Wednesday, January 28, 2009

20 Minute Workout

I just got into San Diego where I'm staying for the night before heading off to Mexico for a few days...
...but it ain't none of that lying around on the beach stuff. I am just not into that.
Instead, I'll be racing off-road cars across the desert and hanging out with Jesse James from West Coast Choppers, and then watching the superbowl with former MVP, Desmond Howard.
I'll tell you all about that next week, but tomorrow morning I'm going to do a quick workout in the hotel gym using bodyweight
exercises and techniques I learned while training in the gym with my friend Chris Lopez, one of Toronto's top personal trainers.
Chris puts together the classics but with twists too, like different chinup and pushup variations, along with kettlebell exercises too. He even has a funny workout program called "Big Daddy" and an a workout I was suprised to see, "The 8-Week High School Reunion Transformation Program".
You can check out his 32nd birthday sale here and get all his programs for more than half-off.
But here's the 20-minute workout I'll be doing before I head off to the desert.
It's tough, and I'm going to kick my own butt, but I don't have much time. (By the way, don't tell him I shared this workout with you!)
Alright, I'm going to start with a bodyweight warm-up (of course) and then get right into a combo of Burpees and Jump Pullups. And his workouts call for doing this for time! Yikes!
After 3 quick rounds of that, I'm going to finish with timed DB Squat and Presses. That's a total body workout that will send me
packing...a real nice send-off before I leave structured workouts for a few days.
Mind you, I'll probably do some of the bodyweight exercises you'll find in his programs while I'm gone, including spiderman pushups, bodyweight rows if I can find the right set up, single-leg exercises, and total body ab movements (but no crunches!).
I'll come back lean and mean (ok, I can't be mean, but I will be lean!),
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS - Chris is a just a youngster on the fitness scene...
...and he just turned 32. To celebrate, he's practically giving away his entire fat burning quickie workout system that he's
developed for busy parents. If you haven't seen Chris on TV, you're missing out on some amazing workouts.

Monday, January 26, 2009

28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan for Your Beach Vacation

I've heard from a lot folks frightened of what the holidays did to their waistlines and how they are worried because they have a big winter vacation to the beach coming up next month.

Well, if you want to lose 10 pounds before the end of February, or even 20 pounds by the end of March, you're going to love these tips from rapid fat loss nutrition expert Mike Roussel, who gives us...

- 4 fat burning secrets
- the truth about calorie counting
- 28-day meal plans for folks who want to weigh anywhere between 135 and 215 pounds
- his #1 piece of advice for women
- and one of his best breakfast recipes

CB: Mike, what advice do you have for someone who has hit a fat loss plateau? I heard you have 4 secrets for fat burning to help people lose a LOT of weight before the end of February. What are your rapid fat loss diet secrets to success?

A fat loss plateau is commonly seen when people under eat and reduce their calories too quickly. 

And to make it worse, when people come to a fat loss plateau they almost always reduce their calories right away. This is the wrong approach because ultimately it will cause you metabolism to slow down, which is the opposite of what we are trying to do. 

This is what I recommend in the following order:

1. Increase activity
2. See if you can increase activity some more
3. Replace all starches with vegetables (not counting workout nutrition)
4. Reduce calories

CB: So folks can lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks with those tips? And how do your protein and calorie recommendations change for obese individuals?

Yes, they can, and as for your 2nd question, I don't really worry about protein and calories with obese individuals. 

In fact, if people pay attention to making the right food selections then 90% of the time they won't ever need to count calories.

By making a couple simple changes to a person's diet habits (without making any calorie changes) I can have them noticeably dropping fat IMMEDIATELY. Simple is always better but nutrition is such a big business everyone has a gimmick and no one talks about the simple effective solutions. I'll show you a better way at:

=> The 28 Days Leaner Rapid Fat Loss Diet Program

CB: Great stuff, I like simple. How do your recommendations differ for men and women?

One thing about women and nutrition is that women are notorious undereaters. I don't mean to keep harping on the food selection thing but it is so important. 

If people and learn to make the right food choices then they will...

1. Lose weight
2. Eat more than they ever have.

That's the perfect situation isn't it? Lose weight and eat more. 

Eating larger quantities of clean foods isn't bad. I find that many women have a certain guilt factor when it comes to eating more than they should. But in reality if they are following a great workout program (like TT) then they need to provide themselves with enough energy and fuel their metabolism. So ladies, eat more! 

CB: I'm sure they'll love hearing that. Now let's get your favorite breakfast recipe that you told me about. Some kind of omelet, right?

Yep, Mike's famous, "Asparagus and Feta Cheese Omelet".

6 egg whites
2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
1 Al Fresca chicken sausage
4 stalks of asparagus (chopped)
1/3 onion (chopped)
1 medium tomato (chopped)
¼ Cup crumbled feta cheese

Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1
Calories 395
Fat  19
Sat 8
Poly 1
Mono 5
Carbs 16
Fiber 3
Protein 41

Spray down the pan with non-stick cooking spray. Turn heat on medium-high. Add asparagus and onions, sauté for 3 minutes. Beat together olive oil and egg whites until the whites start to bubble. Add sausage and tomatoes to the pan and sauté for another minute. Empty contents of the pan into a plate. Re-apply non-stick spray and add egg white olive oil mixture. Cook until eggs take omelet form, flip, add vegetables-sausage mixture, feta cheese, and fold eggs over onto fillings. Turn off heat and let omelet sit for a minute to let the cheese melt.

That's it!

CB: Thanks Mike. So you promise you can help folks lose a lot of weight in just 4 weeks. I mean, more than 10 pounds?

Yep, I have the perfect 28-Day Weight Loss System, including 28 days of meal plans here:


CB: Thanks Mike, I read your book last fall, and I don't even want to think about how much time it took you to create meal plans for every weight range from 135-140 all the way up to 210-215. You must have spent weeks on this, and I know my readers will love it, and I thank you for that.

I recommend you grab your copy of Mike's meal plans and do what most people want to do - LOSE 10 pounds before the end of February!


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - It doesn't matter what you weigh...

...Mike has a meal plan for you. If you're a heavy guy that wants to weigh under 215, Mike has a "real man's meal plan" for you. As you can see from the omelet recipe, Mike's diet plan won't cause you to lose muscle, just fat. And for woman, Mike said it best when he'll show you how to eat more for fat loss.

Grab Mike's 28-day rapid fat burning meal plans to lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks here:


Quickie Fat Loss Workouts Guide

Time for a quickie fat loss workouts guide to your next 7 days of fat burning. This fat burning call is going up a little early because I'm heading "off the grid" for the next few days on a trip down to Baja, Mexico.

But I've left you some quickie fat loss secrets to help you get lean and burn fat while I'm gone!

=> Click here to listen to the quickie workouts coaching call

Or read the tips below...

Monday – Feb 2nd
In this week's transformation recommendation, I want you to create a Vision board or Poster board with visual representations of your goals on it. I also want you to write down your goals as well. Then make a committment to review your vision board and goals on a regular basis.

Now it's time to explore Workout A of TT2K6

1A) DB Incline Press (6 reps)
1B) DB Row (6 reps)

2A) Chin-up (8 reps)
2B) DB Chest Press (8 reps)

3A) Close-grip Pushups (25 reps)
3B) DB Rear-Delt Raise (10 reps)

Interval Workout A

You are going to LOVE that classic upper body workout.

Get 30 minutes of fun activity. I'll be traveling on Tuesday, so I'll be looking to get in a workout on the road. Often when this is the case, and yet I feel kind of sluggish, I'll just force myself to commit to a small number of bodyweight reps (i.e. 200) and then tell myself I can stop after that.

But once I get going and get into the program, I start getting more committed to the workout. So just convince yourself to at least go through the warm-up, and you'll find you have some of your best workouts when you do it this way.

Some mindset stuff for you today...I want you to stay tough. You need to persevere. The only thing between you and success is quitting. As long as you don't quit, you will succeed.

Now let's take a look at Workout B from TT2K6

1A) DB Split Squat (8 reps)
1B) Stability Ball Rollout (10 reps)

2A) DB RDL (8 reps)
2B) DB Push Press (6 reps)

3A) DB Squat (12 reps)
3B) Stability Ball Jackknife (15 reps)
3C) Side Bridge (45 seconds)

Interval Workout B

That'll fry your abs and belly fat fast!

Ok, so let's also look at my own personal workout...I'm currently on a 3-day strength and muscle building program, based on Jay Ferruggia's PR Workouts and this is workout B.

1) Snatch (3x5)

2) Wide Stance Squat (3x6)

3A) Full Squat (4x10)
3B) Back Extension (4x10)

4A) Cable Abs (3x12)
4B) Face Pull (3x12)

Just did this one the other day, and man was that a great workout. I was still able to climb the stairs after the workout, but I know I'll be stronger from this one.

Another day to get 30 minutes of fun activity. In addition to variety in our exercise, we should also have variety in our diets.

Click here for the BEST nutrition article you've read in a long, long time

Finish the week strong with another TT Workout and treat yourself to a fun exercise.

Then sit back, kick back, and have fun watching some of my youtube videos. (Don't miss the pumpkin workout)

Click here for the best Turbulence Training Youtube Videos

Remember what I said last time about getting a new circle of friends to combat your belly fat? Well, why not start recruiting new social support today. Do at least one thing to get involved with new friends who are healthy.

So what's the deal with whole-grains?

Well, personally, I am less tired and have less body fat when I restrict my whole-grain intake to a minimum. Find out what's best for you by paying attention to your body.

However, the bottom line is that nothing beats "Calories in vs Calories out" for fat loss. You must be burning more than you eat to lose fat.

Until next week, stay strong!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Want to burn more calories in a short amount of time with another fat loss quickie workout?

Then get started with the Turbulence Training workouts used by tens of thousands of men and women to burn fat fast.

=> Click here to get started with Turbulence Training

Sunday, January 25, 2009

TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks

is now available!

Click here to download this program

Extra supersets, more abs, shorter interval workouts and your first chance to do my timed bodyweight interval training programs.

A classic upper-body, lower-body split with extra total body ab exercises, more resistance training for muscle sculpting, and shorter, but harder interval training workouts make for a unique twist on the Turbulence Training program. Plus, you'll do one workout that includes timed bodyweight interval training.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Turbulence Training Bodyweight TV Commercial Workout

It's "upper body mania" this week at Turbulence Training...and in this week'scoaching call I cover two "get your pump on" workouts.

I must have been feeling pretty meat-headish with this one...although the other
workout I give you is great for sexy legs and abs. Plus, I share a powerfulnew research paper on how to get social support for fat loss.

=> Click here to listen to this week's fat burning call

Or read a summary of all the tips here...

Monday - Jan 26th
I stumbled upon a new research paper about social support for fat loss and it basically tells us that we need to expand our social circles in order to find the right support for fat loss. After all, if hanging around our current friends has only made us eat more and exercise less, how can we expect that to change?

We need to make new friends at the gym or online (ie. in the Turbulence Training forum) to support us in our body sculpting goals. So get out there and get more support to help you burn fat!

Now it's time to review Workout A of the classic Turblence Training TT2K5 program. (Listen to the call for the alternative exercises I recommend.)

1A) Squat or 1-Leg Squat (8 reps)
1B) DB Chest Press or Bench Press (6 reps)

2A) DB RDL (8 reps)
2B) Spiderman Pushup (5 reps)

3A) DB Step-up (10 reps)
3B) DB Rear-Delt Raise (12 reps)

Advanced Interval Workout A-II

Tuesday 30 minutes of fun activity. You could do a "recovery session" of stretching, foam rolling, and easy bodyweight exercise.

Also, I'll be traveling on Tuesday, so let's go over an airport diet tip. First of all, you could take Brad Pilon's recommendation and fast on your travel day using Eat Stop Eat. I did another fast on Saturday as part of a lifestyle experiment. It went well!

But when I travel, I simply like to pack raw almonds, raw cashews, and apples. Easy travel eating.

Let's look at Workout B of TT2K5

1A) Pull-ups or DB Pullover (8 reps)
1B) DB Floor Press (8 reps)

2A) Chin-ups or DB Row (8 reps)
2B) DB Incline Press (8 reps)

3A) Inverted Row (15 reps)
3B) Decline Pushups (20 reps)

And now let's look at my meathead upper body workout that is part of my new personal 4-week program. As you can see I'm playing around with a higher volume approach this month. But also sticking to a 3-day per week program.

1A) Incline Bench (3x5)
1B) Seated Row (4x8)

2A) DB Press (4x10)
2B) Wide-grip BB Row (4x10)

3A) DB Triceps Extension (4x10)
3B) BB Curl (4x10)

4A) BB Shrug (3x15)
4B) Rotator Cuff Strength (3x10)

Get 30 minutes of fun activity. You might even try a little workout while watching TV.

During commercials, dedicate one bodyweight exercise to each commercial. I think commercials are still 30 seconds long, so you could do 30 seconds of bodyweight squats followed by 30 seconds of pushups followed by 30 seconds of 1-leg hip extensions and then a 30 second plank.

Finish your week with a TT Workout, and try out the new timed bodyweight intervals.

=> Click here for the Timed Bodyweight Interval Video

It's "social support Saturday". You should always check in with your support group on Saturday. So drop by the TT member's forum. Always keep pushing one another positively.

It's "shopping Sunday". Here are 5 foods I added to my groceries this week.

Hummus, almond butter; coconut milk, almond milk, cacao nibs. I also read through a new healthy eating guide. You'll love the recipes in the Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide.

=> Click here to grab your copy of the Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide & Recipe Book

Allright, that's it. I'll be offline from Wednesday, January 28th till Monday, February 2nd. Heading to Baja to do an off-road car race. Should be fun. But we'll set up another call and summary to go out next Sunday.

Next week!
- More transformation tips
- Dissect TT2K6
- Diet tips

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Still skeptical?

You can take the $4.95 trial offer and test drive the Turbulence Training workouts for 21 days.

=> Click here for the Turbulence Training Trial Offer

"I lost 14 pounds this month and the weight is just falling off me. My wife says I now look like when we first met and I still have more to go. I can fit into my old jeans again which is a big deal for me. I just cut back on starches and bread and do your routine 2-3 times a week. I never thought in a million years that just 10-20 minutes of weight training followed by some cardio would get me such steady results. I even cheat a bit on the weekends."
Billy Williams

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Apologies to All Turbulence Training Readers

Hey everyone,

I have to apologize!

In December, I added a new assistant (Amy) to my team and gave her all the email duties. You might have heard from her if you've sent emails to our Turbulence Training support email. She rocks!

But I don't...I suck! Why? Because I made a huge screw up.

I have several email addresses she needs to check for customer service, and I FORGOT to have her check the "contact us" emails from

So.....if you've emailed and waited for a reply for's all my fault. And I apologize.

We are working on going through all of those emails today and over the weekend.

Again, my fault.

I will find a way to make it up to you.

My sincere apologies,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

27 Alternative Bodyweight Exercises

Alright, let's say you go into the gym and it's waaaaaaay too busy (or you are exercising at home with only one set of adjustable dumbbells) and you need some alternative exercises.
What can you do in place of dumbbell presses, dumbbell rows, split squats, etc.?
Well, here are 27 alternative exercises for you.
Situation #1 - You can't do dumbbell chest presses because all the benches are taken, so you can do...
- pushups
- close-grip pushups
- decline pushup
- elevated pushups
- off-set pushups
- pushups with your feet on the ball
- pushups with your hands on the ball
- spiderman pushups
- pike pushups
- or possibly the hardest two hand pushup of them all, decline close-grip spiderman pushups
Situation #2 - You're superset calls for dumbbell chest presses and dumbbell split squats, but you only have one set of dumbbells and you're set on doing the chest presses...what can you do for your legs?
- 1-leg lying hip extensions for beginners
- high-rep Bulgarian split squats for advanced
- high-rep split squats with your front foot elevated 4-6 inches for intermediate
- 1-leg deadlifts
- 1-leg squats onto bench
- 1-leg squats standing on the bench
- deepstep-ups
- reaching lunges
Situation #3 - You're at the gym on a busy Monday night and your superset calls for dumbbell rows and stability ball leg curls, but all of the dumbbells are taken. What alternatives can you do using a pullup bar or smith machine?
Using the smith machine, you can do...
 - inverted rows
- underhand inverted rows
- inverted rows with your feet on the ball
- inverted rows holding the ends of a towel hung over the bar (advanced grip strength there!)
Using the pullup bar, you can do...
- eccentric pull-ups
- regular pull-ups
- sternum pull-ups
- chinups
- side to side pull-ups
Interested in how to do some of those "exotic" exercises? Grab the TT bodyweight DVD's while they are still on sale...but ONLY before 10pm EST tonight, Friday, January 23rd...
=> Click here to save $100 on the Bodyweight DVD's - SALE ends Friday at 10pm!
Would like to hear your exercise suggestions too,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS - In fact, I've added three FULL workout videos to the Bodyweight Cardio website...
One of them is even a "follow along" beginners bodyweight workout you can do without a single piece of equipment. Great for hotel rooms and parks.
Scroll through this site to watch the sample bodyweight programs you can do without dumbbells or barbells:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to Lose Cellulite

How to Lose Cellulite

If you've wasted time and money on scam cellulite solutions, you're going to be happy – and sad – to hear what I have to say. The truth is if you want to
know how to lose cellulite, the answer has been right in front of your face all along.

And yes, it's the classic 3-step system of the right diet, the right exercise, and getting social support. There's nothing fancy, nothing expensive, and nothing magical about any of these.

Perhaps you expected me to promote some magical seaweed harvested off the coast of the Canary Islands only between November and December when the moon is full? Well, if that's the case, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Instead, you're going to discover that it's possible for a woman to lose cellulite in her 40's, 50's and 60's, even when most women have given up on beating the cellulite curse.

Most women rely on long, slow cardio training, but in all my years as a trainer, I've never seen jogging build a better butt. In fact, most women joggers still have the same saggy butt and thighs problem as non-joggers.

And sometimes it's even worse (plus, they notice it more too, with all that thigh-rubbing during their long, slow cardio workouts).

Instead, women need to focus on interval training to lose cellulite from their thighs and resistance training to tone up their tush. That's exactly what one my clients, a British woman named Serena, did by switching to three short, but intense workouts per week. She started with 20 minutes of total body resistance training and finished with 20 minutes of interval training.

Serena found these workouts to be much more effective for losing cellulite than her old workouts of long cardio. Australian researchers have also found that interval training is more effective for burning belly fat in woman as well, even though the interval workouts lasted only half the time.

Each workout started with a circuit typically consisting of bodyweight squats, push-ups (kneeling if necessary), split squats, and an upper back mobility exercise called the "Stick-up" (to help fight against the bad posture many computer workers exhibit all day).

After the warm-up, Serena did strength training supersets, such as dumbbell step-ups combined with close-grip pushups, or abdominal exercises paired with a unique lower body exercise cryptically titled, "Bulgarian split squats". This is a slightly more advanced single leg exercise compared to step-ups, but it will do wonders to raise a woman's butt at least an inch, if not two!

Finally, the workout finished with the belly fat burning interval training.

These workouts are simple, and can be done on cardio machines or outside, or even using bodyweight exercises. A short warm-up preceded six intervals of 60 seconds followed by 90 seconds of recovery.

That's it, no marathon cardio sessions needed. Instead, her cellulite solution workouts focused on short, burst activities only. But none of this would have been possible without the support of her husband.

Most women don't know this, but social support is one of the most important factors in the success of any fat loss program. If you don't have someone motivating you, encouraging you, and holding you accountable, even all the magic in the world won't cure your cellulite, because at the end of the day, you still have to do the work.

Along with a 1600 calorie per day diet of whole, natural foods and the loving social support of her husband, Serena was able to lose over 21 pounds in 12 weeks and dropped her body fat 7.7% to an all-time low of 16.9%. She lost 2 inches from her thighs and over 3.5 inches from her hips. It literally looks as though someone elevated her butt two inches and removed all the fat from her low back.

By getting rid of her cellulite and boosting her butt, Serena not only changed her body but transformed herself inside and out. She now has the power over food, rather than it having the power over her, and she has her best-ever body at age 44, an age where most women simply give up or continue to rely on cellulite scams to provide an overnight change in their body.

She is an inspiration to women everywhere who want to know how to lose cellulite.

There's no magic potion or pill. Just the right diet, exercise and social support.

Click here to use the same program Serena used to lose cellulite

3 Superfoods & Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide and Recipe Book

In this week's trip to the grocery store I added 3 new superfoods to my diet, including...
1) Hummus (perfect with raw vegetables for light afternoon snack)
2) Almond butter (perfect with apples and shared with Bally the Dog)
3) Cacao nibs (perfect with cashews and coconut flakes for big afternoon snack)
Every week I try and add a few new foods, fruits, or vegetables to my diet. Recently I started buying kiwi fruit and adding red onions to almost every meal.
And all this comes from a reformed picky eater. Heck, it wasn't until I was almost 30 that I started eating spinach, asparagus, and avocados.
If I can change my diet, you can too!
And if you are ready to take the next step and completely make-over your kitchen (from buying the right pots and pans to getting all the right ingredients for amazing, healthy meals), then I've got a cheap little "all-in-one" resource for you.
The Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide & Recipe Book covers a lot of controversial nutrition topics, and even though I disagree with a couple of points in this book, I'm on board with 93.7% of what this book says.
You won't believe the extensive list of foods and gluten-free grains they use to create hundreds of recipes, including some of the most powerful smoothies possible.
Plus, if you want to have your steak and eat it too, this book lets you (although I disagree with their thoughts on eggs on page 54) and their tip on page 61.
But if diet is your weak-point right now, you'll have no more excuses after you read this book.
So if you're sick of eating chicken breasts and broccoli, get ready to liven up your taste buds with the Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide.
They even have 3 hummus recipes I can make on my own,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS - This ain't no "rabbit food diet book"... even has a healthy chili and "super nachos" recipe that you could prepare for the Superbowl. Even "gluten free" mac'n'cheese with almond milk.
Heck, even your kids will love the recipes in the Ultimate Healthy Eating Guide.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Evolution of Pullups

Obama's Bodyweight Workout

So I read in Men's Health that Obama goes to the gym 6 times per week...he even does long cardio workouts!
But I'm not sure how he's going to pull that off now that he is President of the good ol' USA.
Methinks he's going to need to learn about bodyweight exercises and workouts that he can do in his bedroom at home. (Maybe even in the Oval Office!)
So I dipped into my Bodyweight Cardio e-book and I'm giving him this bodyweight workout as my Inauguration Day present to President Obama.
Here's the perfect way for him to do a quick workout first thing in the morning before he starts his new job.
So President Obama, I give you the...
"Crazy 8-300 Turbulence Training Bodyweight Circuit"
o Do each exercise at a 1-0-1 pace except for the holds.
o For Burpees & Running High Knees, go as fast as possible.
o Do all exercises without resting between each.
o At the end of the circuit, rest 1 minute & repeat twice more for a total of 3 "Crazy 8-300 Bodyweight Circuits".
1) Jumping Jacks - 60 reps
2) Spiderman Pushup - 10 reps per side
3) Walking Lunge - 15 reps per side
4) Spiderman Climb - 10 reps per side
5) Wall Squat Hold - 45 second hold
6) Plank Hold - 60 second hold
7) Burpees - 5 reps
8] Running High Knees - 25 reps per side
(Dang, I would love to see him try those spiderman pushups. I bet he could crank 'em out, too!)
And since he'll be traveling a lot, I've added a video of one of my hotel room workouts to this webpage for him to use on the road:
Just scroll about half-way down to see it,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS - In fact, I've added three FULL workout videos to the Bodyweight Cardio website...
One of them is even a "follow along" beginners bodyweight workout you can do without a single piece of equipment. Great for hotel rooms and parks.
Scroll through this site to watch the sample bodyweight programs you can do without dumbbells or barbells:

Monday, January 19, 2009

Upper Body Pump Workout

My upper body workout today was pure meathead...the only thing that would have made it even more meathead was if it was all chest exercises.

Instead, it was a complete upper body workout, with lots of rowing to strengthen the back of the body and to counter the pressing exercises.

The gym was busy, still full of New Year's folks I guess, although I didn't expect a New Year's crowd at 1pm. Can't imagine what it would be like at 6pm!

I started my session with cable external rotations for a warm-up along with pushups. Then into the real thing - and this workout lasted only 45 minutes total...I was moving quick...

1A) Barbell Incline Press - 3x5
1B) Narrow Grip Seated Row - 4x8

2A) DB Flat Chest Press - 4x10
2B) Wide-Grip BB Row - 4x10

3A) DB Triceps Extension - 4x10
3B) BB Curl - 4x10

4) BB Shrug - 2x15 (threw that in for fun)

That was the first workout of my new 4 week program, and so I held back on the intensity and sped up the workout as a result. Always take it easy the first time you try any new program or exercise.

Squats on Wednesday,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - If you want a complete muscle building program...

...I highly recommend Jay Ferruggia's program.

Click here for more info on Jay's program

Sunday, January 18, 2009

3 Secrets from the Turbulence Training Seminar

On Saturday night I crashed into bed at 10:24pm, exhausted by presenting at the amazing TT Seminar all day Saturday.

Along with nutrition expert Brad Pilon and up and muscle-building expert, Vince DelMonte, I shared dozens of TT workout ideas, bodyweight exercises, motivation tips, nutrition secrets, and alternative interval workouts with the TT attendees (who made the seminar even better by asking awesome questions and make it a great atmosphere).

Brad, Vince, and myself all challenged the audience to suspend their preconceptions about fat loss, cardio, and diet, and we opened their eyes to new ways of getting faster fat loss results, including the TT bodyweight exercises & circuits.

And both Brad and I did the entire seminar while following his Eat Stop Eat program, proving that you can function while fasting. Heck, I wasn't even that hungry all day, due to one of Brad's secrets...

But I have to be honest with you...we did NOT sugar-coat the truth. This was probably the first "No-holds barred, no-BS" fitness seminar that many folks had ever been too. We don't believe in power or potions, excuses or expensive equipment, but everyone at the seminar was happy to hear how honest we were.

So if you're interested in the No-BS truth about fat loss, here are just a few of the top secrets we shared to help folks burn fat the right way...

1) Responsibility Rules

I came right out of the gate and told everyone that each of us is personally responsible for the results we get. I also explained my favorite phrase to them...

"Once you accept how hard it is to lose fat, then it becomes simple and easy."

I also told them that who they associate with and what they truly believe about themselves are two of the most important factors in their success, and I showed them examples of men and women of all ages and backgrounds who overcame great obstacles to lose fat.

If other people can do it, so can YOU!

2) Metabolism-boosting foods are a myth

Brad then knocked out they myths and exposed the truth about foods and diet pills. He showed research that no food or supplement could possibly increase your metabolic rate enough to have any long-term impact on your fat loss.

The harsh truth is that we need to focus more on eating less and avoiding mindless eating. A little "handful" of food here and a nibble of food there adds up to just enough calories to keep us at a weight loss plateau.

So I challenge you to take a good, hard look at your daily eating habits and see if you are justifying unnecessary calories that will shut down your fat loss.

3) Internal Motivation is Essential

Then I shared another motivational workout secret for fat loss...and I told the TT audience that they must find a personal challenge to help them stick to their workouts. From the Bodyweight 500 to the 12-week Transformation Contest, these types of challenges and internal competitions are what drive some of the great TT fat loss success stories.

If you don't have internal motivation, there is nothing even the world's greatest motivator can do for you. That's why you need to try all of the TT challenge workouts to find the one that clicks with you.

BONUS TIPS...Why stop at 3 are 2 more!

4) The Secret to Fat Loss Fasting

Brad said the secret to success on a fast was staying busy. He wants you to ask yourself, are you eating out of TRUE hunger or out of tired old habits? That's another No-BS secret about fat loss nutrition.

We all - and I mean everyone, including me - eat too much food that we don't count toward our daily calorie intake. Find the hidden calories in your diet, eliminate them, and you'll get through any fat loss plateau.

5) Timed Bodyweight Intervals Rule!

After I shared my "patented" fat burning bodyweight circuit formula, I then revealed my latest bodyweight interval methods, "The Timed Bodyweight Interval".

I showed them all sorts of nasty fat burning bodyweight circuits and supersets done in short bursts, often paired with another non-competing bodyweight exercise to make things even more intense. You'll find out more about those in the TT February Workout of the Month.

I can't wait for you to give those a try!

(The February TT Workout is just one of the dozens of programs you'll get in your bonus Platinum TT Membership when you grab your copy of the Bodyweight DVD's.)

=> Click here to save $100 on the BW DVD's - but the sale ends Friday!

Bottom Line:
Brad and I both agreed that fat loss comes down to the classic equation that your "calories out" must be greater than your "calories in".

Use his program to develop CONTROL and POWER over food (rather than food controlling you) and use the Turbulence Training programs to burn calories in short, fun, fast, and effective workouts you can do at home.

At lunchtime, I signed autographed copies of my #1 Amazon best-seller, "Just Say NO to Cardio" and offered the attendees the sweetest deal ever on my Bodyweight DVD package.

Find out how to get your own autographed copy below,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - I've declared Jan 18th to 24th to be "Bodyweight Workout Week"...

...and so I'm having a sale on the Bodyweight DVD's, knocking $100 off the regular price.

(Plus, you get a 1-Year Platinum TT Membership, your own autographed copy of my Amazon Best Seller, AND free shipping on the DVD's).

Post-Fasting Deadlift Workout

Man, I was wiped out by the TT seminar (and by a bad sleep on Friday). But I got a good night's sleep on Saturday night so I could hit the gym this morning (busy day planned).

Despite fasting yesterday, using Eat Stop Eat, I was able to hit a new personal best this morning, doing 360 in an overhand grip deadlift. No straps. No belt.

Here's the rest of my workout...

1) Overhead Squat - 2x5

2) Deadlift - worked up to 390, then did 3 sets of 8 overhand at 255

3A) Good Morning
3B) Chinups

4) Pullthrough - 1 set. I was pretty tired.

Followed by a big 2 hour dog hike through the snow and park,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Turbulence Training Seminar & Bodyweight Cardio Special

Sorry that you missed the amazing, 1st Ever Turbulence Training this weekend. I met dozens of TT Members from as far away as California who came all the way to Toronto to discover the TT bodyweight fat burning secrets.

My favorite part of the day was sharing the behind-the-scenes details on the Bodyweight Cardio programs. I also spoke with several folks who wanted a special deal on the Ultimate Bodyweight DVD package, so I've decided to knock off $100 from the regular price.

Click here to grab your Post-TT Seminar Deal on the Bodyweight DVD's

(Plus, you get a free 1-Year Platinum Membership, too!)

And in this week's TT 7-Day Fat Burning Coaching Call, I have more bodyweight info to give you. I'll give you a backstage look at Phase 1 of the 6-Month Bodyweight Manual.

Click Here to download & listen to this week's call

Or read the highlights below...

Time for another Transformation Tip. "Planning is the Key to Success". This means planning everything from your diet to your workouts and even to relaxation time.

Now let's take a look at Workout A from Phase 1 of the 6-Month TT Bodyweight Manual...

BW Phase 1 Workouts

  • Warmups are built in to each of the circuits.
  • Interval training is optional after the workouts.
  • The first time you do the program, do only one circuit, but in following workouts you can do up to 3 circuits.
Circuit Workout A
  • Prisoner Squat (15 reps)
  • Jumping Jacks (40 reps)
  • Plank (45 seconds)
  • Stability Ball Leg Curl (15 reps)
  • [Incline] Pushup (12 reps)
  • Side Plank (20 seconds)
  • Sumo Squat (15 reps)
  • [Beginner] Inverted Row (8 reps)
Interval Workout A

Do 30 minutes of fun activity.

I also want you to take time out during your day to reflect on your eating patterns. Are you eating out of hunger or habit when you snack between meals?

Well, we're 3 weeks in to 2009, are you on your way to your goals? Take some time to reflect and review your success.

Circuit Workout B (from Phase 1 of the TT 6-Month BW Manual)
  • Step-up (12 reps)
  • Siff Squat (20 reps)
  • Off-set Pushup (8 reps)
  • Split Squat with Front Foot Elevated (10 reps)
  • Plank on Ball (20 seconds)
  • Reverse Lunge (10 reps)
  • Assisted Chin-up (8 reps)
  • Stability Ball Rollout (10 reps)
  • Stick-up (12 reps)
  • Bird Dog (5 reps)
Interval Workout B

Do 30 minutes of fun activity.

Take some time to prepare your diet and workout plans for the weekend. Identify the obstacles and plan 2 solutions for each. Don't let weekends ruin your progress!

Finish the workout strong with another TT Workout.

Here's Circuit Workout C from Phase 1 of the TT 6-Month BW Manual.
  • Y-Squat (10 reps)
  • Close-grip Pushup (8 reps)
  • Cross Crawl (10 reps)
  • Stability Ball Hip Extension (12 reps)
  • Stability Ball Jackknife (10 reps)
  • Mountain Climber (10 reps)
  • Wall Squat Hold (60 seconds)
  • [Beginner] Inverted Row (12 reps)
  • Elevated Pushup (8 reps)
High-Intensity Cardio

(Yes, high intensity cardio! But not low-intensity cardio...find out more by listening to this week's call...).

And Friday will be the last day to get your Bodyweight DVD's at the special $100 off-price, so go here now:

=> Click here to get your discounted Bodyweight DVD's

Being able to do tough bodyweight exercises demands a great body. So when you do bodyweight workouts, you'll become more athletic and as your performance increases, so will your physique.

I heard from many folks on the weekend who love what the TT bodyweight workouts have done for their "core" muscles.

Also, Saturday is always our support reach out to your social support group. You might also schedule a weekend bodyweight workout with a friend.

Plan, shop, and prepare your food. Get ready for another week of fast fat burning with Turbulence Training and the right diet program for you.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Want more bodyweight workouts?

Do you want hotel room workouts that you can do without any equipment?

Do you want to do the Bodyweight Cardio programs instead of standing on a treadmill?

If you want to burn fat without liftiing weights, then get all of the TT Bodyweight workouts on DVD - at a special post-TT seminar price.

But the sale ends Friday!

=> Click here to get the Bodyweight DVD's

Friday, January 16, 2009

Crazy Cold Bench Press & Hot Squat Workout

Wild couple of days since I got back from you know, it's been crazy cold all over...and that made for a slow ride back from Toronto to Stratford on Thursday. I went to pick up my puppy and bring him back to the city from Grandma's place.

While I was there, we hit the dog park for a walk. Unlike most people, I don't mind the cold, mostly because I love seeing how much fun Bally the Dog has in the snow. He could live out there in foot high snow. Sometimes when we go for walks he just stops, lies down, and starts eating snow. Happy as can be.

After the dog walk, I hit the Stratford YMCA for a workout.

1) Bench Press

2A) DB Chest Press
2B) BB Row

3A) DB Incline
3B) Underhand Inverted Row
3C) Cable External Rotations

Then we drove all the way back to Toronto (way too much driving in just one day!). Then last night at 10pm, POOF!, there goes the power. And without power, you have no heat.

So I bundled up, crawled into bed, and pulled Bally the Dog over me like an extra blanket, and managed to make it through the night. But when I woke up, it was 11 degrees Celcius (51 degrees F), IN MY BEDROOM!

Fortunately the power came back on for me at 7am, and things are back to normal. I know it sounds crazy to anyone that we Canadians would choose to live in this climate, but I like it. I like having 4 seasons (although if it were up to that lil' stinker, Bally the Dog, we'd just have one - Winter all the time!).

I also did a squat workout today because I can't do a regular workout tomorrow, since I have the Turbulence Training seminar to do in's going to be a blast!

So here's what I did today...

1) Power Clean

2) Squat

3A) Front Squat
3B) Face Pull

4A) Back Extension
4B) Hanging Knee Raise

After my workout, I had a tall hot chocolate from Starbucks (with whipped cream). And I drank it outside in the freezing cold, so that it would cool down faster and so I could basically chug it.

Good times!

New 4-week workout program starts next week,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Click here for your new workout

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do Women Need Turbulence Training?

Do women need different weight loss tips?

Well, we could debate that all day, but I've included 3 of the most important weight loss tips for women in this recent fat loss interview I did...

Hi Craig, could you first please give us your most important fat loss strategies for women?

The first, and most important strategy, is to make sure all female clients are eating for fat loss.

Our basic recommendations are:

a) Use a site like to find out how much you are eating.

b) Improve the quality of your diet (i.e. eat more fruits and vegetables, and less processed foods and sugar).

c) At this point, if you aren't losing weight, you probably just need to eat less.

That's it for basic weight loss. For advanced belly fat loss, we'll start to look at eliminating pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes.

Combined with good nutrition, I design short, intense workouts that focus on bodyweight and dumbbell resistance exercises followed by short interval training workouts. No long slow cardio in my workouts.

And how is your Turbulence Training system is based on these?

We start the workout with bodyweight exercises in a circuit as our warm-up. No useless "5-minutes on the treadmill" for us, since that is a waste of time.

After the bodyweight exercises, we do 20-minutes of superset resistance training, usually doing 4-6 exercises per workout.

Then we finish with 20 minutes of interval training, which can be done outside, inside on most machines, or with bodyweight or kettlebell exercises.

Does weight training cause women to bulk up?

No, eating too much causes women to bulk up.

And how does Turbulence Training differ to others on the market?

Mostly because we avoid cardio in our workouts, and because there are only 3 workouts per week.

So we exercise less, but harder when we do exercise. It's a big mindset shift, but it works really well for women because in my opinion, most women are not given the respect they deserve in terms of what they are capable of doing.

That means books, magazines, and trainers generally tell women to workout for a long time at a low intensity.

But while that works great for me (I'll explain in a second), it's terrible for women. So when they switch over to the more intense Turbulence Training workouts, they get results super-fast, and I look like a genius.

Craig you have helped both men and women drop body fat in the fastest time possible. Is there a big difference in how you would train women and men??

No, not really.

There are some mental blocks I have to work around with women, so I'll use more bodyweight exercises, but the principles are the same, and eventually after I have convinced the female client of my superior methods, then the fat loss workouts for men and women will look almost identical. Of course, I always try to make things as individual as possible.

But everyone does the bodyweight warmup, the resistance supersets, and the intervals at the end.

Craig could you give us a few things you see women doing in the gym that really messes up their results?

The biggest mess-ups are truly nutrition-based.

For example, if you do a long cardio workout and "justify" extra treats because you think you burned a lot of calories, then you are in trouble. You will not get anywhere.

In fact, one research study shows that doing cardio can cause people to eat more calories than normal, and they may even GAIN weight. So eating too much and depending too much on cardio are the KILLER mistakes.

Any last thoughts for Helping Women looking to drop Body Fat and Tone their Body?


Just trust me.

I know my answers aren't politically correct, telling you that cardio is a waste of time, and that yes, you do need to be strict with your diet.

"But if you accept that fat loss is difficult, that's when it becomes easy!"

Because if you accept it is difficult, you realize that shortcuts don't work and that you don't deserve success you haven't earned. It's not your fault that you are in this fat loss mess, but if you work hard and follow the TT Nutrition Guidelines, you will succeed!

Click Here to take a 21-day trial run with Turbulence Training

Burn fat before summer's end,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Want to impress your friends and family at a reunion?

"The true test of Turbulence Training for me was during a anniversary/family reunion I attended last weekend. Everyone commented on how great I looked and wondered what I've been doing. Of course I told them about I have been using TT for the last six months and have been able to meet my first goal weight and maintain it. I am a stay-at-home mom of two preschool boys and I recently entered the world of politics by being elected as a school board trustee last fall. My time is limited but I always make time for exercise everyday. I also believe it sets a good example for my kids. Both of my kids have joined me from time to time in rounds of jumping jacks, running sprints outside and even burpees. I have my free weights and stability ball set up in the basement so that I can watch the kids play while I exercise. Turbulence Training totally fits my lifestyle and I always recommend it whenever someone comments on how great I look. Thank you, Craig, for all of your guidance and inspiration."

To learn more about weight loss for women & take me up on my trial offer:

=> Click Here download Turbulence Training

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

60-Day Turbulence Training Twitter Transformation Contest

At the last minute I decided to do another Twitter Transformation Contest inside of the regular Turbulence Training contest.

Here's what you need to know...

1) You can do both the regular TT Transformation Contest and the TT Twitter Transformation Contest at the same time.

2) The Twitter Contest starts today and lasts 60 days. The deadline to submit your "Before and After Photo" and Essay is March 20th, 2009 (60 days from Friday, Jan. 16th).

3) There are cash prizes and Membership give-aways for this contest.

For all of the details about this contest and how you can win big money by burning fat, go here:


I hope this gives you the incentive you need to start transforming your body - and your life - today!

Keep up the great work,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - If you are still skeptical about Turbulence Training...

You can take the $4.95 trial offer and test drive the Turbulence Training workouts for 21 days. Get your trial offer here:


"For years, I had been doing slow, boring cardio, but the 12-Week Turbulence Training Transformation Contest was one of the best things I have ever done.

Most importantly, I've learned the power and value of planning, consistency, accountability and support. These things can be
applied to all facets of life. The support here has been just fantastic.

Losing six pounds, and looking better in the mirror is most rewarding, but from a total health standpoint, the change in my
bloodwork at my yearly physical exam was totally gratifying. I owe that to the TT lifestyle."
Kerry Zelanka, got abs at age 51!

Timed Bodyweight Interval Video

Bodyweight Interval Workout

Monday, January 12, 2009

Inspirational Video

Orlando Gold's Gym Workout

I'm a big fan of Gold's Gym. They let you lift and don't bug you, and even let you deadlift. Not like some other gyms that give the lifters a hard time. Instead, Gold's let's you lift in peace.

I had a great workout at Gold's today, after starting the day with a really cool "behind the scenes" tour of Disney World. I set this up for a group of trainers that I do business with, and Tom from the Disney Institute took us on a 3-hour tour showing us how Disney creates the magic. If you are a business owner and want to learn how Disney creates the "Happiest Place on Earth", I highly recommend contacting the Disney Institute.

After a lunch of a grilled chicken citrus salad at the Hard Rock Cafe, I headed over to the Orlando Gold's Gym for a deadlift workout. It was one of my best workouts in a long time, and I'm beat now!

1) Overhead Squat - 125x4

2) Deadlift - 355x1 (overhand, personal best), 385x1 (alternate grip), 315x8 (alt grip), 245x2x8 (overhand)

3A) BB Military Press
3B) Good Morning

4A) Chins - 12,10,8
4B) Pullthrough - 150x20

Then a smoothie of milk, banana, peanut butter, and chocolate.

Now to prepare for tonights "TT Stick With It Motivation" Teleseminar for new TT members,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - If you want to transform your life and body...

...then don't forget to start your Turbulence Training Transformation this week.

The contest ends 12-weeks from this friday on April 11th.

Click here for all of the rules

Sunday, January 11, 2009

21-Day Kick-Start Fat Loss Coaching Call

Wow, 11 days down already? How has your 2009 been so far?

After an amazing (and relaxing) holiday season, I've been busy-busy in 2009, traveling down to Florida for a little bit of fun and a lot of work, meeting with trainers from all over the country.

I even filmed a couple of hotel room workouts (to go along with the workouts I did in the snow before I left Canada).

If you haven't checked those out, you can see all of my videos here:

=> Turbulence Training Youtube Videos

Before I left Toronto I recorded a motivational 21-Day Quick-Start Kick-Start Fat Loss Coaching Call.

TT Members can listen to it (and read the transcript) here:

=> Click here to listen to the call & read the daily tips

And finally...

I also want to personally invite you to the 1st-ever Turbulence Training seminar that is being held Saturday, January 17th in Mississauga, near Toronto.

Nutrition expert Brad Pilon and a very special guest, "Mr. X", will be joining me to share our fat burning and motivation secrets to help you lose more fat than ever before.

Not only are we going to share a ton of great info with you, but we're just going to have a great time. I promise you, it will be the best way you could spend a Saturday in January in Canada.

=> Click here to grab your spot
But hurry, this seminar is this COMING Saturday, and you'll get over $250 in Turbulence Training gifts!
Here are more details...

Date: Saturday, January 17th
Time: 9-3
Where: Mississauga, a city just west of Toronto.
BONUSES: Don't miss the $250 worth of free gifts we are giving away to ALL seminar attendees.
It's going to be a blast, and there's going to be even MORE surprise goodies given away at the event.
Reserve your spot & free gifts here:

=> Click here to grab your spot
Helping you FINALLY lose that fat in 2009,

Craig Ballantyne, Brad Pilon, and Mr. X
PS - You have my Canadian Strength Guarantee that you'll love it!

If at the seminar's lunch break, you feel the seminar wasn't worth your time and energy, you can just let us know, return your free bonus gifts, and we'll return your registration.

We'll even give you an extra $50 for your time and travel costs.
That's how much we know you are going to love the 1st-ever TT Seminar!

Reserve your spot & free gifts here:

=> Click here to grab your spot

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend Workout Update

Thanks to Twitter, I find I'm blogging my workouts less. I need to get back on track! So here's the weekend workout update...

My last report was Thursday, when I talked about Wednesday's hotel room workout. Then on Thursday and Friday I went through "dry runs" of workout A and workout B from the February TT Workout of the month called, "Turbulence Training for Hot Chicks and Buff Dudes". Tomorrow I'll do Workout C.

But today I did a real workout. I went over to the Gold's Gym here in Hollywood, FLA, and did...

1A) Squats (3x3, worked up to 355)
1B) Inverted Row (3x15)

2) Front Squat (4x8-10) - that is a tough, tough, TOUGH exercise. Didn't pair it with anything.

3A) Back Extension (4x15)
3B) Hanging Knee Raise (4x8)

After the workout I had grilled chicken overload, grabbing a grilled chicken salad (with oranges and almonds) along with a grilled chicken sandwich.

More great workouts coming your way,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Don't forget...

If you want to talk "workouts, fat loss, and intervals" with me in person, head over to the TT Seminar next Saturday in Mississauga (near Toronto).

Click HERE to join us next week

Fat Loss Transformation Deadlines

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines this week! Fat loss deadlines to help you get results in the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest!

Monday - Jan 12th
One of the biggest secrets to fat loss success is accountability. You must tell positive people about your positive goals to get encouragement. Don't try and do this all on your own! Get out there and tell the right people today!

Now let's take a look at...

Turbulence Training 2K4 Workout A

1A) DB Incline Press (6 reps)
1B) DB Rear-Delt Raise (10 reps)

2A) DB Row (6 reps)
2B) DB Floor Press (8 reps)

3A) DB Triceps Extension (8 reps)
3B) DB Incline Curls (8 reps)

Advanced Interval Workout A

All these workouts are shown and described in the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual, and you get 3-months free in the TT member's area where you can watch videos of all the exercises.

Click here to grab your copy of Turbulence Training & watch the TT fat loss videos

Today, just do 30 minutes activity. For example, on off-days I do easy bodyweight workouts when traveling.

Here's a fun bodyweight workout video I did OUTSIDE in the Canadian winter with Bally the Dog.

=> Bodyweight Exercises

Wednesday, January 14th
Time to review the Turbulence Training 2K4 Workout B...

1A) Deadlift or DB Squat (8 reps)
1B) DB 1-Arm Standing Shoulder Press (8 reps)

2A) DB Reverse Lunge (6 reps)
2B) DB Bulgarian Split Squat (12 reps)

3A) 1-Leg Stability Ball Curl (8 reps)
3B) Spiderman Climb (12 reps)

Advanced Interval Workout B

And here's one of the workouts from my own program I'm using to build strength and muscle in January...

1A) Deadlift (3x8)
1B) 1-Arm DB Shr Press (3x6)

2A) Good Morning (3x12)
2B) Chinup (4x10)

3A) Pull-Through (3x20)
3B) Plank + Side Plank

Another day to do 30 minutes of fun activity. People are asking a lot about kettlebells, and I discussed them on this week's call.

Here's another fun little workout video shot OUTSIDE in the snow!

=> Kettlebell Bodyweight Workout

Finish the week with your last TT Workout. Get outside of your comfort zone to improve!

And don't miss this DEADLINE...It's the last day to enter the TT Transformation Contest if you want to complete a full 12 weeks of fat burning. The TT contest entries must be in by April 11th!

Click here for all the TT Contest Details

Saturday, Januar 17th
Today is the big day...It's the first ever Turbulence Training seminar in Toronto!

Join me and Brad Pilon as we answer all of your fat burning questions live and in-person!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Click HERE to reserve your spot - and get some free gifts too!

Power Salad time!

You need to plan, shop, and prepare to get your fruits and vegetables to make your power salads for the week. My favorite power salads include...

Protein; Onions; avocado; spinach; broccoli; orange slices; salsa; peppers; mushrooms

Next week!
- More transformation tips
- We dissect TT2K5
- Vegetarian tips (hopefully!)

Hope to see you at the Turbulence Training Seminar,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Last chance to meet me and Brad Pilon in Toronto, get some free gifts, and ask us ALL of your fat loss questions...

Only 6 days till the 1st Ever Turbulence Training Seminar. You don't want to miss this.

Click here to grab your seat for the TT seminar

How to Add Weight to Squats and Deadlifts

I just did this quick little Q'n'A for Oxygen magazine...

Q: I want to increase weight for squats and deadlifts. What is the safest way to do it alone?

One little plate at a time.

Listen, unless you are want to become a powerlifter, there's no point in trying to lift maximum weights while alone. So train safe. But to get stronger, here's what to do.

Pick a repetition range, for example, 8-12 reps per exercise. Once you peak at the top end of the repetition range with PERFECT form, add 5% of the weight to the bar and drop down to the low end of the repetition range for your next workout. Work your way up - using only perfect form - until you can do 12 perfect reps. Then add weight and repeat.

Alternatively, consider using harder variations (split squats, front squats) that don't require heavy weights.

Don't forget about all of the dumbbell and bodyweight exercises in the Turbulence Training programs

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Secret Fat Burning Interval Training Workout (TTT)

Yesterday morning I did a KILLER interval training workout in my hotel room here in Florida.

It's based on a popular "timed interval training" system for fat loss, but I've added my own special Turbulence Training Twist (TTT). I'm going to go over how to use this interval training method in my seminar on January 17th in Toronto. If you haven't grabbed your spot for the seminar, go here:

=> Click here for the Toronto Seminar

(We're also giving out some amazing free gifts to everyone who joins us that day.)

I'll also be covering new challenge workouts, like my latest 10x10 DB Matrix Circuit. Check out this video on Youtube:

=> 10x10 Dumbbell Matrix Circuit

See you in Toronto,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - But hurry! There are only a few spots left at the Early Bird price of only $149. (And that price is in Canadian Dollars too!)

Here are more details...

Date: Saturday, January 17th

Time: 9-3

Where: Mississauga, a city just west of Toronto.

BONUSES: Don't miss the $250 worth of free gifts we are giving away to ALL seminar attendees.

It's going to be a blast, and there's going to be even MORE surprise goodies given away at the event. 

=>Click here to grab your spot

PPS - You have my Canadian Strength Guarantee that you'll love it!

If at the seminar's lunch break, you feel the seminar wasn't worth your time and energy, you can just let us know, return your free bonus gifts, and we'll return your registration.

We'll even give you an extra $50 for your time and travel costs.

That's how much we know you are going to love the 1st-ever TT Seminar!

Hotel Room Workout

Wow, what a day!


Yesterday I got up early here at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, did a TT bodyweight hotel room workout, and then went for an all-day powerboat ride down to Miami and back.


That was a blast.


Sure beats the snow, wind, and freezing rain of Toronto.


The only bad thing was that I found out most of you didn't even know about the TT Hotel Room Workout Program!


I put this together back in November, and you have a chance to get this $97 workout as a FREE bonus when you grab Turbulence Training for Fat loss before 12 noon (EST) on Thursday at:




Here's the workout I did yesterday morning, and then I followed it with some amazing new "Timed Intervals with a Twist" (more to come on those at the TT Seminar in Toronto on January 17th).


Advanced Bodyweight Hotel Room Circuit


- If you are advanced, you can repeat the circuit up to 3 times.


(NOTE: Beginners should do the beginner hotel room workouts in the e-book that do NOT require any equipment - just your bodyweight.)


1) Y-Squat - 15 reps

2) 1-Leg RDL - 8 reps per side

3) Reverse Lunge - 15 reps per side

4) Spiderman Pushup - 8 reps per side

5) 1-Leg Reaching Lunge - 12 reps per side

6) X-Body Mountain Climber - 10 reps per side

7) Prone Stick-up - 8 reps

8] T-Pushup - 10 reps per side


Rest as little as possible between exercises. Finish off with bodyweight interval training if you want (details to come in future emails with more interval ideas using only bodyweight).


Go grab the TT Hotel Room Workouts before Noon on Thursday,


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS


PS - I'm giving away 5 more bonuses when you grab your copy of Turbulence Training...


(but they are GONE-ZO at 12 noon on Thursday, January 8th)


The NEW bonuses are:


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3) TT "Build Mass at Home" Dumbbell Workout


4) TT Hotel Room Workouts


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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Two TT Videos to Watch

You have to watch this short Youtube video of me doing a kettlebell and bodyweight workout OUTSIDE in the snow with Bally, my dog.

Pretty funny, he steals the show.

=> Kettlebell Bodyweight Workout

And I have one gentle BEGINNER workout video for you as well that
requires NO equipment at all...

=> Beginner Bodyweight Workout

Then check out the NEW TT bonuses I've added below,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - For the next 24 hours, I'm giving away 5 more bonuses when you grab your copy of Turbulence Training...

(and don't worry, if you've already ordered, you've got these!)

The NEW bonuses are:

1) The TT "Stick With It" Teleseminar

2) TT for Female Bodysculpting

3) TT "Build Mass at Home" Dumbbell Workout

4) TT Hotel Room Workouts

5) A free 6-Month TT Membership

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Skeptical About TT - So Was He!

Another TT Success Story...from a formerly skeptical guy who now amazes runners and bodybuilders alike with his Turbulence Training Workouts.

"As you know, I got started with TT just before the start of TC3...I was pretty skeptical of the program as I've gone though many other workouts in the past couple of years.

I originally decided to follow TT and stop searching for another program b/c I really enjoy the member forums. Well after losing 11 lbs and 3 inches from my waist during TC 3 I'm no longer skeptical.

As it turns out, I'm finding myself becoming a bit of a TT evangelist! I've recommended the program to several friends and
co-workers. Many of which expressed being impressed by what I accomplished in such a short time. My brother really got excited when he asked me "And you did all this without running?" I told him I had barely run a mile since I started w/ TT. He was floored.

The final story that I wanted to share with you happened in the gym last night. I'm packing up to leave as another one of the regulars comes in to get started on his workout. We exchange greetings, when he pauses and says "What is that program that I see you doing? You're in here pretty regularly and you really put in work!"

I was floored b/c this dude is a body builder and freakishly strong. I saw him doing BB shrugs w/ over 400lbs earlier this week. Yet he was impressed w/ my workouts. So of course I tell him all about TT!

It felt good for someone that really works hard in the gym to be impressed by my workouts. That was more proof to me that TT is the real deal! Thanks again Craig!"
Milan Turner

Diet Vs Cardio for Fat Loss

Yesterday morning a film crew from CBC (Canada's biggest TV station)came by to film some Turbulence Training at my house.

I explained my stance on cardio to the host and took her through an intense fat burning bodyweight workout. (Her arms were pretty shaky after 3 different types of pushups!).

But I don't think I changed her mind on cardio.

Heck, it's a good thing for YOU that no one listens to me.

After all, if they did, the cardio confessional machines would be empty and you'd be fighting for space in the resistance training section of your gym.

But, since everyone is chained to a treadmill (or elliptical), you have more space to do your Turbulence Training and Bodyweight Circuits.

You aren't like most people who mistakenly believe that hours of cardio are the best way to lose weight.

You know that doing short, burst interval workouts work as well or better than cardio. And you know that these workouts take half the amount of time of a long slow cardio workout.

Plus, you also know that DIET is more important than cardio for fat burning.

And that's why I'm giving away TWO bonus nutrition reports with Turbulence Training today.

1) The first is for beginners and intermediate folks.

If that's you, please start with Dr. Chris Mohr's Nutrition for Fat Loss Guidelines that will help you eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer foods from a bag or a box.

It's the perfect "baby-step" way to lose fat and gives you a LOT of healthy options for your next trip to the grocery store. Just remember to stick to the outer aisles where you will grab your whole, natural foods for fat loss.

It will help you clean your pantry of processed foods which only leave you tired and hungry for more.

2) The 2nd nutrition report is for advanced abdominal fat loss, or for beginners looking for a few advanced tips to take their fat loss to the next level.

If that's you, then you need to discover the meal plans in Isabel De Los Rios' Advanced Fat Burning Nutrition Bonus.

She tells you EXACTLY what to eat.

Get all these diet secrets here to burn more fat than any long, slow cardio workout ever could:

Isabel gives you the perfect meal plans to help you burn fat,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - I almost forgot...

You'll get a few extra fat burning meal plans in the TT member's area (another bonus you get with your 3-months free TT members pass).

Get all these diet secrets here to burn more fat than any long, slow cardio workout ever could:

"Dear Craig, All I can say is thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU!! I used to be one of those "lucky" people that bought into the hype that you need to do tons of cardio to get any real results and after a year of this I was going out of my mind with boredom and to get myself to go to gym started to became a real effort.

Then one day while I was browsing the web I came across your site and after "umming and aahing" for about a week I decided to take theplunge and get it. BEST BUY EVER!

This my third week into turbulence training and already I am seeing results - my arms are more defined and I've lost an inch off my waist. Not only that I now look forward to going to gym again.

Plus people have started to notice and ask me what am I doing, and I tell them - TURBULENCE TRAINING! Thanks again and keep up the good work."

Debra Roux, South Africa

"I was initially skeptical about Turbulence Training, but immediately I was amazed at the amount of excellent material on the site. Fantasitic easy to follow workouts. Videos to make sure you're doing things right. Meal plans, blogs to help each other (its like having loads of training partners!!). I have to say my abs are feeling a lot tighter, I feel leaner. People have commented on mystomach looking flatter."
Ricky Chauhan, UK

Get started burning fat without cardio here:

Monday, January 05, 2009

Turbulence Training vs. Sore Knees Success Story

Turbulence Training has taken on cardio, Body For Life, bodybuilders, and even spinning...and now it has another victory notch to add to it's belt, as Turbulence Training beats "Sore Knees" in this success story...

You can lose fat with Turbulence Training, even if you have bad knees...

"Craig - I just wanted to thank you for an excellent program that ANYONE can use to get into shape.  I had actually given up on ever being able to do a vigorous workout due to my knee issues.  I am 53 years old and have been involved in active sports and fitness most of my life until about 10 years ago.  

I have had surgery on both knees and found out a year ago that my surgeon removed my ACL (right knee) without my knowledge in 1977 after a college lacrosse injury.  I thought it was just a cartilage surgery!

Needless to say my right knee has never been right and I have been challenged recently in finding a workout that could give me the level of workout I needed to stay in shape and look good too.  I stumbled across your site and decided to give it a shot but didn't hold out a lot of hope that I woudl be able to do the whole program.  

Wow!!  Was I ever surprised that I was actually able to do your workouts without any knee problems AND that were challenging to a guy who is an ex powerlifter and bodybuilder!  I never would have believed that your workouts would challenge my body and actually give me the kind of workout that I used to get when I was really hitting the gym 6 days a week!  

Actually, I have to be honest - I feel much better than I ever did when I was using barbells and dumbbells to workout.  I feel so much more nimble and strong.  The best part is that both of my knees feel great!!  I haven't felt this good since I was in my 30's and I haven't been this excited about working out either.

I love the variety that your program offers and that I don't have to join a gym to do your workouts.  Thank you for giving me my youthful exuberance back!"
Ben Lowry