Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Diet and Workouts

Hey, you wanted to hear what I eat for my every meal, so I wrote it out on my blog (with pictures of my fridge contents) here:

=> Craig Ballantyne's Diet

Includes a list of the few supplements that I use, and my dinner rotations, plus my "cheat meal" system.


"Anxiety is usually caused by lack of control, organization, preparation, and action." - Kekich Credo #97

And that's why I have my nutrition well planned out. So check out my diet blog post, and make sure to post your nutrition questions and meal suggestions there.

And if you're more interested in my workouts, I outlined them here in a recent TT 7-day fat loss guide:

=> My Workouts

Workout questions? Just drop by the Turbulence Training Facebook page to ask your workout routine and exercise substitution questions.

Thank you so much for reading,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Quick Upper Body Workout

Nothing fancy today, and not a whole lot of anything to report, to be honest. Just a nice upper body session, as I finish up the 5th week of this program. I stayed on this program one week longer than normal. New program starts next week.

Today's Workout:


1A) Rack Lockouts (265x3)
1B) Chins (3x10)

2A) BW Triceps Extension with Rings
2B) BB Curls

That was it.

Warm-up exercises can be seen in this video

=> Weight Training Warm-up

And another solid article from ol' Jason Ferruggia on one of the MOST important things you should NOT do in your workouts

=> Training to Failure

Finally, today's kickbutt mindset tip:

"If you want a lot more than average, you must be very different from average." – Dan Kennedy

Train hard but not to failure,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Burn Fat at Home with these TT Workouts

Monday, November 29, 2010

How many workouts per week for fat loss?

Filmed in the dungeon...How many workouts per week for fat loss

=> How Many Workouts for Fat Loss?

Sled Pulls and Fitness Christmas Gifts

I skipped deadlifting this week (just felt like it)...subbed in chest supported row instead and added sled dragging at the end.


1A) Jumps
1B) Chest Supported Row

2A) DB Bulgarian Split Squat

3A) Glute Ham Raise
3B) Planks

4) 1-Leg Ball Curls

5) Sled Drags (forward)

I'll record my results to see if the sled drags help improve performance and reduce the toll of training on my body. Always be learning.

In fact, you should discover the power of "Compound Learning": The more you learn and apply now, the easier it will be to
maintain your weight and body fat for the rest of your life...Learn from as many experts as you can. Perform as many "experiments" on yourself as you can...Record and study the findings. This is your path to SIMPLE lean body success.

I've also written a little article recommending 5 Christmas fitness gifts here (a ball, some shoes, a bug, a wheel, and Dvds)

=> Fitness Christmas Gifts

"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever." - Lance Armstrong



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Have Courage

"Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

No workout today...just dog walks. Amazingly, my dog can sprint while eating snow off the ground at the same time. Its really something to see. And so is this video reminder of Diet vs Exercise. It doesn't get old

=> Nutrition Beats Exercise

This diet vs exercise video is just as good...and scary...especially for folks who plan a lazy Sunday morning at Starbucks

=> Starbucks Beats Exercise


Friday, November 26, 2010

How Many Sets and Reps for Fat Loss Workouts

Plain white tee? Check. Awkwardly long sideburns? Check. Me slapping my hand to make a point? Check. The answer to how many sets and reps for your fat loss workouts? Check.

=> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE4Fyu2L-iU

Meathead Friday ARMS

Can't help it. Had to do some meathead arm training today. Had to relieve some stress after watching that ridiculous Dallas Cowboys game yesterday.

Today's workout:

1A) Medicine Ball throws
1B) DB chest-supported row

2A) Pullups
2B) Plank

3) BB Shrugs

4A) EZ bar triceps ext
4B) DB Curls.

Off to Freshii for a veggie-rich lunch. But of course, I also had these two bevvies today:

=> Greens Nutrition & Post-Workout Drinks

BTW, yesterday on TT Facebook I shared my thanks for your support of TT...make sure you get the free TT Fanpage bodyweight workout here:

=> Advanced TT Bodyweight Workout

Finally, today's kickbutt mindset tip:

Cheesy but true: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. So don't dwell on past mistakes, that'll get you nowhere. Instead, focus on what you can and will do today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life, and all of the great things that will happen because of your actions. Get strong, be strong, stay strong.

Have a wicked weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Wicked Workouts

Thursday, November 25, 2010

10 Minute Workouts Are Possible

Ten minute workouts are possible. And not only are they possible, they can also be effective.

That's what I kept telling my friend over and over when I visited him in Boston last weekend.

After all, both he and his wife were former personal training clients of mine when they lived here in Toronto and they were used to doing 45 minute sessions with me.

But now, as a hedge fund guy - working from 5am to 7pm - with two kids, he claims he has no time to workout.

HOWEVER...I know he has a set of select-tech dumbbells that go up to 90lbs, and so I started preaching about the 10-minute workouts.

He didn't believe they existed.

Kind of like double rainbows.

But they do exist. I promise you.

It does require you to challenge your thinking about conventional workouts however.

Check out the one I did today...technically from the time I entered to the time I left the gym, it would have been 11 and a half minutes, but still, a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

The 10-Minute Workout

7 sets of full squats in 10 minutes today (that includes warmup), showing you that "no time" is no reason not to train. Went like this:

45x20, 95x20, 135x15, 185x12, 205x8, 185x8, 135x15

You do the set, reload the bar, and keep going. Period.

You won't become the world's strongest man with that, but it is still effective for change. Plus, you try to do better next workout.

Always improve.

You can use the top weight for reps method of 'scoring', or total work volume (reps x poundage), or any other measure of density you'd like to track.

Just make sure to do better next time you try it. That ensures some level of adaptation and improvement.

Or you could just do this ridiculous outdoor bodyweight circuit:

=> Bodyweight Circuit Workout in the snow

An update on my blender drink situation...I've switched it up into a two-banger

=> My Nutrition Drinks

And finally, today's kickbutt mindset tip...very appropriate for today:

"Always give without remembering; always receive without forgetting."
William Barclay

Be good,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
More Meatheads Workouts

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Latest on sprint interval training research

No workout for me today, but I did get up at 3:30am because the dog kept bugging me. I don't know if it was because he was just excited to be home for the first time in a week or what.

So I got up, and will end up doing an extra 40 minute walk today. By the end of the day, I'll have walked the dog for about 2 hours.

Yesterday I recorded this week's TT Podcast, and it features the latest sprint interval research study, my 4 personal workouts, and a life extension nutrition tip:

=> Sprint Interval Training Research

I also posted an older interview with me about interval training vs. cardio, high reps vs low reps, and 3 simple steps to fat loss here 

=> Interval Training for Fat Loss

And today's kickbutt mindset tip:

"You either make your self miserable or you make yourself strong, either way it takes about the same effort."
Carlos Castaneda

Do the right thing today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

PS - For my American friends...

...if your gym is closed on Thursday, then here's a no-equipment bodyweight solution:

Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meathead Tuesday Workout

An excellent meathead session today in the gym. Short, yet effective.

Today's workout:

1A) Rack Lockout (245x3x6)
1B) Underhand Seated Row

2A) Pullups - 1 set of 8
2B) Chinups - 1 set of 8

3A) Bodyweight triceps extensions with rings
3B) Barbell curls.

I dropped full range of motion pressing today because my left shoulder is still not 100%...I should have done this 3 weeks ago, but I'm a meathead.

Fortunately, I'm getting ART on Friday from my chiro, and I should be 90% next week...rack lockouts don't bother it, so I'm using those for one more phase...might add floor presses as well.

Today's resource:

Everyone, including me, is currently reading Jay Ferruggia's latest book for ideas

=> Jay Ferruggia's Minimal Workout

And today's kickbutt mindset tip is a classic:

"Anything in life worth having is worth working for."
Andrew Carnegie

Stay strong ALL week,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Meatheads Workouts

Monday, November 22, 2010

From NYC to Toronto

Started the day at John Romaniello's house in NYC. Went to the wild J-E-T-S game yesterday and then watched the Eagles game at the Landcaster sports bar where I had a spinach salad with chicken and an avocado-lettuce-tomato wrap. 

Today's Toronto Deadlift Workout:

1) Deadlifts (335x8)

2) DB Bulgarian Split Squats

3) 1-leg stability ball leg curls

That was it.

BTW, here's everything I did and ate on a previous crazy travel adventure

=> Fat Loss Travel Report

And today's kickbutt mindset tip:

"Good Mondays start the whole week off right. Are you eating healthy today? Are you going to get in your workout later, or did you do it already?" - Bill Phillips

Get strong this week,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
TT For Fat Loss

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gold's Gym Time Machine

Trained at Gold's Gym by Fenway Park here in Boston. It was old school. 3 sets front squats, 1 set of deadlifts,3 sets reverse lunges. Def Leppard on the radio. Who needs a hot tub time machine when you have Gold's Gym. Now I'm eating a veggie burrito at Qdoba.

Yesterday I was in Louisville, Kentucky visiting Holly Rigsby, her baby Alex, and her husband (and my good friend) Pat Rigsby. Our good buddy AJ Roberts was there too. Great times. We went to the legendary local Jason's Deli where I had a chicken breast salad and spinach wrap.

I didn't workout yesterday but I walked through airports in Toronto, Chicago, Louisville, Cleveland, and Boston.

Today's resource:

Warning: This video is rated XI

=> Body Transformation Contest Results

And today's kickbutt mindset tip:

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."
Thomas Jefferson

Stay gold,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Twinkie Diets and Clean Eating?

Warning: What you are about to read are my politically incorrect, cheeky opinions on popular diets. If you are easily offended, you'll want to skip this email. But if you have a sense of humor, you'll enjoy it and you're my type of person - please read on.

Now on with the show.

Alright, let's get started with the truth about the Twinkie Diet and Clean Eating.

Twinkies up first.

Hopefully you've heard about the American professor who went on a "junk-food" Twinkie diet to lose weight.

A lot of people are upset about this diet. But you shouldn't be.

In my opinion, this diet is like the "Jackass" movie of the nutrition world. Or if you prefer, the "pro wrestling" of the nutrition world.

It's entertainment and it's something that you do NOT try at home.

That simple.

It also proves a point, and that is how
calorie intake DOES have a LOT to do with weight loss - despite what some gurus might say.

Bottom Line: An interesting exercise, but still nothing to "get your long johns all bunched up aboot, eh?", as we say here in Canada.

But seriously, don't eat the Twinkie diet.

We all know that, right?

You shouldn't eat Twinkies everyday, BUT once per week it is fine and even helpful to enjoy your favorite foods using a "Cheat" plan.

Next, let's discuss the poorly named...

"Clean Eating Diet."

So what's my problem with "Clean Eating"?

Well, most importantly, no one really agrees on what the heck "Clean Eating" really means.

Clean eating is about as well defined as "social drinking".

Now some folks can define social drinking as having one glass of wine with dinner while others will say that having 15 beers while watching a football game.

That's about how consistent the definition of "clean eating" is.

After all, in the 1990's, "clean eating" was defined as chicken breasts and white rice in a Tupperware container. Or worse, CANS of tuna and white rice in a Tupperware container (
washed down with a diet coke, of course).

And nowadays what does clean eating mean?

I don't know! No one does.
Maybe it means eating meat...maybe it means not eating meat.
To some it means eating whole-grains...to others, it means avoiding grains as though your life depended on it.
So who's right? It's very confusing when the rules are so rigid.
Maybe it means cooking a hot dog at home in a sanitary kitchen rather than ordering a hot dog from a street vendor. Is that "clean eating"?

If I drop my apple on the floor, but then I wash it before I eat it, is that "clean eating"?

Is eating a balanced breakfast of whole-grain cheerios, skim milk, orange juice, and peanut butter on whole-wheat toast a good example of clean eating? (Some nutritionists would say it is.) 
And who gets to decide the final definition of clean eating?

Bodybuilders? Vegetarians? This year's winner of the Biggest Loser? A dietician educated in the 1980's? A cute Chocolate Lab named Bally? Who I ask, who?!?!

So you know what clean eating REALLY is?

A random phrase that means nothing.

Say goodbye to clean eating and hello to simple nutrition with planned cheats and treats.

Take it from Bally the Dog...

He sticks to whole, natural foods, mostly meat and some fruits and vegetables. He currently uses Acana Grasslands dog food containing 60% premium animal ingredients (nice wording!), 40% regional fruits and vegetables, and is 100% grain-free.
Of course, Bally also likes a few cheats and treats now and then, followed by a good belly rub. And you can learn how to incorporate cheats and treats (minus the belly rubs) here:

=> Holiday Cheats Diet
On the bright side, even though you don't get a belly rub from me, you'll get 16 TT workouts as my gift to you. Just contact us for those at "turbulencetraininghelp AT Gmail.com"

Thank you so much for reading,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - But there is some "bad news"...

If you wait till tomorrow, the price of Joel's Complete Holiday Fat Loss System DOUBLES. Uh oh. And the 16 bonus TT workouts go away. Double uh oh. So get in today:

=>  Get the Cheat Diet & 16 (YES, 16!) TT Workouts here <== Ends today

Truth About "Random" Workouts

This is week 3 of my current 4 week program. I am on a 4-day per week program, and I change my workouts every 4 weeks.

Today's workout:

1A) Depth Jumps
1B) Box Squats

2A) DB Step-ups
2B) Glute-Ham Raises

Started with an extensive warm-up. Off day tomorrow. Heading to Kentucky to visit Holly and Pat Rigsby, and their boys Tyler and lil' Alex. Just a day
trip, so it will be bourbon-free.

Anyone else training today? What program you using?

If you aren't on a structured program, I urge you to re-think your decision.

Take a look at what legendary trainer Alwyn Cosgrove has to say:

"Trainers and coaches who aren't confident in ability, will just try to hammer the client every session - doing random stuff, just hard all the time. There's no skill in that approach. Smart trainers build progression into programming & are more concerned with their clients progressing and getting results than just hammering them all the time. Fatigue & soreness are not indicators of progress."

Get more wisdom from Alwyn here:

=> http://www.Facebook.com/AlwynCosgroveFanpage

And one more resource for you today:

Someone asked about a pre-interval/sprints warmup...here's the video for that

=> Interval Training Warm-up

Finally, today's kick-butt mindset tip:

For the best life, find people you like to be around, choose a form of work you truly enjoy doing – rather than dreading – and have as much fun as possible while creating a lasting legacy.

Get stronger,


PS - Believe it or not...

...there is a Spanish version of TT out there, and we have a Fanpage here:

=> http://www.facebook.com/turbulento


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diet Confessions from Bill Phillips and me

Today I received a mysterious gift package in the mail.

A giant box full of "goodies".

Turned out to be an enormous basket of fruit, chocolates, peanut brittle, popcorn, and cookies.

Confession #1 - I ate 5 pieces of the chocolate-covered peanut brittle.

Confession #2 - Then I stopped and threw the rest of the peanut brittle into the garbage.

Confession #3 - After that I took the chocolates, popcorn, and cookies and left them in a box outside the entrance to my apartment building where I knew a passerby would take them. (Trust me, I've done this before and the stuff I leave out ALWAYS disappears.)

But I kept the fruit. (Of course.)

Now why would I do such a thing?

Because of a fault I share with Bill Phillips, who confessed on Saturday afternoon:

Confession #4 - "If its here, I'll eat it."

At the time he said that, Bill was talking about the massive dessert display in his dining room. The same dessert table that I went to not once, not twice, but THREE times on Saturday afternoon.

(By the way, in case you didn't know, Bill Phillips, author of the New York Times best-seller "Body For Life" invited over a dozen fitness experts into his house on Saturday to meet some of the grand champions of Transformation programs.

We sat and watched the inspiring videos of the Transformation winners and then we had a big lunch, toured Bill's massive multi-million dollar home, and then had a big brainstorming session in the afternoon about how we can all reach and help more people transform.)

But back to those desserts...

...I'm like Bill, and you're probably like Bill too.

If there are goodies in the house, we're going to find them and eat them. And even though research suggests that if you put the goodies out of arm's reach and hidden in containers in hard to reach places, then you'll eat less of them...

We still know that we'd still track them down. And eat them. ALL.

So I keep the junk out of the house.


Of course, your question is, "I have to keep some goodies in the house for my kids/spouse."

Really? Let me try and convince you otherwise.

Why not try this approach - Only allow goodies into your house on designated cheat days (use this proven system to set up your cheat meals).

On all other days, no junk food allowed. It's too tempting otherwise.

So plan out your cheat days and follow a guilt-free diet.

That's what I did on Saturday...

Confession #5 - I had a big cheat day on Saturday at Bill's house.

I ate a bunch of desserts. And then later that night I had a big sushi dinner with my friends Mike Geary, Isabel De Los Rios, Joel Marion and his wife Lisa, John Romaniello, and the newlyweds, Vince and Flavia Del Monte.

NOTE: I don't think Isabel EVER cheats on her diet. In fact, I ate half of the food off her plate...but hey, she said I could! I swear!

And this was all according to plan, thanks to the cheat day system that my buddy Joel Marion guarantees will work for you.

So if you're sick and tired of feeling guilty about enjoying a holiday meal, then you are going to love his program.

Joel's complete blueprint to holiday eating will help you LOSE fat even during the busiest, highest-calorie time of the year. Guaranteed.

=> Get the Holiday Fat Loss Diet here <== And use cheats for fat loss

By the way, Bill Phillips is a funny, funny guy. He was a gracious host, allowing dozens of strangers to wander around his house.

This also brings up an extra bonus confession.

BONUS CONFESSION - Both Bill and myself, and Vince and Roman, and every fitness expert I know, we're all "addicted" to lifting.

If we go a few days without training, we aren't happy about it. And because we never miss our workouts, we can make a few extra "dietary mistakes" during the week because our bodies are lean-muscle calorie-burning machines.

Heck, we could probably stay ripped using the so-called "Twinkie Diet".

That's one of the biggest benefits of being consistent with the TT Workouts.

And I want you to be addicted to the benefits of Turbulence Training as well.

But a lot of people don't get hooked on exercise because they only do long, boring, cardio workouts.

So here's the solution.

It's a "two-birds-with-one-stone" solution, if you will.

Step #1 - Go to this website and get Joel Marion's Holiday Fat Loss Diet to guide you through the holiday eating season (it's the perfect plan to help you actually LOSE fat during the holidays):

=> Get Joel's program here & email us for your bonuses

Step #2 - After that, send us your receipt and we'll send you a link to download ALL 16 of the TT Monthly workouts from 2010. Just email us here:

=> TurbulenceTraininghelp@gmail.com


Now it's time for me to get back to work on a full update about the Transformation tips that Bill shared on Saturday. I'll have that up on the TT blog before next week.

Helping you TRANSFORM over the holidays,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - What are the 16 TT bonus workouts you'll get?

1) Turbulence Training 2K10 (the hottest trends of 2009 all in one)
2) TT Beginner Total Torso Training (best beginner program)
3) TT Transformation (Spin-off of Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks manual)
4) TT Adrenaline (The program that DOES out-train a bad diet?)
5) TT Big 6 Circuit (Improved version of legendary Big 5 program)
6) TT Bootcamp 2K10 (features 6 bootcamp style workouts)
7) TT Booty for Wife (12-week booty program!)
8] TT Addiction (you'll get hooked on this challenge workout)
9) TT Hard-core 2K10 (the 2006 classic has been updated)
10) TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 (NO-equipment workouts to replace intervals)
11) TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2 (advanced bodyweight training)
12) TT for Meatheads V (instant classic)
13) TT Dumbbell Depletion (20 minute workout)
14) TT Meatheads 4x4 (shorter Meathead-style workouts)
15) TT Resistance Evil (most extreme TT workout EVER)
16) TT Meatheads Bench Press (add 25 pounds to your bench in 4 weeks)

Amazing, huh?

That's over $355 worth of workouts right there, and you get them all as a free bonus when you get Joel Marion's holiday fat loss plan here:

=> Get the Holiday Fat Loss Diet here <== And use cheats for fat loss

Once you get Joel's program, just email us your receipt and we'll send you a link to download ALL 16 of those workouts.

EXTRA BONUS CONFESSION - I created the TT Addiction workout to get you hooked on TT Workouts! And I know it will work.

17 Workouts - last chance today

Hey, I'm giving away 17 bonus workouts today when you get
Joel Marion's Holiday Fat Loss Diet

But the 17th program, the "TT Clash of the Titans" is only available to fast action takers TODAY...and you can't buy it anywhere on its own. So if you want that one, you have to take action today.

=> Get the Holiday Diet & 17 free TT Workouts here <== Last chance for #17

I highly recommend his Holiday Fat Loss meal planning schedule for the holidays. It will save your butt, big time. Literally!

Now about those 17 workouts...here's a complete list of the 17 TT workouts that you'll get for free today when you get Joel's program:
1) Turbulence Training 2K10 (the hottest trends of 2009 all in one)
2) TT Beginner Total Torso Training (best beginner program)
3) TT Transformation (Spin-off of Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks manual)
4) TT Adrenaline (The program that DOES out-train a bad diet?)
5) TT Big 6 Circuit (Improved version of legendary Big 5 program)
6) TT Bootcamp 2K10 (features 6 bootcamp style workouts)
7) TT Booty for Wife (12-week booty program!)
8] TT Addiction (you'll get hooked on this challenge workout)
9) TT Hard-core 2K10 (the 2006 classic has been updated)
10) TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 (NO-equipment workouts to replace intervals)
11) TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2 (advanced bodyweight training)
12) TT for Meatheads V (instant classic)
13) TT Dumbbell Depletion (20 minute workout)
14) TT Meatheads 4x4 (shorter Meathead-style workouts)
15) TT Resistance Evil (most extreme TT workout EVER)
16) TT Meatheads Bench Press (add 25 pounds to your bench in 4 weeks)

What an awesome list.

My favorites are:

a) TT for Meatheads V
b) TT Resistance Evil
c) TT Adrenaline (for advanced interval-based fat burning)

And according to TT reader feedback, TT users love:

a) TT Hard-core 2K10
b) TT Resistance Evil
c) TT Bodyweight Cardio 3

Now you could invest $90 in those 3 programs when sold separately, or you can get ALL 17 of those programs for free when you grab Joel's essential holiday eating guide here today:

=> Click Here for Joel's Program & email us for your bonuses 
Then just email us your receipt here at the TT Team email address
=> turbulencetraininghelp AT gmail.com
... and we will play Santa and send you out your amazing TT Workout bonuses.

Let me know which TT Workout you start with.

Happy Holidaying,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Warm-up & Bench Press Videos

No workout today. Just some stretching and mobility work.

I did a lot of what you'll see in this video

=> Bodyweight Warm-up

What about you? Anyone deadlifting or pressing or hitting the KB's today?

Oddviously everyone did bench press yesterday, but here are some of my wacky tips for adding 10% to your bench in 4 weeks (applies to you only if you bench LESS than 300)

=> Bench Press Tips

And one more resource for you today:

Part 1 of a classic interview with the fat burning legend, Tom Venuto

=> How to Burn Fat with Tom Venuto

And now for today's kick-butt mindset tip:

We all make mistakes. We all have set-backs. It happens. But when it does, do what you can to get back on track immediately. No need to punish yourself. Focus on what you can do to correct the situation. Learn from the mistake so you stop it from happening in the future. Stay strong!


PS - One more mindset tip...

"How we take care of ourselves today determines how we'll feel tomorrow. Based on your actions today, what's your forecast for tomorrow?"
Bill Phillips

Monday, November 15, 2010

Meathead Monday Morning

Here's a photo of Shawn Phillips and myself out by the pool at Bill Phillips' house in Bev Hills. Shawn and Bill are legends of the game. They would certainly enjoy the Meathead Monday morning workout I did today.

Today's workout:

1A) Football Bar Bench (205x3x5)
1B) T-bar row

2A) Rack Lockout
2B) Underhand seated row

3A) BW triceps extension
3B) BB curls.

Now for a dog walk.

What's your plan?

It seems like everyone is using some version of the TT Meatheads system these days.

Classic workouts.

So that photo was taken Saturday afternoon, and yesterday I flew home from LA...on the plane, I watched "Shutter Island". Good movie, but not my kind of flick - although I'm still thinking about the ending. However, I preferred The Departed . You watch any good movies recently?

I also read Dave Kekich's book, "Life Extension Express" on the flight. He suggests 30-50% calories from raw foods.

When I got home, I had 3g vitamin C, 4 caps Prograde EFA Icon, raw vegetables with hummus, and blender drink of: Spinach, blueberries, strawberries, almond milk, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, chia seeds, 1 spoonful of Athletic Greens, and 1 scoop Garden of Life raw protein powder.

And finally, today's kickbutt mind-set tip:

Start your week strong with Kekich Credo #89, "Unattended problems will not go away, but will usually get worse. Anticipate and avoid problems – or meet them head on at the outset. Overcome fear by attacking it."

Get strong and stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Un-Necessary Workouts in LA

You know, if you really want to hear about it, I've known people to get results with almost every type of program and diet. Your job is simply to find the right diet for your personality and lifestyle and to use a fitness program that you like - so you stay consistent - that has some amount of resistance training.

Yesterday I wasn't scheduled to workout, but Joel Marionz wanted to go to Gold's Gym, and training at Gold's is one of my favorite things to do...so I did 5 sets of deadlifts (225x5x12-15), some split squats, and ball leg curls. Joel did a 1000 calorie challenge workout. He was pretty beat by the end of it.

Then I had a late lunch at Loose Leaf Salads. Baby spinach, seared ahi tuna, avocado, red pepper, onion. A little expensive but bvetter than a $5 footlong. Dinner was at Drago Centro downtown, an Italian joint. It was good, nothing amazing.

Today, I started with another un-necessary workout...this time chinups and arms with John Romaniello...in a very strange, wood-paneled, plaid-carpeted gym at the Standard hotel in LA. Now, and I never thought I'd say this, we are going to Bill Phillips' house for the day with a bunch of other fitness experts.

If I learn anything that will help you with your transformation, you will be the first to know. Trust me!

Today's kickbutt mindset:

A clear personal philosophy and a set of unbreachable guiding principles will allow you to live a happy, producttive, guilt-free life. Know what you will and will not do.

And today's video:

The best exercises for fat burning (another one of your workout questions answered - let me know what to answer next)

=> The Best Exercises for Fat Burning

Get strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Food Network TV Show?

Semi-funny story. Last night, I attended the Richard Branson Virgin Unite charity event with Joel Marionz, Vince Del Monte, their lovely wives, Mike Geary, and a few others. Here's a photo of the boys on the red carpet.
There were a few celebrities there, so the entire crowd was trying to spot them, and as a result, some folks were mistaken for "celebs". A nice lady asked me if I hosted a show on the food network.

So I asked folks on the www.turbulencetrainingfanpage.com, and the consensus is that I might look like Ted Allen, who hosts a show called, "Chopped".
The conversation was semi-awkward, but amusing.
And while I don't have a TV show, I do have a new Youtube video for you answering the common question,
How many exercises per fat loss workout?"
And today's kickbutt mindset quote comes from Richard Branson:
"There's a very thin dividing line between success and failure." - Richard Branson......giving us another reason to never, ever, EVER give up
Stay strong,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Thursday, November 11, 2010

LA for the Weekend

Heading to LA today. Attending the Richard Branson "Virgin Unite" charity event tonight and then a bunch of us fitness nerds (including Vince Del Monte, John Romaniello, and Joel Marion) are going to Bill Phillips' house on Saturday. Bill is the author of "Body for Life", and so it will be a day of learning how to help more people around the world make body and life transformations.

So I have a 9am flight and that meant I had to hit a 4:30am workout:

1A) Rack Lockout
1B) DB Chest-Supported Row

2A) Shrugs
2B) Cable External Rotations

3A) Lying EZ Bar Triceps Extension
3B) DB Curls

Lower body stretching.

The music is always better in the gym at 4am than 10am.

And here's a kick-butt mindset tip from Bill:

"There are only two options regarding commitment--you're either In, or you're Out. There's no such thing as 90% committed. It's 100% or not at all."
Bill Phillips

Also, yesterday my evil twin brother, Braig CallEntyne, had this to say aboot all of the "hardcore" people who want to add more workouts to the TT

"Put more into your current workouts before trying toadd more workouts to your current plan. If you can train 'ballz hard super high intensity' 6 days/week, then guess what buddy, you're not training 'ballz hard super high intensity'. LOL. Later bro."

Talk to you in LA,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kettlebell Workout Videos

Chris Lopez just filmed 5 new kettlebell workout videos, with something for beginners and advanced fat loss too.

Video #1

=> Kettlebell Training 101

Video #2

=> Kettlebell Workout Program Tips

Vide #3 iii) kettlebell exercises - Get up, Swing, Squat & Press

=> Kettlebell Exercises (Kettlebell Swings)

Video #4

=> Kettlebell Training: 4-Week Program

Video #5

=> Kettlebell Workout Routines - 10-Week Training Program

And drop by Chris' blog if you have any questions. You'll find that here:

=> www.KettlebellWorkouts.com



Make Your Workout Important

"When people make their workouts important, everything shifts." - Josh Hillis


So what helped YOU make the shift to being consistent and getting results?

I started training in high school, and for 3 years nothing got in the way of workouts...at my peak I was benching 225 at 170 pounds at age 18. No world record, but pretty good for an average kid.

But then I started college, and for the first 4 months I got lazy.

I blamed the pathetic university gym, my busy schedule (yeah, right), and the fact that I was playing sports instead (once or twice per week).

When I went home for Christmas break I got disgusted with myself, and vowed to get back on track right away. I started with a bodyweight workout that day at home, and I've been serious ever since.

So what about you? What made you "stick"? Or what's stopping you?

Today's workout:

1A) Depth Jumps
1B) Pistols

2) Full Squats (175x2x20) with 3 minutes rest between sets

3A) DB Stepups
3B) Glute Ham Raise

Then I made this blender drink:

2 cups almond milk (unsweetened), frozen strawberries, 1 banana, 1 spoonful natural peanut butter, 1 scoop prograde vanilla protein.

What was your workout/blender drink today?

Couple of video resources for you today...been making videos about the most popular questions I get...here's one aboot "How much weight you should use"

=> How Much Weight to Use For Fat Loss Workouts

And on the minimal space, minimal equipment theme...Here's a 4-week kettlebell-bodyweight workout from Chris Lopez

=> Kettlebell Training - 4-Week Kettlebells Workout

Stay strong and STICK with it,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Bodyweight Exercise Workout Boosters

Ok, so I'm off to LA on Thursday for a big weekend, including a trip to Bill Phillips' house in Beverly Hills on Saturday. I'll be there with a bunch of other fitness experts, including Joel, Isabel, Roman, & Vince.

Obviously we'll be talking about Transformations with Bill (creator of Body-for-Life), and this will be an incredible day.

And I guarantee you that if I learn ANYTHING that can help you, that I will tell you about it next week. Until then, let's take an in-depth look at the final 3 workout boosters for the holidays.

Workout Tip #1 - Jack-Up Your Intensity

So last time we talked about cutting back, and the way to do that is by boosting your intensity.

I first discovered this back in 1996 through trial and error after I made the rookie mistake of deviating from my original bodybuilding style training I started my journey with back in 1992.

For about 6 months I was doing low-intensity cardio and moderate resistance training. I quickly realized the error of my ways, and switched back to high-intensity training.


Huge results. Dramatic turnaround. I was leaner, stronger, faster, and overall just a lot more awesome - within weeks.

And back in 2004 when I was training clients for 8-10 hours per day, I saw this over and over and over again, especially when woman who did low-intensity training started workout out with me.

These "low intensity" clients were always the ones who achieved the most rapid results when they switched to TT.

(By the way, intensity does not simply mean difficult. After all, it is difficult to run a marathon, but that doesn't mean that it is "intense". After all, if you can do something for several hours straight, how intense can it be?)

Workout Tip #2 - Ditch the Cardio, Do Bodyweight Circuits Instead

Speaking of long cardio, there is NOTHING wrong with being a runner and enjoying long runs...but depending on long cardio for fat loss is ultimately going to disappoint you.

So this holiday season, when given the choice between 45 minutes on the treadmill (i.e. the cardio confessional) or a 20-minute bodyweight circuit that you can do in your own home without equipment, choose the bodyweight circuit EVERY time.

You'll work more muscles and, with the post-workout calorie burn, still probably burn as many calories as you would with the slow cardio.

Plus, you'll sculpt your upper body and abs, without requiring an extra 20 minutes of lifting after the treadmill.

Bodyweight training is the fitness world's gift to you this holiday season. And my gift to you is a 35% off sale on the TT 6-Month Bodyweight Manual here:
And now for an instant 20% exercise booster tip...

Workout Tip #3 - Non-Competing Density Supersets

(This is a world-world-world exclusive...I haven't even shared this tip with my editors at Men's Health magazine yet!)

Here we'll combine the classic non-competing TT superset method with the classic bodybuilder method of dropsets.

The results: An instant 20% boost in the number of reps you can do for bodyweight exercises.

For example, let's use this non-competing superset.

1A) DB Reverse Lunges
1B) Decline Close-Grip Pushups

Do 8 reps of lunges for each leg. Rest 20 seconds. Do 4-6 more reps for each leg.

Then move immediately to decline close-grip pushups and go 1-2 reps short of failure. Rest 20 seconds and do another set of pushups until you are 1-2 reps short of failure. (You should get about 20% of your original number of reps.)

Rest 1 minute and repeat the entire process up to 2 more times.


Metabolic Muscle Turbulence like never before.

Let me know what you think!
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Complete 6-Month Bodyweight Training Program <== Sale ends Thursday

Monday, November 08, 2010

Two Tips to Get More Results In Less Time

First, just a warning...your chance to get the 17 Holiday Fat Loss Tips PLUS the science on using "reward meals" for fat loss ENDS Tuesday...and then "Boom goes the dynamite" on these reports here:

=> Grab your 17 free holiday fat loss tips <== Boom! Gone Tuesday

Go get that now. I'll wait here till you come back.

Now...let's carry on to the 5 Workout Boosters you can use to get more results in less time over the holidays.

Workout Tip #1 - Superset Bodyweight & Dumbbell Exercises

Also perfect for busy gyms in January, what you're going to do here is pair a bodyweight exercise with a dumbbell exercise in your superset.

This way you don't have to waste time adjusting equipment or walking around your gym.

For example, if the workout calls for a dumbbell press followed by a dumbbell row, switch it to:

a) Decline (or other) pushups plus DB Row
b) DB Chest Presses plus Inverted Bodyweight Row in squat rack
c) Pushups plus Pullups or Bodyweight Rows (double bodyweight option)

Here's another example. If your workout calls for a squat (any kind) and a dumbbell shoulder press, switch it to:

a) Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat (1&1/2 rep style) plus DB Press
b) Squat plus Pike Pushup or Handstand Pushup
c) DB Split Squat Plus Decline Pushup or Close-Grip Pushup

Bottom line: We are focused on movements and muscle groups and not married to specific exercises (in most cases). Thanks to the massive variety in the TT workouts, we always have options.

Workout Tip #2 - Cut Back

This another one you can use all year round. Here's the deal...

Too many folks do too much.

Too much cardio.
Too many chest exercises.
Too many crunches and abs.
Too many days in the gym.

Stop with the "too many, too much" already.

Trust me, I bought into the "hour a day, 6-days per week" approach too back in the early 90's when I started lifting.

But I soon realized that was bad news for my joints and didn't do any better than 3-4 awesome, 30-45 minute workouts per week.
You will immediately reduce your risk of chronic fatigue and overuse injuries, plus, you'll have more time and energy for more important parts of your life (like relationships, hobbies, and relaxation).

And at this time of year, you'll still get 80% of your results if you can squeeze in 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week. Trust me.

So take 2-4 basic exercises, and do 2-3 rounds of those exercises in superset fashion (with a warm-up, of course). Do another 2-4 basic moves on a 2nd day, and that will help you keep the fat off even if you're busier than Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Alright, that's enough info for today. Gosh I ramble on, don't I?
I'll be back later this week with the other 3 workout boosters.
To your success all year round,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workout Solution
PS - Here are a few nutrition boosters for holiday fat loss:

1) Green Tea - replace all juice, soda, etc. with Green Tea during the day

2) Vegetables - fill up on vegetables at lunch - and even add them to breakfast
3) Control your appetite with fiber rich foods, such as almonds, apples, veggies (as mentioned), and even protein shakes if that is what you like

PPS - Tuesday is the last day...

...to get the full holiday fat loss plan with this free report:

=> Holiday Fat Loss Blueprint


Bench, Rows, Arms, Abs - Meathead Monday

Meathead Monday workout and new exercise youtube video for you. You're going to love it.

Today's workout:

1A) Football Bar Bench (allows close-grip style) 205x3x5
1B) Dan John's Batwing exercise

2A) Rack Lockout
2B) Underhand Seated Row

3A) BW Triceps Extension
3B) BB Curls

Tomorrow off, then Wednesday back to high rep squats.

What about you? Who trained like a meathead? Who trained like an athlete? Who trained with bw only? Who had the shortest workout?

And here's the abs and arms superset video I mentioned. And yes, I'm wearing a John Cena t-shirt - total meatheads video from start to finish.

Clearly, this covers all the bases of your entertainment needs for a Monday afternoon, and gets you ready for WWE Raw tonight:

=> Abs and Arms Exercises Superset

Now for today's kick-butt mindset tip #1:

"The only reason we ever get through that initial phase, that initial gap where the hassle is greater than the joy is that there's someone on the other side of that little green circle that's rooting us on"
- John Berardi, discussing how to stick with your workout

Find out more here

=> John Berardi & Overcoming Workout Excuses

And kick-butt mindset tip #2:

Imagine if you had to go to jail if you missed your workouts. You'd make them then, wouldn't you? So put that urgency in your life EVERY day. Deadlines are magic.

Kick butt,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - 6-Week Turbulence Training Transformation Contest Winners announced!

Impressive results (19-20 pounds in just 6 weeks!)

=> http://transformationcontest.com/

Sunday, November 07, 2010

5000 Calorie Mexican Feast

Last week while on my Mexican vacation, I tried to explain to my buddy that nutrition was the key to fat loss. However, I was eating a waffle covered in chocolate and peanut butter at the time.

So he was skeptical...

It would have been better for me to give him this free report:

=> Holiday Fat Loss Nutrition Secrets <== How cheat meal nutrition works

Now here's the scoop on that chocolate-peanut butter waffle...it was part of the wedding celebration day where I let myself eat and drink whatever I wanted, including:

- a delicious omelet and unlimited fruit to start the day, along with that infamous waffle
- fruit and almonds for a healthy, fiber-rich mid-morning snack
- champagne after the lunchtime wedding
- steak, vegetables, bread, and a couple of Coronas for a late lunch
- more champagne before the evening reception
- chicken, vegetables, bread rolls, and a few more Coronas
- and a late-night "Mudslide" drink that probably contained 750 calories

In the end, I consumed close to 5000 calories on that day. Of course, you know that is something I don't regularly do...but I was just as lean, if not leaner around the pool the next day despite the 5000 calories.

In the 17 Holiday Fat Loss Tips free report, you'll also discover...

- The#1 nutrient to eat
- The #1 type of calorie to AVOID (I limited this in Mexico most days)
- How you can put an end to "dieting" once and for all
- One weird tip to cut back on holiday food (using a beverage)
- How you can LOSE, not gain, 10-15 lbs this holiday season, all without having to give up ANYTHING between now and New Years

Impressive stuff.

By the way, there is one tip in the list that I don't think really works that well. It's tip #5 on page 6. It sounds great in theory, but for me anyways, it doesn't work that well in the real world.

Let me know what YOU think.
However, I live by Strategy #11 on page 9. It's not only the key to being lean, but the key to being HAPPY, GUILT-FREE, and LEAN. A very powerful tip right there.

Get this free holiday diet report here:

=> Holiday Fat Loss Blueprint <== Only available until tomorrow 

I know you'll be delighted to be LEANER after losing fat over the holidays.

Eat your way lean,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Sunday AM Deadlift Workout

Most people go on long runs or do spinning - or even yoga - classes on Sunday morning, but I prefer to deadlift. Especially during football season.

Today's workout:

1A) Jumps
1B) Deadlifts (315x8) - overhand grip

2A) Bulgarian split squat
2B) Hanging knee raise.

That was it. Your workout?

BTW, mine included long warmup, like this one

=> Weight Training Warmup

Another great fitness Facebook page to get with...this one comes with daily dose of the funniness too (Braig CallEntyne approved)

=> Roman Fitness Systems - Advanced Fat Loss Info

And today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through persistence."
Buddha.......Never give up!

Kick butt today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

Friday, November 05, 2010

Mexican resort workout - round 3

Had a great time at my friend's wedding yesterday down here in Mexico. I was down in this beautiful area a couple of months ago, and did 2 workouts back then, so this was round three in my Mexican workout series.

Today's workout at the resort here in Mexico (decent gym):

1A) DB 1-Arm Shoulder Press
1B) Seated Row

2A) DB Triceps Extension
2B) DB Chest Supported Row

3A) BB Shrugs
3B) Ball Planks
3C) DB Incline Hammer Curls for fun.

Today's top resource:

Dr. John Berardi explains the TRUTH about building fat loss habits

=> http://www.ttfatloss.com/nutrition/breaking-old-habits/

And today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"If you want to get somewhere you have to know where you want to go and how to get there. Then never, never, never give up."
Norman Vincent Peale

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

4am Squat Workout - Notta Too Bad

Didn't set any records during this morning's workout at 4am, but still a good training session.


1A) Depth Jumps
1B) Squats (315x3x3)

2A) Glute-Ham Raise
2B) Step-ups

Followed up with a blender drink of: Almond milk, spinach, Garden of Life Raw Protein, 1 banana 1/2 peach, raspberries, chia seeds, and flax oil.

Now off to the airport and on to Mexico. Will train upper body on Friday at the resort. Back to Toronto to deadlift on Sunday.

Today's resource:

"How to Get Strong" by Jim Wendler

=> 5-3-1 Training

And today's kickbutt mindset tip:

Kekich Credo #84 - "Nobody gets old by surprise."

You can dramatically change yourself in just 12 weeks…in just 0.3% of your life - or LESS. Proven here

=> 6-Week TT Transformation Contest Finalists

Please vote,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Off to Mexico today...

...for a short holiday and to attend a wedding on the beach.

Here are the travel tips I'll use to stay lean (includes summary of what I did at Joel Marion's wedding)

=> http://www.turbulencetraining.com/TravelReport

Monday, November 01, 2010

High-Rep, Low Rep Training Days

I do one heavy lower body workout each week and one high-rep or bodyweight-only lower body workout each week.

I squat and deadlift once per week, but only one of those is done heavy each week. The other is either done with moderate weight and high reps, or using a bodyweight version.

For example, I might deadlift heavy on Monday, and then do pistol squats on Thursday. The next week, I'll do high rep deadlifts on Monday and heavy squats on Thursday.

For me, this works better than going heavy both days. It spares my low back, which gets irritated if I squat and deadlift heavy in the same 7-day training cycle.

The high-rep deadlifting day switches the emphasis from the low back to the upper back and grip.

The bodyweight or high-rep squat day allows me to focus on improving single leg strength with the pistol exercise OR muscle and MENTAL endurance with high rep squats.

By the way, 20 rep sets of deadlifts and squats will still lead to muscle growth, as long as you are pushing your limits. There's no way to avoid getting bigger and stronger when you pick up a heavy object from the ground 20 times. Works for farmers and construction workers, and it will work for you.

Yesterday I did the high rep deadlift workout, and today's workout was this:

Warmup with medball throws, stickups, cable external rotation

1A) Football bar bench (google it) - 205x3x5
1B) Bat wing (google Dan John bat wing exercise)

2A) Ring pushup
2B) Underhand seated row

3A) Bodyweight/ring triceps extensions
3B) Barbell curls to satisfy the meathead in me (95x3x8)

Followed by 2nd dog walk of the day (did the first one at 6am).

Today's kickbutt mindset tip:

Happy November 1st...my suggestion to you today is not to wait until Jan 1st to change. Do it now. Kekich Credo #81 agrees and says, "The best way to get started is to get started. Life rewards action…not reaction. Wait for nothing. Attack life. Don't plan to death or ask for permission…but act now…and apologize later."

Get strong and stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - For TT Members...

...the November Workout, called "TT Meatheads Bench Press", is now available in the www.ttmembers.com workout of the month area for ALL members.