Monday, March 31, 2008

April is Ab Workout Month

So here's an ab workout for you. In this youtube video, you'll get a sneak peak at one of the ab workout circuits from the April 2008 TT For Amazing Lower Abs exercise program.

The video shows you a simple 3 exercise circuit you can do at home.

There are other ab workouts in the April 2008 program. You can get the program by joining, or you can get the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss package that includes a 3 month membership to TT members by going to
You'll love this amazing lower ab workout,

Bikini Body With Turbulence Training

Here's how Abby got her biking body using the Turbulence Training workout program

Chronological timeline of the workouts used:

Weeks 1-4: Fit Yummy Mummy Workout
Weeks 5-8: TT 2K3
Weeks 9-12: TT for Abs

I'd always been afraid to buy "e-books" in the past. They just seemed so...impersonal.

However, after a plateau in my results, I decided a transformation contest was just what I needed. I bit the bullet and ordered Turbulence Training and found a warm, caring, personable community that I never knew existed! Everyone was great and so supportive! It really inspired me and made me push myself even harder.

My story is like so many other women out there. I'm a wife, mom to 2 small children, and I have a full time job outside the home with very little time for myself. TT is great because I am not spending long hours at the gym. I get great results and I don't have to sacrifice my family to do it.

This lifestyle is easy to maintain long-term since most of the TT programs are just 45 minutes, 3 times per week. And there are so many different ones to choose from!

Nutrition-wise, using made the biggest difference for me. It made me focus on what I was putting into my mouth and it made me see the caloric impact. Exercise-wise, it really helped to keep a record of my workouts so that I could track how much I was lifting. Seeing the increase in weights made me work harder!

Also, doing the interval training on the same day as the strength workout helped because it kept my number of days at the gym down, which kept me from getting burned out.

The past 12 weeks have been fantastic. Being more disciplined in fitness and nutrition has spilled over into all aspects of my life. I even floss more!

I have lost 14.4lbs, 3.75" from my abdomen, 2.5" from my hips, 4.2% body fat and have gone from a size 12 to a size 6/8 (depending on the style/brand).

I plan to continue to use TT this spring (next up is Advanced Level TT for Women) and I'll see you in a bikini this summer! (Or rather, you'll be seeing ME in a bikini!)

I may not have been the most frequent, inspirational or eloquent poster, but I hope my pictures show how devoted I was to the TT program, how determined I am to stay in shape and how amazing I feel!

Thanks Abby!

Each day, more and more men and women are finishing up the Turbulence Training Transformations and it is going to be very tough to pick a winner!

Keep watching this space for more fat loss inspiration,

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Can Women Use Turbulence Training?

Yes, women can use Turbulence Training. Here is another fat loss workout success story from a woman, this time from Japan!

Dear Craig

I have just completed the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Intermediate Level over an extended four weeks! I wanted to drop you some feedback.

At the beginning of my TT adventure, I had just lost 4kgs from diet and usual exercise. Now I was looking to tone up as well as continue my weight loss.

By the end of the four weeks, I had lost another 2.5kgs and more importantly lost 2cms off my waist, hips and chest and
3cms off my thigh. Finally I could see my collar bone - all these years I thought I just had bad posture that hid my collar bone from view but it was just those few extra kilos.

Over the weeks I managed to almost double some of the weights I was lifting and noticed increased definition in my arms and stomach. I am doing all this in preparation for my wedding (perhaps you should come up with a special arm and back program for all of us brides!) but feel so good and strong now, I am looking for new goals so I can keep getting stronger
and firmer after the wedding.

Thanks so much for putting this program together and following up with all your emails. I have really appreciated it."
Neroli Butt, Tokyo, Japan

Congratulations on your wedding!

Thanks for being another success story,

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fat loss lunch break - interval training and fat burning

Have you heard the 'buzz' about interval training and fat burning? Well, my friend Kyle Battis asked me about fat loss and  and if you want to hear my take on this topic check out Kyle's Fat Loss Lunch Break audio tip here:  

===> <===

Kyle's got a great program at you should check out. He's interviewed a lot of fat loss experts for short audio clips to keep you motivated everyday,

Click HERE for fat burning with interval training
Click HERE for amazing lower abs

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gold's Gym 2-for-1

Got a good workout in at Gold's Gym in downtown LA on Friday night. Did a random session of Olympic squats, RDL's, DB Rows, and Narrow-grip Seated Rows. Good stuff. Busy gym. Lots of upper body work going on...didn't see much squatting though, as is the case in almost every gym in the world.

I did see some ab workouts going on as well, including exercises from my latest TT Workout of the Month. The April Workout, called the TT for Amazing Lower Abs workout, features exercises such as the Pullup with Knee-up, Decline Spiderman Pushup, Hanging Leg Raises, and Cable Chops.

You can watch demonstrations of all of these exercises in the Workout of the Month department before the end of April. Plus, if you join as a TT member before March 31st, you'll also get the March Bodyweight 1000 workout.

Click HERE to watch the videos & download the programs

Friday, March 28, 2008

Lose Lower Belly Fat & Get Lower Abs

The latest TT workout of the month is built to give you amazing lower abs. It combines unique lower ab exercises along with lower belly fat burning intervals. Toughest ab workouts I've ever put together. Your lower abs will be punished by the ab circuits.

In fact, I recommend you only do 1 circuit of the ab routine in week 1, because it is that powerful.

Click HERE to download TT for Amazing Lower Abs (April 2008 Workout)

If you want to lose your lower belly fat and get the ripped lower abs you've only seen on fitness models, this is the best Turbulence Training program for your goals.

It combines unique lower ab exercises along with classic TT intervals to burn belly fat and sculpt your abs.

Have fun! But go slow, its tough!

Click HERE to download TT for Amazing Lower Abs (April 2008 Workout)

Johnno Fat Loss Transformation Q'n'A

Fat loss question for a TT member from another member on

Q: Johnno-I have just started my TT workouts with the intermediate level. I am new to Turbulence Training and saw your pics on the website. Your transformation is essentially exactly what I hope my experience to be like. You lost all of that fat and gained a lot of muscle mass.

Would you mind just listing each of the programs you used from start to finish and roughly how long you spent with each in order to get the results you've achieved?

I would really appreciate that and it would help me a lot as I start to plan my path to fitness.


I've gone through from Intermediate to 2K5 so far.

On my off days I've been doing the core workouts and my interval training has been on the treadmill.

Pretty much text book stuff (Craig's text book that is hehe). Each workout went for 4 weeks before I went to the next one.

My diet was pretty low cal for the first 6 weeks but I got a little too weak so I just kept to eating clean (and not sorry too much about calories) as per Craig's advise. My weight loss slowed down but I believe I started to put on more muscle around then.

I'm still learning myself, so listen to your body, keep the balance, and keep getting more advise from the more experienced people in this forum.

PS - I always aimed for a personal best in at least one exercise (including any interval training).

Hope that helps. Thanks for asking - I'm honoured.

Members helping members,

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Body Fat Measurement for Turbulence Training

Measuring your body fat the same way on a consistent basis is important for keeping track of your results. As long as you don't get too freaked out by slight variations and the actual numbers, and concentrate only on the long term trends, almost any body fat measurement tool can help.

Q: I ordered the TT system and I am still trying to read everything before I start. Its like there are too many choices to pick from(ya, I know its not a bad thing). 30 day fat loss, 12 week training, etc. Which is the best to start with? I am also trying to figure out how do do chin ups at home. Also is there an easy way to get a body fat % if you work out at home ?


The best program to start with is the Intermediate Workout from the main Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual.

If you can't do chinups at home, the main Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual recommends alternatives with dumbells.

Also, you can watch a video of dumbell back exercises here:
Back Exercises

Finally, you can buy a $5 Accumeasure set of calipers that can estimate body fat loss , or purchase a Tanita bodyfat scale. Both are okay ways of doing it. OR -> simply ask a veteran trainer to take a look at your stomach fat. Seriously, I can estimate body fat within 1% accuracy simply by looking at someone's belly fat.

Get help from a pro on everything, and results will come a lot faster,
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The History of Turbulence Training

I've just started a 3-week Turbulence Training roadtrip that has taken me to LA, and will lead me through Nashville and down to Charleston, South Carolina before it is all over on April 14th.

And while setting up this trip, all I could think about was, "When I am going to get my workouts done?". Should make for some interesting road trip workouts, will have to hunt down the local Gold's Gym, or pass me a recommendation through support AT

I'll need to find a place in downtown LA for this weekend...unless Kobe invites me over for a workout at his place or the Staples Center...and next week, anyone got something out by Opryland in Nashville?

Also coming next week, 2 interesting surprises for TT customers...

But first, I have a new audio program up at

Listen to me interviewed by Toronto fitness coach and author, Yuri Eklam, as I go over my simple nutrition strategies for losing fat, as well as how to use TT for athletes, and why I set the TT fat loss workouts up like I do:

Click HERE for the "History of TT Interview"

ATTEND: The TT Lecture at the "Virtual" FitExpo Conference

On Tuesday, March 25th, I presented a 45 minute lecture on Turbulence Training at the massive FitExpo virtual fitness conference. You can listen to the recording by registering for the online "virtual" fitness seminar HERE

Plus, you'll get to hear from over 100 other fitness experts talking about workouts and building your fitness business - for all
you trainers. Other presenters include Alwyn Cosgrove, Leigh Peele (discussing stubborn fat loss for women), and Jason Brown (going over kettlebell training).

Click HERE to get dozens of expert sessions on fat loss & workout tips

DOWNLOAD: The TT Bodyweight 1000 Before the End of March

On March 31st, the TT Bodyweight 1000 gets packed up and moved to the Platinum TT Archives.

(Fortunately, TT For Amazing Lower Abs - the April workout - will be taking it's place.)

Visit this link for the Bodyweight 1000

QUOTE of the week

"One of the challenges to working out at home is finding enough varied exercises to keep the work outs challenging & interesting. Turbulence Training gives me everything I need; well thought out and put together programs that are easy to follow and no nonsense. I get my workouts done in less time & I'm getting better results than ever before. I would recommend Turbulence Training to anyone who is serious about improving their body & their health."
Darren Stigers

Stay strong,

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eve's 14.5 Pound Fat Loss TT Transformation

Eve's fat loss was 14.5 pounds in the 12-Week Turbulence Training Transformation. She's one of the many folks who needed the inspiration of the TT Fat Loss Challenge to get her motivated to stick with her program. Here's Eve's story...

During my 12 week Turbulence Training Transformation Challenge, I lost 14.5 pounds, 2.67 inches from my torso, 1.75 inches from my waist, and 2.5 inches from my hips.

Start weight = 161 lbs
End weight = 146.5 lbs

I'm planning to lose a little more fat, but I am in the best shape of my adult life. I can finally do real push ups, I can see and feel muscle in my arms, and I run up several flights of stairs every day without
getting out of breath!

A few years ago, I lost 80+ pounds, without much exercise, and I wasn't entirely happy with how my body looked and felt. I was happy to have lost all that weight, but I didn't feel in great shape, and then I slowly inched up to 18 pounds over my lowest weight.

I started doing TT workouts last July, and could quickly see a difference in my shape, but my eating was erratic. By the end of last year, I was not pushing myself very hard to do my workouts, and my eating suffered holiday overload.

Basically, I knew what I needed to do to lose weight, I just wasn't doing it. This TT challenge gave me the incentive and motivation to do it!

For this challenge, I made a commitment to myself to do every workout for the whole 12 weeks. I started with Fusion Fat Loss, then TT for Women Advanced, and finished off with the grueling February 2008 Circuits.

Workouts are now definitely a habit, part of my weekly routine. I look look forward to doing them, especially when I've had a stressful day at work.

Doing TT workouts regularly has really cut down on my stress head and neck aches! I love that I can do the workouts at home, in under an hour, and know that I got a great workout.

I started out this challenge by planning to not eat any sweets (brownies, cookies, etc.) for a week or two, to try to break my bad weekend eating habits. I ended up eating sweets just once during the 12 weeks, for a planned special event.

This has been the most amazing part of the challenge for me – realizing that I don't need sweets! By eliminating sweets as an option, I also eliminated a lot of mental stress about what I should eat,
whether I've "earned" a treat, or whether it's ok to have "just one".

I'm not giving up sweets forever, but they don't have the same pull that they always had before. I can spend an entire evening reading now without feeling the compulsion to eat sweets the whole time.

I also started out posting a daily log on, and I have not missed one day! The accountability of knowing that I would need to own up to missed workouts or bad eating has really kept me on track. Craig and the other TT members are an incredible resource, always ready to give
encouragement and advice!

I am very happy with the weight and inches that I have lost over the 84 days of this challenge, but what I have gained is more important – good habits that will keep me healthy and active for life!"
Eve Deane


Great work Eve! You kicked the sweets addiction to the curb, and like so many other TT Transformers, you've made lifelong healthy habits to help you burn fat and feel great.

Stay strong!

Join the TT Transformation Challenge 2nd Edition - Starting May 5th

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Johnno's "Big Guns from Down Under" Transformation

We have many fat loss Transformation members from Down Under, both Australia and New Zealand, and it's great to have their fresh perspectives and positive attitudes on the TT Forums. Here's a story to make you smile about a former Judo champ in the comeback of his life, building up a great set of guns...let's hear from John Pascua.

"I cannot speak highly enough of Turbulence Training.

Over the course of this last 12 weeks I have lost 6kgs while plastering on some muscle and I definitely need new clothes.

People not only notice my fat loss but they treat me differently - even with more respect. It was not without tough times but now that I've completed it, I see all that as character building. As a teacher, I have even been noticed by my kids at school. They all want to get fit in the school's gym with me now.

The Turbulence Training Transformation contest has taught me about having balance while trying to stay focused. I've learned to be realistic about what I eat and appreciate what it means to "eat clean". I'm usually the type of person that gets single minded and fanatical, but then forgets all about the rest of my life (until it comes to a halt).

This experience has been so personal and relavent that it has impacted on every area of my life - especially in terms of understanding "balance" for the purpose of sustainability. For example, I still eat "clean" as Craig advises but in smaller amounts – AND I can forgive myself and move on when I don't.

This was all possible because I was provided with the tools in Turbulence Training website. Tools like the fat loss forum, the support network, the videos, the information, and the contest itself.

Transformation contest is a good name. I have transformed on so many levels:

1) My Body has transformed in reduced body fat, more muscle, ability to move, energy levels, posture and balance.

2) My Health has improved through better liver function, more alert, more hydrated, less body odour, and cleaner looking skin.

3) My Discipline to stay on track has taken on a new meaning as I now know how to balance life and other responsibilities at the same time - and boy has this been hard. I've had to learn to forgive myself on several occasions.

4) Empowerment - I have proven to myself that I still have a strength in there that has to be tapped. I still have energy to chase dreams.

5) My Self Esteem is at an all time high. The last time I was feeling this good was when I won my National Judo titles 27 years ago.

6) Empathy - I have the energy and time to care about others more. I do this naturally because I'm a teacher but it is a lot easier now.

7) I've also learnt to listen to my body and also to try different things if something isn't working. In fact the whole turbulence thing is not only flexible but also very engaging.

Thank you Craig. You've provided a fantastic service that meets many needs."
John Pascua
Thank you John, and thanks for the positive attitude you bring the others in the contest,

Click HERE to start your own Turbulence Training Transformation

PS - The next contest begins in May!

Abby's Happy Turbulence Training Transformation

I love how happy Abby looks in her "after" photos! Congratulations, all the TT Members are proud of you!

OK, here are my beginning and final measurements:

Start - December 31, 2007
waist: 30.0"
abdomen: 34.25"
hips: 38.25"
L thigh: 20.0"
R thigh: 20.0"
L calf: 15.25"
R calf: 15.0"

Weight: 158.6lbs
Bodyfat: 31.2%

Finish - March 23, 2008
waist: 27.75"
abdomen: 30.5"
hips: 35.75"
L thigh: 19.0"
R thigh: 19.0"
L calf: 14.75"
R calf: 14.5"

Weight: 144.2
Bodyfat: 27.0%

Total loss of 14.4lbs, 13.0", and 4.2% bodyfat in only 12 weeks!

I met my goal of losing 12 lbs but fell just short of 5% bodyfat. No worries, though, I'll get that .8% (and more) in my next Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program!

Another Turbulence Training for Women success story.

So yes, Turbulence Training works for women just as well as it does for men,

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Jillian Michaels Weighs in on Turbulence Training for Flat Abs

Uh-oh, Jillian Michaels, one of the trainer's on the hit TV show,
The Biggest Loser, mentioned Turbulence Training on her radio show

Did she trash it and bash it?

Find out what she had to say here:

See what one of the world's top trainers is saying about TT,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - She also says something about me that's not quite accurate...
I've corrected it here:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stick-up Exercise Success Story - Ends 10 Years of Pain with Simple Exercise

Here's a success story about the most deceptive exercise of all time...the Stick-up. Looks so easy, but for so many desk jockeys, its one of the hardest exercises to do...

Dear Craig,

I am writing to extend my deepest gratitude for your YouTube video on Shoulder Mobility Exercises.

Click HERE To watch the video

I have suffered for 10 years with a painful right shoulder which I have always attributed to my extensive computer work.
However, all the changes I've made in the ergonomics of my desk and mouse arrangement have done little or nothing to relieve my pain. Even giving up the computer completely doesn't provide any real relief.

One chiropractor told me it was a rotator cuff injury, but none of the exercises or manipulations have ever done anything for me. The past year I've been thinking I should really get serious about treating it, and was considering (with much trepidation) starting the process of doctor visits and medical tests to find out what's really wrong.

Well....all that changed this week. I watched your video Sunday night, and tried the "stick up". I supposed I shouldn't have been surprised at my inability to place my wrists against the wall. I couldn't get either of my hands within 6 inches of the wall, and my right arm was much worse. Lifting my arms over my head was pretty much impossible.

As I slowly tried to move my arms up along the wall, I had a nagging fear that I would rip something in my shoulder, and cause myself further injury -- but at the same time, I could feel the muscles in my upper back saying "YES!" I just knew this was something I needed, so I have continued to work on it this week, doing all the exercises on the video as best I can.

Since I quickly discovered that my shoulders and upper back were as tight as a drum, I decided to use gravity to help me stretch out the muscles and ligaments. I lay on the floor (knees bent) for about 30 minutes a day (more when I can) in the "stick up" starting position, with my elbows at right angles, trying to relax and stretch out my upper back and shoulder muscles until my wrists could touch the floor.

I'm also working on the "stick up" maneuvers while lying on the floor, trying to keep my elbows and wrists touching the floor. This was completely impossible at first, but improved even before my first "floor session" ended. It's not easy -- in fact, it
hurts! But it's a good hurt. I know it's leading toward healing.

Unbelievably, I saw a 50% improvement the first day AND an obvious increase in my shoulder's range of motion!!! I got excited, and tried holding a little wrist weight in my hand (it weighs less than a pound, but it's enough to add a little pressure beyond just gravity, and I don't have to work any other muscles to hold it up or slow down the pressure on my shoulder). I noticed further improvement, so the next day I added another wrist weight, along with additional stretching and rotation and more of your exercises.

Today, I was able to use ankle weights (much heavier) and got my wrists and elbows ALL THE WAY flat to the ground!!!!

To make a long story short, as of the end of today's floor session -- after just THREE days of this -- I can now get the back of my wrist to touch the floor without any weight in my hand!!! I can almost do the "stick up" on the floor, and I've got about 50-75% better range of motion when I attempt it on the wall, compared to the first day I tried it.

Even better, I have had several situations where I would normally have to tell one of my kids "be careful, that's mommy's hurt arm" -- but I didn't have to say it. That "early warning" sign of pain and stiffness (that normally causes me to protect myself from further injury) was GONE.

I am stunned. I never considered that I could rehab out of this after so many years of pain, two chiropractors, glucosamine, ibuprofen, etc. I was anticipating surgery or a lifetime or pain (and possibly both!). But in THREE days I've had my first real improvement EVER, as well as a measurable goal to work toward (the "stick up"!).

I still have a long way to go for total rehab, but if this can happen in three days, I'm truly optimistic for the first time in 10 years.

I hardly know what to say -- Thank You isn't nearly enough, but I guess it will have to do.

Marci :)

No problem! While we usually focus on fat loss here at Turbulence Training, we're happy to do whatever we can to make everyone move and live a little better.

Use bodyweight exercises to burn fat and move better,

Fat Loss
High Intensity Interval Training

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Turbulence Training Tornado Workouts to Look & Feel Younger

Here's an out of the ordinary Turbulence Training testimonial from another trainer using the Turbulence Training fat loss workouts with their clients...

"I met you at a seminar in Chicago w/ Grasso, Latif and Osar. Have loved incorporating your TT workouts personally and w/ my clients as well. Great results in less time!

My name is Christi Smith. I am a trainer that coached a team through a contest to "Turn Back the Clock". Turn back the clock meaning lowering your age through our Polar Body Age Assessment Test.

The purpose of the test was not to just lose weight on the scale but to also lose body fat, increase VO2Max, increase flexibility, and increase bicep strength. Those things were included in the test to help each member "Turn Back their Clock".

Time was limited with the 5 members on my team. We had 6 weeks to turn back the clock as much as possible. So I immediately put into place the Turbulence Training system bcse I know it is the "best bang for your buck".

Each of my team members got 2 TT wkouts to do, 3 x's per week w/ a TT Interval wkout for cardio. On early Sunday mornings we got together to do core work and another cardio of intervals.

We took it a bit further in labeling our TT intervals. Craig, you have mentioned that Turbulence Training is like an airplane experiencing turbulence and that it takes the plane alot of energy (calories) to get that plane back to normal. Just like
the body needs after a TT workout, plus increasing metabolism.

So we labeled our TT wkouts after tornadoes (I was flying once and we flew over a tornado and had horrible turbulence) we labeled our TT workouts F1-F2-F3-F4 (after tornado strengths) or HURRICANES! We had a blast labeling our intervals! I would always ask them, "what are you felling now? F3, F4 or Hurricane?" If they could respond
they would yell out their number!

Our team lost 20 years in 6 weeks (one girl lost 8 years total) and we got 2nd in the contest. All of my team members are now younger biologically than their chronological age.

It was a blast to use your TT workouts and especially to see results in only 6 weeks. Our team was in and out of the gym quickly and had more time to play. Other teams spent hours in the gym, watching them do long, slow cardio wkouts!

My team keeps asking for more now even though the contest is over; they of course want to do more!

Thanks for the Turbulence Training system. It really simplifies things and the results are amazing."
Christi Smith
Pro-Motion Sports

Thanks Christi, keep having fun with those fat loss workouts,

Fat burning Turbulence workouts
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Friday, March 21, 2008

12-Week Transformation Fat Loss Success Stories

Ready for some jaw-dropping, powerful, inspirational Before & After Turbulence Training Fat Loss Success Stories?

Find out...

1) How father of 2, Andy Apsay went from 15% body fat to 10% body fat in only 12 weeks using the Turbulence Training workouts.
Click HERE to read how a busy dad got his abs

2) How Mark Russo built a cover model body in just 12 weeks. He lost 18.5 lbs and and 9% body fat.  

Click HERE for Mark's TT Workout Schedule

3) How the most dramatic Turbulence Training Success Story of ALL Time lost 86 pounds in 7 months, including 25 pounds in the last 12 weeks.
Click HERE for the life-changing TT Success Story

Get started on your own life-changing transformation program with Turbulence Training for Fat Loss today:


Become a TT Success Story today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Lose 4 inches in 2 weeks with Turbulence Training...

"I have been a personal trainer for four years and I enlisted my buddy to join me in Turbulence Training. Frank had never worked out in his life! He weighed in at 280 lbs. After two weeks, that's
right two weeks, he calls me from the mall to inform me he just purchased a new pair of jeans size 38. I replied, "So what?" Frank said "I've been a 42 since high school....I lost 4 inches in two weeks". After four weeks he lost 17 lbs. and started to notice muscle gain (even his wife noticed the muscle growth)."
Al Aiello, Personal Trainer

"Dear Craig, while I've been a member for about a month now, I can honestly say that you and your tt program and you are great. I have lost 10 lbs. so far. additionally, you are an extremely unique and wonderful person. in the past,you have always been there for me. I can't thank you enough."
Jennifer C.

"In the last 3 1/2 to 4 weeks my body has become much stronger, as well as leaner, with muscle....It's funny some of the trainers at my gym watch me work out and often ask where do I get my workouts from...and my abs are incredible. All I can say is THANK YOU....THANK YOU...THANK YOU."
Avery James

Click here to get started with Turbulence Training for Fat Loss:

Quick Fat Loss Nutrition Tip for You

Who else is busting their butt in the gym and not getting the fat loss results they deserve?

Almost everyone, I know, I know.

Listen, you have to fix your nutrition. No more foods from a bag or a box. Switch over to more fruits and vegetables.

Now I know you're not just going to wake up and eat 10 servings of vegetables tomorrow. Besides, your stomach and co-workers wouldn't appreciate it.

But you have to make little changes every day, week, month & year for fat loss. We can always get better. So this weekend, start with one new item from the produce aisle to help control your appetite, regulate your blood sugar, and burn belly fat.

If you want to lose fat, live longer & healthier, and have more mental and physical energy to get through your day, you need to put premium fuel in your body's engine.

Not grease. Not sugar. Not quick fixes. You have to plan ahead. But don't worry, it doesn't take much time.

Start by eating several small meals each day, focusing on protein and fiber-rich foods.

Combine that with the short, convenient Turbulence Training workouts and you'll feel like a million bucks.

We are all a work in progress, so never give up on your ability to change your body at any age. Nutrition & exercise are as powerful as the drugs your doctors are handing out.

So fight back against aging and body fat naturally. 

Click HERE for Turbulence Training & the 5 Cardio Myths

Fight fat with nutrition, not cardio,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS. How fast can you change your body with TT nutrition?

"Craig, thanks to the TT Nutrition guidelines, I woke up the next morning and already saw improvement in my whole body! Unbelievable. I can hardly wait to see my physique after 2 weeks of Turbulence Training."
Arthur Capone, NY

Learn proper nutrition here:

"At mid-life, pushing 300 pounds, and highly skeptical of quick-fixes, I learned of Turbulence Training and decided it was a
program which made sense. It's about hard work, sensible eating, and getting stronger. In less than an hour, 3 to 4 times per week, the workouts are manageable on a busy schedule. It produced not only weight loss of close to 60 pounds; my strength increased rather dramatically. I have recommended the program to many men who are seeking an efficient, yet demanding, program for fitness and healthy eating."
Todd Thompson

Get your very own copy of Turbulence Training & the Nutrition Guide here:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

30 Minute Turbulence Training Fat Loss Workout Schedule

Some fat loss reader mail today...

Q: I only have 30 minutes at lunch, the only realistic time for me to work out. Is there a TT program that only takes that long? I do try and get one longer workout in on the weekends or occasionally a longer one in the evening after work.

You can split up the Turbulence Training workouts into the resistance training component and interval component, so that your schedule would look like this:

Monday – Workout A Resistance Training (RT)
Tuesday – Workout A Interval Training (IT)
Wednesday – Workout B RT
Thursday – Workout B IT
Friday – Workout RT
Saturday – Workout A IT
Sunday – Recover
Monday – Workout B RT
And so on…

Q: Is Turbulence Training for runners? I know you say that long amount of cardio aren't good for burning fat. As a flabby marathon runner can I add for fat loss this while still maintain my marathon/triathlon training?


Yes, Turbulence Training is an excellent program for runners. It strengthens all of the weak muscles found in a typical runner (i.e. the back of the legs and the upper body and abs) and it also boosts the metabolism to help you burn fat. 

Turbulence Training will be a great asset to your training,

Click HERE for the best fat loss workouts

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amazing Lower Abs Workout

My lower abs are sore from Monday's ab training workout exercises. But still, I was in the gym today trying a few more ab exercises for the April TT Workout of the Month - Called "Amazing Lower Abs" - and my lower abs were too sore for me to to do many repetitions.

I'm really happy with the response my body has had to Monday's workout - NOT that I want to be sore and unable to do more exercises on Wednesday, but I know that the exercise selection and order I've put together for April's workout is right on the money. It's going to be perfect for sculpting the best set of abs you've ever had, plus giving you flat lower abs...something so many people struggle with. 

In fact, you'll have to ease into this program because in reality, it will be just TOO effective for most people to handle. But don't worry, the program will show you the proper progression for the Lower Abs workout.

Combined with fat burning interval training workouts, the April Amazing Lower Abs TT Workout is guaranteed to help you burn lower belly fat and give you a flat stomach.

Watch for it in just a couple of weeks on,


PS - The NEW TT Members Forum is ready...

I've upgraded the TT Members forum HERE

Burn Calories While You Sleep

Back in the late 1990's, dietary supplement companies started getting in trouble for claiming their pills and potions could help you "burn fat while you sleep". But recent research shows that there is something that can help you achieve this magical result.

The magic factor is resistance training for fat loss.

Researchers had subjects go through a total body resistance training study, using a circuit of three exercises (the bench press, the power clean and the squat), doing about 10 repetitions per exercise.

Schuenke MD, Mikat RP, McBride JM. Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC): implications for body fat management. Eur J Appl Physiol 2002 Mar;86(5):411-7

Each subject went through the circuit workout 4 times, but this workout lasted only 31 minutes, because resistance training is the most efficient way to exercise.

Researchers found the subjects metabolism was elevated for over 36 hours after exercise. That's an incredible metabolism boost. So the subjects burned more calories and more fat for an entire day and a half after doing the circuit, including while they slept.

So if you want to burn fat while you sleep, drive to work, work, eat your meals, and lounge out at home after work, you need to include total body resistance training workouts in your fat loss plan.

You can burn fat all day on Good Friday by doing a hard TT workout on Thursday.

Sculpt a better body with these Turbulence Training workouts,

Fat Loss Workouts
Fat Loss Forums

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How to Start Losing Weight & Fat Burning Workouts

Most folks don't know where to start when it comes to weight loss and fat burning workouts. Here's a quick get-started guide for fat loss and weight loss workout plans.

Q: Where do I start?

If you are a beginner, start with the Introductory Level Workout of Turbulence Training.

If you are currently exercising with aerobic training and light weights, start with the Intermediate Level Workout and then continue through the remainder of the workouts in order. Once completed, you can perform any of the bonus TT workouts.

Q: Which program should I start with if I am experienced but haven't worked out for a while?

Please start with the Intermediate Workout from the main Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program.

If you start with the Intermediate Workout, do only ONE SET per exercise in each workout in the first week.

Q: Which program should I start with if I am an advanced exerciser?

Start with 2 weeks on the Intermediate Workout.

After 2 weeks, evaluate your progress and either finish 2 more weeks there or move to the "Original Turbulence Training Workout". Work your way through each following workouts in the manual in the order presented, spending no more than 4 weeks in each workout phase. Upon completion of this manual, you can move to any of the bonus workouts you desire.

Q: How much fat can I lose with Turbulence Training?


A lot! To be more specific, you should be able to lose one pound of body fat each week (in addition to following sound fat loss nutritional practices).

At the same time, you should expect to gain or maintain muscle. Overall, total weight loss will be about a pound per week, so expect double-digit fat loss by the time you get through the entire program.

Check out this success story to see how one TT user lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks, AND 86 pounds in only 7 months:

Click HERE to see 25 pounds of fat loss with Turbulence Training

Dramatic photos!

Beginners can lose more fat and can lose several pounds per week for the first few weeks in some cases,

Click here for fat loss workouts

Monday, March 17, 2008

Workout Update

Good workouts yesterday and today. Yesterday, I used one of Jay's workouts from Great stuff, probably as strong as I've been.

More on this workout in Thursday's email from - I did something on Saturday that I thought would have a negative impact on Sunday's deadlift session, but instead, I had one of my best sessions of the year. Tune in Thursday for the full story...

Today, I was in finalizing the workouts for April Workout of the's another TT for Abs program. Some great workouts to help you burn belly fat and get closer to 6-pack abs.

In addition, Wednesday is going to be a big day in the TT world. We are updating the TTMembers forum. That's the good news...the bad news is that the forum could be down for the entire day on Wednesday. So bear with us.

But you'll love the new forum at, I promise,

Fat Loss & Fat Burning Workout Routines for Men & Women

4 Cardio Myths & The Truth: Can You Gain Muscle & Lose Fat at the Same Time

Just a quick note to let you know that I've just posted a shocking new article over on  

It's called, "5 Fat Loss Myths: Why Long, Slow Boring Cardio is not the Best Fat Loss Program to Increase Your Metabolism and Burn Belly Fat..."

I cover 4 of the most popular cardio myths, and I answer the classic debate, "Can you build muscle and burn fat at the same time?"

So head over here for my latest article on fat loss myths:

And don't forget to check out the new bonus packages I've put together. One is specifically for men, and the other is specifically for women.

Find out the truth about cardio for fat loss,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Turbulence Training Burns 14 pounds of fat in 6 weeks.

"In 6 weeks I have lost 6.5kg (14.3lbs). Bear in mind that I was not excessively overweight but I am now in my ideal weight range (with abs) without dropping off existing musculature. As far as internal health goes my cholesterol has dropped from 6.4mmol/L to 3.7 mmol/L (247mg/dL to 142mg/dL). Guess what! my life insurance premiums will reduce accordingly if i keep it this way. I can tell you that this point alone covers the cost many times over. Did I mention I feel great."
Alan Rogers

"Dear Craig, while I've been a member for about a month now, I can honestly say that you and your tt program and you are great. I have lost 10 lbs. so far. Additionally, you are an extremely unique and wonderful person. in the past,you have always been there for me. I can't thank you enough."

"In the last 3 1/2 to 4 weeks my body has become much stronger, as well as leaner, with muscle....It's funny some of the trainers at my gym watch me work out and often ask where do I get my workouts from...and my abs are incredible. All I can say is THANK YOU....THANK YOU...THANK YOU."
Avery James

Click here to get started with Turbulence Training for Fat Loss:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

2 Nutrition Terms I Think Are Weird

Here are two nutrition terms I've always thought were weird. Not surprisingly, they come from the bodybuilding world...

1 - Clean Eating

As opposed to what? Eating dirty? Not washing your food? Eating out of a garbage can like my dog tries to do?

Besides, eating "clean" as no clear definition.

15 years ago it meant "chicken breasts, rice, and vegetables". Low-fat, relatively high-carb. Preferably eaten out of a big tupperware container by a bodybuilder wearing spandex.

Now it means "chicken breasts, organic vegetables, no carbs, flax oil, fish oils, and a Green Tea". I think. I don't really know anymore. Not that I ever did.

Can someone please find another term to use? Please?

2 - Cheat Meals

This is so 1980's bodybuilding...I prefer the term "reward meal", if anything is going to be used at all.

So just say "I'm eating". Not "I'm eating a cheat meal". Then again, if you say you "eat clean" all the time, wouldn't you call your cheat meal your "dirty meal"?

Its just eating,

Fat Loss Workouts & The 5 Cardio Myths

Friday, March 14, 2008

Change vs. Results

If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.
Jack Dixon

If you want to make some changes, in any aspect of your life, there's probably no better "goal achievement program" than Dax Moy's Magic Hundred system.

Click HERE to get started on the changes that will bring you RESULTS

Have a great weekend, and look for some big TT news next week,

Big news coming HERE

Plantar Fasciitis Relief from Mike Robertson

Platar Fasciitis relief from top personal trainer, Mike Robertson.

Here's what I have all clients/patients with PF do for it:

- Foam roll everything on the back side of your body; calves, peroneals, hamstrings, glutes, etc. Use a tennis ball on the plantar fascia, even though it will hurt like an SOB. Remember the whole body is connected, so we have to loosen everything up.

- Static stretch the hammies, calves, and the plantar fascia in multiple positions. To stretch the calves use a traditional doorway stretch. To get the hammies you can use the foot up on a desk and bend over approach, as well as this little doozy.

Lay on your back with a towel in hand. Place the towel over the end of your foot, and then pull your foot up like you're going to stretch your hammies.

Next, pull your toes down towards your face; you should get a killer stretch in the hammies, calves, and behind the knee. It will be super tight, but it will feel good when you're done.

You can also stretch your PF. Sit on a chair, take your shoe off, and place one ankle across your knee so you're sitting "man-style." Pull the toes back towards your shin to get a stretch in the PF. I'd try to run through these stretches 3-5 times per day until you start to loosen up.

- Ice it for 15 minutes every 1-2 hours to get rid of the inflammation. If you take fish oils, crank up the dosage for the next few weeks.

This should give you a start; let me know if it makes sense.

Mike Robertston

Thursday, March 13, 2008

From Alwyn Cosgrove

Tomorrow marks the 20% point of the year.

A fifth of 2008 has already passed.

Are you on track with those New Years Resolutions? Are you on track with your goals?

It's amazing how time passes so quickly.

Don't waste a single second.

If your goal is fat loss - start today
If your goal is muscle building - start today
If your goal is (insert anything here) - start TODAY !

20% of this year is gone forever. Will you make changes TODAY or will another 20% pass, then another 20% -- and before you know it -- it's 2009.....

Don't waste a single second. Start TODAY.


Bodyweight 1000 Warm-up, the Cardio Confessional, and Cheat Meals

Q: What do you do for a warmup before a Turbulence Training workout?

Turbulence Training workouts start with general bodyweight circuit warmups and then move to specific exercise warmups. For example, from the TT Bodyweight 1000 fat burning workout...

This is the warmup you do before Workout A...

Warm-up Circuit
•     2x's through the circuit using a 1-0-1 tempo for each exercise.
•     Rest 30 seconds b/c circuits.

A) T-Squat – 12 reps
B) Off-set Pushup – 6 reps per side
C) Stick-up – 12 reps
D) Spiderman Climb – 6 reps per side
E) 1-Leg RDL – 5 reps per side

Warm-up Superset
1A) DB Chest Press – 6 reps using 75% of the weight you will use in
your "real" sets.
•     No rest.
1B) Bulgarian Split Squat – 8 reps using bodyweight only.
•     Rest 1 minute and move on to Superset #1

Then you move quickly through the rest of the supersets. This warmup was actually taken from the
Bodyweight 1000 March 08 Workout of the Month

Q: Why don't your programs have cardio in them?


Long cardio is a waste of people's precious time. Research shows intervals are better for burning belly fat.

Stop wasting your time at the Cardio Confessional.

Here's a sample interval training workout.

•     Warm-up for 5 minutes.
•     Perform an interval by exercising for 30 seconds at a very hard pace (at a subjective 9/10 level of effort).
•     Follow that with "active rest" for 90 seconds by exercising at a slow pace (at a subjective 3/10 level of effort).
•     Repeat for a total of 6 intervals.
•     Finish with 4 minutes of very low intensity (3/10) exercise for a cool-down.

I recommend visiting the Mens Health Belly Off program website to see the results guys are getting with my programs. It shows you people do not have to do long cardio. Cardio is a joke for fat loss.

Q: Why do you recommend social support for fat loss?

Social support is huge. A professional is the best source (ie. doctor, nutritionist, trainer), but research also shows that training with someone who is also losing weight increases your chances of losing weight (but note, the person must be won't benefit training with someone who is not losing weight).

Also, message boards are huge. My board, has members from dozens of countries supporting one another and many say they would fail without it.

Q: What do you think about cheat days?


I despise the term "cheat day" or "cheat meal". Reminds me of the cheesy, B.S. bodybuilding rags I read when I was a kid.

I prefer the term, "reward meal".

A reward meal each week is fine. But just one meal, and just one sitting. Not three helpings or a feast that lasts 12 hours.

Reward yourself, don't cheat,

Click HERE for Turbulence Training for Fat Loss

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fat Loss - 25 Pounds in 12 Weeks

25 pounds of fat loss in 12 weeks, just by following the Turbulence Training For Fat Loss manual in the exact order it is laid out. Very simple. Follow instructions -> lose fat. That's all you need to do!

Mark Smallwood started with the Intro Level fat burning workouts for 2 weeks, then moved on for 2 weeks of Beginner TT, then the Intermediate Level TT (which is a lot harder than it sounds), and then the classic fat burning workout that started it all, The Original Turbulence Training program.

Here is Mark Smallwood's story...the only mistake he made was not measuring his arms, I bet he added an inch to his "guns" in 12 weeks while losing 25 pounds of fat.

Don't waste another year, month, week, or day. Do what Mark did. Follow the plan and burn the fat.

"I had seen Craig and Turbulence Training in an issue of Men's Health and signed up for the newsletter.

It took me a year before I decided to become a TT Member. Why did I waste a whole year?

I had become accustomed to eating whatever I could find and plenty of it. I had that stupid notion that as you get older, you just get bigger.

Turbulence Training intrigued me. Bodyweight training and workouts. So I finally got off my duff and I made the decision to join.

The last 12 weeks have been tremendous. Weekly visible changes and challenging, fun workouts.

I incorporated Craig's and Dr. Mohr's nutritional ideas plus Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat program, which was a big step for me.

But Craig's Turbulence Training workouts tipped the scales in changing my lazy mindset. No expensive machines. I have gained strength and definition using just my own body and some dumbbells.

The best motivation was when I and everyone began to notice a difference in my appearance. All the encouraging comments meant a lot to me. I am so proud to show off my before and after photos. But my journey does not stop here. I
love what I have accomplished , but there is more work to do.

I started with the Introductory level for two weeks. Then moved into the Beginner level. I stayed at this level for another two weeks. During the next four weeks I worked in the Intermediate level. I finished my twelve weeks with the Original Turbulence Training program. I am going to continue to work through the Turbulence Training manual with the 2K3, 2K4, 2K5 and 2K6 workouts.

I was 208 lbs when I started Turbulence Training with a body fat percentage of over 25. I finished my twelve weeks at 183 lbs and 21.5% body fat. My lifetime of fitness has just begun."
Mark Smallwood, Turbulence Training Transformation Contestant

Simple steps. Big changes.

Don't waste another year. See what you can do starting today,

Click HERE for Turbulence Training
Cardio Workout Interval Training

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post Workout Nutrition Myth Busting

Nutrition Expert Brad Pilon Discusses Calorie Cycling, High Fat Diets, the MYTH of Post-Workout Nutriiton, & Training Females for Fat Loss

Brad Pilon is rocking the diet world with his Eat Stop Eat fasting approach for fat loss. We talk to the Nutrition Help Expert about other controversial fat loss dieting methods...

Click HERE to read his latest nutrition myth interview

WATCH: The TT BW 1000 Videos

Download the TT Bodyweight 1000 and watch the videos here:

QUOTE of the week

"Isn't it amazing what you can do with TT. I spent over a year going back and forth on whether I should commit to TT. That was a wasted year."
Mark Smallwood, TT Member

REVIEW: The TT Transformation Members

How a busy dad got his abs


Juan lost 86 pounds in 7 months with Turbulence Training

Stay strong,

Click HERE for Belly Fat Burning Workouts

Monday, March 10, 2008

February Turbulence Testimonial of the Month

Each month I pick the best of the dozens of TT testimonials and give away a 1-Year Platinum TT membership. Send your testimonial to "Support AT"

Here is this month's winning Turbulence Training testimonial...

He Lost 22 Pounds in 8 Weeks with Turbulence Training

"Hi Craig, for the last 8 weeks I've been applying the Turbulence Training theory to my training and have lost 10Kg (22lbs). Compare that to the amount of running, cycling and rowing I did in the same 8 week period in 2006 and you'll see I probably did 10 times the amount of time on running/cycling/rowing but only lost half as much.

Anyway I'm off to Margarita in 3 days for a fantastic 2 week windsurfing holiday and I'm at the lightest I've been (87.7Kg, 6'3") for a few years, which will help my sailing significantly!"
Roy Steel

Congratulations Roy,

Click HERE for the best Fat Loss Program for men and women

Video of the day:
Fat Loss interval training video

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Strength Training for Runners

Strength training for runners is very simple. After all, most runners are weak and overtrained, so its easy for them to get stronger with almost any type of strength training program.

That's why, when I get questions about creating a Turbulence Training for Runners, I always tell the reader that almost any Turbulence Training program currently available will do the job.


Because all Turbulence Training strength training programs focus on the muscles of the back of the body, where runners are extremely weak - and that is often an underlying factor in injury.

So the bottom line: The exercises in any TT program will help a runner...there really wouldn't be much difference between a program I gave a runner and a program I gave someone for fat loss.

The only difference I might suggest, is that runners do LESS strength training than a person on a fat loss program, if the person is a serious runner training 3-4 times per week.

There is no point in training to the point of excess soreness. All a runner needs is one good, hard set per exercise. They don't need to train like bodybuilders. As long as they are getting stronger in each session, that is all that matters. I might also have runners strength train only twice per week. Again, it all depends on how much running they are doing.

Remeber - we are using strength training to compliment their running...we don't need them to set world records in strength exercises.

Next, a couple of questions that frequently get sent in to our reader mail...

Q: Can you do Turbulence Training as straight sets instead of supersets?

Sure, thats' fine. It just means your workout will take longer.

Q: Can I have Turbulence Training for free?



Q: Does fruit make you fat?


Q: Does Turbulence Training build muscle?

Yes. How much muscle you build with TT depends on how much you eat and how much interval training you do. 

fat burning workout

Friday, March 07, 2008

Fat Loss Before & After: Busy Dad Gets His Abs

Here's Andy's story...

Chronological Order of Workout Programs:
Weeks 1-8: Get Lean, Get Muscle Bonus Workouts (Got sick somewhere around Week 8-9)
Weeks 9-12: February 2008 TT Circuit Training Program

Words from the Kahuna himself: "Hope to see your full transformation!"All I can say is "wow!"

What an excellent motivational quote from Craig from last year upon completing my 500 workout routine after purchasing his books. I always looked up to him ever since reading his articles on Men's Health.

How can 6 words be so powerful to my life, to myself and most especially to my training at the time coming from the head man himself that created Turbulence Training to begin with!?

I needed that extra motivation and push if you will and essentially took it up as a personal challenge for me which is why it was just awesome to be a part of such a great community of people here. The contest only gave me more of a motivation to put my best efforts…and I believe I did to the best of my abilities.

Make the workouts recreational and fun. I know I did.

A tip for everyone: make TT recreational first! Enjoy it and you will no longer 2nd guess it like it's a chore but something you do because you enjoy it foremost.

When it becomes a chore, re-evaluate your goals again from time to time but don't look back and be discouraged if you hit blocks/the dreaded plateaus or what have you because there will be some for sure. I hit a few of them down the road but was able to figure it out in time.

Just figure out how to get around them and you will succeed. I learned not to get too caught up with the scale and most importantly my calorie intakes (don't starve yourself!). And #1, having a goal in mind and solid plan really helped a lot.

2 things coming into this: I would have to become more strict with nutrition and consistent enough to stick to it not only with the workouts but also the nutrition aspect for 12 weeks.

Was good with the workouts but I believe I wasn't that good with the nutritional aspect for the most part starting off. But as days became weeks and weeks became months prodding and experimenting with cleaner eating (white rice - .ugh!) - and with no thoughts of restarting ever - I finally came to the realization of the entire TT weight loss approach all made so much sense to me now looking back.

Like many others, restarts would have been an option but a definite no, not for me. From the get go, win or lose, I was going to make this a lifestyle for the long term and not something that is here today and gone tomorrow.

I studied each of Craig's workout programs before joining the contest and learned a lot from his guidelines and interviews with Jay Ferruggia and Erik Ledin (I like this guy). Of them all, the 2 phase 24 week Program of Get Lean, Gain Muscle Program was it for me (because I love the gym). And the 2008 February circuit training just rocked!

Lean muscle, strength, power, strong core and fat loss…were my goals this contest…and will always be the foundation as to why I train. I don't want to be bulky with "He Man" arms – just lean and powerful enough to last me a lifetime of good health and of course a 6 pack one day… (I think it will be sooner than I think).

There are plenty of wonderful transformations that are happening right before my very eyes in here and it's great to see. My greatest feeling is to see others succeed in this. I think I've won in so many other valuable ways – how I approach my training and nutrition, how to get myself in better shape and how I can improve on a daily basis. So my journey will continue after this, just approaching it with even more passion and more determination than ever.

It doesn't stop here…just taking a week "vacation" and it's back to it again Monday!

Keep Pushing It,
Click HERE for your fat loss program

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dax Moy Magic Hundred: Recommended by Craig Ballantyne

Back in December, I interviewed Dax Moy - the UK's leading fitness expert - and together we put together a very special report for you called, "Mastering the Fat Loss Mindset" (you can get the report and listen to the interview in the TT Members area).

I hope you've read it. It is life-changing. If you're not happy with your fat burning workout, Dax showed you how to change that...

And so many people have sent so much positive feedback about Dax's advice that I also wanted to share with you another of Dax's secret weapons in helping you achieve your goals.

I want to tell you about the book I bought from Dax back in 2006 that I use everyday. It's called " The Magic Hundred ", and it's a goal achievement program that helps you accomplish 100 important goals in the next 100 days.

This program is essential to your fat burning workout success. If you are not losing weight and that is making you unhappy, then you have to get this book - it will show you how to change your mindset, set your goals, and achieve them.

But it's not just about setting goals for weight. The Magic Hundred forces you to improve your entire life.

As I said, I review my "Magic Hundred" everday (wouldn't you just like to see that list - I know you're curious!). In fact, I just started another round of 100 goals in 100 days last week, & thanks
to Dax's system, I'm making great progress and crossing off my goals left and right.

I'll let you in on some of the things I want to achieve in the next 100 days. These goals include...

- Reading 3 training books
- Getting a new desk for my office
- Hitting a new personal record of 335 for the bench press
- Getting 4 massages
- Adding 20 new Turbulence Training videos to Youtube
- Doing 3 Turbulence Training teleseminars...

And 94 other things I won't mention here...

Just to clarify...The Magic Hundred is a goal-achieving program (not just a goal setting program!). It's really the first program I've come across that gets you focused on taking action in an organised
and persistent manner to help you get things DONE. Not just plannedor started, but actually DONE.

It's a very cool system, because Dax follows up with a new, short audio clip of instructions and inspiration for you everyday to keep you on track. I promise you'll accomplish more in the next 100 days than in any other 100 day period of your life with this approach.

Dax, along with Alwyn Cosgrove, Tom Venuto, and Jason Ferruggia, is one of my most trusted sources of information in this business. And I know his Magic Hundred program will help you...

The Magic Hundred comes with my highest recommendation.

Click HERE to get the Magic Hundred & achieve your goals

I look forward to hearing about your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Eat Stop Eat Feedback

Eat stop eat feedback...

More info from TT member Billy_quiz...this time, about his experiences with Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat program

"It's going great and there are about another 5 or 6 guys at work who've seen the results and are trying it.

The first couple of times were a little difficult but I think that was mainly psychological. My first fast I trained about 3 hours into it and because my body expected to be fed after training, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. However, the thing that convinced me it was psychological was next morning when I woke up I felt no more hungry than I would normally.

I have been fasting 2 days a week now for 9 weeks and I have lost something in the region of 20lbs. During that time I have normally fasted from breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch. It is not unusual for me to train at 20+ hours into a fast and feel no ill effects. Donna at work (who previously worked as a gym instructor) has recently tried and trained at 22hours. She had major concerns but was trusting enough to give it a go and was pleasantly surprised to find she had no ill effects.

What I would say is to play around with it for a couple of occasions and pick days where it fits your lifestyle best. As I work shifts I have to juggle it a bit but I normally look at fasting Monday into Tuesday and Friday into Saturday. The other tip I would have is to make sure you eat every day eg I might eat breakfast Monday and then fast and eat breakfast Tuesday.

I have never managed the multiple meals deal, it is just too difficult for me to fit into my life and ESE has been such a bonus for me. I'm sure I wouldn't have made half the progress I have without it."

Get started with the "anti-diet" at Eat Stop Eat,

Bodyweight workout
Fat Burning Workout

Turbulence Training Tips for Fat Burning

Turbulence Training Tips for Fat Burning

Q on the TT Members forum:

"Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips for folks who are new to TT? I've been doing Craig's Belly Off program from Men's Health, so I have a pretty decent understanding of the concepts. But, as this is a new program, I figured I'd ask all of you who've gone before me... what types of tips/advice do you have for making this work?"

Answer from TT Member Billy_Quiz:
I'm in a similar position to you - I started at 210lbs 8 weeks ago and now I'm down to 193lbs.

My best advice would be...

1) Get your diet right.

There is plenty of info out there but you have to pick what works best for you. I've been following the Eat Stop Eat plan which fits best into my lifestyle. You have already identified the biggest weaknesses from your old diet and eliminated them which is excellent. Stay consistent with your new eating habits.

2) Make your TT days a priority

You will achieve maximum fat loss from the resistance training and high intensity intervals. However, doing it too often will lead to injury and illness due to the strains it places on your body.

Steven Covey (who is a favourite author of mine) uses an illustration for time management of filling a glass jar with rocks, sand and water. When you put the rocks in first you can get most in the jar. The idea is to plan 'first things first'.

Make your TT one of those first things. The cardio or additional exercise on other days is a bonus. I have found that as I have got older, it takes me longer to recover from intense exercise. I have ensured I got my TT in and on off days, if in doubt I have rested rather than train tired and risk injury.

It is better to be 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained!

3) Be consistent

Consistency is the key. If something goes wrong (and sometimes life does get in the way) write that day off and start afresh next day.

Very best of luck and keep working hard

Lots of social support over at the TT fat loss forum,

Fat Loss
Bodyweight workout

Monday, March 03, 2008

Life Changing Fat Loss Program Success Story

Fat Loss Success Story from Juan Ruiz, perhaps the greatest Turbulence Training for Fat Loss success story of all time...

"I have been an obese male all of my life, in August of 2007 I weighed in at 315lbs; the most I have ever weighed. I have tried many diets and exercise plans and nothing has really worked well for me.

I was at the end of my rope, and really starting to look into bariatric surgery. Even though it has worked wonders for my friends and family, I never wanted that surgery for myself.

To have that surgery would mean that I would never know how good it felt to lose weight on my own, to find the discipline and mental fortitude to push myself and watch what I am eating. How long will it be before I gained back that lost weight after the surgery because I never learned how to really be healthy!

In early August I found Turbulence Training, and signed up for the FREE Report - The Dark Side of Cardio. I have to admit, it peaked my interest. I was so disgusted with what I read; because it was so true. I couldn't tell you how many hours I have wasted doing just cardio and staying away from weights just to watch my body stay the exact same.

I knew that I needed to get Turbulence Training. I knew that TT was going to change my life forever, I wasn't wrong.

I also knew though that any workout program I used wouldn't be successful if I didn't change my eating habits. I started eating a low carb regimen, eating only complex carbs, and allowing myself a cheat meal once a month.

I started TT in August 2007, since then I have lost a total of 86lbs (it is now March 3rd, 2008).

I have never looked better in my life, I have never felt better in my life. For the first time in my life I have signed up for my first fitness contest. Never did anyone, let alone myself think that I, of all people would be signing up for a fitness contest.

Yet here I am, I have gone through 84 days of this contest. During this contest I have had quite a few challenges. A month long plateau, final exams, and a bum shoulder, just to name a few, but I have also met some of the greatest people that are in this contest trying to do the same thing I am doing (trying to live a healthier lifestyle). They have been some of the most understanding, caring, and motivational people I could have ever had the pleasure to meet.

I started this contest using the Original TT workout, after that I went into TT 2k3, and finished this contest with the 4 week Intermediate Body Weight program. In this contest I have had gains and losses; I have learned the benefits of fasting and how to fast properly. I have learned how to truly eat balanced meals and how to keep pushing myself when I have nothing else left to give.

I have also learned how to cope with injuries, and how to not let them get the best of you. I have been able to do most of this mainly because of the great people involved in this fitness contest. Their inspiring words have kept me honest to myself, and have helped me keep my head up when I just wanted to hang it down in defeat. I have learned that you may lose a battle here and there, but the war is far from over.

I have lost 3 inches from my chest, 4 inches from my gut, 3 inches from my waist, ¾ inches from my biceps, ¼ of an inch from my thighs, and 25lbs since starting this 12-week transformation contest. I am far from being done, and even when I finally hit my goal weight, my journey will not end there. My journey will last me a lifetime, everyday will be another day to strive for a healthier, more active me.

When I think about living this way for a life time, it doesn't overwhelm me, I am grateful that my obesity didn't cripple my body, that I still have a chance to reverse the side effects, and that I am healthy enough to go to the gym and use my body to it's full potential.

Granted to win a prize in this contest would be sweet, but whether I win a prize in this contest or not, it doesn't matter I already feel like a winner. Throughout this contest I have learned so many valuable lessons, and I have met some of the most motivational people one could meet. I am a lot healthier today than I was when I started this contest, and I have joined my first fitness contest ever; and I have stuck with it through the end."
Juan Ruiz

It's been a "feel good" day at today as we celebrated Juan's success (as well as Mark's and Andy's).

More transformation success stories to come,

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Turbulence Training Before And After

Turbulence Training Before and After Success Story from Mark Russo...

"I am very happy with my final #'s. Down 18.5 lbs and and 9% body fat.

Here is the chronology of workouts throughout my transformation.

Weeks 1 - 2: Turbulence Training Intermediate Workout

Weeks 3 - 4: TT 2K3

Weeks 5 - 8: TT 30 Day Max Fat Loss

Weeks 9 - 12: TT for Abs

I missed the last three workouts of week 12 due to the flu.

Thank you to all TT Members for the kind words of encouragement!!

I have decided to take one week off from workouts (well almost two if you count my days lost to the flu!) and move to maintenance calories also for the week. From there I will continue with one of the TT fat loss programs which I have not yet done or perhaps do the TT for ABS again. I may also take look at some of Tom Venuto's stuff for the nutrition. I really want to get rid of these last few pounds and get my lower stomach tightened up!! Hopefully I will have even better pics to post at the end of March.

Also, to all the remaining competitors, please stay and finish strong. I look forward to seeing all of your results."

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More success stories to come,