Thursday, July 31, 2008

Turbulence Training Road Tour

I'll have "On the Road Again" by Willy Nelson stuck in my mind for all of August (and some of September too).

Next week I'll be in NYC for a seminar and then I'm off to Boston to see an old client and then to have high energy trainer David Jack, a Men's Health expert and the author of the new Belly Off Program, put me through a workout.

The following week I'm off to Vail, Colorado to film an abs project with Mike Geary, author of The Truth About Abs. And then the next day I'll head to Aspen to meet with another client and even do some mountain biking with him.

The 5th city in my travels is Stamford, Connecticut. I'll be presenting at a business seminar for Fitness Experts. The seminar runs from Sept. 18th to 20th and all the big names will be there...

-> Ryan Lee
-> Alwyn Cosgrove & his amazing wife, Rachel
-> Dax Moy
-> Brian Grasso (Youth Fitness Expert)

And many more, including the top Kettlebell Experts in the World.

If you are a personal trainer, chiropractor, physiotherapist, or Bootcamp instructor, or even an aspiring trainer, this will be one of the most important weekends of your life.

Click Here to Discover the Details of the Seminar

It's going to be super high-energy and inspirational.

I look forward to seeing you there,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training Hot Zone Workout

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You asked for it, so you got it!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Squat Tip of the Day

Here's a tip to all aspiring personal trainers and/or guys trying to impress their girlfriends by teaching them to squat...

"If you don't know how to squat properly, or if you've never squatted before, don't bother trying to teach someone else how to do it."

I've watched more than one trainer - who I know has never barbell squatted before - try to teach clients how to squat. It's sad. Shameful, really.

Plus today, while I was in the gym, I watched a guy try to teach his girlfriend to squat. First of all, the bar was set at chin height. And then they wondered why she had such a difficult time trying to get it off the rack. Anyways, it didn't get much better from there...although it was funny to see that the girl actually had better squat form than the "teacher" boyfriend.

Anyways, that wasn't the only stupid thing I saw in the gym today, but it was probably the most notable. On to my workout...

Turbulence Training Original Workout B

Forward lunges
Waiters Bow
Shoulder Rotations
Neck Rotations
Hip Flexor Stretch
Side Stretch
Chest stretch

Overhead Squat - 45x8, 55x5

Squat - 45x10, 135x10, 185x6, 225x5, 275x3


1A) Squat - 315x3x8
1B) Chinup with kneeup - 14, 8, 6

2A) Barbell Split Squat - 165x8
2B) Barbell Row - 175x3x10
2C) Barbell Shrug - 175x3x12 (just decided to throw this in)

That was it...skipped out on 3-minute arms because arms were still slightly sore from Monday.

Squat right or don't squat at all (and definitely don't teach it!),

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

5 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Fat Burning

Here are the top 5 kettlebell exercises for fat burning from RKC Troy Anderson...

The Top 5 Kettlebell Exercises

By Troy Anderson

#1 - Kettlebell Snatch

The snatch is far and away the most athletic lift there is, when
done well it is borderline artistic.

Not only that but it takes hell of a lot of different muscles
firing in sequence, ultimately burning some series calories and fat.

The kettlebell snatch allows the beginning enthusiast to experience
this movement, much quicker than would be possible with a barbell
and more fluidly than with a dumbbell.

I love this drill I personally try to get in 25 snatches per arm
per day.

#2 - Turkish Get-up or The Get Up (TGU)

If I only had one drill that would give my clients everything they
need this would be the one. 

- Upper body Strength
- Shoulder Mobility & Stability
- Leg Strength
- Flexion and Rotational Trunk Strength
- Hip/Pelvis Mobility
- High Volume of Work

All that fits the needs of 90% of all my clients.

Plus it develops one of the 6 Points of Fitness that I identify as
critical, and that is the ability to get you body up off the

Due to the dynamic demand of this drill it really requires that one
stays engaged with what it is that they are doing; this built in
benefit will allow the client to get the most strength and fat loss
benefit possible.

#3 - 2-Hand swing

This drill is #3 because of its quick and simple implementation. I
know of fitness coaches that use the 2 Hand swing as 1 of 2 primary
drills that use with their clients. 

Think about that - only two kettlebell drills and the 2 hand swing
is one of them, and they get really excellent results.

The shear volume of work that can done is astounding, as we know in
the fat loss world that more intense work = more fat loss.  

Along with that there is another little secret many often
overlooked about the 'swing' and that is the dynamic stretch you
get on the hip flexors, a very tight area for many of us.

#4 - The Double Kettlebell Front Squat.

My clients absolutely hate this drill, so much so that they
actually beg to be able to do barbell back squats.

If that doesn't tell you something about this drill I don't know
what does. 

The two great things about this drill are:

A) Any time we hold a weight on the front side of the body to squat,
it just makes squatting properly so much easier. Specifically that
act of pushing your 'hips back'.

B) Again because the weight is on the front side of the body, you
have to engage your core/trunk to a significant degree otherwise
the weight will pull you forward and down.

Pretty slick and your abs just get smoked doing this drill.

You end up getting an awesome leg and ab workout all at once.

#5 - Kettlebell Overhead Press

(I actually prefer double kettlebell overhead press, but single
KB's work well too)

The best thing about the kettlebell overhead press is that when
done well it is a:

- Dynamic shoulder mobility drill, this is due the way the
kettlebell sits it naturally allows the shoulder to move through a
very 'open/unrestricted'  range of motion.

- Along with that one that when the kettlebell is press properly it
is very much a total body movement even more so performed with


Troy uses these fat burning Kettlebell exercises in the TT-approved
"Smoke the Fat Kettlebell Program".

Claim your copy here:


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Smoke the Fat with Kettlebells

It is FINALLY here. A little late, but you know the old saying.

Troy Anderson and Josh Henkin's "Smoke the Fat Kettlebell Program" is now ready to help you...well, smoke the fat of course!

For months, I've been training with I like to do when the weather gets a little warmer here in Toronto.

I do a big bodyweight warm-up, then swings, getting progressively heavier (I have a 35, 53, and 70lb kettlebell), and then move into Kettlebell snatches, overhead walks, and sometimes finish with high-rep swings or 1-arm farmer walks.

And with all of my traveling last week, I'm overdue for a KB workout, and will hit one just before lunch today.

But so many of you email in asking for kettlebell programs and more info on the lifts I'm doing that I practically begged Troy to create a program. So together with Josh, they cooked something up down in the Arizona desert where they both live and train men AND women with kettlebells.

Yes, women use kettlebells and still look lean and feminine, as you can see on the cover of Troy's workout program.

Plus, it comes with a DVD of the exercises, because a lot of this stuff will be new to you. And yes, there is also a beginner's
program for anyone new to hard workouts, let alone training with kettlebells. So grab your copy of the first Fat-Loss specific kettlebell program that shares the Russian Fat Burning Secret...

It's a workout that is Turbulence Training approved!

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Say "Nyet" to belly fat,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

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Usually, those two groups go together about as well as Karate and Pilates, but celebrity trainers from Pavel Tsatsouline to Missy Beaver in Hollywood are ALL using Kettlebells to help their clients Smoke the Fat off their bodies.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

3-Minute Arms

This is the last week for the Original TT Workout...2k3 is next.


Prisoner Squat
Waiter's Bow
Forward Lunges
Shoulder Rotations
Neck rotations
Prisoner Squat
Waiter's Bow
Shoulder Mobility
1-Leg RDL
Side Stretch
Hip Flexor Stretch
Chest Stretch
Neck Rotations


1A) Overhand Grip Deadlift (295x8,6,6)
1B) DB Chest Press (95x7,6,5)

2A) Pistol (13, 8)
2B) DB 1-Arm Standing Shoulder Press (65x2x6)

3-minute arms

In response to all those folks who want more arm training in their TT workouts, I'm actually putting together a bonus ebook called 3-minute arms. I did one of the routines today...and it was twice as good as I expected it to be.

This will be ready in September...

It will be great, until someone comes up with 2 minute arms,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - People are submitting their transformation photos already!

Only a few weeks till the final deadline, and we already have a couple of girls with ABS in their after photos!

Check them out on TT members in the Transformation forum.


Typical morning meals.

First, the omelet with vegetables and sometimes steak, a little bit of Mrs. Renfrow's Salsa - love that stuff, plus an apple, green tea, and water in my fancy little metal water bottle thingy that everyone is getting now.
Second is the bowl of pecans and blueberries. At night, I'll eat this same snack with a little bit of organic whipping cream.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Last Vancouver Walk & Workout

It's been a great trip to Vancouver - the city is as great as everyone says it is - but it's time to head home. Finished up one more walk and a workout today at the Steve Nash Sports Club.

Last night I walked all the way over to Kitsilano Beach that I'd heard so much about. Very nice. I'd definitely hit that place if I lived here. I covered a lot of the city but didn't make it over to North or West Vancouver...I just ran out of time. But the tourist part of the city is clean, friendly, safe, and full of beautiful people. So it gets the Turbulence Training seal of approval.

Oddly enough, yesterday I had the worst sushi I'd ever a city famous for its sushi. Weird. Toshi Sushi in Toronto sets the bar for good sushi for me.

Today's workout went down at the Steve Nash Sports Club in downtown Vancouver. That place was huge. I didn't know they had that many elliptical machines in the world, let alone one gym. But it also had squat racks and heavy weights. Not very busy at this time, so the workout went smooth.

It was a good workout, even though I squatted in running shoes, which is stupid because they are built for shock absorption and with an elevated heel, not what you want for squatting. I usually wear converse but didn't pack them.

Bodyweight Warm-up

Bodyweight Squats
Shoulder Rotations
Neck rotations
Bodyweight Squats
Good morning with the bar
Squats with the bar
2 chinups
Chest stretch
Hip flexor stretch
Side stretch

Squat Warmup

95x12, 135x8, 185x8, 225x6, 275x3


1A) Squat - 300x3x8
1B) Chinup with knee up (neutral grip) - 12, 8, 6

2A) BB Bulgarian Split Squat - 155x2x8
2B) BB Row - 185x3x8, 135x10

That was enough. No kettlebells this week, but I'll get to them on Sunday.

Now to plan my snacks for the airport and airplane,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - The fat loss kettlebell program is now ready!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bodyweight Ab Workout Today

Busy day today, going to a lot of seminars and meetings, so I woke up early (5:30am) to do the TT for Abs Bodyweight Workout in my hotel room. You can do every single exercise without need for a bar to do rowing or bench to do stepups. Everything is equipment free.

I went through one round of each workout - doing only one round of each superset. So I did...

-> Beginner Workout A

-> Beginner Workout B

-> Advanced Workout A

-> Advanced Workout B

No intervals, just the strength training part. I might go for a long walk later tonight through another part of Vancouver. Or maybe, just maybe, a hike up Grouse Mountain. Depends on how the day turns out.

I also did a lot of tight areas include chest, left hip flexor region, and right low back. So in addition to all the warmup exercises I did 2-3 rounds of stretching for those areas.

I did the beginner workouts as an extra warm-up, because it takes me a while to get moving in the morning.

Overall good times, and then a good breakfast of almonds, dried cranberries, dried apricots, smoked salmon, pineapple, melon, berries, and Green Tea.

I could get used to this Fairmont place,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Bodyweight ab exercises

3 More Diet Tips

Just got back from a long, and I mean looooong walk around Stanley Park here in Vancouver.

How long was it?

It was so long you could even say I just did a long, slow (but not boring) cardio workout. Heck, I even had lunch and got some training tips from a marathon runner today.

Have I gone mad? No, it's not that. Not yet, anyways.

But if you want to learn more about the exercise tips the runner and I exchanged (plus how my daily workout was ruined AND saved by Hammer Strength Machines), you can read the full story on my blog.

=> Eating With The Enemy

But through all these adventures I've been sticking to the TT Advanced Nutrition Guidelines. And here are 3 more practical diet
tips to help you eat for fat loss:

1) Make NO Excuses at the Buffet Dinners...

...On Tuesday evening, there was a seminar reception buffet dinner.

It featured pasta, beef tenderloin, lots of breads and cheeses, seafood, vegetables, and fruit. Lots and lots of food. Plenty of opportunity to overeat...or eat well. And it was easy for me to stick to the raw vegetables, smoked salmon, crab, shrimp, and fruit. A free meal should not be a free for all meal.

2) Do not eat dessert for breakfast.

Somehow, it became socially acceptable, recommended even, to eat dessert for breakfast.

-> Muffins are just cake without icing.

-> Poptarts are just pie slices you can stick in a toaster.

-> Cereals are just pieces of crackers you drowned in milk.

None of these have many redeeming qualities. Stick to real food instead.

3) Eat more fruit and less pizza

Today on my way to Stanley Park, I knew I needed to pick up a snack. Lunch was light (see my blog), and I knew the walk was going to be long. I thought briefly about getting a slice of pizza, but I take my position as a nutrition role model to you quite seriously. And even though I could have "snuck" the pizza in and not mentioned it here, I don't like to be hypocritical. So I found a grocery store/fruit stand and grabbed two bananas and a bag of local blueberries.

Much better.

This is a choice that you can make too. Believe it or not, you'll actually like it. And you'll feel 10x's better choosing fruit over
grease. Both physically and mentally.

Bottom line

The REALITY of the situation is this...

Eating takes about 5 minutes per snack, maybe 15 minutes for a meal.

That's it. And often even when we "give in" to a craving, it doesn't take us long to have that craving again. It's not like eating ice cream today takes our mind off ice cream for the next 151 days. Nope. Ice cream is right back in our heads tomorrow. Or even later today.

The old saying, "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" is pretty accurate. It really is ONLY a moment on the lips. Eating is not a 3 hour orgy of the senses. It's really over in a few short minutes. But your body and belly fat are there with you 168 hours per week, week-in and week-out.

Keep this reality in perspective, and it will help you make better nutrition choices.

A moment vs. a lifetime, which will you choose?

Since its Thursday, the unofficial start to the weekend for many folks, I had to get this message out to you keep this in mind at happy hour, at softball, at the neighbors BBQ, or wherever you end up that tempts you to cheat beyond what you need. A little reward is fine when it fits the plan, a lot of cheating is only going to ruin all your other hard work.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

P.S. For more motivation and inspiration to avoid cheating on your diet...

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Scott Tousignant
Creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eating with the Enemy

Today I had lunch with a marathon runner - more on that below...

But first, my workout was both ruined and saved by Hammer Strength equipment.

I got a tip on a local hardcore bodybuilding gym here in downtown Vancouver, and walked over this morning for my regular TT Original Workout A.

However, when I realized it was located on the 2nd floor, I knew I was in trouble (because no gyms located on 2nd floors ever allow you to deadlift - because it irritates the people below). Also, the gym was filled with Hammer Strength machines, and dumbells that only went to 70.

But, since I often tell you to make lemons out of lemonade and do what you can no matter what the situation, I knew I had to quit complaining and get to work. So I had fun with the Hammer Strength equipment.

Ironically, they even had a deadlift hammer strength machine. It was fun to use...very similar to using a trap bar for deadlifts.

I paired that with "iso-lateral incline press" hammer strength machine.

I even ended up doing a few extra sets for fun. I'll feel it tomorrow...the combination of a new exercise and the extra volume will ensure that.

NOTE for beginners: Any time you start a new program with new exercises, cut back on volume - meaning do one set instead of three. For me, I can get away with a little extra volume on new exercises because my muscles are used to lots of exercise. So do as I say and not as I do in this situation.

I finished with pistols (12) and DB 1-arm shoulder press (60x8) for 2 sets.

After my workout, I met up with a college buddy who is a serious marathoner...he recently broke his foot in a freak running accident (not a "dark side of cardio" overuse injury) and wanted me to show him a bunch of single-leg exercises he could do for the other side.

I cautioned him about doing too much work for the uninjured limb, but research does show that training one side of your body helps maintain strength on the other side of your body. In these studies, untrained, yet healthy people have one arm put in a cast, and then train only the other arm. After several weeks, they find that even the arm put in the cast can gain strength.

All due to freaky neurological adaptations (when your brain sends instructions to one side of the body to lift a weight, the "non-exercising" side gets some of the same instructions).

Anyway, I showed him...

- Reaching Lunges

- Pistol squats

- 1-leg deadlifts

- 1-leg RDLs

And some upper body and total body ab exercises like:

- mountain climbers

- x-body mountain climbers

- stability ball mountain climbers

- spiderman pushups

- grasshopper pushups

Afterwards, we talked about marathon training, how strong someone needs to be to run a marathon, abdominal and posture training for marathons, interval training for marathons, and nutrition for marathons.

Pretty interesting stuff.

Strength training for marathons is a catch-22.

We concluded that the more strength and muscle you have, the less likely you are to get chronic overuse injury. (Based on experience, no hard science to back that up).

But here's the paradox...

The more muscle you have, the slower you will be.

My friend has an extra 10-20 pounds on muscle on him (due to being a power sport athlete in high school and college) compared to his running buddies who are walking sticks.

Being lighter and skinnier allows them to run hills faster, but also leaves them prone to more injury.

At least, that's our take on it.

After, we hit up a Cactus Club restaurant in downtown Vancouver for lunch. I had cedar-plank grilled salmon and vegetables, including beets - which I think i've never had in a restaurant before.

I think I'll hit Stanley Park for a long walk before dinner.

So there you go...who knew I could learn so much from a "cardio" expert.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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The promotion ends at midnight.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Diet for Six Pack Abs

I've been up since 3:30am, endured a 5-hour flight from Toronto to Vancouver, and a full day of a seminar, but I still have enough energy to write you this email. Thanks to sticking with my six pack abs nutrition, and avoiding airport and airplane food, I haven't gotten sluggish.

In fact, I'm writing this from a restaurant in the historic Gastown District of Vancouver, about to have an organic greens salad with pear, toasted wlanuts, and a little feta cheese, plus grilled calamari.

No Turbulence Training workout today, but I'll stay active walking today and hit a TT workout tomorrow morning. I can't wait. I actually had to hold myself back from training today. I wish you felt the same way. I really do.

We'll talk more about how you can get that "I like to workout!" mindset in the future.

But today, on to nutrition.

The truth is, nutrition is so easy. (Once you realize how hard it is.)

Ouch. You probably didn't like that, did ya?

But with practice, and using my "baby step" method of getting better everyday, you can build a better nutrition mindset as well.

For me, I started my early morning off with raw vegetables, and then a half cup of blueberries in a little bit of real, organic cream.

I also had an apple before getting on the plane, and then 2 hours into my flight, I had a big snack of organic nuts and dried fruit.

A much better choice than the greasy breakfast sandwich, a bag of heavily oiled and salted nuts, and a Coke consumed by the guy beside me. It's as if he didn't know - or care - that the flight was 5 hours long and so he didn't prepare ahead.

(I wouldn't give the guy a hard time, but c'mon, he was reading a copy of Muscle'n'Fiction magazine. Either find something better to read - which isn't hard - or eat the part.)

The truth is that he could have prepared better. Heck, everyday we all can prepare better. So that's your job today, tonight, tomorrow and forever, is to prepare to avoid being left with no other options.

All you need to do is spend 10-15 minutes on Sunday looking at your week...what obstacles do you need to plan for so that you can avoid diet disasters?

For more information on my eating style that helped me get better abs at age 33 than age 23 (and meal plans to take all the work out of your diet preparation), grab a copy of the NEW TT for Abs Home Abdominal Workout program and go through the Isabel De Los Rios.

Isabel's guidelines and meals are right on track with how I've been eating for the last 2 years - and you've seen the results of that.

One more thing...

Its important that you know something.

If I can do this, you can do this.

You see, I'm a reformed picky eater. Didn't eat salad till I was 24.

No spinach till 29. No asparagus till 26. Just had my first taste of avocado in 2007. The only reason I like broccoli as a kid was because I drowned it in butter.

Heck, I didn't even let different foods on my plate touch one another until I was 23.

But over time I tried new things and worked to take baby steps and eat better everyday.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Nutrition is the most important factor for fat loss,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training For Abs Home Abdominal Workouts

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Consumer Report: Getting Past the Fat Loss "Dip"

Getting Past the Fat Loss Dip

Every night when we hit the sack, I first have to get Bally, my puppy dog,
off the bed so I can get in.

Once settled in, he jumps back on the bed, circles around 3-4 times and then
flops down in the cutest little curled up position. And he always lets out a
big sigh when he does.

As if it was a big chore.

Once he's done his little bedtime song and dance, I sometimes read for a few
minutes. Lately it's been this little book called, "The Dip" by a guy named
Seth Godin.

It's all about how the biggest results are often achieved after a period of
struggling. But many people quit during the struggle, and never achieve

You might be able to relate - this is very true of fat loss, working out,
and eating right.

After all, it's not too bad to get through the morning or even the early
part of the afternoon without 'cheating' on your diet.

But late in the afternoon our diet becomes a struggle. And while sitting
around after dinner it is practically impossible for some folks to resist
the siren's call of the cookies and chips.

But those who make it through the struggle WIN. They end up eating fewer
calories and losing fat for the day.

Same with our workouts.

The warmup is fine, and the first few sets are tough, but manageable.

But as we go on, some folks want to quit. But often it is the last set, the
last rep, the last effort that gives us the most results.

If we didn't experience discomfort and fatigue - and make it through it all -
we wouldn't change our bodies.

We have to get through what Seth calls, "the dip". As he says, "It is human
nature to quit when it hurts."

And human nature is why you see more lard bodies than hard bodies.

The two worst things you can do when you are in "the dip" are...

a) Quit (that's obvious)

b) Jump from program to program (because each time you jump, you are
starting over again - always give a program a full 4-week trial period to
see if it really works for you)

If you can make it through the dip, you win.

But how do you beat the dip when the struggle is so hard?

By reminding yourself of how good life will be on the other side of the dip -
how good things will be once you make it through the struggle.

You must remind yourself that you can get to a point where you'll prefer
whole, natural foods over junk food; that you'll look forward to your
workouts, rather than find any excuse to blow them off.

You must have the right mindset.

You must learn to stay strong.

And get help from your social support.

Let me know how I can help you,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT for Abs

P.S. In the past 11 months I've discovered powerful secrets...

...about how to use motivation, inspiration, and social support to help keep
more Turbulence Training users on track.

To help them burn the belly fat they've been struggling to lose for weeks,
months, and years.

And I've put all those secrets together in my new ebook bonus, "The 5
Motivational Secrets to Getting (and KEEPING) Flat Sexy Abs and Burning
Belly Fat Permanently"

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Getting Past the Fat Loss "Dip"

Every night when we hit the sack, I first have to get Bally, my puppy dog, off the bed so I can get in.

Once settled in, he jumps back on the bed, circles around 3-4 times and then flops down in the cutest little curled up position. And he always lets out a big sigh when he does.

As if it was a big chore.

Once he's done his little bedtime song and dance, I sometimes read for a few minutes. Lately it's been this little book called, "The Dip" by a guy named Seth Godin.

It's all about how the biggest results are often achieved after a period of struggling. But many people quit during the struggle, and never achieve success.

You might be able to relate - this is very true of fat loss, working out, and eating right.

After all, it's not too bad to get through the morning or even the early part of the afternoon without 'cheating' on your diet.

But late in the afternoon our diet becomes a struggle. And while sitting around after dinner it is practically impossible for some folks to resist the siren's call of the cookies and chips.

But those who make it through the struggle WIN. They end up eating fewer calories and losing fat for the day.

Same with our workouts.

The warmup is fine, and the first few sets are tough, but manageable.

But as we go on, some folks want to quit. But often it is the last set, the last rep, the last effort that gives us the most results.

If we didn't experience discomfort and fatigue - and make it through it all - we wouldn't change our bodies.

We have to get through what Seth calls, "the dip". As he says, "It is human nature to quit when it hurts."

And human nature is why you see more lard bodies than hard bodies.

The two worst things you can do when you are in "the dip" are...

a) Quit (that's obvious)

b) Jump from program to program (because each time you jump, you are starting over again - always give a program a full 4-week trial period to see if it really works for you)

If you can make it through the dip, you win.

But how do you beat the dip when the struggle is so hard?

By reminding yourself of how good life will be on the other side of the dip - how good things will be once you make it through the struggle.

You must remind yourself that you can get to a point where you'll prefer whole, natural foods over junk food; that you'll look forward to your workouts, rather than find any excuse to blow them off.

You must have the right mindset.

You must learn to stay strong.

And get help from your social support.

Let me know how I can help you,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT for Abs

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Do Crunches Hurt Your Neck?

There's a guy at the gym where I workout that has the worst, most "spastic" form of anyone I've ever watched exercise.

He does these weird swinging arm curls, the jerkiest pullups in the world, and worst of all "neck crunches" (that are supposed to be ab crunches - I think?).

You have to wonder how this guys neck isn't killing him every night after his workouts. His form is brutal. Not that he'd really be getting that much benefit from perfect crunches anyways. After all, he does about 50 of these neck-nods in a row. And most people can do 20, 30, or more crunches in a row.

But why would anyone expect to get results from doing the same thing 50 times in a row?

Oh well, just another one of the weird things I see when I workout...

Actually, there was one other thing I watched go down today that I don't quite understand.

A big buff personal trainer met with a new client. It was clearly their first session. Trainer stands there asking the client a bunch of questions, all while he's eating a sandwich. In the weightroom. The new guy wants to lose some weight. The trainer gives him some nutrition advice, and then says, "Okay, today's chest day."

To a beginner who needs to lose about 50 pounds.

Chest day.

That poor guy probably can't even turn his steering wheel right now, his arms are probably too sore. I remember I felt that way when I did my first chest day at age 16 at the YMCA. But I was a dumb kid. Not paying $50-$100 to a professional to help me lose weight. No one who is 50 pounds overweight needs to do a full chest day on their first day in the gym.

Anyways, on to my workout...


Squats into toe raise - 10
Prisoner Squat - 10
Pushup - 10
Forward Lunge - 10
Arm Circles - 10
Neck Circles - 5
Waiter's Bow - 10
Hip flexor stretch
Shoulder mobility move - 10
Chest stretch
1-leg RDL - 8
Pushups - 10


Power Shrug

Power Clean

"Real Sets"




Bench -> 45x12, 95x8, 135x8, 185x8
Good morning -> 45x10, 95x8, 135x8

1A) Bench -> 205x3x8 (3 second eccentric)
1B) Good Morning -> 185x3x8

2A) Inverted Row -> 3x15 (3 sec eccentric)
2B) Overhead Squat - 75x3x5

Short workout, had to get home.

Off to Vancouver tomorrow,

Craig Ballantyne

Ab Exercise Triset

Have you tried the 3 exercise Ab Triset on Page 30 of the NEW TT for Abs Home Abdominal Workouts yet?


Your abs will get worked really hard without crunches or sit-ups. In fact, I've set it up so you do...

-> One exercise to stretch and contract your abs through a much greater range of motion than crunches, and that makes the exercise more powerful

-> A follow up exercise that combines endurance with a diagonal movement to work your obliques harder - and safer - than any twisting crunch could.

-> A finishing exercise that works your six pack and all of the small muscles that keep your low back safe and pain free.

And then you rest and do it all over again two more times!

There are great ab trisets in each of the TT for Abs workouts, but I think you'll like that one the most.

Get THREE sample ab workouts at:


Work your abs hard without crunches,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training  

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

TT for Abs is Now Available

I'm really impatient, and couldn't wait any longer to get the NEW TT for Abs Home Abdominal Workout program into your hands... I released it a few hours early.

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3) And THREE Advanced 4-Week Home Abdominal Workouts

PLUS, you'll get...

4) The "TT Abs 300" Workout Challenges (including one for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels)

5) The Bodyweight Abs program that you can do anytime, anywhere, without a single piece of equipment. (This program comes with beginner and advanced versions too!)

All that, AND STILL MORE, including...

a) The Advanced Ab Nutrition Meal Plans for Men & Women

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That's an incredible offer, but its only here for 3 days...

But remember...

1) Only the first 100 copies get the extra 3-Month TT Membership bonus worth $59.85

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So save time and money by grabbing your copy today. But hurry, this Special Offer expires and VANISHES - Poof, just like your belly fat will - at midnight on July 23rd.

Never do crunches again,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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And ONLY the first 100 copies get the 3-Month TT Membership bonus.

So don't wait, those will probably be gone before noon on Monday!

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TT vs 50 minutes of abs?

Today was one of those days where I felt tired and weak at the start of the workout, enough to make most people skip the workout all together. Fortunately, I know from experience that once you get started, you start to feel better and stronger (due to catecholamine hormone release - aka adrenaline).

So if you are struggling, just force yourself to go to the gym and get started, as you get moving, your brain and body will kick into gear to catch up to your committment.

While I trained, a girl was in the gym doing abs, including several lame exercises where she stood on two inflatable discs and did stuff like triceps pressdowns. Laaaaaaaaaaaaame.

She also did a ton of ab exercises. Poorly.

In my world, she could have done 1-2 total body ab exercises from my NEW abs workout program in about 10 minutes and been done with it...rather than the 50 minutes she wasted. But then again, in her mind, anything that takes less than an hour is probably not a real workout (she was still there when I left 50 minutes later).

Alright, so I did an extra long warm-up to get going...

General Bodyweight Warm-up

Bodyweight squats - 10
Pushups - 10
Shoulder Circles - 10 per side
Waiter's Bow - 10 per side
Some warmup exercise from Bill Hartman's Inside Out DVD - 10 per side
1-Leg RDL - 8 per side
Hip Flexor stretch - 20 seconds
Chest Stretch - 20 seconds
Neck circles - 5 per side

Then specific warm-up sets for the squat:

Bar x 12

This is probably a 10 minute warmup.

TT Original Workout B Supersets

1A) Squats 3x8 - 300 pounds
1B) Chin-up + Knee up - 13,9,7

2A) BB Bulgarian SPlit Squat 1x8 - 145 pounds
2B) Plank with arms on ball - 50 seconds

3A) BB Row 3x8 - 175
3B) Stability Ball X-Body MC 3x10

That was it. Things got better as I went on. I moved this workout up a day because I'll have probably have two days of no exercise -besides walking - this week due to travel and meetings.

Scale alert - I also realized I've lost a lot of fat - my scale weight is waaaaaaay down...time to force some extra calories...shouldn't be hard this week, as I'll be eating in restaurants from Tuesday to Friday in Vancouver. Probably lots of sushi.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - The CRUNCH-FREE workout program will be available tonight...probably around 10pm at:  

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Kettlebell Workout

Did lots of stuff out at the ranch today in the heat with an afternoon kettlebell workout.

Long warm-up. Things are feeling good. Grip is a little weak.

70lbs snatches - 10 per side, 8 per side

53 lb snatches - 15 per side

1-arm OH walk with 53 - 35 yards, 2 sets

70lb 1-arm swings - 13, 10

(At this point i had to sprint after the dog who ran off after a bicyclist going down the road...he got about halfway out the lane, ran into the wheat field, and came back. Fortunately. Then I took him down to the crick for a dip in the water, then back up to finish the workout.

We had his doggy pool filled with water, but he only wants to go in the river. Oh yeah, and earlier he ate a bunch of watermelon really fast and then puked it up. If you own a dog or you watched the episode of Family Guy where Brian takes Meg to the high school dance, you know what happened next...)

Back to the workout...

Figure-8 farmer walks with 70 - 2 sets of 50 steps

53 lb 1-arm OH press - 1x8

1-Leg RDL with 53 - 1x8

70lb 1-arm swings - 8

I think that was it. This is about as strong as I got with the kettlebells last year, but I'm 1-month ahead of schedule. I'm going to start making my kettlebell workouts a little longer now, doing more exercises.

I might look up an RKC out in BC this week depending on my schedule,


PS - Kettlebell Meltdown Fat Loss program is coming soon!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wasted Workout

Before I tell you about one of the hottest and stickiest gyms I've ever trained in, I want to point out that some girl just wasted 10 minutes of her life lying on a gross old gym mat on a grungy floor doing crunches and reverse crunches. The poor girl. Neither exercise has any real benefit on anything...those moves won't change her mid-section, burn any fat, or improve her lower back health.

Those 10 minutes were a complete and utter waste of time.

Especially when you consider where she was doing it...

I'll be honest, I train in a really disgusting gym. It stinks, it must have been 1000% humidity or something in there, nobody wipes anything down, the change rooms are gross, and the members are a little odd.

But the dumbbells are heavy. There are 3 squat racks (and 4 bench presses!). And lots of iron. So it's fine by me, but not sure why you'd want to do crunches anywhere near that floor. Or any floor.

(Click here for CRUNCH-FREE ab workouts)

As for my workout, my shirt was soaked within 5 minutes of getting in there. And drenched by the time I finished my deadlifts.

Strength work

Overhand Grip Deadlifts - 365x1, 275x2x8


1A) DB Bench Press - 95x3x6
1B) BB RDL - 225x2x8

2A) Pistols - 2x6 (terrible...the heat and the other leg work ruined my performance at this point)
2B) 1-Arm Standing DB Shoulder Press - 55x8, 60x6

That's it.

Kettlebells tomorrow.

And next week I'm off to a seminar in Vancouver and to see if the city is as beautiful as the hippies say it is,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - The 1st 100 folks who grab TT for Abs on Monday...

...get an extra bonus worth $59.85.

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Testimonial of the Month?

Sometimes folks mean to forward my emails, with comments, to one of their friends, but they hit "reply" instead of "forward" I end up getting the message (which is often very revealing!)...

Take this email I received yesterday in reply to one of my newsletters, which I'm quite sure was meant to go to someone else...I'm taking these 11 words as a compliment (and Mark B. - the author of these words - is in the running for TT Testimonial of the Month!).

This guy is a f*****g machine...check out his ab exercises!"

Check them out indeed!

The CRUNCH-FREE six pack workout era starts Monday.

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Find out what a Spiderman Pullup is on Monday,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Abs Workouts

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Abs 300 Workout Sneak Peak

My abs have been sore for over two days now, just because of one exercise from my upcoming TT For Abs Home Adominal Workout Program.

=> Click Here for that advanced ab exercise

It's also in my Advanced TT Abs 300 Workout, which is one of the bonuses in the Home Abdominal System.

If you're a TT Member, you can check out my training journal on the forum to see the FULL Advanced TT Abs 300 workout here:

=> Click Here for the Advanced 300 Abs workout

(scroll to the bottom of my training journal)

Just remember, that workout is ADVANCED.

For beginners, here's the Beginner TT Abs 300 Workout.  

- You can do this workout once every 4 weeks. It will take 20-30 minutes.
- Go through the circuit TWO times to complete the "300".
- Rest as much as needed between exercises.

Cross Crawl - 10 reps per side
Plank - 20 second hold
Prisoner Squat - 10 reps
Side Plank - 15 second hold per side
Mountain Climber - 10 reps per side
[Beginner} Inverted Row - 10 reps
Stability Ball Rollout - 5 reps
1-Leg Hip Extension - 10 reps per side
Spiderman Climb - 5 reps per side
Chop - 10 reps per side
[Kneeling] Pushup - 15 reps
Bird Dog - 5 reps per side
Stability Ball Leg Curl - 10 reps
Plank with Arms on Ball - 10 second hold

More CRUNCH-FREE ab workouts to come next week when I release that program.

In the meantime, get your FREE abs workout report and get put on the Early-Bird Notification List for the TT for Abs program by clicking HERE

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Six Pack Ab Workouts  

PS - Want to say GOODBYE to CARDIO and CRUNCHES & still get abs?

Good! Me too.

And that's why I designed the TT for Abs Home Abdominal Workout System so that you don't have to go through the dishonor of lying on your back and pounding out hundreds of crunches in vain trying to get a six-pack.

(Not that crunches even work anyways...)

This NEW program will be released on Monday, July 21st, and the 1st 100 copies comes with an EXTRA-SPECIAL bonus.

In the meantime, get your FREE abs workout report and get put on the Early-Bird Notification List for the TT for Abs program at

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Bodyweight Ab Workouts

Today I put a couple of clients through the soon-to-be-released TT Bodyweight Abs Workouts (workouts you can do anywhere - including a hotel room - without any equipment). One did the beginner version and one client did the advanced version.

Click Here to get a FREE abs report and get put on the Early Bird Notification for the release of the Abs Workout

Both were "just right", exactly how Goldilocks would have liked it if she was looking for a bodyweight ab program.

Not too hard, not too easy, but just hard enough.

One of my favorite bodyweight ab exercises that uses absolutely no equipment at all is the "X-Body Mountain Climber" (Cross Body Mountain Climber - but it looks cooler when you use an X).

• Brace your abs. Start in the top of the push-up position.

• Keep your abs braced, pick one foot up off the floor, and slowly bring your knee up to your opposite elbow. Do not let your hips sag.

• Keep your abs braced and slowly return your leg to the start position.

• Alternate sides until you complete all of the required repetitions.

After those workouts, I did the TT for Abs 300 Intermediate program. That's a bonus workout that can be done at the end of the 4-week Intermediate phase of the TT Home Abdominal Workouts program - or at the end of any 4-week Intermediate/Advanced TT workout. Or really, once a month if you are an "intermediate" or "advanced" fitness type.

After doing this one, Goldilocks might have sent it back, because it was pretty hard. But if you are looking for a challenge, you'll love it.

Finished with some overhead KB walking (holding the KB at arms length overhead). No swings or snatches today, rest day for the grip strength and foearms.

Turbulence Training Original Workout A tomorrow.

Got a sweat on today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Home Abdominal Workouts

PS - If you are a Platinum TT Member, the NEW Advanced Nutrition Guidelines are available for download...

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daily Fat Loss Motivation

Some fat loss motivation for you today...

I hear from a lot of folks who had a bad "diet day" yesterday, or their workout didn't go as planned...and even from folks who are struggling to get going...

So I just wanted to say...

"Keep on trying to do a little better every day. Always try to be better than yesterday. Take that attitude, and give it the best you got! And if you had a bad day yesterday, kick it to the curb and stay strong! Today is another chance for you to show the world who's the boss. I know you can do it!"

Here's to starting a new healthy habit today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Click Here for Turbulence Training for Fat Loss

PS - Don't Wait!

Whatever positive change you want to make in your life, start TODAY!

Whether it is looking for a new job, repairing a relationship, eating better, or starting an exercise program, there is no better time to start than right now. Good luck and let me know how things turn out!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kettlebells & Bodyweight Abs

Today's workout started with kettlebells. After a quick, but thorough warmup, I went straight to snatches with the 53lb'er, doing:

3x15 per side
3x5 per side

All done without rest, and without putting the kettlebell down...working my way up in endurance. The other day I did one set per side of 21 reps each. My hands/grip strength are the weak point right now. My weak, weak little hands.

I finished with another set or two of 10 reps per side. After kettlebells, I went to the gym to try my SOON-TO-BE-RELEASED "TT Abdominal 300 Workout (Advanced Version)". This was a tough 30-minute workout, made harder by the fact that my abs feel like they have bullet holes in them thanks to yesterday's workout.

NOTE: The COMPLETE Turbulence Training for Abs Home Abdominal Workout package will be released on Monday, July 21st.

This might be the only CRUNCH-FREE six-pack abs training program that you can do at home. It is ANTI-CRUNCH, ANTI-GYM, and ANTI-SITUP (and of course, ANTI-CARDIO, but that goes without saying, right?)

The new TT for Abs system includes...

1) 12-Week Turbulence Training Home Abdominal Workout Program

2) The Turbulence Training Abs "300" Workout Bonus (Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Levels)

3) The Bodyweight Abs Workout You Can Do Anywhere - Even at a Hotel - Without Any Equipment (Beginner & Advanced Versions)

4) The Bodyweight Abdominal Exercise Index

5) My 5 Motivational Secrets to Keep You From Cheating or Quitting

6) The Advanced Nutrition for Abs Meal Plans from Isabel De Los Rios, Holistic Nutritionist

(And a few other time-sensitive bonuses...visit to be put on the Early-Bird Notification List).

As I mentioned, my abs are sore, sore, sore! All because I did a one of my favorite ab exercises - a variation of the Pullup + Kneeup. Yesterday I used chin-ups plus knee-ups and my abs are shot today.

Heck, if you did nothing but one of those variations combined with a single leg exercise, such as barbell split squats, you'd have a full body workout in 1 superset.

So the next time you are pressed for time, do this...

  • 3-5 minute total body, bodyweight circuit

  • 3 sets of the following superset with no rest between exercises and 1 minute between supersets

1A) Pull-up + Knee-up (As many reps as possible)
1B) Barbell Split Squat or Barbell Squat (8-12 reps)


(Throw in pistol squats instead of the barbell squats, and you've got a powerful workout you can do in the park.)

"But wait a minute", you're thinking..."there's no chest work!"

Not so.

The pullup actually works your chest a lot harder than you you've got everything covered, all the hot zones of the body (the chest, the abs, the upper back, and the back of the legs).

Here's to CRUNCH-FREE abs programs,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Don't forget to get your FREE abs report and get put on the Early-Bird Notification List at:

Controversial Diet Interview

Last week I did a LOT of Kettlebell workouts because the nearest gym was 35 minutes away. And believe me, the Kettlebells were TT-worthy!

I'm getting stronger and having more fun with the kettlebells this summer, thanks to Troy Anderson's expert tips & workouts.

Troy's Kettlebell Meltdown Fat Loss program kicks butt (and you'll get a chance to use it soon!), but of course, you need the advanced diet plan to go with it for maximum fat burning...

In fact, you can learn about the diet that Troy used to lose 18.5 pounds and 6.5% bodyfat in only 28 days.

Those results are CRAZY!

But I'll be HONEST...I'm hesitant to even post this fact, depending on the feedback I get, I might even remove Troy's nutrition answers because they are just so darn controversial.

The diet he used is extreme...but TT Members is all about showing you what works for fat loss.

Read Troy's Nutrition & Interval secrets before I change my mind and take his dirty diet discussion down:

=> Click Here to read Troy's Dirty Diet Tricks

PS - His kettlebell workouts are just as for his Meltdown program - COMING SOON!

DISCOVER: The NEW DB-BW Fusion Workout

One of the most popular TT workouts has been is the 2008 version of the classic Dumbell-Bodyweight Fusion Workout.

I wrote this program to help you get through your workouts faster without having to change weights between supersets (if you use adjustable dumbells at home) or grab two sets of dumbells at the gym.

This TT workout contains the perfect pairings of dumbell and bodyweight exercises to help you get maximum results in less time.

I wrote this because someone on the forum, can't remember who, was having a hard time with their adjustable this should help you out!

Download the TT DB-BW Fusion 2008 Workout and watch the videos here:
=> Click Here for the TT DB-BW Fusion Workout

Let me know about your favorite TT Workout and new workouts you'd like to see in coming months.

Stay strong,


PS - TT Members speak out!

"Hi Craig, for the last 8 weeks I've been applying the Turbulence Training theory to my training and have lost 10Kg (22lbs). Compare that to the amount of running, cycling and rowing I did in the same 8 week period in 2006 and you'll see I probably did 10 times the amount of time on running/cycling/rowing but only lost half as much. Anyway I'm off to Margarita in 3 days for a fantastic 2 week windsurfing holiday and I'm at the lightest I've been (87.7Kg, 6'3") for a few years, which will help my sailing significantly!"
Roy Steel

Fat Loss Workouts

Monday, July 14, 2008

Original Strength Training Workout B

Today's Turbulence Strength Training workout wasn't so hot...good, but not great.


Squat 315x5

Supersets for Original Workout B

1A) Barbell Split Squat - 3x8@135 (changed from regular squats)
1B) Chin-up with Knee-up - 12,8,6 (changed from regular chin-ups)

2A) BB Row - 2x10 with 155
2B) Plank with Arms on Ball - 45, 35 (changed from Ab Curl up on Ball)

3A) Stability Ball X-Body Mountain Climber - 2x10 (changed from something)
3B) Back Extension - 2x12

Tonight -> Filming the August workout of the month...the 2008 TT Hot Zone Workout update.

Fat burning with 4 simple exercises,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Home Abdominal Workouts

Sunday, July 13, 2008

One SECRET To Burn More Fat

Is your fat loss progress slowing down? Are you stuck at the same weight, the same body fat, or the same pant size?

Inevitably, everyone comes across a fat loss plateau. For some, it sticks around longer than others, but no matter how long it lasts, a fat loss plateau is always frustrating.

According to Tom "Single-digit body fat" Venuto, one way to burst through plateaus is to increase the intensity of your training.

After all, if you aren't getting results, it might simply mean that your training is not stimulating your body to change (so you can't expect last month's program to work again this month - that's why the Turbulence Training workouts always recommend changing your program every 4 weeks).

In addition to changing my client's fat loss programs regularly, we use another TT training rule every workout to make sure that they are continuing to get results and avoid the dreaded fat loss plateaus.

The rule:
Try to set a personal best in each workout.

Now the personal best can be accomplished in any weight exercise, bodyweight exercise, or even interval/cardio exercise.

For example, for many of my female clients, we are often trying to set new records in different kinds of push-ups and chin-ups.

Just recently I challenged one of my gals to get 15 chest-to-the-floor real pushups. I knew she had it in her. And she did. 15 perfect pushups, smashing her old record by two. It's no surprise she has the best, leanest arms of almost any woman in the gym.

Even in my own workouts, I focus on beating a personal record each time (yesterday I did 11 full pistols in two straight sets - my legs were toasted after that!).

Click Here to read about my workout

And even if you are having a lousy day, and don't have much energy, you can still try to set a personal record in a low-intensity ab exercise like the plank or side plank.

The great thing is that even with a normal 6-exercise TT workout, there are at least 36 opportunities to set a new personal best.

First, you could set it in any of the 6 exercises.

Second, there are at least 3 ways to do every exercise. So you could have a record for regular push-ups, close-grip pushups, decline push-ups, close-grip decline push-ups, etc. 

Third, you can set a repetition record or a weight record. I.e. You could aim to get 2 more reps than last week in your db row exercise, or you could use a heavier dumbbell (all with good form, of course).

So that's at least 36 possible ways to set a record with your strength training.

And that doesn't even count the ways that you could set a personal best in your interval training (increasing the distance covered, the time of the interval, the speed of the interval, or the number of intervals).

You can even set a new record by completing one of the bodyweight circuits faster than ever.

All it has to be is one personal best per workout. Keep a little spreadsheet at home and record your exercises, all the variations, and your rep record and weight records, and the date on which you set the record. Come back to that every week to update it and motivate yourself for your next workout.

The "personal best" rule will increase your motivation and sense of accomplishment and get you back on the fat loss track. At the end of each workout, you'll know that you still achieved progress - even if the scale hasn't changed in a couple of days.

I have, for the most part, had an attitude that BW training must be for the weak and untrained. Recently, the two leaders in the field in my mind (yourself and Cosgrove) have had much to say about BW training.Needing a change, and stuck not making any progress in improved leanness, I decided to give it a try.  What a surprise.  The workouts are tough.  I'm enjoying them more than weights and intervals (still do a bit of intervals).  And ... guess what, suddenly I'm seeing major changes in my leanness.  Considerably more than I was getting conventionally! With the ways you have to make it tougher, even very strong athletes can experience great challenge.  Functional fitness training it is.You are terrific.  Keep up the great work."
David O'Dell

Join the bodyweight revolution and find out just how good you can be,


P.S. You can burn fat at the beach or on vacation - no excuses!

With over 75 exercises, and therefore 75 different records to set, the 6-month Bodyweight Turbulence Training Manual will help you keep setting records well into the summertime.

Get functional and get lean without all of the hassles of a commercial gym.

Click Here to get started burning belly fat with bodyweight exercises

How to Burn Fat on Holiday

I'm back from my vacation at the lake...and I was able to burn fat on holiday. And you can too...more on that in a bit.

The trip was great...and I went over 7 days without using the Internet. We just swam, read, used Kettlebells, stayed active, and yes, we got into a few CRAZY adventures as well, as you'll read below...

But our vacation got off to a rough start.

My old '97 Maxima is on last legs, and the battery was as dead as a doornail on Saturday afternoon when we went to start the 3 hour drive to Lake Muskoka.

And even after we got going, we ran into some nasty traffic that I wasn't sure Maxima would even make it through...but finally we got to our cottage on the water...and it was worth all the hassle.

Bally, my 2 year old Chocolate Lab and I went right down to the water for a swim. Things were going great, until he suddenly took off like a CRAZED animal.

I chased after him and tracked him down at the neighbor's cottage, where he had barged in and helped himself to some cat food. He'll eat anything, of course.

Another classic first impression. So we called it a night on the swimming.

I started the next day with a long dog walk and a Kettlebell workout. All my workouts last week were either Kettlebells or bodyweight exercises. Some days were high rep, other days were low-rep using the 70-lbs kettlebell.

Heck, we even trained with the Kettlebell in the lake one day.

Now I'll never give up my dumbell workouts, but in the summer, I'm a big fan of Kettlebell exercises for fat loss. Swings, snatches, and lots of total body movements.

Just another week or so and my friend Troy will have his Meltdown Kettlebell Fat Loss program ready for you.

After the workout, I did what everyone on vacation does, and went to get some burgers. Yep, even the TT Nutrition Plan was off on a small vacation this week.

However, we didn't stop our regular routine of eating plenty of raw and cooked vegetables and up to 10 servings of fruit per day.

Someone wrote in asking about the truth about fruit making you fat, because some other misguided expert told her to avoid it. Well, I'm here as living proof that fruit will not stop you from getting your abs.

Click here to see my abs

Saying that fruit makes you fat is about as true as saying cardio and crunches are the best way to get you lean, or that you have to drink protein shakes to build muscle. None of that baloney is true.

I know you'll hear other experts disagree, but those are ALL things you can trust me on - I guarantee.

Now there was only one problem when I went to get burgers...I had no idea where they were in the grocery store. You see, when you shop according to the TT lifestyle, all you do is go around the outside for fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts, and some dairy products.

There is no need to go into the freezer section or the bakery. Not when you are trying to burn fat. So after wandering around like a clueless dork, I finally found the burgers, buns, and condiments, and went for a classic cookout.

Which frankly left me a little disappointed.

I remembered burgers to be so much better...and honestly, when you build up great nutrition habits, which YOU WILL if you stick to your plan, you really end up wanting to eat healthy, not junk food.

And you WILL get used to it, I promise. So stay strong with your nutrition plan!

After lunch we went over to my friend Brad Pilon's cottage (Brad is the author of Eat Stop Eat).

And this is where I just about RUINED the vacation.

Silly me, I stepped on a nail on a boat dock and cut my foot. So Brad's father-in-law had to bring out the First-Aid kit and save the day...

All this time Bally the Dog and Brad's cute-as-a-button baby girl were hanging out and probably just shaking their head at the clumsy ol' guy who stepped on a nail.

What a turn of events!

After all the trouble Bally the Dog gets into, it was me that just about ruined the day! But it was just a small cut...although the trouble doesn't end there...

Fortunately for everyone, Brad convinced us that ice cream would fix everything, so we drove into the little town of Bala.

I left Bally with Brad's wife and went inside the ice cream shop to grab Bally a cup of vanilla ice cream and yes, a scoop or two of chocolate mint for myself.

But we weren't in the ice cream store for more than 30 seconds before Brad's wife came in the store with just a leash, but NO DOG!


Bally had broken off his leash and ran away.

But don't worry, he didn't go far.

As soon as he got loose, he charged right inside Jay-Dee's BBQ Restaurant. Fortunately, a strong guy was able able to pull him out before he stole any hot dogs or burgers. What a site that was...

With Bally under control, we finished our ice cream and headed back home. Two days and two adventures, what was he going to do next?

On Monday, I realized it had been 17 years since my last Tetanus shot, so we had to drive 30 minutes to the nearest hospital, wait for hours, and then finally get my shot, just to make sure cut from the nail didn't cause any problems.

Brad and his family came along to pet-sit Bally the Dog while I waited around wasting Canadian health care dollars, but Brad and his wife didn't mind because they used the day as their "Diet Day".

Doesn't "Diet Day" sound better than having to be on a diet 24-7?

Click here for more info on Brad's diet system

Finally, after all the excitement of those first two days, we all settled down and enjoyed a relaxing holiday - without too much else to report.

No more injuries, no more dog-running-away-in-search-of-food stories.

(I can't say there wasn't more ice cream though.)

I did my kettlebell workouts, went on hikes with Bally the Dog, and did lots of swimming.

But by the end of the week I was ready to get home to hear from you, all the TT readers, to find out how your progress was going. Heck, we have some TT Transformation Contestants only 16 days away from their "after photos".

Can you believe the 2nd TT Transformation Contest is almost over?!

And I also came back to dozens of powerful, motivating success stories. I'll be sharing one of these inpirational essays on this site each day this week.

In fact, I stayed up into the wee hours of Saturday morning reading all of your reports on your real-life results. You should all be very proud of yourselves for your committment and persistence.

If you haven't emailed to tell us about your results, please do so.

Click Here to Contact TT

...And hey, why not let me know how you "TT" when you are on vacation? That would be great inspiration to show other folks how you can stay lean and still live life while on holiday.

Bottom line:
You can stay lean and even burn fat when you are on vacation, even while you allow yourself a few treats.

Just commit to doing these 2 things the rest of the year and you WILL SUCCEED!

1) Build healthy habits.

2) Make them into routines.

And you'll never have to worry about getting off track when you take a holiday.

I'm as lean now as when I left, and even more motivated to stick to the TT lifestyle for workouts and nutrition.

So every day take one little baby step (or bigger steps!) to creating lifelong fat burning healthy habits. If you do that, you'll be lean for life.

Join the TT Lifestyle for real-life results,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Here are two TT real-life, real-results stories you'll love to hear...

He's Lost 10 Pounds in 3 Weeks - & spends less time in the gym...

"I have been on the turbulence training program for just over three weeks now and have had great results. I am spending less than half the time in the gym and getting better results. I have lost about 10 pounds and noticing more definition."
Gus Hansborough

She looked great at her reunion...

"The true test of Turbulence Training for me was during a anniversary/family reunion I attended last weekend. Everyone commented on how great I looked and wondered what I've been doing. Of course I told them about

I have been using TT for the last six months and have been able to meet my first goal weight and maintain it. I am a stay-at-home mom of two preschool boys and I recently entered the world of politics by being elected as a school board trustee last fall.

My time is limited but I always make time for exercise everyday. I also believe it sets a good example for my kids. Both of my kids have joined me from time to time in rounds of jumping jacks, running sprints outside and even burpees. I have my free weights and stability ball set up in the basement so that I can watch the kids play while I exercise.

Turbulence Training totally fits my lifestyle and I always recommend it whenever someone comments on how great I look. Thank you, Craig, for all of your guidance and inspiration."
Rhonda Lafrance

Click HERE to get started with Turbulence Training

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Turbulence Training Original Workout

I forgot what a great workout the Turbulence Training Original program is!

I got back from my beach vacation last night, and was ready to hit the gym and re-join my Turbulence Training workouts this afternoon. You might remember that I just finished up the Intermediate TT workout before I went away. And all last week was Kettlebell and bodyweight workouts only.

So I planned to take it easy in today's TT Original workout, as I recommend everyone does in the first week of any program. After all, you are going to be sore when you switch up the exercises. So you don't need to do 3 sets as hard as possible in your first workout of any new program.

Just take it easy. You'll still get a lot of benefit from doing the workout with less volume. And you will reduce your risk of injury and extreme soreness.

Unlike the Intermediate program, I won't be modifying the Original TT workout program much at all. When I looked at it today, I realized just why this was the first program I put together for Turbulence Training.

The foundation of this program is rooted in the basic, most efficient and effective multi-muscle exercises you could ever possibly use. And that's why you get more results in less time. This program is 100x's better than working out 6-days per week, doing isolation exercises and overworking your shoulder joint - as most bodybuilding and "toning" workouts have you do.

So I was really looking forward to the workout...the week off did me a lot of good. I was fresh and ready to go. Here's how my program went...


Deadlift 315x5

(I am still adding one strength focused exercise before the regular TT supersets. But because this is the first workout, I didn't push too hard...)

Turbulence Training Original Workout A Supersets

1A) Bench Press - 205x3x6
1B) BB RDL - 225x3x8

2A) Pistols - 2x11 (11 perfect pistols with the left side, the right side needed help)
2B) 1-Arm DB Shoulder Press - 50x8, 55x6

I was soaked in sweat from this workout, and my legs were as tired as they've been in a long time, thanks to my pistols. I think I've done 12 in a row before, but 2 sets of 11 were more intense than 4 sets of heavy leg presses.

And that was it. Workout B on Monday. Maybe some kettlebells on Sunday.

Back to perfect Turbulence Training Lifestyle nutrition as well. I granted myself a little nutrition liberty while on vacation, and frankly, I'm not going to miss the burgers. The ice cream is another might be part of a reward meal once a month more often.

So it was a great workout. And if you have never tried TT Original Workout B, just wait till you read my report on Monday.

Click Here to join me on the Turbulence Training workouts

It's good to be back,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Want to see my regular day to day nutrition foundation?

Click Here to download a sample meal plan

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Show Off Abs Workout

I tend to be hard on my ol' lunkhead bodybuilder friends...

...telling them they spend too much time lifting and doing slow cardio, doing crunches, drinking protein shakes instead of eating real food, getting fat in the winter and then going to extremes just before summer...

I just think my way is a better way...

So it's rare that a bodybuilder shows me a program that I think makes sense in the real world...
But Vince DelMonte, a bodybuilder, did just that, sending me this excellent beginner ab workout just the other day.

In fact, Vince's beginner program was even a good challenge for me, and you've seen my abs.

Here's what Vince gave me, and I recommend you put it in your program as well...

Vince's Ab Exercise circuit based on planks:

This is what Vince considers "foundational" to building six pack abs from the inside and out and having a core as strong as a bear - excellent mini circuit for beginners or if your just getting back into it:

1. Plank in push up position - 10 legs raises each leg
2. Plank from elbow position - 10 leg raises each leg
3. Side plank from hand position - 10 legs raises each leg
4. Side plank from elbow position - 10 leg raises each leg

Build up to 2 sets of 20. These will engage your core, gluts, shoulders and arms all at the same time. Don't be surprised if you start sweating. You can do this every day.

For more of Vince's ab workouts, visit:


Train hard, train safe, and get lean for summer,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Did you see the incredible Before And After of Vince's client on his website?

Go to and check out the photos or watch the mini-movie. Powerful stuff!

Seriously, if want to develop a set of "Show Off Abs", get inspired by Vince's before-and-afters here:


TT Testimonial of the Month - Enter Now!

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But if you have a testimonial, there are 3 ways you can enter:

1) Reply to any Turbulence Training email.

2) Send an email to: support AT

3) Click HERE to Contact Us

And now, for this months WINNER!!!

Actually, CO-Winners.

Congratulations to Lee Castle AND Rebecca Parr.

First, from Lee...

"Hi Craig, I want to say a big thank you for the boost that Turbulence Training has provided. Just over 6 months ago I weighed
in at 98kgs (216 lbs) and decided to do something about it.

I started doing some research and along with better (and more structured) nutrition, I started interval training which was
helping me lose weight but I wanted something more.

About a month into my lifestyle transformation I added Turbulence Training to the intervals. I have been at TT for nearly 6 months now and the results are incredible. The science and the data behind the program makes sense, which for me, is a big part of the motivation, and the results speak for themselves.

Approximately 6 months on and I now weigh in at 83kgs (183 lbs).

I work out 3-4 times a week, doing the TT workouts 3 times a week (two of them followed by an interval session (rower or bike) plus one weekend workout, hill sprints or steep uphill hiking normally).

I also like to do a quick 100 bodyweight circuit at home on the rest days.

I have created exercise and eating routines and good habits, am more motivated in all parts of my life, healthier, happier and have more energy. Thanks again!"
Lee Castle, An Australian in Hong Kong

Lee, I've emailed you your updated membership details!

And now to hear from our co-winner, Rebecca Parr.

"I have been using turbulence training now for 3 weeks.  The reason I was attracted to TT is that I commute 50 miles each day from home to London leaving the house at 5.30am and returning (if all goes well) at 7pm. Needless to say time is tight.  

I needed something that was efficient and would get me results required without bulking up or losing weight and becoming flabby. In those three weeks I have lost c4lb but the key effect has been the loss in inches. I have lost 2 inches of my waist and my arms are more toned my legs have less cellulite.

I now drink green tea (rather than normal tea) each more fresh fruit and have totally reduced my sugar intake.

All my TT is done at home using dumbells and a swiss ball. The advantage with the training is that it fits around my running, does not give me DOMS and is increasing my core strength.  

I can't wait to see what further improvements can be achieved. I also travel in relation to my work and I find it easy to continue with TT when away using hotel gyms as long as they have free weights and a treadmill.

What an excellent program. It suits my way of life and is something I know I can continue with especially when you see how quick the results begin to happen."
Rebecca Parr

Congratulations Rebecca, I've emailed you your upgraded membership details.

Thanks to everyone using Turbulence Training, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Platinum TT Members also get my new TT for Abs program FREE!

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