your weekend plans with friends revolve around happy hours, pizza deliveries, and take out specials, well, you know where this is going to end up.

The researches actually attributed this increased risk to the fact that if you're friends are fat, and you're fat, then everyone will just accept it and you'll all get fatter (my words, not theirs).

And what's worse, is I believe this is also true for kids as well.

Here in Toronto, I live near a dance studio. It's not uncommon for groups of children all over the city to take the subway downtown and go to this studio for some fun and exercise. Unfortunately, this is about all the exercise most of these kids are getting.

Yesterday I saw a group of 20 girls going to the studio. I'd estimate their age at about 10 or 11. Of those 20 girls, half of them had big bellies. They were clearly overweight. Kids that age shouldn't have beer guts.

But back to the problem of adult obesity...

Business motivational experts like Brian Tracy say, "Your income will be the average of the income of the 6 people you hang around the most."

So its not surprising that the same "rule" should apply to your weight.

On the other hand, Friends DON'T Let Friends Get Fat...

I know that a lot of my friends are fit and healthy because they hang around me. Just as "social obesity" is contagious, so is social fitness. When my friends see what I have in my fridge and how I train (with supersets and intervals), they start doing the same.

And as soon as one of them made significant improvements in their fitness, several others started getting serious results as well. And the Turbulence Training lifestyle I started continues to "spread", positively affecting dozens of my friends, thousands of my TT Members and Turbulence Training users, and millions of magazine readers.

If you want to stop the cycle of body fat in your group of friends, you'll need to connect with a group of individuals that are collectively working towards fitness. There are dozens of message boards on the internet that can do this. There are gyms everywhere, full of friendly, helpful fitness enthusiasts to help you. They won't bite, just ask them for help if you are intimidated by the treadmill.

Or do something fun, like the kids I mentioned earlier. If these girls had access to the dance classes more than just once a summer, I'm sure there would be a whole lot fewer overweight kids in the group.

So whether your social network needs to lose a few pounds, or if you're a parent of an overweight kid, become the catalyst for fat loss by role modeling healthy eating, an active lifestyle, and stop accepting obesity as being "okay". Because its not - no matter what the politically correct sucker of the day wants to tell you. Obesity will suck the life right out of you, causing you joint pain, medical problems, and an early death...and I won't even get into the social ramifications.

It's worth noting too that the study found, "Persons of the same sex had relatively greater influence on each other than those of the opposite sex". So next boy's weekend or girl's night out, start a conversation about the healthy habits you've introduced into your life, and see if you can become the catalyst for improving the health of your friends.

You've got your friends, now get them healthy. It won't happen overnight, but now is the best time to start. Change your mindset about eating and exercise...more to come on that in the future.

Get social support for fat loss,

Join the TT Members Social Support Forum

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Okay, seriously, don't tell Jay...

Just finished another workout, my second of the day. But don't tell Jay Ferruggia or he'll be pissed that I'm screwing around with another workout while using his Muscle Gaining Secrets...

But I had to tinker with one of the workouts that is coming up in the August '07 TT KB-DB-BW Fat Loss program. And it was a real tough one tonite, using that kettlebell as much as I could. You'll love this workout...no BS, that's for sure.

Shoulders, arms, back and posterior chain take a pounding in this workout, and will burn fat like a 4th of July BBQ. Plus, this workout had some of my trusty pushup inventions in there as well, and I'm really asking a lot of you to complete all the reps in this workout.

This one comes out next monday or tuesday, whenever Aug 1 is...


PS - Get 2 for 1...

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2 Fat Burning Mistakes

In the politically correct world, the most fat you can lose in a week is about 1 pound.

However, if you play your cards right, you can do a lot better than that.

But how much time will it take to achieve a better body?

Don't worry, it's not going to take the hours in the gym per day that you think it will. In reality, it's only a couple of hours per week.

Literally, you can make amazing improvements in just 3 hours per week of structured, high-quality training.

But if you go into the gym without a plan, well, then prepare to get no where no matter how much time you put in.

On the other hand, while you only need to train hard for 3 hours per week, you need to live the TT Lifestyle for 167.5 hours per week (giving yourself 30 minutes off for a relaxed meal each week).

That means at least 90% of your nutrition must be planned (and high quality, whole, natural foods), and you must try to get high quality sleep.

As for exercise, stick with efficient lifts like squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows. Don't take the easy way out with seated machine exercises. This way, you'll need only 1-2 hours of lifting per week to boost your metabolism.

Combine that with three 20-minute interval sessions per week and your fat loss plan is golden. Then you just have to concentrate on the nutrition.

On the other hand, if you are serious about gaining mass, stick to a 4-day lifting schedule, cut out the intervals, and increase your food intake, but don't use this as an excuse to eat garbage.

So what are the 2 biggest mistakes people make in their quest for fat loss and ultimate abs?

1) Following Politically-Correct, Mass-Production training programs.

Now first, I must give credit to any program that gets someone off the couch and moving. However, don't promise someone "toned arms" by telling them all they need to do are triceps kickbacks with soup cans.

That's just condescending, plain wrong, and a flat out lie, all rolled into one.

Say Au Revoir to the slow-cardio marathon workouts, the light-weight, high-rep lifting sessions, and the endless abs.

This goes for men and women. And if women are scared of weights, at least master your own bodyweight exercises first before giving into the pink dumbbells. You'll get strong, athletic, lean, and a sexy firm body.

2) Following Endurance Exercise Recommendations When You Are Trying To Lose Fat.

Back in the day, all exercise research was focused on improving endurance performance. And all this research trickled down through the media and somehow, strangely enough, got applied to fat loss.

Hence one of the reasons for the long, misguided emphasis on aerobic training and low-fat diets for fat loss.

But you shouldn't overload on carbohydrates if you want abs. That advice is for runners, not for fat loss.

And you shouldn't spend hours doing slow, boring cardio. Again, leave that to marathoners.

Instead, as the new research is showing us, stick to the Turbulence Training principles of high-intensity strength training, followed by interval training, and a high-fiber, high-F&V, moderate protein, healthy fats nutrition program (whole, natural foods, anyone?).

Goodbye cereal bars, elliptical machines, juice, aerobics classes, rice cakes, and long runs for fat loss.

Train short and intense,


P.S. If you want serious fat loss

"I have been using Turbulence Training for the last year and have lost 30 pounds. I am now at 153lbs and 12% body fat. By the way, I'm 41 years old   and love the Fusion Fat Loss bonus workouts. The fusion workoutts are a killer and fun to do."
Greg Sanchez

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Thanks Craig!
John Mudd

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Upper body muscle Workout

Very good upper body workout today. If you're looking for what I did specifically, you gotta grab Jay Ferruggia's Muscle Gaining Secrets.

Today was Workout 2 of Phase 1.

If you're using Jay's program, let me know what you think of this one. My arms stay pretty pumped up for the full subway ride home from the gym.

I did barbell curls instead of dumbeel curls, and I added some turkish fet ups with the kettlebell at the end - but don't tell Jay.

get ==> Jason Ferruggia's Muscle Gaining Secrets

Read this interview on training athletes - CB interviews Jay Ferruggia

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday Mini-workout

Today's mini workout included kettlebell snatches, sets of 15-20, pistols, pushups, and rows. Mostly the snatches though.

Yesterday, Jason Ferruggia reminded me I'm only supposed to do 3 weeks on each phase in his mass program. however, I've already started the 4th week so I'll finish it off as scheduled. But from now on, just 3 weeks per phase.

Working with the 70 lb kettlebell really paid off when I went back to the 53 pound kettlebell today. Felt much more in command of my grip with the 53 banger. I'll use the 53 kb on thursday again, and then the heavier one on the weekend.

Learn about double sets for fat loss

Bodyweight Workout & The Legendary Transformation

Only a week left to get the most advanced Turbulence Training bodyweight workout ever!
It's the July 2007 TT Bodyweight Workout - including the Crazy 8 Bodyweight Circuit Program.

Bodyweight Workout of the Month

The hardest, most advanced bodyweight workout I've ever put together...it will even make your weight training program feel like a joke!

This program is the most advanced bodyweight program I've ever put together - and includes my new "Crazy 8 Bodyweight Circuit" along with the hardest bodyweight exercises you've ever tried.

You'll be shocked at what you can do with bodyweight training.

Speaking of shocked, have you seen my legendary transformation from 2005?

The Body Transformation

Good times,


Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Fast Workout

Had to cut the workout short today, so I decreased the rest intervals.

Still managed to get 90 percent of the workout done, and without decreasing the weight. Even got 225 for 10 reps in the bench press.

Last week for phase 1 of ferrruggias muscle gaining secrets program. New workouts start new eek, should be good.

Never skip your warm-up,


7-Day Guide - Bonus Workout for You

Bonus workout for you...

I've made the super popular "DB-BW Fusion Fat Loss Workout" available to ALL TT Members for the next 2 days.

This workout is one of the most common ways TT Members are training to gain muscle and lose fat.

If you are a TT Member, you can download it here before Tuesday, July 24th at midnight.

You know why you need this workout?

The difference between those that succeed fast and those that take a long time to succeed (if they do so at all) is a structured plan.

A structured plan will get you places faster. Whether you are driving across the country on holiday, or trying to lose 5 pounds of fat while gaining 5 pounds of muscle, a plan will get you their quicker.

So what's your plan?

If you don't have one, let me help. We'll start with your 7-day guide to success... 

TT workout. In this workout, double the rest time between exercises in your first superset only. This will allow you to recover more and perform more reps for each exercise. This extra rest is most beneficial for strength. And down the road, every little bit of strength will help you get results faster.

30 minutes of activity, check in with your social support group. If you haven't checked in with one of the professionals in your support group in over 6 months (i.e. doctor, nutritionist, or trainer), make an appointment with one for as soon as possible.

30 minutes of activity. You want a fresh take on nutrition? Check out Brad Pilon's Nutrition Help site

TT workout. Use bodyweight intervals today. Simply choose 4 relatively easy bodyweight exercises (2 upper and 2 lower), and alternate the upper and lower body exercises in a circuit. Do 10-15 reps per exercise, rest 30 seconds, then repeat up to 4 times.

30 minutes of activity. If you are a beginner or intermediate, avoid the urge to overdo things. Don't try and do intervals 6 days per week. You'll get an overuse injury...and avoiding injury is one of the main reasons to avoid traditional cardio, so don't get hurt doing something better!

TT workout. At the end of your workout, add your favorite exercise done for 3 sets of 8. Remember, TT workouts should also be fun, not just effective.


Plan, shop, and prepare. Eat, drink and be healthy,


If you haven't done so already, check out the post "How to Save on Groceries" here.


P.S. Don't miss the bonus TT workout at the member's site...

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But remember, it's back to the Platinum Library after Tuesday night...

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Dawn Carter

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quick Kettlebell Workout

Did a warmup, then 3 sets of 3 kettlebell snatches with the 70lb kettlebell, and then some figure 8 drills for grip. That's all. Back to Jay Ferruggia's Maxium Mass workout tomorrow.


PS - TT Member Bonus!

I've made the Oct. 06 DB-BW Fusion available for download until next Tuesday, July 24, at midnight...

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

32kg kettlebell snatches

Did 10 sets of 1 snatch with the 32kg kettlebell. Had a hard time with the
grip, the rest of the exercise was fine.

Then did 5x10 1-arm swings with the 32kg kb. Then 1-arm overhead lockout
walking. Then turkish get ups (no kettlebell).

Thanks to Kenny Johnson(an RKC trainer down in Atlanta) for the tip on
working with the heavier weight.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Muscle Building Workout

End of workout 3 of week 3 on Jay Ferruggia's mass workouts.

Some squats and close-grip bench presses were in the mix, and i'm getting a little stronger in the close-grip bench, doing 3x5 at 245 today. One more week and then on to phase 2 of Jay's Maximum Mass.

Weight is up to 186 from 176.5 at the start of the program, and the abs are still there,

Get big, gain muscle


2 more videos

Just added one new video and here's another one worth watching...

(Yes, I know you should be doing work, but its Friday...)

CB doing a Pool Workout in Auckland, New Zealand

And a no-equipment bodyweight circuit for your
to use instead of regular cardio intervals...

Please forward these videos to any of your friends
interested in building muscle and burning fat and
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for me. I just cut back on starches and bread and do your routine
2-3 times a week. I never thought in a million years that just
10-20 minutes of weight training followed by some cardio would get
me such steady results. I even cheat a bit on the weekends."
Billy Williams

Do Me A Favor? Watch the 300 Workout

My 300 workout video on YouTube is pushing close to 100,000 views...so will you do me a favor and help it get there even faster?
If you have not watched it, check it out here:
And here are 2 more quick videos for you while you're at it...
b) An advanced bodyweight exercise for your hamstrings and glutes
This is one of the many advanced bodyweight exercises I've put together in the July 07 TT Bodyweight workout. It's probably the hardest bodyweight program you'll ever come across. Get the TT bodyweight challenge HERE
Have a great weekend,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kettlebell Snatch Workout & Grip

Tried to do the 5 sets of 13 KB snatches today, but grip was fried from Tuesdays and Wednesday's workouts...so I did 13, 13, 8, 8, and then 10.

I also picked up a 32kg kettlebell to use this weekend for swings.

That is all to report,


PS - If you don't have a kettlebell but want an advanced workout, become a TT Member before July 31st and get the Advanced Bodyweight Workout

How Many Calories to Gain Muscle

How many calories do you need for gaining muscle? How much protein? How many calories are you eating?

I get these questions a lot, and people really want to see my nutrition while using Jay Ferruggia's mass workouts.

So here it is...my calories, protein, nutrition plan, post-workout drinks, everything.

This was my best eating day, some days I slip and am probably closer to 4500 calories.

I doubt the calorie numbers are 100% accurate since it was entered by someone using Fitday for the first time...

1 cup oatmeal
1 cup plain yogurt
2 oz walnuts
1/2 cup blueberries

3 eggs boiled
3 pieces wholewheat toast
1 tspn natural peanut butter
1 apple
1 tbsn fish oil

2 bananas

2 cups chocolate milk

4 slices whole wheat bread
3oz chicken breast
2 ounces chedder cheese
1 apple
1/2 tomato

1 apple
2 oz almonds

8 oz steak
1 cup asparagus
1 cup broccoli
1.5 cups pasta
1/2 cup pasta sauce

1 cup oatmeal
1 cup plain yogurt
2 oz walnuts
1/2 cup blueberries

3oz chicken
1 cup white rice
1/2 cup mixed vegetables
1/2 cup bbq sauce
1 cup milk

Total: 5551
Fat: 229 2062 38%
Sat: 54 482 9%
Poly: 85 768 14%
Mono: 72 645 12%
Carbs: 667 2316 43%
Fiber: 88 0 0%
Protein: 257 1026 19%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

so there you go...that's how many calories, how much protein and how much food I'm eating to build muscle using the Muscle Gaining Secrets workouts.

Time to eat,

More muscle building nutrition and workouts on the TTMembers forum

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday Muscle Building Workout

Pretty intense pump from today's workout. Now i know that Jay could probably care less about an arm pump, but he's got to take credit for what this workout does. It was workout B from Phase 1 of his Maximum Mass program, that comes with his Muscle Gaining Secrets workout package.

It was a fast workout too, done in just over 35 minutes.

Build Muscle Interview with Jay Ferruggia

Fat Burning Circuits vs. Bulking Up

Yesterday we read coach John Barban's opinion that his 6-minute circuits were better than my supersets. What will he say to tick me off today?

By the way, if you have a question about John's 6-minute circuits, make sure to ask them on his forum here:

The grrlAthlete Female Workout Forum

CB: John, what do you say to women that are worried about bulking up with strength training?

I get this question alot. And my answer is always the same.

Strength training does not and will not ever bulk up a women.

To bulk up you need to be doing specific bulking style exercises. This includes elaborate set and rep schemes devised by powerlifters and bodybuilding athletes who are only interested in gaining bulk and size.

Some women may be following the wrong advice by trainers who only know how to bulk build and are only familiar with that style of training. I've trained this way for years with world class powerlifters and bodybuilders so I know what is involved.

However, I have also spent the past 5 years training women exclusively and for many different types of goals, from competitve figure models, to national level field hockey players, and everything in between.

The common thing with all of my female clients is that these girls all need to be low body fat and lean, with great cardiovascular endurance and overall body conditioning and strength. And they cannot get any bigger because it would slow them down and decrease performance!

My workout style won't bulk anyone up because it is designed specifically not to. If our athletes get bigger they will get slower and that wouldn't help them on the field.

The great thing is that this style of workout is perfect for any woman (athlete or not) to lose fat and get toned lean muscles.

CB: Do these workouts work the abs?


Yes this workout has a lot of core training built right into it.

Having a tight strong core is critical for any athlete and our workout targets core directly in each mini circuit as well as throughout the whole program.

We've incorporated a lot of variety in our core training as well so you'll be working your abs and lower back from all kinds of different angles. I also kept it fun and different for each mini circuit.

Most of girls who tried this routine for the first time said its the most sore their abs have felt after a workout! And they were loving it because they have a hard time working their core like this.

CB: What about cardio? Don't you need to do cardio to lose weight?

I think the idea of doing cardio to lose weight is one of the biggest myths in the fitness industry.

Traditional slow paced long duration cardio may be the worst and slowest way to try and lose weight. I'm not convinced it helps lose any weight at all.

Higher intesnity whole body exercises burn substantially more calories during the workout as well as increases calorie burning after you have finished exercising. This is called the "afterburn".

Every time you exercise your metabolism is elevated after your workout so you continue burning calories once you're finished. This effect is much higher with high-intensity workouts. Also, during your workout is when you burn the most calories, and high intensity workouts burn way more calories than any low intensity cardio routine can.

On top of all of that, our circuit workouts keep all of your muscles toned and conditioined which burns even more calories than cardio, for two reasons...

1) they are getting a strength workout

2) its a whole body workout that incorporates muscles that typical cardio workouts do not.

A long time ago when I first started training clients I used to use slow duration cardio because I was naieve and didn't know what worked best. But for the past 10 years I have only used high intensity workouts and intervals just like the 6 minute circuits with fantastic results and I'll never go back!

CB: Thanks John. I have to agree, your system sounds pretty effective.

Judge for yourself, are John's 6-minute circuits better than my non-competing Turbulence Training supersets?


That John Barban has a lotta nerve,


PS - Want more female specific workout advice and sports-specific training info?

If you have a female workout question for John or Brad Pilon, visit their new, no cost grrlAthlete Forums. You'll learn...

- how to progress through pushups

- the best intervals for fat loss

- And how to conquer Pullups

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Workout - kettlebell swings

Neck is almost better, but i go in for ART tonight. Instead of doing kb
snatches, i did kettlebell swings instead.

Kettlebell swings: 3x30

Then a circuit of pistols, close grip pushups, and 1-leg RDL's with the

Should be back on track tomorrow,


6-minute circuits vs. supersets for fat burning

I've always believed supersets are best for fat burning, but strength coach John Barban is telling me I'm wrong!

John put together a program called, "6 Minute Circuits" for women, so I grilled him about the methods and why his way is supposedly better than mine.

Like me, John is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a varsity strength and conditioning coach (like I used to be).

John specializes in training female varsity athletes, specifically women's ice hockey players, and has his masters in nutritional science and human physiology from the University of Guelph.

CB: John, why circuits instead of supersets or straight sets


We found multiple benefits using the the mini circuits with this workout.

For starters they target the whole body within each circuit. I designed each mini circuit to hit all of the major muscle groups in the body.

This has two effects:

1) it gets your heart rate up for the entire mini circuit which will rev up your metabolism and start burning lots of calories and fat. This style of workout eliminates the need to do long slow traditional cardio, and believe or not burns more calories than a typical cardio workout could!

2) It works all of the major muscle groups in your body so you get a whole body conditioning and toning effect in each mini circuit.

Those are just the actual physical and metabolic benefits which are fantastic.

The other major benefit is variety. The mini circuits we use are constantly changing and incorporating different exercises and variations. They are fun to do and keep the workout fresh.

This is a benefit that I was not anticipating but all the women who do this exercise always mention how much fun it is and how different it is from anything else they've ever done.

CB: What kind of results do your clients get?

My clients are losing weight, and more specifically fat faster than they ever have before.

I'd say that everyone who has started this program has easily accelerated their progress by weeks if not months. the pounds are coming off of my non athlete clients in record time and our athletes are going to be ready for their season way ahead of schedule.

Its doing exactly what I designed it to do; its getting everyone lean and in great cardiovascular and overall condition all at once!

CB: What type of clients do you use this with?


The 6 Minute Circuits Workout was designed from the principles I use to train all of my elite level athletes.

We started using it with the girls on the team as well as other individual athletes (I train fitness competitors, figure models, as well as individual sport players of all kinds)

It was getting them all in peak mid season shape faster than any other program we had ever used, which made me happy and the girls were excstatic.

And thats when some of my non athlete clients who saw what I was doing with the team in the gym asked what they were doing and wanted to try it...

And then it hit me, what not just train all of my clients like elite level athletes...after all the girls on the team and my other athlete clients had the type of figure that my non athlete clients were dying to get. So they naturally wanted to train just like those girls trained.

I immediately put all of my clients on this workout and the results are speaking for themselves.

All of my clients athletes, non athletes, busy working mom's, young professionals, women who workout at home, beginners, and seasoned gym goers have all switched with great results.

CB: Where can these workouts be done?

The entire workout can be done at home. 

I designed it this way on purpose. And the types of exercises that we found work best don't require fancy gym equipment anyway, so it really doesn't matter where you like to workout you can do this workout anywhere with minimal equipment.

A set of dumbbells (and if you don't have dumbbells at home you could even use a couple cans of soup to start with) and a stability ball is all you really need.

A bench is nice to have, but if you workout at home and don't have a bench you can substituite a stability ball, and if you don't have that you can use the furniture around your house for almost every exercise that we use a bench for.

I've trained clients in their homes with this workout and its easy to get it done just about anywhere with almost no equipment.



PS - More surprising info on these circuits tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you have a female workout question for John, or a female nutrition question for Brad Pilon, visit their new, no cost grrlAthlete Forums. You'll learn...

- how to control sugar cravings

- do you need protein shakes

- what will the supplement companies be marketing as the Next Best Protein

Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday muscle building workout

Messed my neck up on the weekend...getting it fixed tomorrow at The Urban Athlete by one of the best chiropractors in Toronto, Bill Wells.

Still trained today, but had to drop one of the exercises from Jay's workout. I did a little extra pressing in place, and managed to bench 225 for 9 reps...held back a bit.

Also spoke with one of Atlanta's top trainers, Kenny Johnson this morning about kettlebell training.

Eating is still the hardest part of getting muscle for me,

Check out Kenny's Kettlebells for Fat loss interview

5 Ab Exercises Better than Crunches

Crunches are an overused and under productive exercise,
says John Barban, CSCS, and strength coach from GrrlAthlete.

Ab crunches present a considerable risk to the health of your lower
back and spine and only work a limited range of your core

They never have and never will burn fat off of our 'stomach' or
midsection and if you do enough of them they will simply
cause you to grow bigger and stronger abs muscles without
working your lower back and oblique muscles.

Doing excessive amounts of crunches could very well lead to
imbalanced abs and core development as well as potential
lower back and spine pain and problems.

Instead of doing crunches, I've outline 5 exercises that work
your abs and core in better, safer and more balanced
positions than any crunch can.

You can check out the exercises by going HERE.

John and the Team at grrlAthlete.com

More from John tomorrow...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Heavy Triceps Pressing vs. Triceps Pushdowns

If you want to build muscle, specifically bigger triceps, which is better for you?

Heavy military presses or light weight triceps pressdowns?

We find the answer in Jay Ferruggia's Muscle Gaining Secrets program.

In Jay's program, there are no specific triceps exercises in the first 4 weeks of his Maximum Mass program. But in todays workout, there are both heavy military presses and close-grip bench presses. 

I trust Jay's program, and after having done today's workout, I know his approach is the right way to build arm size.

Ask Jay muscle building questions on the forum  

Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout Schedule

We've posted Issue #10 on TTMembers in order to get this email
through to you...See the Kettlebell fat loss workout schedule here

Turbulence Training Members FREE Fat Loss Newsletter

Inside Issue #10...

1) The Kettlebell Turbulence Training Fat Loss Workout

David Whitley "guest coaches" you through a Kettlebell workout using
the Turbulence Training principles. This is one fat burning, sweat-
inducing fun workout, that you can even do outside. I know that's
where David and I both do a lot of our kettlebell training...

2) Exercise Video Clip of the Week for Platinum Members

Advanced Burpees!

3) Forum Topic of the Week:

Read my answer to the TT Member with the junk food cravings...how
can she stop them? The answer will surprise you...

And what's Coming Soon?

Find out what the August 07 TT workout will be here

See you on the forums!


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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all in a small area of my basement using the Turbulance Training
Gary Schenkelburg, Ohio

Burn fat with TTMembers

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Exercise & Cardio to Burn Belly Fat

I often get asked, "What's the best way to burn fat and lose my belly?" People want to know if aerobics is better than strength training, or if traditional cardio exercise is better than intervals.

Well, to say I've done them all would be an understatement.

With over 15 years experience helping others, training myself, training for sports, spending countless hours in the gym, AND actually conducting laboratory research studies on different exercise programs, I'm pretty confident in knowing what works and what does not.

But first of all, I want to frame my responses. I'm going to talk about what works for people that have a limited amount of time to exercise, mostly because I expect your readers don't have 90 minutes per day to devote to a workout, unlike the typical audience of a fitness magazine.

That's why there is a huge disconnect between some of the information found in magazines and the ability of the reader to apply it to their lives.

We just don't have 6-8 hours per week for exercise, nor do we need it. If you're a triathlete, you might need that, but not someone that just wants to lose fat and gain muscle.

Having said all that, the bottom line for getting a better body is...

Use bodyweight exercises to warm-up, strength training supersets to build muscle, and then finish your workout with interval training to burn fat in a short amount of time. I've structured my system so that you are in and out of the gym in 45 minutes, three times per week.

You'll do 5 minutes of bodyweight exercises to warm-up. This is a much more efficient approach than spending 5 minutes walking on a treadmill, which really doesn't prepare you for anything except more walking on a treadmill.

Then we move into the strength training supersets, where we use two exercises performed back to back with minimum rest between each. This cuts our workout time, while still giving us maximum results. We only need 20 minutes for this, and we'll use basic exercises, and sometimes even more bodyweight exercises, depending on the client's goal for muscle building.

And finally, we'll do 18 minutes of interval training. A warm-up, followed by six short intervals at the appropriate fitness level for the client, interspersed with short periods of low-intensity recovery. Finish with a cool-down. And that's the workout. Again, about 45 minutes total.

Compare that to what most people do, which is run, jog, cycle or use the cardio machines for 45 minutes straight. Sure, that will burn calories, but it doesn't build a better body.

In fact, there are a few "dark sides" to long slow cardio, including less-than-optimal results, the potential for overuse injuries, and it is an inefficient form of exercise. If you only have 30-45 minutes for your workout and you spend it all on a cardio machine, when are you going to train the rest of your muscles and sculpt a better body?

So the best way to burn belly fat is with a combination of strength training and interval training. It's fast, it works, and it's fun!

Better than cardio exercise

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deadlift for reps

Today's muscle building workout from Jay Ferruggia's Muscle Gaining Secrets program involved deadlifts to start.

Along with the upper body moves in the workout, I was left pretty spent by this workout.

Shoet workout, more rest between sets than the TT fat loss workouts, but still done in about 45 minutes.

Numbers are going the right way, although I need to eat more. Strength is coming along as well.

Undereating is the problem of all hardgainers.

No lifting tomorrow,

One Arm Pushup Program

5 Minute workout?

From Brad and the female fitness experts at grrlAthlete.com...

"Is there any benefit to putting in a 5 or 10 minute workout at home if
you're having a lazy or busy day and you know you're just not going to
get to the gym?"

You can find a great explanation to why as little as 5 minutes of exercise
is definitely worth doing by visiting John Barban's blog.

Click HERE to visit John's Women's Workout Blog

A worthwhile read for some extra motivation during the summer months.

Every little bit counts,

Brad and the Team at grrlAthlete.com

PS - Visit the grrlAthlete forums for female fitness & nutrition advice

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Partner Assisted Glute Ham Raise Video

This is the incredible partner assisted glute ham raise exercise on video. It's an incredible exercise for your posterior chain. Whether you are an athlete or want a better butt, this is exercise is great for advanced training programs.

Go very slow on the way down. Focus on the eccentric motion. You should take about 3 seconds to lower yourself and then do an explosive pushup to bring yourself back up for the partner assisted glute ham raise.
PS - The partner assisted glute ham raise is one of the exercises in the July Bodyweight Workout from TTmembers.com

Spinning...A questionable use of your workout time

Lots of TT reader mail about yesterday's interval secrets...

First up, I want everyone to know that you don't need to do more slow cardio after you finish your intervals.

After all, that defeats the whole purpose of using short fat burning workouts at home (the point being to use Time-efficient, Research-proven workouts that boost muscle growth and blowtorch body fat).

You want to get in and out of the gym in as little time as possible...not use TT as an excuse to add more exercise.

So do the TT strength training (weights or bodyweight, whichever is right for you), finish with intervals, stretch tight muscles only, and then go home.

And let's take a look at another one of the endless stories about how excessive cardio did absolutely nothing for someone's fat loss. Here's a reader letter...

"I use to spin 7 hours a week, sometimes twice a day, and I could still not lose the fat. I cut calories drastically and did all that exercise - for nothing. Spinning does not work for fat loss."
Sharon S.


You and I both know there are better ways to lose fat and spend your workout time. Spinning classes are inefficient.

The simple fact: You can get more work done (and more results!) in less time if you do intervals on your own.

Regular spinning class = about 45 minutes

Advanced TT intervals workout = About 20 minutes

Time saved = 25 minutes - Which is more than enough time to get some Turbulence Training supersets in to build muscle and really crank up your metabolism. Now that's a better, more well rounded workout that will help you make bigger improvements to your body.

Turbulence Training workouts are the clear winner- accomplishing more (muscle building and fat loss) than any type of spinning class, aerobics class, or circuit training workout.   

When you need to get fat loss results in less time, the TT intervals are more efficeint and effective.

Designing the best fat loss programs for you,


P.S. I want to help you.
Let the TT programs help you reach your goal before summer ends...and you know as well as I do, that even though summer is in full swing, it will be over a lot faster than we want it to be.

You'll get this extensive list of fat loss tools:

  • A 76-page e-book full of workouts
  • An exclusive one hour MP3 audio
  • A bonus 4-Week Bodyweight Only Fat Loss Workout
  • A bonus workout that combines weights & bodyweight exercises in a "fusion" fat loss program.
  • A 30-Day Fat Loss Workout Guide
  • and the TT Nutrition Guidelines for Men & Women.


    "With "Turbulence Training", Craig Ballantyne has found the Holy Grail of fitness results-increased muscle with decreased body fat, virtually simultaneously. Nothing works better for getting lean."
    Sean Hyson, fitness editor for Men's Fitness and M&F Hers

    And not only will I give you the tools, I'll give you the support.

    "I appreciate your time and love reading your articles. You have by far the best customer service out of any fitness person I have seen on the internet."
    J. T. Jones

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    ==> Fat loss & diet info

  • Train Stress Away

    Most people would be wise to use exercise to combat stress. That's exactly what I did this morning.

    Too many decisions on too many projects left me a little tense, but 15 minutes of near blinding kettlebell work zapped the stress for a while.

    I did about 60kb snatches per arm with the 53lb bell. This is helping me prepare for the RKC exam in September.

    To learn more about kettlebells, go to www.dragondoor.com

    For a kettlebell worlkout, check out the new kettlebell workout at www.TTMembers.com

    Train hard, train safe,
    More intense workouts - www.turbulencetraining.com

    Monday, July 09, 2007

    Turbulence Training Testimonial of the Month

    The best Turbulence Training testimonial of June 2007 comes from Nick Walters of New York.

    "I am in week 22 of my Turbulence Training fitness regimen and I have been in love with it ever since I started the first week of 2007. I am doing TT workouts/intervals three times a week and playing tennis on at least two of my off days. I am 6'3", 28/M and my starting weight/body fat% was 208/18.4%.

    I started with the 30 Day Fat Loss Program where I noticed results almost instantly. Diet had a lot to do with it as well. I have been following Dr. Mohr's plan and following the 90/10 rule, as my wife and I like to "throw down" on the weekends. During the week, though, my diet is strict -eating lots of fruits/veggies (LOTS of Broccoli), natural almonds in prepackaged
    snack sizes, lots of chicken, turkey breast, and post workout protein shakes.

    After the 4 week Fat Loss program, I dove into the Original TT program. The mix of weight training with the high intensity intervals is the perfect fitness program. You are in and out of the gym in 1 hour and burn a ton of calories days after. Next I started the 4 week bodyweight which I finished while on vacation in Jamaica. I really didn't believe it would be difficult
    until I started it. WOW what a burn!!

    I have continued the TT programs,2K3 and am finishing up 2k4 this week. In these 5 months, I have upped my dumbell press weight 30 lbs from using 60s to 75s. I can't wait to start 2K5 next week and see where I can get my bench up to. After 22 weeks of TT, I am now down to 190 lbs and 10.8 % body fat. I would still like to put on 5 lbs. of muscle, but the way things are going, I know I can get there. Craig, thanks for the workouts, and keep 'em coming!!"
    Nick Walters, New York, NY

    Nick receives a 1-year Platinum Membership for this great testimonial. Thanks Nick, and keep those great results coming!

    Get your free report - The Dark Side of Cardio HERE

    Monday muscle building workout

    Back to the Jay Ferruggia workouts after a weekend off training...just did a lot of walking this weekend, but no kettle bell work.

    Had to make a couple of small changes...subbed in full squats for leg press...that was fun for 15 reps, trust me.

    One thing that both Jay and I have used in our programs is the elbow-out dumbell row. Instead of tucking the elbow into your side, point it out to the side. This works your upper back more.

    Brady Quinn's trainer had him do 2iarm underhand dumbell rows. Another good variation.

    For strength and mass and power, keep your workouts simple. Jay recommends 3 days per week. The guys working with Brady Quinn put together a 4-day per week program to prepare Brady for the NFL - checkout the workout in the latest Men's Health magazine.

    And don't give me or your trainer the excuse that you can't squat. You get up and down off your chair at work, don't you?

    Use the basics to build your body,


    www.ttmembers.com - for muscle-building bodyweight exercises

    Plus, there is a new kettlebell workout up on www.TTMembers.com from David Whitley

    Fat Burning Interval Secrets

    You need to know how to use intervals correctly in order to get the most out of them.

    Simply jumping on the elliptical machine and using the built-in "intervals" program is about as effective for fat loss as using the built-in "fat burning zone workout".

    Fortunately, strength coach Jason Ferrugia recently grilled me about fat loss, and interval training. Here's a sneak preview of my reply.

    JF: I know you are a big fan of interval training. What are your favorite methods of interval training?


    Sprinting is the best method, without a doubt.

    So whether it's running intervals on the track, uphill sprints, or treadmill running, that's clearly the most effective method.

    Moving your own bodyweight over a distance is the true definition of work, and that can be done at a high intensity.

    Strongman methods are also top-notch. Pushing the truck, pulling the sled, flipping the tire, these are all great ways to do your interval training.

    A little word of caution here though, as both sprinting and strongman training methods can be very intense, so you do need to warm-up more than adequately. Don't just jump into sprinting outside or you could strain a muscle.

    And be conservative with the volume. If you haven't done truck pushing intervals in 6 months, or ever, don't do 5 or 6 of them because you'll be puking your guts out. That being said, both of these methods are great because you are doing a lot of work in a short amount of time.

    My next two favorite methods are bodyweight training and cycling. Both can be done with less need for an extensive warm-up, but both will really help you slash the fat.

    I've been on a big bodyweight kick over the past year (and even put together over 75 different bodyweight exercises into a 6-Month BODYWEIGHT Turbulence Training manual) and it includes some very tough bodyweight interval circuits. It's great 'real-world' conditioning for athletes, and everyday people.

    The bodyweight workouts and circuits can be humbling, but build 'everyday' strength.

    I'm also partial to stationary cycling. Because you are cycling against a resistance you can do a lot of work. Doing a lot of high-intensity work means burning a lot of energy during the training the session and after (what I call putting your body into Turbulence).

    Just be careful with overuse injuries on the bike...as being in that hunched position can be rough on the low-back and can tighten up the psoas and rectus femoris muscles.

    Rowing is okay for interval training. And simple walking at faster speeds or inclines is perfect for beginners. Remember that interval training is relative. What is an interval for me might not be an interval for you, or for Lance Armstrong.

    Elliptical training machines are useless for intervals. These things are one of the biggest wastes of space in commercial gyms today.

    As far as timing goes, there is no one best interval length for fat loss. I use everything from 20 seconds to 3 minutes for the length of the work interval. For the shorter sprints, I use 60-90 seconds rest, and for the longer aerobic intervals (i.e. 2-3 minutes) you would rest an equal amount of time as the work interval lasted. These are excellent not only for fat burning but for improving sport-specific conditioning.

    One thing that has never made sense to me is the Tabata protocol for intervals (and if you don't know what it is, don't worry about it). The rest intervals are too short to allow high quality work...and that's what Turbulence Training is all about - quality over quantity.


    By following the interval guidelines, you might be able to accomplish this level of success...

    "At the end of week one, I lost 3.5 pounds and I was feeling great. Yesterday was the end of week two and I lost 3 more pounds! Six and a half pounds in two weeks and I feel outstanding. Not the least bit tired or weak. I've never been so enthusiastic about each workout. I didn't bother to take a 'before' photo, but I may still do that. I would have touched base with you sooner, but with work, school, training, etc., I'm always pressed for time. And of course, that's what makes Turbulence Training such a convenient program."
    Chuck Fager

    Get the July Workout for my NEW interval program

    Efficient and effective training,


    More TT feedback...

    "I went from 227lbs to 209lbs in 8 weeks using the TT program. I figure fat loss was even higher because as I definitely gained muscle in the process. The program simply put...WORKS."

    Dion Guerin, Toronto, Sales Executive

    For maximum fat loss:

    All you need are dumbbells and some space to exercise at home. Click here to get started.

    Sunday, July 08, 2007

    7-Day Summer Fat Burning Guide

    Whether you are busier or have more free time this summer, make sure that you do your best to eat right for fat burning.

    Nutrition is probably the most important aspect of your body changing plan, no matter what your goal.

    Here's this week's 7-day guide to improving your body...

    Switch up the intervals by making them 30 seconds longer than what you do now.


    30 minutes (at least) of enjoyable recreational activity. Be a kid again, and just do some random running and jumping - or simply do whatever your kid wants to do.



    TT Workout followed by bodyweight circuits, instead of traditional intervals. Try this banger...no equipment needed. Three rounds with 1 minute rest between sets. Do 12-15 reps per set as you want.

    • Prisoner Squat
    • Elevated Pushup
    • Stick-ups
    • Bulgarian Split Squat
    • Waiter's Bow

    30 minutes of activity, followed by a review of your New Year's resolutions. Check your goals - we are more than halfway through the year. Are you on track or are you still spinning your wheels?



    TT Workout. Drop the reps for each exercise this workout. For each exercise (except for abs exercises), do 3 sets of 6. A higher intensity workout, with the rest of the weekend off to recover.



    Plan, shop, and prepare.



    This should be your favorite workout of the week...30 minutes (at least) of recreational activity with your social support group. Then catch up on the fat loss & nutrition forums


    Celebrate your success,


    P.S. If you are stuck, let TT help...

    "I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your Turbulence Training program diligently since December 2005 and am very impressed by the results I am achieving. As a physician with a particular interest in sports medicine and injury prevention, I find your program to be a superior approach to permanent weight loss and muscular development. The information you provide has a sound basis in all of the latest medical research surrounding exercise physiology and the science of muscle growth. I find your programs to be dynamic and the variety of fitness regimes you offer really minimize the possibility of falling prey to plateaus. As a very busy professional with constant career and family related demands, I find that Turbulence Training is an efficient, highly effective and most of all, fun way towards achieving my fitness goals. I am very grateful to you for this. Keep up the excellent work. Through Turbulence Training, you are changing the lives of many people!"
    Dr. Shayne Ladak
    Resident in Physical Medicine and
    McMaster University


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    If you have access to a farmers' market, the food is usually
    fresher. Even better if you can go to a 'pick your own' place. Prices are not necessarily lower but food quality is higher, so better value for money.