Saturday, July 31, 2010

New recipe from Kardena Pauza

Did anyone else read that Chelsea Clinton was having "vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes" at her wedding this weekend?

More and more folks are making the transition.

And while I bet the high-priced caterers created some amazing dishes, our raw-vegan-vegetarian nutrition hero, Kardena Pauza, just posted a brand new
recipe and video on her blog showing you how to make a:

Raw Vegan Mango Vanilla Parfait

Get the recipe & demonstration video from Kardena here:

=> Raw Vegan Dessert Video

So simple even a kitchen-clutz like I can make it.

Kardena also shows us how to properly cut a mango to get the fruit out easily and she has a unique way of serving her dessert.

Stay healthy,


Off Day Activity

Off day today...but with lots of light activity.

First, 2 dog walks. Then a bike ride to the St. Lawrence market. I bought corn on the cob, peaches, cherries, and spinach. Then I slipped down to the gym to do some stretching. I could have done it at home, but the dog would have been jumping all over me...

I also used the foam roller for a little soft tissue work. Here's how to use a foam roller to help you stay injury free

=> How to do foam rolling

And this is a good beginners workout to get started with

=> Beginner Abs & Fat Loss Workout

Finally, 4 out of 5 swimming dogs say, "Bodyweight Cardio Rulez"

=> Bodyweight Cardio Rulez

...(the 5th dog just barked).

Now off to the beach to take the dog swimming,


Friday, July 30, 2010

My Favorite Superset & Cool News

This news brings a tear to my eye, for so many reasons. It's a very inspirational story in a lot of ways and even talks about our beloved social support too.

=> Is Jason Ferruggia really doing this? Seriously? 100% for real?

My workout included my favorite superset...I love pairing the military press with a back exercise such as chinups and deadlifts...that one superset could be a complete workout right there...powerful stuff. I added a little more for this full session:

1A) Military Press
1B) Chins

2A) DB Press
2B) DB Row

3A) Ring Biceps Curls
3B) Ring Rear Delts

After, I hit a blender drink:

Chocolate almond milk, strawberries, 1 banana, cinnamon, and 1 scoop of Garden of Life Raw Sprout Protein blend. Seriously. I'm trying it out.

Now for today's resource.

The funny thing about this next link is that just as many women as men will use this info. You just can't keep the girls out of the "guy workouts"...and there's no need to...after all, just look how hot Jay's fiance Jen is...and she squats 145 pounds and can do 10 chinups.

So for men AND women, here's a free workout & sample meal plan for folks looking to build muscle and burn fat at the same time:

=> Workout & meal plan for men

And finally, today's kick-butt mindset tip from me:

"You wouldn't put an alcoholic in a bar if you wanted him to stop make sure you are putting yourself in the right training environment for your goals...and that you are hanging around other achievers - no matter what aspect of your life - from fitness to financial to family. Avoid negative situations and negative people as much as possible."

Stay outta trouby,


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bodyweight Cardio Rulez

Let me start by saying, "I'm sorry."

Earlier this week I told you that Bill Phillips - the author of BodyFor Life - had been confirmed as my next interview guest...but he had to cancel. Hopefully he will re-schedule.


I went to work and finished up this week's 7-Day Fat Loss Coaching Call early and shared these secrets with you:

- The #1 Breakfast Food
- 3 Bodyweight Cardio Workouts
- 1 Mandatory Back Workout
- My New Favorite Inspirational Quote
- And the Truth About Elliptical Machines & Weight Loss

You can read all these tips and listen to the coaching call here:

=> 7-Day Bodyweight Cardio Fat Loss Guide

I hope that makes up for the delay in Bill's interview.

Also, next week is "Supplement Week", and I'll be sending you 3 surprising articles with my thoughts on supplements.

Most supplements are a joke and waste of money...but a few are helpful...and one of the most common supplements isn't necessary.

I'll explain starting Monday.

Talk to you soon.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - One more thing...

If you have back pain, there's a free book you need to get now.

It's called The 7-Day Back Pain Cure, and it's written by a trainer I know named Jesse Cannone (he's also the co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute).

Note: His book is shipped to you in the mail so there is a small shipping fee. But who wouldn't invest a couple of bucks to get rid of crippling back pain.

I know I would...heck, I've spent over $1150 in the last year to get mine fixed, and it was worth every penny.

=> Grab your free back-pain cure book here  <== Gets rid of back pain

You'll discover useful tips on how to sit to avoid back pain, specific foods that reduce back pain, and a complete 7-day guide to
curing your back pain.

Deadlift Workout & Phone Calls

Two big phone calls today...I'll be interviewing Bill Phillips tonight, and Scott Sonnon later this afternoon. Should be interesting.

My training today:

1A) Jumps
1B) Sumo Deadlift

2A) BB Lunge
2B) Glute Ham Raise

3A) Shrugs
Stability Ball Plank

Now for two great resources.

First, mandatory reading from Jason Ferruggia about taking time off and "deloading":

=> The Proper Way to Take Time Off & Deload

And second, more wisdom from a TT Contest winner, including the value of social support, attitude, motivation, and getting momentum going

=> Transformation Contest Success Tips

And finally, leaving you with today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"Keep these concepts in mind: You've failed many times, although you don't remember. You fell down the first time you tried to walk. You almost drowned
the first time you tried to swim. Don't worry about failure. My suggestion to each of you: worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try."
Sherman Finesilver

Stay outta trouble,


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goal Setting & Change

Just finished up some sweet dog park action. It was Bally the Dog vs. a young bull mastiff in a 10 round wrestling match. Good times...followed by a bench press workout.

My training was:

1A) Med ball throw
1B) Stickup

2A) Rack lockout
2B) Seated row

3A) DB incline
3B) Ring pullup
3C) Bodyweight triceps extensions

Now for the resource of the day:

A TT Transformation Contest winner gives tips on goal setting and believing in yourself

=> Fat Loss Success Tips

Oh, and here's a cool resource for bootcamp trainers:

=> 14-day fat loss bootcamp marketing system

And the quote of the day (from me):

"Change and transformation aren't easy. But get through the rough patches and you'll ultimately get the big payoff. You can't get a rainbow (or double rainbow!) without some rain. Hang tough. Plan ahead. Be prepared. Take action. Stay strong. I KNOW you can do it."

And another...this one from Ghandi...

"Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph: a beginning, a struggle, and a victory." - Mahatma Ghandi

And finally...

"As you grow older, you'll find that the only things you regret are the things you didn't do." -Zachary Scott

Go out and do something cool today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - I'm going to the beach, a baseball game, or I'm going to knock off something else from my "summer to do list". 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Meal Plans

If you are struggling with your nutrition, here is a great free meal plan resource to help you start off the week right

=> Free Meal Plans

After all, it doesn't matter how hard your workouts are, if your nutrition is not right, then you won't get results.

My training today went well:

1A) Box Jumps
1B) Box Squats

2A) Good Morning
2B) Plank

3A) Glute-ham raise
3B) Split squat

And today's kick-butt mindset tip for you:

"To get something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done."

Simple but effective,


CB vs the Famous Philly CheeseSteak

I got home from my Atlantic City weekend at 8:30pm last night and I still had a full belly after eating a classic Philly cheesesteak sandwich at famous Tony Luke's restaurant in Philadelphia.

It was as good as Joel Marion promised me it would be.

But was it a diet mistake?

Kind of...but thanks to the Turbulence Training Lifestyle, I can afford to make one or two of these mistakes each week. In fact, they count as my reward meals.

They are the reward for staying on track every week with my short TT workouts and Simple Nutrition eating (that I do 90% of the time).

There's also another HUGE REWARD to the TT lifestyle...and I received that reward on Saturday afternoon while walking down the boardwalk in Atlantic City with my shirt off...

There I was, walking with Joel Marion and a few of his high school buddies (we were in Atlantic City for Joel's bachelor party) when all of the sudden I heard a few whistles in our direction.

I looked over my shoulder and there was a group of girls waving at me from a patio.


Because - and I'm not bashful to say it - my abs were looking pretty darn good. Almost John Romaniello-good.

As soon as that happened, one of Joel Marion's buddies, a busy New Jersey corrections officer named Joe (it was also his bachelor party this weekend) asked me if I could help him and his wife get in shape for their wedding.

Joel immediately told Joe about how awesome Turbulence Training was, and how simple it would be for Joe and his fiance to do in the comfort of their own home.

In fact, based on this conversation I made a little free presentation for you to check out.

Just click on the link below for the special presentation (that also includes a funny cartoon of me and Bally the Dog):

=> Special Presentation for You  <== The only place you'll find the presentation
But as I told Joe, if you want to lose the last 10 pounds of fat before the end of summer (his wedding is on Labor Day weekend), then you need to get started immediately.

Let me know about your success story.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Fortunately, this week's flight landed on time without delay...

...and I was able to get home with enough time to do a sweet bike ride around Toronto just as the sun was setting. Perfect off-day activity. With Turbulence Training, we don't need to be in the gym more than 3 days per week to stay lean and keep our abs looking sexy.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fitness Resources to Start Your Week

Finally, a smooth Sunday travel day. Flight wasn't delayed, and got home on time. Was even able to hit an awesome 45 minute bike ride around the city - just got in from that ride. Good times. Beautiful night.

Here are a few resources

14 day fast track guide to fat loss


Fun bodyweight circuit that needs NO equipment


Beginner TT "total torso training" workout


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Truth about meat for fat loss

In this week's 7-day fat loss coaching guide, I review a recent controversial study about the role of meat in fat loss.

You can check out my thoughts on the the truth about meat for fat loss here:

=> <== (to meat or not to meat?)

I also review 3 hard-core fat burning workouts, give you a new TT workout video, and give you the weekend rundown of everything I planned to do in Atlantic City this weekend at Joel Marion's bachelor party.

By the way, the weekend has been a lot of fun. I just finished a TT Meathead workout with Joel Marion (John Romaniello skipped it to play poker): Rear Delt Raises, Lateral Raises supersetted with DB Rows, Biceps tri-set supersetted with triceps tri-set.

Joel could barely hold his phone to his ear after because his arms were so pumped. Good times. Then we hit the AC Boardwalk for a while.

More on the weekend tomorrow, but for now, just click on this link and you'll get those awesome workouts and my review of a very controversial nutrition topic:


If you like this 7-day fat burning guide, please share it with your friends and workout partners. Thanks!

By the way, here is today's kick-butt mind-set quote:

"Everything you do takes you closer to or further away from your goals. Even on weekends. Make the right choices...and if you fall off track, get back on
track and don't feel guilty. Just focus on what you can control. Stay strong!"

Talk to you soon.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - If you don't have the free TT Gauntlet Bodyweight workout... can get it here (and tell a few of your workout friends while you are at it)

=> Free TT Bodyweight Workout

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sumo Deadlift Workout

I'm changing things up for the next 4 weeks and seeing how the sumo deadlift treats me.

So today's training went like this:

1A) Jumps
1B) Sumo Deadlift

2A) Glute Ham Raise
2B) Barbell Lunge

3A) Stability Ball Plank
3B) Standing Ring Body Extension (it was like an ab wheel rollout movement)

Good session.

Today's kick-butt mind-set tip:

Kekich Credo #73. Nothing wins more often than superior preparation.

Once you understand how important preparation is, and once you accept how hard it is to lose fat, then fat loss becomes a simple "connect the dots" process. Once you understand and accept that fat loss requires effort and planning, only then you ...will be psychologically prepared to make that effort and do that planning.

Today's resource:

New interview with me here - including the "3 reasons why people fail":

=> Fat Loss Secrets Interview

And finally...I just set up an interview with Bill Phillips for next week...also bought his new book, "Transformation". You'll get the interview next Friday.

Keep pushing,


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My #1 Strength Training Book

Nice new workout doing Rack Lockouts instead of Bench Presses, I had more strength left for DB Incline Presses. Nice combination of exercises.

My workout was:

1A) Med ball throw
1B) Stickups

2A) Rack Lockout
2B) Seated Row

3A) DB Incline
3B) Ring Pullup
3C) Ring Bodyweight Triceps Extensions

Before I hit the gym, someone asked me on Facebook what my #1 strength training book was?

My answer:
Good question. It would be either my University exercise physiology notes or Vladimir Zatsiorsky's "Science and Practice of Strength Training".

Don't miss the next fitness qna here:

Now for 3 kick-butt mindset tips:

1) Know what you want to achieve/where you want to go. Write out a plan to get there. Implement & review the plan everyday.

2) "Do you have an opportunistic mindset, focused on the possibilities in your life? Or do you always focus on the obstacles? Start to pay attention and change your mindset to set yourself up for success." - Rachel Cosgrove

3) "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem a turned it into an opportunity." Joseph Sugarman

At the very least, every problem teaches you valuable lessons so that you will make the right decision next time you are in a similar situation.

Learn from everything and take action,



Monday, July 19, 2010

Interval Training for Fitness

Excited to release my new 31 Interval Training Workouts manual tomorrow...I have an interval training for fitness excerpt below. But first, I've started a new 4 week program today:

1A) Box jumps
1B) Low box squats

2A) Good morning
2B) Planks

3A) Glute ham raise
3B) Pistol Squat

After my workout I did a wwwFacebook Fitness QnA session and received this question twice:

Q: What are the best oblique exercises?

I have a blog post here:

=> 5 Best Oblique Exercises

Also from Facebook, here's today's kickbutt mindset tip:

"Do what is right. It's not common sense. Common sense is wrong. You need good judgement. You need to observe and associate consequences to your every action. And then you need to decide whether or not you should make the same choice the next time you are in that situation. Remember - Everything you do takes you closer to OR further away from your goals. The choice is yours."

And finally, an excerpt from my new manual, "31 Interval Training Workouts".

...interval training isn't just superior for fat loss, but it might even replace cardio for general fitness as well. You see, I completed my Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology at a school called McMaster University, and researchers there (such as Dr. Martin Gibala) are making world-wide headlines with their interval training studies.

"We have shown that interval training does not have to be 'all out' in order to be effective," says Professor Martin Gibala. "Doing 10 one-minute sprints on a standard stationary bike with about one minute of rest in between, three times a week, works as well in improving muscle as many hours of conventional long-term biking less strenuously."


The short, intense workouts aided in weight loss, too, although Gibala hadn't been studying that effect. "The rate of energy expenditure remains higher longer into recovery" after brief, high-intensity exercise than after longer, easier workouts, Gibala says. That means you might be able to ramp up your fat burning AFTER exercise by using interval training…possibly
giving you the MAGICAL boost in metabolism.

Other researchers have found that similar, intense, brief sessions of exercise improve cardiac health, even among people with heart disease. For more information, check out:

Intervals beat slow boring cardio again,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Making the best of a bad situation

And thus ends the 16 hour travel day from Austin to Toronto, with a 6 hour delay in Houston. Definitely not as smooth as the flight down through Chicago...I can only hope that the streak of crazy Sunday airplane stories doesn't continue next weekend.

But you have to make the best of a bad situation.

And it helps when you are prepared. I had plenty to do. I had the right snacks (2 apples and trail mix).

And I had the right attitude.

So make sure, that no matter how bad things get this week, that you...

1) Make the best of a bad situation - so that you still make progress no matter who conspires against you
2) That you are prepared for the worst - so identify the obstacles in your life and come up with 2 solutions for each
3) That you always keep the right attitude...and never, ever, EVER give up.

By the in flight entertainment was:

a) the latest Wired magazine (okay, nothing special)
b) The movie,  Date Night - I lasted 5 minutes
c) The movie, Green Zone - I lasted 10 minutes
d) The movie, Lost in Translation - I watched it all. It was okay.
e) A lightening storm. On both sides of the plane. While we landed. But surprisingly, it wasn't at all bumpy on the way down. But still impressive to watch.

Alright, stay strong, and have a great day,


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Another Airplane Sunday

Another Sunday...another epic fail with airplane transportation...this time, a 5 hour delay on my flight home...but of course, you gotta work with what you're let's review the weekend.

EDIT: Flight now canceled. Staying in Houston overnight. Going to do bodyweight workout in the hotel gym.

DOUBLE EDIT!: The flight is back on...hope to be home by 1am

Started weird...on Thursday I had an US customs officer who just wasn't "getting" what I do and why I would possibly travel to a seminar to go to a meeting. He said...

"If you've been in business for 9 years, why would you need to learn anything else?"

I told him, "I always want to be improving." Just like you, right?

And here's an article that will help you improve your interval workouts with "adrenaline interval training for fat loss"

=> Fat Loss Interval Training

Travel went smooth and I had a great first night at the Lakeway Resort near Austin, Texas.


Spent the day on the lake in Austin. Hanging out with Joel Marion, John Romaniello, Mike Geary, Tim Ferriss, and others. Had an epic tubing battle
with Jeff Siegel, from Got a lot of sun.


I tried out a shakeweight today for the first time. Seriously. I actually thought the Shake Weight was motorized, so i spent 5 minutes looking for the
on/off switch. Turns out YOU do the shaking. Weird. Now off to a real workout with Joelle Marionz, John Romaniello, and Jon Benson.

Update...flight has been cancelled. Uh-oh!

Will update you soon,


PS - Let me know what kind of Turbulence Training workout you'd like to see next...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Workout And Airport Again

Off to the airport and heading to Lake Travis near Austin, TX for a seminar this weekend. Still hoping to do a meathead workout tomorrow. I have one more nutrition myth that I'll be covering in tomorrow's TT email as well...its a controversial one for sure. Check out  for the 4 myths I've covered so far...

=> Fat Loss Nutrition Myths

Today's workout was okay...but should have been better. My back feels awesome, but I should have been week will be a lower intensity training week as I switch programs.

1A) Jumps - At least these were good
1B) Deadlifts

2A) Glute Ham Raise
2B) 1 leg Squat

3A) Shrugs
3B) Stability Ball Plank

One little piece of equipment that is really helping my back and glutes is this thing. I use the lil' mini sucker on my glutes...because foam rolling doesn't cut it


A tennis ball doesn't work and a lacrosse ball is okay, but this is the best I've found.

One more resource for you:

If you don't have this FREE interval training report, grab it here for interval ideas

=> Interval Training Report

‎"Success is the process of elimination. You must eliminate the nonsuccessful behavior in your life in order to make room for the successful behavior."
Larry Winget

So what can you change today?

Change the right things,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Workout, Behavior, & Goals

Another good workout today...

1A) Medicine Ball Throws
1B) Prone Stickups

2A) Bench Press
2B) Seated Row

3A) Incline Press
3B) DB Row

While I did Prone Stick-ups, the regular Stick-up is another good shoulder mobility exercise, and you can find it in this video:

=> Shoulder Mobility Exercises

And now for today's mindset tips:

1) "Are your behaviors matching your goals?" - Dr. John Berardi

2) "How is what I am doing today getting me closer to my goal" George Allen.

You must get these right if you want to succeed,


Breaking News: Dog Attacks Bootcamp

As usual, I started off this morning with a big long dog walk on the East Side of Toronto. Here's how it goes:

- We first hit a small fenced in dog park
- Then make our way up to a bigger sports park (with off-leash area)
- Next up is a walk past the restaurants in the Greek neighborhood
- Then its down to the scenic Riverside Park to climb a giant hill
- And then we finally finish off with a quick stroll through the trendy area of Leslieville

But something happened today that wasn't part of a normal there was a dog attack at a bootcamp in the sports park.

It turns out that some folks let their dogs off the leash a little too freely, and this one dog started chasing another dog around the circle of bootcamp clients, and then suddenly turned on the bootcamp and started licking one poor woman's face as she was holding a plank.

Oh wait, that was MY dog. My bad. I apologize.

Seriously, I promise I won't let it happen again. That's not cool. Funny now, yes, but not cool at 7 in the morning.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back to the Gym

I really wanted to get to the gym on Sunday, but the delayed flight put a stop to that. Maybe for the best to get an extra day of rest.

Went in today and felt great...held back a little, compared to what I used to do, and I left feeling strong and I know my back won't hurt. I feel as good as I've felt in over a year.

My workout today:

1A) 1-leg box jumps
1B) Box squats

2B) Glute-ham raise
2C) Planks

Today's resource:

Kettlebell workouts, 3 minute chinup test, and warning about deadly trans fats - all in this week's TT fat burning coaching call here

=> Kettlebell Exercises & Chinup Tests

And today's tough question for you...

I trust that today you're not going to a job you hate just so you can make money to buy things you don't need or so that you can retire to do nothing all day?

Keep fighting,


Sunday, July 11, 2010

It was almost perfect

It started off so well… 

99.5% of the flight went as schedule.

Despite getting to bed at 1:30am after celebrating Bedros Keuilian's birthday on Saturday night, I still managed to get up at 5:30am - feeling good - and got to the airport early for my 8am flight.

The 4hour flight started smoothly and I relaxed into watching Fight Club for the first time (yeah, first time, I know). After that I read 50 pages of "Bringing Out the Best in People", and by then it was time to land back in Toronto.

So there we were, literally 3 minutes from landing, when all of the sudden the pilot starts going the WRONG way. By that, I mean he started going up. Wrong way when you are trying to land.

I peaked out the window and realized why. We were heading directly into a storm cloud, and I doubt "Fly into a lightening storm" was on the pilot's bucket list, so he aborted. We circled around for an hour and then landed at another airport 65 miles away.

We waited. And waited.

By this time, I had started watching "Clash of the Titans" (cheesy, but good enough). And I had just finished that movie by the time we started our second attempt at landing in Toronto.

We were minuted from landing when it happened again. The pilot started going the wrong way. Up.

This time, a problem with the landing gear. So we circled again, fixed the issue, and finally, 3 hours late, landed.

Now it was time to sit for an hour on the runway waiting for a gate for the plane.

Finally, almost 9 hours after boarding the flight, we deplaned.


Now to everyone's credit on that plane, no one got upset. It was impressive how everyone dealt with it.

Maybe because it was the weekend, I don't know.

But in life, you're going to have days like this, and the only thing you can do is deal with it, and try to stick to your plan as closely as possible.

Fortunately, by being prepared, I had the right food to hold off hunger. I stuck with my plan, and I feel great now.

So you need to be prepared for the obstacles you are sure to face this week. And when you make a mistake, learn from the lesson so you don't get off track again.

Stay strong and stay prepared,


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday Meathead Workout

So I ended up training yesterday with Joel Marion, and we did a great upper body workout: DB chest press, seated row, pushups, lat pulldowns, db incline
(with 4s eccentric), db row, and then incline curls and db ez bar extensions. Very meatheadish.

Today's resources:

1) Rapid fire nutrition QnA session with Isabel De Los Rios (we cover protein, post-workout, wheat, and cheesecake)

=> Nutrition with Isabel De Los Rios

2) Congrats to the Winners of the 5-Week Turbulence Training Transformation Contest...check them out here:


And finally, today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"Everything you do either takes you closer to or further from your goals......even on weekends."

Stay strong,


Friday, July 09, 2010

5-Week TT Contest Winners!

Congrats to the Winners of the 5-Week Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. Check them out here.


No workout for this morning...but I went for a 40 minute dog walk (sans dog) and then some stretching.

While walking, I almost stepped on a few snails, and thought:

People can learn a lot of from snails. Nice steady progress. Very focused. Polite. No whining. A real "can do" attitude. Never giving up.

But it is also nice to not be a snail. In fact, we have it pretty easy.

Realize that no matter how "hard" we think things are, most of us really have the easiest life in the world! In fact, the irony is that in today's world, we actually need to make an effort to make our lives HARD by challenging ourselves.

So challenge yourself with this:

5 rounds of 5 minutes TT Bodyweight Cardio workout.

Enjoy! => Click here for the BW Cardio video


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Football Field & Upper Body Workouts

Just added the "TT Football Field 444" program to is a Platinum Members-only program. Pretty cool stuff.

My training today included several of the exercises that you'll see in the program, that you can do by attaching Blast Straps or TRX straps to soccer or football posts.

1A) Overhead squats
1B) Ring rear delt raises

2A) Rack lockouts
2B) Ring inverted row

3A) Ring dips
3B) Ring bodyweight triceps extensions

And today's kickbutt mindset tip:

"If you have a problem with _____, do something about it. It doesn't matter how big the ____ problem is, you can take action on fixing it today. Send an email to a friend asking for help with ___. Search the internet for solutions to _____. Or get off Facebook, and go fix your ____ problem in the real world. No matter what, there is no excuse to not work on fixing your ____ problem today."

Alright, now I'm off to the airport...heading to California for the weekend. Today's in flight reading material will be: "Viral Loop", "Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs", and "Bringing out the best in people".

I also just got a kindle, but I can't figure out how to get the book inside it.

Oh well,


PS - I wrote two books this morning:

First, my fat loss book:

"Don’t be lazy. Don’t overeat. Don’t make excuses. The end."

And second, my time management book:

"Chapter 1 - Stop looking for tips on time management. Chapter 2 - Do something."

As you can see, they are very short books.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So I stuck a bag of ice down my pants

My right glute (aka "butt cheek") felt a little weird after my workout, so I decided to put some ice on it.

The Workout:

1A) Jumps
1B) D

2A) 1-leg squats
Glute ham raise

3A) Shrugs
3B) Stability Ball Plank

Hopefully the glute is fine...but I'll be following these tips for a speedy recovery

=> How to recover faster from muscle injury

Speaking of recovery, I get a lot of post-workout nutrition questions, so I did an interview with Isabel De Los Rios about it here:

=> Isabel's post workout nutrition tips

And finally, I held a really cool contest on the Turbulence Training Fanpage asking to hear your top inspirational quotes, and we received over 300 entries! Very cool. However, I had to pick only 3 as our winners, and here they are:  

(NOTE: We run contests every week on the Fanpage and give away cool prizes, including 1-year Platinum TT Memberships.)
Winner #1 - Matt Rinaldi
"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

Winner #2 - Conred Rodrigues
"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot

Winner #3 - Elizabeth Hicks
"Why are you going to choose failure, when success is an option?" - Jillian Michaels

Thanks so much to everyone!!!

Stay strong,


Monday, July 05, 2010

5-Week Mini Transformation Voting

Hey everyone, here are the voting pages for the male and female categories of the 5-week mini contest.

You'll even discover proof that guys can lose 11, 16, and even up to 25 pounds in just 5 weeks. For women, the results seem to top out at 7 pounds in 5 weeks, but they are losing up to 9 inches as well.

Check out the dramatic results here:

=> Transformation Contest Voting

Voting continues until Thursday, July 8th at 11:59pm EST.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

And so...

If you want to maximize your chances of having amazing results just like these, I recommend you follow this simple 3 step formula.

Step #1 - Use the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss System.

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Step #3 - The fun part!

Take amazing after photos, enjoy the summer showing off your new body on the beach, have more energy, and feel and look totally amazing!

Looking forward to your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

Upper Body Workout in the Heat

Got off to an odd start today...internet was down. So I went to the gym early.

My workout was:

1A) Prone Stickups
1B) Bench Press

2A) Seated Row
2B) Incline Press

3A) DB Row
3B) DB Triceps Extension

The gym doesn't have AC so I was beat after that workout...but it was fun.

Went to the park with the dog and some lady from the Toronto Star took our photograph for a piece she is doing on how Torontonians are beating the we might be in the paper tomorrow if we make the cut. We'll see...

This heat reminds me of my trip to France last year...and I kind of wish I was back in Paris...working out at the Louvre, like I was in this video from last August:

=> Paris Bodyweight Workout

Finally, today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"There will be times you mess up...and that's cool, as long as you learn from it."

Don't be hard on yourself...just learn from your mistakes and avoid making the same ones in the future.

Get strong,


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Get Out There And Do Something

I had a great rest yesterday and was ready to train today.

Today's workout:

1A) 1-leg box jumps
1B) Box squats

2) RDL

3A) Glute-ham raise
3B) Plank.

120 more years of workouts like that and I'll be ready for Brock Lesnar.

And now today's mind-set tip from Buddha:

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." - Buddha........

So forget about any diet mistakes, and just focus on what you are doing now and what you can  get out there and do right now.

Today's resource:
This week's TT podcast features a discussion on caffeine and strength training results - plus my personal experience with a caffeine fueled workout from last helped me smash a personal best in a surprising exercise

=> Caffeine and Exercise

No caffeine today,


Friday, July 02, 2010

Blast Straps Workout

Today I played around with the blast straps...did a bunch of triceps extensions, biceps curls, ab extensions, rear delt flys, etc. I know i'm a meathead b/c i prefer the blast straps over the tmz ones.

Today's Kick-butt mindset tip:
Kekich Credo #2 - "Cherish time, your most valuable resource...To waste time is to waste your life. The most important choices you'll ever make are how you use your time."......

By the way, you can get all 100 Kekich Credos here


And finally...

A Weekend 3-Minute Chinup Challenge from Martin Rooney

From the latest Men's Health magazine...

Do as many chinups as you can in 3 minutes.
Don't go to failure in any set...that will decrease your score.
Do a few reps, rest 15-20. repeat.

Rooney's Score Levels for Men (I don't have any levels for women, sorry)

<19 = below average
20-29 = average
30-39 = good
40-49 = excellent
50+ = extraordinary

I must admit, I'm only in the good range.

Let me know how you do! Something fun you can do this weekend...maybe bet your trash-talking relatives/friends that you can do more than them.

Train safe though, of course.

Have fun,


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Take Control of Your Life

Halfway through the year, so this is timely.

Kekich Credo #84. "Nobody gets old by surprise."

I say, "If you want to lose fat, get ready to make a commitment. For the next 12 weeks, buckle down, plan and prepare, and TAKE ACTION. Did you know that 12 weeks is LESS than 0.3% of the average lifespan. Surely you can commit to 0.3% of your life, can't you? Time to take control of your life while you are still young!"

My workout today:

Extra long warm-up.

1A) Deadlifts
1B) Jumps

2A) 1-leg squats
2B) glute ham raise
2C) shrugs

Taking next 2 days off. It's holiday time and here are some tips:

=> Holiday Fat Loss Diet Tips

I'll leave you with this:

"To live an extraordinary life, you must resist an ordinary approach." - Frank McKinney

I say, "This applies to fat loss too. You can't eat a "normal" diet that consists of junk and soda and live a "normal" life of 6
hours of TV per day if you want the body of your dreams. You have to change, get out of your comfort zone, and be who you really want and deserve to be."

Stay strong and have a wicked holiday weekend,