Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to eat TWICE as much and stay lean

I just read a research study about pigging out and being lazy. The study, featured in the NY Times, showed that if you pig out but still have a great workout, that you'll be able to protect yourself from the damage.
That's great news, and at the link below I give you the exact workout you need to keep the fat off over the holidays. Basically, you can eat twice as much and stay lean (for a short while).
But you must NOT skip your workouts. That's why I'm sharing this fantastic 30-minute fat burning solution that will protect your abs while pigging out:
All you need is a set of dumbbells and a bench. Do your metabolic resistance training supersets, your metabolic conditioning circuits, and then a round of bodyweight finishers, and you'll be able to stay lean even if you eat almost TWICE as much as normal.
That's how powerful these workouts are <= get this "Black Friday" deal
Do this workout on your "cheat days" and you'll keep the fat off and even end up losing belly fat over the holidays.
You can do it,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - I'm not done helping you survive Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow I'll be back with diet secrets, including the ONE thing you can use to cheat your way to a guilt-free Thanksgiving.
And I also have a very personal article I'm going to share with you on Sunday or Monday. 
It's about how I changed my life with a simple 5-minute (non workout) activity. I guarantee it will help you too.
Have a great weekend, and safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers. I'm joining you this year and heading to Tampa, Florida for my first-ever American Thanksgiving with Joel Marion and family.
And yes, I'll be making Joel go through this workout with me tomorrow to start the day! It's going to be great to workout outside again.
PPS - Bally the Dog wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving too, and wishes he could be at your place to steal some turkey. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

T-day Travel to Tampa prep and garage workout

Two days was all I had out on the farm, but it was enough for two awesome workouts on my new 4-week program.

It kicked off with yesterday's barbell session, and today moved to the garage for a strength-metabolic workout combo.

1A) KB Split Squats
1B) Chin-ups
1C) KB Clean & Press

2A) KB Goblet Squat
2B) KB Swing
2C) Power Wheel Rollout

Good fun.

But if you don't have all those cool tools to use at home, I have great news for you.

This is the best fat burning workout plan for beating Thanksgiving feasts and making it through the Christmas Holidays while finally LOSING weight for once!

Later today I'll drive from the farm to a Toronto Airport hotel. Tomorrow I fly to Joel Marion's house in Tampa, FLA, for my 1st American Thanksgiving. Pumped for it!

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Here's the main reason I'm going to Florida...

Surround yourself with positive people that believe in you and make you play UP a level.

"When you believe you can do it, you work harder. When others believe in you, they push you harder. Together, these things make you do better — so you have a reason to be confident." - Eric Barker

Joel is super positive and always encouraging me to help more people through my writing. We're going to have a great time with his family. They are awesome.

Finally, today's article is all about reinvention. You CAN reinvent yourself, and you can do it from the outside in:

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Stressed?

Just breathe.

Ask yourself, will this matter in 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years?

Breathe again. Deeply. One more. Good.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Reason #1001 Cardio Sucks

Quiz: The average American will eat ___ calories on Thanksgiving Day?
a) 4500    b) 3000   c) 10,000   d) 3500
The answer in a second. But first, a BIG "cardio confessional mentality"
mistake that most people make.
According to the Wall Street Journal, participation in "Turkey Trots" is at an
all time high, but here's the shocker...the number of calories burned in these
races has decreased from 460 calories to 410 calories
Why? Because the races are getting shorter...
But I'll bet 99% of the people think that the short cardio session will allow them
to eat whatever they want all day long.
And that's why average calorie intake tops 3,000 on T-Day.
Don't make the same cardio mindset mistake.
A little jog doesn't burn enough calories to overcome a big blowout.
Instead, you need total body workouts that combine metabolic resistance 
training with conditioning. 
Here's the solution. Of all the fitness experts in the industry, there's ONE guy
I trust more than anyone else for hard-to-the-core workouts.
He's my go-to guy in the gym (I've trained with him all over the country), for
hanging out with (whether in LA, NYC, or even at the Jersesy Shore), texting
Seinfeld jokes with, and going to Pearl Jam concerts with...
That expert (and one of my best friends in the world) is Jason Ferruggia. When
it comes to training, I trust Jay, because he's been training folks even longer than
I fact, 2014 will mark 20 years for Jay in the fitness game.
Training with Jay at his gym in Jersey is Meathead heaven, even when 
we're doing Renegade Cardio with the Prowler or Battling Ropes, or 
some crazy muscle-building finishers like curls with chains.
The most ripped physiques in the world, like those of NFL wide receivers
or UFC fighters, are built with high intensity conditioning; not traditional
cardio. Those guys can't afford to lose muscle or power. 
  • Bodyweight Circuits- A collection of finishers based on nothing but
    bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime. On the road,
    in a hotel room, on the beach, you name it.

  • "One in the Chamber"- A collection of finishers based on only one
    exercise or training implement.
  • Kettelbell Killers- Various kettllebell circuits to jack up your conditioning
    and incinerate bodyfat.
  • Bike Circuits- If you have to use a bike for conditioning this is the way
    to use it. Discover how to mix bike intervals with various other exercises
    for maximal results.

  • Battling Ropes & Jump Ropes- Low impact circuits for awesome results.
  • Barbell Complexes- The most effective barbell complexes that only require
    an empty bar and some space.
  • Pyramids- One of my favorite conditioning methods and definitely not for
    the weak of heart.
  • Deck of Cards- One of the most popular yet feared workouts at
    Renegade Gym.
  • "On the Mix Now"- A collection of various circuits incorporating
    bodyweight, kettlebells, ropes, sleds, sledgehammers, sandbags, medicine
    balls and more.
  • Plus 10 bonus hill sprint and strongman workouts

If you're a trainer or bootcamp instructor this is a must-have resource.

Become a Renegade with this NEW fat burning Un-Cardio Training

Even I could do 10 minutes of THIS cardio,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Tokyo-Toronto-Training-Tampa Journey Continues

Sunday was an interesting 37.5 hour day (18 hours in Tokyo +++ 19.5 hours in North America). Both of my flights home (from Tokyo to San Fran, and San Fran to TO) were smooth.

I slept really well on the Tokyo leg, so I decided to drive the 75 minutes from Toronto back to the farm at midnight on Sunday rather than staying at a hotel. Worked out well.

But cold as heck here on the February cold! That's twice already this fall it's been super cold. Dang. Doesn't usually get like this until the new year.

Upon my return to the farm, I slept from 1am to 7am, walked the dog in the bitter cold, meditated for 23 minutes, did my daily readings, and then started my workout warmup.

This was followed by a short drive to the YMCA where I did:

Box Jumps
Bench Press

Pretty great workout considering I was in Tokyo just 48 hours earlier and on some insane futuristic time zone. ;)

I consolidate all of my barbell lifts into 1-2 workouts per week so that I can do the other 2-3 workouts in my garage...or in any half-decently equipped gym (just need at least 1 kettlebell and either a pullup bar or TRX).

After training it was a Paleo Protein Powder shake and my superfoodz snack of raw almonds, shredded coconut, and raw cacao nibs. I had this while doing my Facebook QnA session at

Couple of common questions popped up on my TT QnA today:

Q: How long should your fat loss workouts be? And why can't you workout every day?

30 minutes is enough. Everyone, from pro athletes to regular mortals like us, needs recovery days. More does not equal more results. More = overuse injury. Train hard no more than 4 days per week. Then take some time off. Stay active, go for a hike, do yoga, etc, on off days for physical and mental health. Thanks!

For the best 30 minute fat loss workouts, get TT here:

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Surround yourself with positive people. Eliminate the toxic, negative people in your life.

If you really, truly want to change, you can't let others make you feel guilty for your decisions. Stand up for what is right for you.

Now it's time to get back to work.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tokyo to Toronto

Last day in Tokyo today. We spent a couple of hours in an electronics store (massive, 7 stories) looking at cheap 3-D printers and other cool toys that will soon be changing the future. After that, a Wagyu beef burger at Blacows. Pretty rich, that will keep me full for a while.

The day started with workout in the Conrad Hotel gym of squats, db chest supported row, deadlifts, and db incline presses. That was followed by cable abs and face pulls, finished with shrugs. Good times. I was still training light because it was a deload week. Real workouts start Tuesday morning for a new program.

Last night we had another kaiseki dinner. This was our 3rd of the trip, and a kaiseki meal involves about 8-10 courses. The majority are fish based, and it was an incredible meal. From sea cucumber (not great) to oysters, clams, fried crab, salmon and rice, and chestnut rolls, the variety was fantastic. Earlier in the day we walked around the Harajuku shopping area of Tokyo amongst a sea of people. It was like the streets of NYC, twenty people wide and non-stop wave after wave of people. Pretty cool.

But for now, it's a bit more time at the airport and then off to San Francisco - followed by a long layover - and then finally back to Toronto. One more night at a hotel before driving home early in the morning.

Oh, and then back to a hotel on Tuesday night before my flight to Florida on Wednesday for Thanksgiving, followed by a flight on Friday to Mexico for Mike Geary's wedding. A lot of airports, but worth every minute of the hassle.

And always training in there too,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tokyo Training and Travel

Well, it wasn't perfect, but it went relatively smoothly. My trip from Toronto to Tokyo (via a layover in Chicago) took about 2.5 hours longer than expected due to a flight delay and traffic jam in Tokyo.

But, that said, I'm here safe and sound and feeling great.

I'm particularly pleased that I booked most of the trip (the business class flight, and 2 of 5 hotel nights) entirely on reward points. I always thought it was impossible to use them, but I pulled off a $12,000 trip. Victory is mine.

The day (that is to say, Day 1) started at 3am in Toronto with a quick workout in the hotel gym (db presses, rows, pushups, pulldowns), then an early morning flight to Chicago.

I left myself with plenty of time to make the connection because I knew that flights from Toronto to Chicago have a high possibility of delay. It turned out to be overly conservative because the TO-CHI flight was on time, but the CHI-Tokyo flight was delayed two hours.

I made great use of this break, however, by finishing the awesome December TT Workout of the Month. It's all 4-minute workouts put together in a 4-day sequence (you'll do 4 different 4 minute workouts each of those days).

There are a couple of doozies, like the Burpee Challenge and "Climb the Burpee Ladder" Challenge. And we have follow along videos for them, too. If you have then you will get these videos for free. Victory is yours.

Finally it was time to board the flight, and not a moment too soon, as I had been stuck in the United Lounge watching the "New England Patriots missed penalty debacle" replay over and over and over again on ESPN. And there's nothing like listening to a bunch of old white male road warriors giving their opinion as they sit around the bar in the lounge. LOL.

The flight went well...I ate, at about 4pm Chicago time, stayed upright for an hour to prevent heartburn, and then laid out flat and slept on and off for 8 hours. The second half of the sleep was much more restful, and now I'm a little too awake for 10pm Tokyo time.

When I arrived at my hotel I did a bodyweight only hotel room workout of Prisoner Squats and Pushups. 300 squats and 100 pushups, done in sets of 20. (Obviously doing a few more sets of squats to get there.) That's a decent workout to maintain fitness (for me) while traveling. I'll hit the hotel gym tomorrow.

But mostly I'll be playing tourist on Thursday, and leaving structured work behind. I'm scheduled for a 4am pickup to head to the Tokyo fish market with my business partner, Matt Smith. Then we're meeting more friends and heading out into the Japanese countryside. But that said, I'm sure I'll be inspired to create some workouts or articles but the things I see. Hopefully I'll get some fantastic photos as well, particularly of sea monsters at the market.

Until then, check out my latest MH article on the "Ab Miracle Worker":

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
"Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy, or stupid. Those things are what happen when you don't have a plan." – Larry Winget

How do you measure up on this 8-point checklist of the "secretly" rich

Have the courage to conquer your fear of failure. Rise to the challenge.

Never give up on what is important to you,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Monday, November 18, 2013

Burn 20 calories per minute with this odd tool

Most people have no idea how powerful this ODD exercise tool really is.
Research from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) has shown that you can burn up to 20 calories per minute with this odd training method. You could burn off last night's dessert in about 10 minutes...
It's the highest level of calorie burning you can get - even more than hill sprints.
If you were to do intervals on the treadmill, you'd probably hit a maximum of 16 calories per minute (even with a steep incline).
And I'm proof that this odd little tool see, when I was in Italy last month, I cheated on my diet pretty hard...
... yet I came back the same weight as I left...and it was because I used this tool.
That's why you should have this training method in your metabolic fat loss program. 
The ACE study - performed on men AND women - also found that this ONE workout method increased their abdominal core strength by an amazing 70%!
They didn't do crunches, they didn't do sit ups, they didn't even do boring planks.
All they did was this one odd workout method.
Use it and lose it,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Burning 20 calories a minute allows you to...
...burn off:
- A big chocolate chip cookie in 10 minutes
- A can of soda in 7 minutes
- A light beer or small glass of wine in just over 5 minutes!

The Odd Grandpa Diet Trick

I call this "The Grandpa Diet Trick".
It makes me think of my grandfather back in the early 80's, chewing his food for what seemed like forever because of his dentures.
Not a pleasant thought, I know. But here's the latest diet trick that will help you eat less.
According to research from the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, "Increasing the Number of Chews before Swallowing Reduces Meal Size in Normal-Weight, Overweight, and Obese Adults" (Yong, Z. and Hollis, J.). 
In this study, 45 folks from Iowa came into the research lab on 3 occasions for a pizza lunch. They were asked to chew their food normally (1), one-and-a-half times more than normal (2), or twice as many times as normal (3).
The results showed that chewing 1.5x's and 2x's more than normal reduced the amount of food the subjects ate by almost 15%. 
So chewing your food for twice as long as you normally do "might be a strategy to reduce food intake and lose weight".

Frankly, I find that more comical than useful. Who wants to sit there twice as long gumming their food into a fine paste. But I guess if it helps you, that's great. Every little tip matters.
What's more practical is being able to eat delicious home cooked meals and still lose fat with ease. And you can do that. It's 100% possible.
The recipes are so simple even I can make them. Heck, it was because I was using them that I practically begged Dani and Britt to create this collection.
So yes, you're very welcome. :) 
Here's the feedback so far that Daniel has received from happy readers...
"Dani, I have cut out all grains; it works best for my body right now. It's been a learning period for me while I cleansed my body of crap. This is why I snatched up your recipes!" - Denise Patterson, TT Member 
"Hi Daniel! I just bought your recipe book and the grocery list/meal plan for 8 weeks...I am so excited to try the recipes out as they look delicious." - Ellen Wilson

"I just made your pancakes today and they were delicious!" - Debra Curry

"I just ordered this and I'm so impressed! Having a child with celiac disease has made me so aware of the problems of gluten. This is fantastic!" - Tracy Keller

"Got it! Great addition to my Clean Eating Recipes collection." - Arlene Kays

"Just got a copy. I can't wait to try the recipes, they look great!" - Jason Morrow

Get 120 gourmet recipes to eat great & lose belly fat fast 
To your gourmet eating and fat loss success,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - The price is about to double on this cookbook... please hurry and grab this on-sale offer today. 
For less than the cost of eating a "home cooked meal" at your local "Mom's Diner", you can get 120 amazing recipes to make in just 20 minutes.
And instead of eating 1500 calories at the diner, you'll be full, satisfied, and burning fat at home while saving money, too.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Japanese Deload Week

My trip to Japan, starting Tuesday morning, coincides nicely with a scheduled deload week in my training.

As I get organized for Japan and review my travel schedule, I've realized I spend almost two full calendar days to get from door to door.

Because I booked this flight on air miles (score! ... with downsides - i.e. - the connection), I have a connection each way. First, early Tuesday, I go from Toronto to Chicago and have a 3 hour layover before the 13 hour flight to Japan. I'm going to try and sleep for the last half of the flight.

I then arrive in Tokyo at 5pm on Wednesday and have to take a train to the hotel, and who knows how I will be feeling at that point. Will I be wide awake? Dead tired? Who knows? We shall see.

Then to throw in a twist, we are scheduled to go to the famous fish market at 4am on Thursday morning...will I sleep before...will I not be able to fall asleep...Geez, it's going to be a wild experiment.

On the way home, I leave the hotel at 3pm, catch a 9 hour flight from Tokyo to San Fran, and then have a 3 hour layover before flying from SF to TO, arriving at midnight on Sunday night. So it just feels like a day of travel on the way back, but I get home very late.

Then how will I feel? Dead tired? Wide awake?

I imagine I will feel totally bewildered. Again, another interesting life experience experiment...

While I'm gone, I'll probably do a bodyweight circuit or two each day. If I hit a hotel gym, I'll just do 1 set per exercise, and then come back fresh and ready to live again on Tuesday, Nov 26th. The day before I go on another 12 day road trip, ha! Oh well, on that one I'll have better access to weights. More details on that soon...

But when I return to the heavy weights, here's good advice to follow:

Cut back to 2 rounds of each exercise, or even 1, in your first week back. Then work your way up to the full 3 rounds again the week after. Enjoy!

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Add one new positive habit each day this week. Remove one negative habit. Baby steps, little bets, over time, add up to big success stories.

My hero will give you hope. Read his story here

Stay strong with each step in the right direction,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Saturday, November 16, 2013

KB Training and Sample Workouts

It's a beautiful fall morning out on the farm. No travel, just a garage workout with my Kettlebells & TRX, an hour to read the weekend paper, time to catch-up with friends, and plenty of reading.

And eating – 3000 calories of healthy food for fat loss goodness. My 3000 calorie diet is here

The Saturday Workout
KB Front Squats, Swings, Presses, combined in circuits with TRX rows, triceps extensions, pushups, curls, and ab fallouts

Then we did a FB QnA, and had some great TT sample workout feedback:

"Hi there, I have purchased your 12 week workouts on your home workout revolution page, and have enjoyed these workouts, and then this morning I saw your intermediate workout c from tt 2.0, and tried this 30 min. Workout and loved it! Where can I get all of these workouts and the advanced workouts as well? Thanks!" - Lauren Jones

Here's the sample workout she's talking about:

And the answer to her question is go to this website for your 12-week program:

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Stop caring about whether anonymous people you'll never meet like you or not. you can't please everyone.

Make today GREAT. Your life, your choice, your chance to change. You control your thoughts, actions, & behaviors. You control the outcome. Choose wisely.

Grab a copy of my Gratitude Journal here and change your life in a few minutes each day

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hearty meals for fat loss because you need to eat more to burn more

From the TT Forum yesterday, where a frustrated dieter had previously been complaining about her lack of success on the Turbulence Training program.
After advising her to eat more - YES, eat MORE - she came back to say...
"I added a snack at night and my calorie intake is now up by 150 calories. I don't know if it's because of this, but I lost 3 pounds this week!"
Listen, you can't starve yourself lean & sexy, whether you're a man or woman.
Dieting too much is like too much cardio - you lose muscle, NOT fat.
It only makes things worse...turning you into a "fat boy slim" (or 'skinny-fat girl'). Either way, you end up more frustrated than when you started.
Here's the solution.
Eat MORE, burn MORE.
But eat more of what? 

The answer is the basics. Your delicious meal plan should be based on awesome whole fruits and vegetables (no juices!), raw nuts (nuts do NOT cause weight gain), healthy fats, and healthy protein sources. It's that simple.
But...then there's reality.
Research from Weight Watchers shows that when people eliminate bread from their diet, they tend to fail with their diet. must avoid the #1 ingredient (wheat) that KILLS of your energy, and probably causes you to gain belly fat and have a bloated belly.
So you need to avoid wheat...but you still need to eat the heck is that possible?
The solution is here...along with how you can eat more home cooked meals - hearty and filling - while losing fat.
It's the perfect solution.
Eat more. Burn more. Eat bread. Lose belly fat.
One of my Certified Turbulence Trainers, Dani Woodrum, and his girlfriend Brittney are a down-to-earth young couple in charming South Carolina. Dani is always sharing the amazing, mouthwatering recipes that allowed him to eat bread ( and even cookies) every day while they lost 22 pounds combined.
Dani and Britt are super busy, just like you and me, but they managed to use simple ingredients to create delicious meals that take less than 20 minutes to prepare...
... but they are not your ordinary recipes. You gotta check these out. At the link below, you'll get a few free sample recipes...
Even ol' Craig the Kitchen Clutz can follow - and approve - those recipes! (And Bally the Dog likes them too, surprise, surprise.)
Now it's off to make the Fro-Pro bowl that Dani introduced me to many months ago. It's legendary (just go to that link above for the free recipe).
Tomorrow: My Daily Diet (been a long time since I updated this...and there have been big changes).
Until then, try Dani's recipes tonight and lose fat while finally feeling FULL.
You will also get my daily diet checklist,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Please Do Not Do These Workouts - By Roman

My friend Roman just sent me this email. You must read his plea.
He's one of the top fitness experts in the world, a NY Times best-selling author, and a guy that I've teamed up with on many workouts.
I strongly recommend you take his advice. Roman's a great writer, and he makes this argument as well - or even better - than even I could (and he's almost as funny as Bally the Dog)...
Please Do NOT Do P90X 
By Roman
If the success of major programs like P90X has taught us anything, it's that as long as you have a decent program and you're willing to work hard, you can get good results.

And that's really what P90X is: pretty decent. There are a lot of good things about it, and I love that people are working hard and getting people good results. BUT, from a programming standpoint, to be honest I am not really impressed.

Now, that's my opinion, but I like to think I have a fairly high level of expertise when it comes to these sorts of things.

And DON'T even get me started on the price!

But, as I mentioned to you yesterday, you can now get 51--FIFTY ONE--different workouts BETTER than P90X, or Insanity, or anything else you'll find on in the DVD section of Target.

Oh...and you can get them for less than 25% of what you'd pay for those programs.

Here's the scoop: Craig Ballantyne--one of the top fat loss coaches in the world--is running a sale on his best selling program "Home Workout Revolution".

==> Home Workout Revolution <-- 51="" anywhere="" br="" can="" do="" workouts="" you="">
HWR has helped revolutionize the way people train; and you can be next.

Seriously, this program gives me hope. Really hope.

Hope that maybe we'll FINALLY get the message through that long, boring cardio is the least effective way to burn fat. (Seriously, iisn't.)

Hope that maybe we'll finally dispel the myth that you NEED to have a lot of equipment. (Seriously, you don't.)

The truth is, as long as you have your bodyweight and an awesome collection of NO-equipment exercises and workouts, you can get into the best shape of your LIFE.

It doesn't matter how much--or little--time you have. In fact, you can do these workouts than less time than it currently takes you to drive to the gym!

==> Home Workout Revolution <-- 51="" br="" expires="" for="" off="" tonight="" workouts="">
You certainly won't need the equipment--because you don't need stupid, lame, long cardio when you can get BETTER results in just 4 minutes of bodyweight exercise. (Seriously. SERIOUSLY.)

And I want to hook you up with workouts that will help you in all of those categories. And so does Craig.

Which is why he's running an extra special sale on HWR (offering the program for an astounding 51% off) and making it available to you, as a member of the Roman Fitness Empire

There is, however, a catch...

Because the sale is so extreme, it's very, very short.

And by that, I mean it ends...tonight. At midnight, EST. No exceptions. No extensions. No excuses.

Either you pick up HWR for 51% before midnight TONIGHT...or you miss out on the sale completely. No awesome workouts, no awesome savings.

As I said, Home Workout Resolution is, in my opinion, better than some of the "big name" programs like P90X -- and already costs about 25% of the price.  

But, of course, sales have to end, and the price goes up at midnight tonight.

==> Home Workout Revolution <-- at="" discount="" em="" expires="">midnight
So, definitely grab it before then, so you get the workouts AND the savings.

HWR is a kick-butt program from one of the best in the business; and, it's certainly better than any at-home workout on the market, and costs WAY less than any of them.
Like everything else Craig has written, Home Workout Revolution is top notch. I really can't say enough about it.

Absolutely pick it up before midnight (discount expires and all)
Good luck!


5x5 squat bench deadlift variations

Five by five again today, with the basics and a twist.

First up was squats, was able to get a 6th rep on the 5th set. Good stuff. Getting stronger.

The twist was on the bench press. Instead of regular bench, I did close-grip, 3-board presses. This works the triceps super hard. These are like pin press lockouts, but without the awkwardness of hitting pins on one side first before the other. Either way, excellent overload on the elbow extensors. Easy on the shoulders. Can be tough on the wrists.

Followed that with RDL's. Didn't go 5x5 on these...did 4x8 instead. Could have sore hammers tomorrow.

Good workout. Then a post-lifting hot chocolate. On a cold day like today, that was greatly preferred over a protein shake.

Alright, one last is the last day to get over 51 no-equipment bodyweight workouts at more than 51% off the regular price here:


And take action...time is running out.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
If something is important to you, MAKE time for it. No one finds time. There's a big difference when you have the Make Time Mindset.

You can make a LOT of changes and improvements in what is left of 2013 (47 days). Keep on pushing. Sprint right through the finish line. NEVER ever give up on what is important to you.

Ok, time to go...many articles to write...working on one about one of the greatest inspirations in my life...a non-business man that can teach us all about persevering, creating a legacy, and overcoming obstacles. Until then, stay strong and get STRONGER!

And keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Remember:

You desire praise and recognition for your efforts, so why not praise someone today that deserves it. They want it as badly as you do, and you’ll actually feel better when you give it than receive it.

“Show gratitude for what you have received; wait for the remainder, and be happy that your cup is not yet full; it is a form of pleasure to have something left to hope for.” – Seneca

10 bodyweight workouts to do

My friend, and world traveler, Simon Black, sent me this feedback
when he tried my new Home Workout Revolution (HWR) program:
"Well done. This is the best product of yours that I've seen. Great video,
well-shot, great exercises, great energy.

Ironically, I just arrived to Ecuador after a 5+ hour flight, and didn't have
time for the gym this morning. So I just popped into your HWR site and did:

1) Punisher Iso X
2) First half of 5 Rounds of 5
3) First half of Bodyweight Super Sets

No joke... I was smoked. Great stuff."


Classic feedback. TT readers are loving this new program, and
yes, it is unlike anything else we've ever created. I'm proud to
announce that over 10,000 TT readers have joined the Home
Workout Revolution
. I am truly grateful for your hard work.

But I'm a little concerned because I don't see your name on the list.
And the HWR program is ONLY on sale for just 12 more hours. Don't
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Once you do, here are the Top 10 Workouts you MUST do from HWR:

10) Beginner 20-10 Total Body Extension 12-Minute Workout

Yes, it's in the Beginner section, but it will also give you
a great workout at any fitness level because you can easily
modify to make it harder. Great for a post-workout finisher
after any workout.

9) 20-10 Quad Domination

Oh, mercy, mercy, me. Your leg muscles ain't what they used
to be, oh no! Not after this one. Wooooo doggy, you will be
amazed at what you can do to your thighs in a few minutes.

8) 20-10 Upper Body Uh-Nialation

An amazing upper body pump from NO-equipment bodyweight
exercises done anytime, anywhere? You bet. Enjoy this workout
as a gift from my Inner Meathead.
Get Instant Access to this workout here <= plus 50 other workouts

7) Beginner Big 7 Bodyweight and Ab Circuit

Another Beginner workout makes the cut...and this one deserves
it because you can turn this into a quick total body + abs
circuit that can be done anywhere, anytime, even in a hotel
room - that's where I've used it while traveling. Good times!

6) Punisher X

This simple 4-minute Challenge will smoke you on its own! It's
the X-rated version of our classic "Punisher". (X-rated
referring to Xtreme Results!)

5) The New 5 Rounds of 5

This one is a little longer than most, but it is a complete
Advanced workout. If you've ever tried a TT Bodyweight Cardio
routine, you know how legendary they are. Now try a NEW one!

4) 20-10 14-Minute Bodyweight Punisher

Okay, Mr. Pancakes, Mikey Whitfield, gets whipped into shape
in this workout. You'll love it. It's a high-energy session
that will make you think you just spent 40-minutes in the gym,
not just 14. Mikey liked it.
3) The Burpee-Jump Challenge Workout

This is the one that kicked my butt the most. It's exhausting,
but exhilarating. You'll feel amazing all day long after you
try this one out.

2) 20-10 19-Minute Workout

Push your limits with the 20-10 Bodyweight Revolution System.
This is one of the toughest programs in the plan. Enjoy!

1) The 20-10 Gauntlet

If you've never done my Gauntlet workouts before, then you're
in for a treat with this one. And if you have, let me tell
you, the Legend continues.

I won't ruin the surprise by letting you know what's in store,
other than to say, "Please forgive me."
Get 51 new workout videos here <= only 12 hours left
Enjoy the workouts,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Yes, the HWR System comes with...
...a Nutrition system.
You'll get my Diet Revolution manual as a free bonus.
Save money and get your workout and diet plan here:
Sale ends tonight - NO extensions!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Garage Workouts and Insanity

You want to get more done, boost your metabolism, conquer the world, and man-up?

Here's how to start...

Be crystal clear on what you want to accomplish. Write it out. Plan your day. Outline your work. Control your time. Attack the day.

It's so cold here today on the farm that I have had brain freeze. It was -8 degrees Celcius (17 Farenheit) when I walked ol' Bally the Dog today. He loved it. And I did me in the Christmas spirit...

...which will shift next week when I go to Japan, and then the week after when I go to Florida for Thanksgiving...followed by Mexico for my friend Mike Geary's wedding. I'll be using my Home Workout Revolution program a lot during these travels.

But today I had to warm-up my brain freeze with an awesome heat-producing, metabolism-boosting, workout I did in my garage.

I crushed KB Front Squats until they crushed me, and did pullups, KB Snatches, KB Clean and presses, and heavy KB Swings. Finished with some Power Wheel Rollouts. Speaking of the Power Wheel, I just wrote an article for on how to use the Power Wheel to build a strong core. You'll love it.

Until then, check out my answer to one of my most common questions received on Facebook..."What's the BEST cardio for fat loss?"


Another common comment I get on Facebook is exposes a major problem with the Insanity workout. Here's what two readers had to say on my Facebook page:

"I have done Insanity 2 times but I'm 55 and I thought Insanity was doing more damage to me than good and I wanted to try a shorter workout." - Marty Shuttlesworth


"I tried Insanity and I thought my knees would never recover." - Elizabeth Phillips

Ouch. The Insanity workouts are best suited for pro athletes, not busy men and women that want to lose fat after a hard day of work.

And don't get me started on the fact that you need a full 45 minutes almost every day of the week to do the workouts.

Those workouts just beat up your knees and shoulders because they have you do TOO much, too fast. There's a better way to get fit and lose fat, and it's my Home Workout Revolution program (no-equipment bodyweight workouts that take less than 20 minutes, three times per week).

"Just Say NO To Cardio"!

Use fat burning, NO-equipment bodyweight workouts instead.

Get all 71 workouts here

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Until you take personal responsibility, you will not move ahead in life. It is the single most important mental shift that you can make. Don’t rationalize your procrastination. Glue your butt to the seat and get to work. Identify 2 solutions for every obstacle in your life. Eliminate the rationalizations & obstacles that stop you from moving ahead.

OK, time to shop time is over, time to run some errands, have lunch, and get back to writing. Working on the "ETR Book of the Year" post for you. A book that you and your high-school/college-aged kids need to read...

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4 minute workout battle in Japan

Dr. Tabata won't know what hit him when I show up in Tokyo next week.

Tabata, as you may or may not know, is the evil genius responsible for the
original 20-10 workout idea.

But as you also know, our Home Workout Revolution programs have taken
20-10 training to a new level of awesomeness.

Next week, I've been invited on a business trip to Tokyo. It will be my first
time in Japan.
I'll head to the famous Tokyo fish market, take a trip to a ryokan in the country for
a traditional tea ceremony, and of course, I plan to visit the legendary gym at the
Park Hyatt (where my friend said the view of Mt. Fuji from the pool is amazing).

My business partner and I also have a free day for exploring the city, and so I have
two options. One, if you're a fan of Tokyo, drop by my FB page and let me know
what I should do


I can track down Dr. Tabata and put him through the latest 20-10 4-Minute workouts
that I filmed on the weekend. Here's one I'd love to put him through..."The 4-Minute
20-10 Burpee Challenge
I filmed the Burpee workout on Sunday morning and it was legendary. Frankly, it
wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be (even though it was a 9/10 intensity
level...but I was expecting an 11!).
When the final bell rang, I finished up my 45th burpee and thought, "Hmmm, I
should do at least another round to hit 50." When you take the challenge, let me
know your score on my TT Facebook page.
I love hearing your results, seeing your transformations, and knowing the 4-minute
workouts are changing your life and saving you time every day. As an HWR
customer, you'll get these 10 new 4-minute workout videos by December 1st.

Until then, I have a very special update you need to check out.

You might not know that I have over 107 monthly 4-week workout programs. You
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Looking forward to hearing from you.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT, MS
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Creator, Home Workout Revolution System
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See you on the TT forums.

Better than Insanity

There's a major problem with the Insanity workout. Here's what two readers had to say on my Facebook page:
"I have done Insanity 2 times but I'm 55 and I thought Insanity was doing more damage to me than good and I wanted to try a shorter workout." - Marty Shuttlesworth
"I tried Insanity and I thought my knees would never recover." - Elizabeth Phillips 
Ouch. The Insanity workouts are best suited for pro athletes, not busy men and women that want to lose fat after a hard day of work.
And don't get me started on the fact that you need a full 45 minutes almost every day of the week to do the workouts.
Those workouts just beat up your knees and shoulders because they have you do TOO much, too fast. Here's a better way to get fit and lose fat:
Plus, these workouts are just a fraction of the price because they are on sale this week only at over 51% off the regular price.
And you get immediate online access to the videos rather than having to wait weeks for the DVDs to show up in the mail.
I could go on and on why the Home Workout Revolution program is better, but why don't we hear from happy HWR users instead...
"Hey Craig - I finished the 12-week Home Workout Revolution program and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. The workouts were a perfect fit before I went to work, and it feels great to have that accomplished first thing in the morning! Thanks so much for the time and energy that you invest in making this available and supporting those of us who are working through your workouts. You are a gem and what you produce is just tremendously valuable!" - Tina Christie
"I also completed the 12 week Home Workout Revolution program and I must say I enjoyed it. It kicked my butt most of the time. Since the workouts were shorter than what I used to do, I felt like I gave a more consistent effort throughout the workouts. In 12 weeks I lost 18.8 pounds going from 222 to 204!" - Chuck Arbo
"I am grossly out of shape, but am starting to get consistent with the Home Workout Revolution program. I am making strides in the right direction. I feel better after doing the workouts...once I recover. Looking forward to the benefits as I am consistent! Thank you for your kindness creating a workout that even a grossly overweight, older person can do!" - Dodi Smith
Here's why my short bodyweight workouts are better than all other programs

You get the same benefits as Insanity - fat loss, abs, strength, power, and
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Burn fat with NO-equipment workouts <= 51 videos, 51% off sale

Long Live the Home Workout Revolution,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
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PS - Just added 20 NEW workouts...
...and filmed another 10 new workouts on the weekend.
Twenty brand NEW Home Workout Revolution videos have finally been added to the site. You'll get fourteen 4-Minute Miracles and six 6-Minute 6-Pack workouts PLUS all 51 of the NO-equipment Home Workout Revolution programs.

You'll be amazed on what you can do with just your bodyweight and in
a small amount of space at home, in a park, or even a hotel room.
Your knees will thank you for making the switch, and YES, you can get fit and lose belly fat in as little as just 4 minutes per day.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Ooops. So many people don't know this.
I get this question a couple of times per day, so I finally set up some free videos that explain the answer better than any article ever could. The question is...
Q: Hey Craig, what's the difference between Home Workout Revolution (HWR) and Turbulence Training (TT)?
My answer:

I apologize for the confusion. 
1) The Turbulence Training workouts use dumbbells and bodyweight exercises in 30-minute workouts to help you burn fat and build muscle. You even get TRX and Barbell exercise options, but you do NOT need those pieces of equipment to do the program.


2) The HWR workouts use shorter (less than 20 minutes, and often less than 10 minutes), NO-equipment workouts for fitness and fat loss.

Let me know which one you like the most,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - 150,000 people have spoken...
...these workouts WORK.
Give them a try and then drop by my Facebook page and let me know what you think.

Squats vs. Deadlifts vs. Alien vs. Predator

Glutes were tired. Knees were good. Hamstrings were super healthy. Grip was fresh.

And yet the workout surprised me.

I thought it would be a record day on deadlifts and a day to coast through squats and just do the work, never mind about pushing peak performance.

Wrong. (Insert Big Red X from Family Feud.)

Squats were strong. It almost felt like I was still warmed up and more mobile from the 3 rounds of Punisher squats that I did on the weekend. I just kept going up with ease.

Deadlifts were "meh".

And bench press was "meh", too, despite not doing much upper body work this weekend.

Oh well, always learning.

And what a weekend of learning it was with 11 brand new CTT Trainers, and my high-energy partner-in-good-times, Brian Kalakay, Master CTT.

Congrats to our newest Certified Turbulence Trainers, Amy Dodd, Lesa Gutenkunst, Nick Papple, Derek Wahler, Shawn Stevens, Niall Traynor, Joshua Krane, Patrick Ash, Tim Allegretti, Katie O'Dwyer and Gayle Kluesner!! Great job this weekend. You're all action takers and together we will reach our 10 Million Mission. If you're interested in becoming part of the family, and getting free access to the 4th TT Summit next June in San Diego, check out my Mission video here:


Have a great week. I'm off to write up some new 4-minute bodyweight emails for everyone. We filmed some doozies on the weekend! Make sure to check out your free sample at

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
50 days left in 2013. Keep pushing to achieve what you can. Never give up on what is important to you.

But until you take personal responsibility, you will not move ahead in life. It is the single most important mental shift that you can make.

Stay strong, get strong, finish strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Here's 1 tip you can apply today and see results in your productivity tomorrow

"Do the things that need to be done according to priority." - Eleanor Roosevelt

PPS - "Spirituality is not an add-on to an overly busy life, but an operating system for a simplified life." - Erwan Le Corre

50 days left

This is time sensitive and very important.
There are only 50 days left in 2013. It's time to keep pushing to
achieve what you can.
Never give up on what is important to you!

If you must, simply set the alarm 15 minutes early, get up, and 
pick your favorite Home Workout Revolution program.
Even if it's just 12 minutes, 8 minutes or even 4 minutes long, 
you'll boost your fitness and burn fat. Don't let anything get in
your way...after all, you don't need ANY equipment.
Keep pushing and stay strong. I believe in you! You can make 
big changes with consistency. No excuses! Let's do this!
Here's to another great week of fat burning.
By the way, are you missing the Home Workout Revolution
programs from your collection?
I'm always on the lookout to add new exercises and routines to my
library, and I know you are too, so that's why I want to make sure
that you have my no-equipment workouts and nutrition package.
By the way, this really cool HWR success story just came in and
I wanted to share it with you:
"I have lost 4 pounds in 14 days and 1/2 inch on my waist!"
- Maureen Combes
We sincerely appreciate all of your stories, results, feedback and
suggestions for improving the HWR program and future workouts.
Want to add your story?
Just email your results to

Please note: We will be using the success stories in our
emails and on our website. Thanks!

Thanks for being part of the Home Workout Revolution.


Craig Ballantyne, CTT, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Creator, Home Workout Revolution System
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Plus, you'll get a NEW workout every month, AND access to all of
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See you on the TT forums.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

CTT Graduate Punisher Squat Workout

Just put all the new CTT's through their official "Graduation" 20-10 workout of:

1) Prisoner Squats (2 rounds)
2) T-Pushups (2 rounds)
3) Total Body Extensions (2 rounds)
4) Pushups (2 rounds)
5) Swing Lunges (2 rounds)
6) Mountain Climbers (2 rounds)
7) PUNISHER SQUATS!!! (8 rounds)

Everyone was able to finish.

Great times.

Amazing people here at the Turbulence Training Certification.

11 new "TT Family" members.

Lifelong friendships established, and TT Trainers are already PUMPED for the June TT Summit in San Diego.

It's going to be amazing.

Hope you choose to join us.

I promise to Punish you too if you do.

Looking forward to it,

Craig "The Punisher" Ballantyne, CTT

Thursday, November 07, 2013

How to do more pushups and pullups

Early workout today because I'm driving to Lapeer, Michigan for the first ever CTT LIVE! Turbulence Training Certification. We have a dozen trainers from all over North America coming in for a 2-day intensive certification. Ours is the only Advanced Fat Loss & Transformation Program Design cert in the world.

After taking ol Bally the Dog out for a stroll in the dark, drizzly morning, I biked to the local YMCA for a 5x5 workout. It doesn't get much more basic than this:

1) Squats - 5x5
2) Incline Press 5x5
3) RDL - 5x5

I might have to film a few 4-minute miracles this afternoon, too.

Part of my warm-up included a lot of pushups. If you're still struggling on how to do them, here's a video.

How to do more push-ups:

And more pullups

Kickbutt Mindset Tip of the Day:
"Everyth­ing can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." – Viktor Frankl

Keep pushing and choosing,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Alternative to Triceps Dips and Abs Finishers

Some great questions in our 15-minute fitness QnA today.

Each morning we do one on

Q: What's a replacement for dips? I don't have access to bars. - Rajesh

DB Lying Triceps Extensions, TRX Triceps Extensions, Decline Close-Grip Pushups

Q: If we are a CSCS and want to intern with guys like you Ferruggia, Born, Roman. What is the best way to go about that? - David

Prove that you would add value to their lives.

Awesome session! We'll do another one on Friday as tomorrow I am traveling due to the first ever LIVE Turbulence Training Certification in Lapeer, Michigan. It's going to be awesome. If you're a serious trainer, join us here:

And here are some great Ab Finishers for your belly fat.

You gotta see these.

The next time you are tempted to do some crunches or hop on a cardio machine, use these instead. Good ol’ Mikey Whitfield, CTT, put together three amazing circuits for us (including one on video below).

Ab Finisher #1 “Jumpin’ and Climbin’”

In the first circuit, you’ll perform 6 reps of both climbing exercises.

In the next circuit, you’ll perform 5 reps of both climbing exercises.

Continue in this fashion until you complete 1 rep of each climbing exercise.

For the jump rope, you’ll perform 20 secs every circuit.1A) Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks (20 secs) <== Every circuit

1B) Spiderman Climb (6/side… 1/side)
1C) Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks (20 secs) <== Every circuit
1D) X-Body Mountain Climber (6/side…1/side)

- Rest as little as possible between exercises and circuits. Enjoy!

Ab Finisher # 2 – Swing and Step on the 20′s

Do the following exercises like this:

1) KB/DB Swings – 6 rounds of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest
2) Hand Step-ups – 4 rounds of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest

No-equipment option: Replace Swings with the Total Body Extension and replace the Hand Step-ups with Hand Walk-outs.

But wait, there's one more...this time, a FREE abs finisher video. Do a workout with Mikey here:

Get abs without doing crunches or cardio.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Hardly anyone quits smoking on their first attempt. Few people stick to a diet the first time. We all try, fail, learn, and get better. Keep going. Never quit. Stay strong, keep pushing, fall down, get back up, learn lessons, adjust course, come back stronger, and you will succeed!

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Get more results in less time when you get workouts from my expert Certified Turbulence Trainers like Mikey Whitfield.

Try his workout here for free

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Super Awesome 26 minute circuit

I was up early and at it in the gym by 5:30am. Getting up early is a key to my success. You don't have to workout first thing in the morning, but you need to start your day early and work on a big project ASAP so that you make big progress towards your goals.

My workout was awesome, even though I was rushed for time.

The circuit went like this:
1A) Double KB Front Squat - 12 reps
1B) Chinups with Rest-Pause dropsets - As Many Reps as Possible (AMRAP)
1C) KB Swings - 25 reps
1D) TRX Fly-Press Pushups with Rest-Pause dropsets - AMRAP

Really, really fun.

4 rounds. Required 26 minutes.

You don’t need to exercise every day, or do workouts that last more than 30 minutes. These workouts will help you switch to LESS exercise while helping you lose stubborn belly fat

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
You have to be tough on yourself. Its not easy to succeed. Demand more of yourself. Being "average" today is NOT good enough. Not even close.

If you want to succeed, get up earlier.

Go to bed 1 minute earlier and get up 1 minute earlier every other day for the next month. In 30 days you'll be getting up 15 minutes earlier. Being up 15 min earlier - working on 1 BIG project in your life - will make a dramatic difference. It was a major factor in my success.

Action takers rule the world,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - "Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." - Henry Ford

Monday, November 04, 2013

Final Reminder to Be a Certified Turbulence Trainer

Hey, bad news...
...there are just a few days remaining in your chance to join my Turbulence
Training Team by attending the TT Certification event on Friday, Nov. 8th
and Saturday, Nov. 9th.
This is the ONLY TT Certification weekend planned in 2013, and your only
chance to get ahead of the competition for the January Fitness Gold Rush.
Don't miss your chance to beat your competition and get TT Certified.
Reserve your spot and become a better trainer so that you can get more clients
and faster results, and make more money helping others.
Action Takers RULE the World. 
Help change lives today,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - You get this for FREE when you get TT Certified?
You'll get immediate access to:
- Every TT workout I've ever created (including ALL Bootcamp manuals)

- DVDs and online video access to the original TT Certification seminar

- FREE access to the 2014 TT Summit

- Advanced Fat Loss Program Design and Client Attraction Secrets

- Monthly Done-For-You Marketing Materials like postcards, email sequences,
  Transformation Blueprints and more, all PROVEN to help you get more clients
- All TT workout videos (including many new videos coming in 2014)

- The TT Forum (where you'll connect with other TT Trainers)

- And a very cool "goodie bag" sent to you in the mail (featuring some sweet
Turbulence Training swag and a special life-changing book

Here's to you becoming a TT Certified Trainer. See you soon.
You'll leave the weekend FULLY TT Certified. But hurry...the only TT Cert
event for 2013 is happening this weekend.
The TT Summit and Certification will change your life. We're dedicated to
helping you get more clients and make more money - and get those clients
even better results in less time than ever.
That was it. Just 3 lifts.

Three big basic lifts, all done for sets of 3-5.


Big warm-up. Long rests. Heavy loads.

Getting stronger.

Focused on my goals.

No matter how you train, make sure you train with purpose. Each rep, each set, each second of your workout should be purposeful, not wasteful.

I witnessed so much crap going on in the gym today it made me sad. So many minutes, hours, weeks, months, and years wasted by folks using terrible exercises and poor program design.

For example, all ab machines are terrible. They will break your back and they will NOT change your body.

In addition, slow cardio is a complete waste of time. It won't help you lose weight, and for some folks it might even make you fatter - by causing and encouraging you to eat more food after your workout.

Let's be honest, there are so many women whose thighs get FATTER with cardio and so many men whose bellies get bigger with cardio that there is obviously something going terribly wrong with slow cardio workout programs.

Stop using the machines. Stop wasting your time with cardio and abs.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
"I have an abundance mentality: When people are genuinely happy at the successes of others, the pie gets larger." - Stephen Covey

Truth about your money mindset? (personal story)

Do not procrastinate any longer. Just do it. Take action. Far better to suffer through the pain of doing it, than guilt of procrastinating.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Training

PS - Crazy personal story, right?

Here's why I wrote it:

“‘I will write with honesty and feeling’.” – Ted Nicholas. The opinion of others does not matter. What matters is the number of people that I can help by sharing advice and encouragement in my writing.”
– Craig Ballantyne’s Personal Rule #12

Read all my rules here:

My personal story about your history

This is about something more important than your workout.
It's about your history with an essential part of your life, and you'll learn from this extremely personal story about my past.
Back to fitness tomorrow, but I promise this article will be well worth your time and will help you live a better life.
It all started back in 1985. Michael Jackson and Boy George topped the charts. The Chicago Bears, under Coach Ditka and powered by William “The Refrigerator” Perry, were dominating the NFL and working on their Super Bowl shuffle. Out on the Ballantyne farm, I had just turned 10 years old, and life was great...
...or it least it should have been. Instead, here's the reality...
Use it to your change your mindset and change your life.
Stay strong.
Keep pushing on,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - No matter what...
No matter what happened this weekend, get back on track to being your best possible self. Get better every day.
PPS - Tomorrow: #1 ab exercise to avoid!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Change your habits

Wow, I posted this on FB yesterday and had a HUGE response. You have to read this...Here's what I wrote:
"Change your mindset. You must truly believe in yourself. When you do, you can rise up even higher than you ever dreamed possible. Raise yourself up as high as you can go. It's up to you. No one will do it for you. Stay strong. Keep pushing on."
But listen, motivational quotes are all fine and dandy, but I wanted to give you real-world examples and instructions on how to change your life and your habits.
Last year I overcame a really disgusting bad habit. And I did it in just a few days. Read about how I finally changed my habit here 
You'll also discover my 6-week "Bad Habit Transformation Contest".
As author Dan Kennedy says, "You could just as easily change your life today as any other day. You don't need to wait for January first."
So let's see what you can improve BEFORE New Years, rather than waiting until after.
I'll pick three habit-changing winners that will receive a $150 Amazon gift card. But in order to be eligible to win, you have to post your plan today and your results in 6-weeks.
This mini-contest gives you a little taste of the possibilities that lie ahead in our future Transformation Contests coming in 2014.
More about that in a few weeks, but for now, let's make small changes first and start dropping bad habits and replacing them with good habits.
The keys to your future success are your daily habits today.
Start dropping the bad habits and implementing new positive behaviors today. You can do it. And it won't take you that long, I promise.
That's how you'll create a better future.
Dedicated to your life changing success and better habits,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Don't wait.
Take action today.
You can do it.

I believe in YOU.

Finish your belly fat

This is a common problem (you probably have it), but there is a solution.
Yesterday on FB several people asked me how to get rid of the last bit of stubborn belly fat over their abs and love handles. 
Advanced results call for advanced measures! You can't coast into extreme success. That's why sometimes you have to add a little finisher to your workouts to accelerate results. 
Fortunately, Certified TT Trainer Dani Woodrum put together a bonus finisher that you can add on to one of my best workouts. 
Dani's awesome advanced fat loss finisher can even be used with the brand new TT Workout of the Month called:
Gain Muscle and Lose Fat 2.0 <= TT Members can get that here
I created a NEW and improved version of one of my favorite TT workouts from the TT archives.

Let me know about your advanced results with his approach.
Dedicated to your body transformation,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - If you want to learn more about becoming a Certified Turbulence Trainer and CHANGING the Fitness Industry for the better...
...please read this:
Too many people think personal trainers are a joke (i.e. Richard Simmons, or Brad Pitt in that movie, "Burn After Reading"). It's time to stop our job from being an embarrassment and start helping the millions of people that need to know the TRUTH about fat loss.

Join me on my Mission. I'll be forever grateful.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 01, 2013

Good Eating and Workout in Denver

Last night I had a big dinner at The Edge restaurant here in beautiful Denver. I didn't get to eat much all day because of my travels (driving to the airport from the farm and then the 3:40 flight to Denver), so I had a buffalo rib eye, broccoli, and brussel sprouts.

That fueled my 5x5 lifting session at the Denver Athletic Club.
Box Jumps

Followed by 1 set of 15 of Squats, RDLs and barbell rows.

Pretty beat after that...and the time zone change. 

Back on track now.

I foolishly left my Credit Card at the gym today after paying for a week's pass. No one to blame but myself:

“Everything that happens to me – good and bad – is my personal responsibility. I blame no one but myself. These are the choices I’ve made – this is the life I’m living. I will accept the consequences of my actions.” – Craig Ballantyne’s Personal Rule #8,

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Every decision you make, every action you take, moves you closer to - OR further from - your goals. Choose wisely. Act accordingly. Know what you want to achieve in life, make a plan, and don't let anything get in the way. Stay strong. Never give up on what is important to you.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Training

How to stop Personal Training from being an embarrassing job

Last night at the Edge restaurant here at the Four Seasons in
Denver, where I'm staying for a few days, our waitress and I
started talking about her past jobs.
She was once a personal trainer and embarrassed to admit it. - Ouch.
But I was just like her back in the late 90's and early 2000's.
Personal trainers were mocked on TV, in movies (i.e. Brad Pitt in
"Burn After Reading"), and just generally looked down on in
society. Unfortunately, not much has changed.
That's where you and I come in.
You and I can change this industry.
We can make it more professional.
We can show the world we're not just a bunch of stereotypes
like dumb jocks or tree-hugging bimbo yoga instructors.
But it all starts with making ourselves more professional,
becoming better trainers, and almost as important, becoming
better business-people.
If you don't learn how to get more clients, then people will keep
going to silly gyms where they do cardio for an hour, or to
hard-core gyms where they get hurt.
Then people drop out of fitness and blame the trainers.
And we deserve the blame we get because we didn't do all that
we could to get them into your training system where we could
really and truly help them change their lives.

That's why we must FIX our careers first before we can fix others.
The solution?
The Turbulence Training Certification. 
It's the first and only Advanced Fat Loss Program Design and
Transformation Contest Certification.
It's also the first and only certification that shows you how to
actually get more clients, build your business (even if you are
starting from scratch) and continues to deliver the latest fat-
burning science and client attraction strategies to you every month.
When get TT Certified, you're joining a Mission, a Family, and
a team that is there to support you
We don't just hand you a piece of paper and kick you out the door.

Instead, we work to make you famous, whether locally, like TT Trainer
of the Year 2013 Catherine Gordon, or worldwide, like TT Trainer of
the Year 2012, Mike Whitfield.

Or like Kate Vidulich, Shawna Kaminski, Brian Kalakay, and Chris Lopez.
We go to bat for you.
Because we know that you are changing your life, your client's lives, your
community, and even the entire Fitness Industry, for the better.
By getting TT Certified, you'll be helping to turn the title of Personal Trainer
into a Dream Career rather than a joke.
And I thank you for that.
That's why I wanted to send you your personal invitation to the First
Ever LIVE TT Certification that is happening in just 7 days.
It's your last chance to get in on this.

At this small group training session, you'll receive brand new,
cutting-edge fat loss programming advice from the Turbulence
Training lab. We train over 23,797 clients online every year,
and we're always learning exponentially to bring you our secrets.
Plus you'll be given the most up-to-date and done-for-you client
attraction tools to help you get more clients into your bootcamps,
small group training sessions, and even into your one-on-one
personal training sessions.

And there will also be plenty of time for QnA with me, and personal
attention and instruction on the many ways that TT and ol' CB can
help you grow your business.

We'll also be spending a lot of time covering proper exercise technique
and going through a few Turbulence Training workouts under my
watchful eye.
Unfortunately...Bally the Dog won't be there, sorry, he has no passport!

But it's still going to be an amazing weekend.'s your formal, yet personal invitation:
You're invited to attend the 1st ever Turbulence Training
Certification Weekend
in Lapeer, Michigan (not far from
Flint, Michigan - the closest major airport to use, if needed).
Lapeer is the home of Xtreme Results, the gym owned by Brian
Kalakay, Certified Turbulence Trainer, and featured in the videos
for Home Workout Revolution, Workout Finishers 2.0, and
Turbulence Training.
He's allowed us to use his entire gym for this event.

The TT Certification Weekend takes place on Friday, November 8th
and Saturday, November 9th

We'll start bright and early at 8am and finish at 5pm each day. You'll finish
the weekend as a fully Certified TT Trainer, with all the cutting-edge fat
loss tools to give your clients amazing results.
TT also does something special for you. We will deliver a done-for-you
plan of action to help you get more clients in the first place (NO other cert
program does this...they just leave you high and dry, but we know that
being a great trainer doesn't mean anything if you don't have clients to
train, right?) We emphasize client results AND client attraction.

But...there's one catch.

This is your ONE and only chance to brush up on your training this
year. I have no plans to do another TT Certification in 2013.
So if you want to kick-off 2014 with the best fat loss secrets for your
clients, as well as client attraction tools to help you make more money
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2014 your best year ever.

I can't wait to see you there. It's going to be just as much fun as the
TT Summit. But who wants to wait 9 months for TT Summit 2014? Not
me. That's why we're doing this can't-miss event in November.

So here are the details one more time:

Who - You and me and 19 other positive, big thinking, action taking trainers

What - The 1st ever TT Certification Weekend

Where - Lapeer, Michigan (Hotel details to follow registration)

Why - To be the best trainer you can be...and to network with Craig,
Brian Kalakay, and to join the TT 10 Million Transformation Mission

When - Friday, November 8th, starting at 8am to Saturday, November
9th at 5pm

How - By reserving your spot at the link below.

This is going to be another life-changing event brought to you by
Turbulence Training. So bring the ENERGY, and I'll see you in
Michigan in just a few short weeks.
"I swear I've learned more from the TT Certification monthly print newsletters
than any other certifications, courses or online seminars combined. There's no
way that you can't be successful if you become a certified Turbulence Trainer
and follow the research, business tactics and connect with all the other resources
that are provided. Thanks again Craig. I can't wait to see what the future holds.
It's going to be a fun ride
!" - Dani Woodrum, Certified Turbulence Trainer, and
soon-to-be Master Certified Turbulence Trainer
See you soon,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Training
PS - There are TONS of goodies...
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This includes access to ALL of my workouts, plus a free ticket for
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Be a Leader.
Join the Elite.
Get Turbulence Training Certified.
Looking forward to you being a BIG part of the TT Family. 
Talk soon!