Sunday, February 28, 2010

Deadlifts & Why You Need to Screw Up Once in a While

Back to the weights today for deadlifts...

1) Repeated Jumps (4x4)
2) Deadlift (3x315)
3A) GM (2x10)
3B) BB Shrug (2x12)
4) BB Lunge (2x8)

This workout was supposed to include some abs at the end, but mine are still sore from no point in doing low quality work.

Today's resource:

An update on a classic TT workout, 4 tips to make goal setting work, and some research reviews here: 

=> TT Ab Workout Tips

Check out the TT for Abs DVD update there...

And now today's kick-butt mindset tip...

Plan ahead. You need to know your nutrition obstacles. Write them all down and write down at least 2 solutions for each obstacle. This will help you avoid nutrition breakdowns. Do you shopping and cooking and meal prep on the weekends, so that during your busy week you have your meals ready…and you
avoid vending-machine regrets.

But of course, there will be times you mess up...and that's cool, as long as you learn from it.

"In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time."
Anthony J. D'Angelo

"I cannot fail - I can only get results"
Ted Nicholas

For example...I put way too many blackberries in today's blender drink...I'll call this one "deep purple". exact same reciep as yesterday, but too many blackberries and not enough raspberries...I'll know not to do that again. I learned from my mistake. 

So pay attention...if a mistake is made, look for the lesson.

Personally, I have a LOT of practice making mistakes, and so I get taught a LOT of lessons.

And then I make sure not to make them again,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - It would be great to see you over on the Turbulence Training Fanpage...'s the link on Facebook:


Lots of cool discussions and Q'n'A sessions there. 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bodyweight workout & Blender drink

Just about got snowed in here in Toronto, but the dog loves it.

Today's blender drink:
1 banana, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, spinach, celery, sun warrior protein, peanut butter, walnuts, almond milk.

(Unlike the spinach, you CAN taste the I might cut back on how much i put in.)

Bodyweight Workout:

1A) Split Lunge Jump (3x5)
1B) Prone Stickup (3x10)
1C) Handstand Pushup (3xMax)
2A)Decline Close-Grip Pushup (3xMx)
2B) Stability Ball Rollout (3x12)
3A) Chin-up (4x8)
3B) Dips (4x15)
4A) Inverted Row (3x12)
4B) X-Body MC (3x10)

Then Sprints (4x60s)

Yep, I did 4 intervals at 10.5mph for 1 minute with 1 minute rest in between. Legs were sore from yesterday's bodyweight workout - I certainly had the fitness to do a lot more.

Today's resource:

3 ab exercise circuit to tighten your tummy

=> Three Ab Exercises Circuit

And today's kick-butt mindset tip:

Kekich Credo #7 - You're successful when you like who and what you are. Success includes achievement…while choosing and directing your own activities. It means enjoying intimate relationships and loving what you do in life.

I say..."Success is not just a number on a scale. Success is living with energy and happily making healthy choices. When you choose to eat healthy and exercise instead of watching TV, that is achievement. This will help you love life and the people around you more. The PROCESS is often just as important as
the physical progress...A body transformation cannot happen without a mental transformation as well."

So that's it...hope you had a great week...

I'll be here in snowy Toronto all weekend working on some really cool Turbulence Training projects for you. No fancy-schmancy trips this weekend.

Instead, I'll be in the lab.

And that should scare you,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Watch for the TT for Abs DVDs on Monday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight Workout today:

1) 1-Leg Hop (3x5)
2) Pushup (125 reps in as few sets as possible with 1 minute rest between sets)
3A) 1-Leg DL (3x12)
3B) 1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl (3x12)
4A) Sternum Pullup (3x8)
4B) 1-Leg Bench Squat (3x10)
5A) Stability Ball Glute Ham Raise (2x10)
5B) Side Plank with Leg Raise (2x8)
5C) Stability Ball Jackknife (2x20)

Interesting. Lasted about 33 minutes.

Today's resource:

3 worst ab exercises AND the 5 TT for Abs DVD winners



Today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"Schedule your workouts and diet first. Don't succumb to other people's plans. If you don't have a plan for success, you are at the mercy of other people's plans. YOU are the BOSS of your own life...don't let anyone else make the important decisions for you."

I actually came up with that myself,


PS - One more quote...

...this one from this month's Entrepreneur magazine:

"There are no entitlements in life. In reality, it's self determination and self reliance as the fundamental truths at the base of individual achievement."
- Jess Jackson, founder of Kendall-Jackson Wineries

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saint's Inspiration Today

No workout today...but I'll soon be releasing the TT Big 6 Circuit into the TT member's area, and as you can see from the cover photo, I'm supporting the Black and Gold.

I bought that shirt in the Miami airport the day after the game...who knows where all of the Indy Colts Super Bowl champ shirts go? Same place as all those Buffalo Bills jerseys from the early 90's, I guess?

I still have some kick-butt mindset words of wisdom for you:

1) Short term pain from discipline equals long-term gain from progress. Long-term pain comes from lacking short-term discipline.

2) Be thankful for what you have accomplished. A positive attitude goes further in fat loss – and in life – than a negative attitude. In fact, research shows that writing down things you are grateful for can actually make you happier. So buy a little journal and spend 5 minutes every week writing down all the things in life that you are grateful for.

And finally, I added a couple of ingredients to today's blender drinks:

rice milk and celery

These were added to 1 banana, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, spinach, walnuts, cashew butter and Sun Warrior protein. Still good, because its all about the raspberries. Also had an apple and a toasted almond butter sandwich on flax bread.

Not bad,


PS - You have until 7pm tonight to enter to win the TT for Abs DVDs

Win a copy of the TT for Abs DVD's here:


There are already more than 337 entries...looking forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Personal Bests = Progress

Today's workout...

1) Hang Clean

2A) Medium Grip Bench
2B) DB Row

3A) DB Incline
3B) DB Tri Extensions
3C) BB curls

And remember, to continue to make progress, make sure you set at least one personal best every workout. Today, it was in the bench press for me. Get
strong and stay strong.

And stay strong all day long with your nutrition too...

Do your best with everything you have control over. Most people fail to control themselves, and end up only with regrets. They trade minutes of pleasure (i.e. fast food) for days, weeks, months, and years of regret. Focus on planning ahead to overcome nutrition obstacles, rather than trying to "out-cardio" your bad diet.


You can win a copy of the TT for Abs DVD's here:


Hurry, over 261 entries have already been posted!

Stay strong,


PS - Today's kick-butt mindset tip...

Kekich Credo #4. Real regrets only come from not doing your best. All else is out of your control. You're measured by results only. Trade excuses and "trying" for results, and expect half-hearted results from half-hearted efforts. Do more than is expected of you. Life's easy when you live it the hard way…and hard if you try to live it the easy way.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Workout Program & TT Abs DVD contest

New workout program starts this week...with a weird twist.

I'll actually be rotating through 8 workouts, not 4, but I'm still doing 4 workouts per week.

Here's how it will work over a regular 2 week period.

Day 1 - Weight workout A - squats emphasis
Day 2 - Weight workout B - Bench press/upper body
Day 3 - Off
Day 4 - Bodyweight workout C - lower body
Day 5 - Bodyweight workout D - upper body
Day 6 - Off
Day 7 - Off
Day 8 - Bodyweight workout A - lower body
Day 9 - Bodyweight workout B - upper body
Day 10 - Off
Day 11 - Weight workout C - Deadlift emphasis
Day 12 - Weight workout D - Military press/upper body
Day 13 - Off
Day 14 - Off

Trying to get all of the good from heavy weights without the negatives (overuse on the low back and rotator cuff) while mixing in bodyweight recovery.

Who knows, it could be good or completely stupid. I shall see.

Today's workout:

Extensive Warm-up

1) Max Jumps - hitting record levels each week

2) Wide-stance Squats - 3x5

3A) RDL - 3x8
3B) Hanging Ab Pikes (ankle to bar) - 3xMax

4) Back Extension

Then I went to Mabel's Bakery and bought Pumpkin Seed bread, vegetarian lasagna, and their Lentil "meatloaf". So much good stuff there...


Also in the nutrition category, over on Facebook we are having a great discussion on how to eat healthy for cheap:

=> Click here to join in - hope this link works!

And now for some abs updates:

First, I wrote an article on:

=> 7 Common Abdominal Exercise Workout Problems

And we're having a contest on the blog where you can win a free copy of the soon-to-be-released TT for Abs DVDs.

There was a funny spelling mistake in one of the entries, where someone wrote they want 2 "lose bally fat". Don't they know only bally the dog can
do that?

Anyways, you can WIN a FREE copy of the TT for Abs DVDs & Simple Nutrition DVD here:

=> Click here to win TT for Abs DVDs

Hope to see your entry soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, TT for Abs DVDs

PS - Today's kick-butt mindset tip is...

Remember: After rain comes sun. If you had a bad weekend, bad week, bad month, or heck, even if 2009 was a bad year, things can and will get better. It starts with US and our actions. So write down your goals, make a written plan to achieve them, track your success, and hold yourself accountable. We WILL succeed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Miami Road Trip

Just got back home in Toronto. It's nice here. I like it. Looking forward to a great week of workouts, some Olympics action, and hanging out with some ol' buddies.

And I just spent a great weekend in Miami with some fitness folks at a seminar - debating muscle building strategies, fat loss workouts, and bootcamp ideas. Very interesting...

While I was there I hit South Beach a couple of times with Vince Del Monte...he had all the hookups at the stores...the guy is a Miami legend. And then on Saturday a bunch of us had a very interesting time in Miami...we sat right next to Jay Z and Beyonce at a nightclub called Liv...thanks again to Vinny D for getting us into the party...that guy is connected.

On the way home, I watched with amusement the choices people made in the food court.
I just can't understand why a grown woman would order a hot dog at an airport food court. Of all things? Seriously, a hot dog?

You can eat decent at an airport. I had a garden salad (it had some cheese on it), an apple, a banana, almonds, and coconut water (just trying it out).
There's just no excuse to eat junk at an airport. So no more aiport hot dogs!

And as for the excuse about it being cheap...remember - it was in an airport...nothing is cheap in an airport. it was at least $ fruit was a LOT cheaper. Healthy food is not a luxury good.

Today's resource:

A blog post on the truth about diets & calorie counting PLUS the Winter Olympics bootcamp workout


Have a great week,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Set your workouts and meals this week as appointments... commitments that can not be broken under ANY circumstance. Respect the commitment you made with yourself. This will help you start the week STRONG! Keep up the great work.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Coming soon...

In this week's fat burning guide, I cover 2 research studies that expose the truth behind calorie counting and a popular diet.
And the scientists found that the more complex a diet, the HARDER it is to stick to if you're having a hard time with a particular diet, it's not your fault - it's the diet's fault.
Check out my blog for more details on a popular diet that is too complex:
You'll also discover...
- The Winter Olympics Workout (pretty cool workout idea)
- The truth about the choices we make
- One training method you must avoid because it INCREASES your injury risk
- The #1 rule for men in the Fat Loss vs. Muscle Building debate
- How to reduce your cancer risk by 50%
- And the "Curling Strength Training Circuit"
Plus some other cool workout ideas.
Have a great week.
Your friend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, TT for Abs DVDs
PS - The TT For Abs Workout DVDs are coming soon!
And it will be your 1st-ever chance to workout with me, exercise by exercise, in the comfort of your own home.
That's right, essentially you'll be "hiring me as your in-home personal trainer". I can't wait to get you your copy of these workouts - AND a copy of my Simple Nutrition DVD filmed right here in the kitchen of TT Headquarters. 
Just one more week till you will get the TT for Abs DVDs.

Miami Vice Workout

No blender drinks for a few days, because I'm in Miami. Last night I got in around 7 and had dinner with my buddy Dr. Sam from the best gym in Chino Hills, California

I had some pasta with vegetables, some bread, and some sparkling water. Pretty low key...but a busy day today.

Started with a quick "Vice" workout (the "vice" being the arm exercises - not really needed but fun to do):

1A) Rope Rows
1B) Lower body stretching

2A) Pulldowns
2B) Lower body stretching

3A) Pushups
3B) Lower body stretching

4A) DB Curls
4B) Triceps

Good times.

Anyways, don't let your vices slow you down this weekend.


Every choice you make and everything you do is either taking you closer to or away from your goals.

And today you're getting TWO butt-kicks to your mindset, so remember this as well:

Kekich Credo #2 - Cherish time, your most valuable resource. You can never make up the time you lose. To waste time is to waste your life...

CB Says, For fat loss, intervals and resistance training give more results in less time. Do 3 short workouts per week & build in activity into your off-days: Do you miss dancing, sports, active time with family? Make that part of your life again - NOT more gym time.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amazing Workout

My workout was good, but not amazing.

Instead, what was amazing, was this:

Today I watched a trainer make his 45 year old, overweight male client do 10 sets of barbell squats in 45 minutes. They did NOTHING else. And in between
sets the trainer asked the client about real estate. Seriously, people are not going to take this disrespect any longer. Time to change your game if you haven't already.

Today's workout for lil' ol' me:

1) Jumps

2) Snatch Deadlift

3) Rack Pull

4A) Overhead Squat
4B) Back Extension

5A) DB Shrug
5B) Military Press
5C) Side Plank

Did some of tomorrow's workout today because I'm going to Miami - might not have regular gym access.

Resource of the Day:

=> Exercise Substitution List

Today's banana-blender drink:
2 bananas, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, spinach, almond milk, walnuts, and almond butter.

And finally, today's butt-kick to your mindset:

Kekich Credo #1. People will do almost anything to stay in their comfort zones. If you want to accomplish anything, get out of your comfort zone...

CB says, not much more to add to that.

If you want all 100 kekich credos, go here:

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

#1 Factor for fat loss and ENERGY circuit

No workout today, so I'll just give you a couple of tips...

You probably didn't know this, but...

The #1 factor for success in fat loss is "Social Support".

This means that you need to have friends, family, and co-workers supporting your fat loss efforts. You can even make friends in the Turbulence Training member's forum for support.

With social support, you'll finally have the missing piece of the puzzle in your fat loss program - so combined with Isabel's nutrition and the Turbulence Training workouts, you will lose fat fast.

In addition to getting social support for fat loss, I also want to share with you a short little circuit that will give you energy anytime of day, and you can do this anytime, anywhere.

All you need to do are 3 exercises for 30 seconds each. You can take up to 30 seconds of rest between exercises.

Exercise #1 - Bodyweight Squats (or lying hip extensions for beginners)
Exercise #2 - Pushups (or Mountain Climbers)
Exercise #3 - Stick-ups

Do those exercises whenever you need an energy boost and you'll feel amazing in less than the time it takes to stand in line at Starbucks.

And finally, today's butt-kick to the head:

"We are where we are in life right now because of our past choices, and now there are only two options: Accept it or Change it. Our choice. Complaining is not an option."

Have a wicked awesome day,


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things to do today

There are things we can do TODAY that will make us leaner, fitter, happier, sexier, healthier and wealthier. Let's TAKE ACTION and do them.

That means exercise, nutrition, and personal/professional development, and I have them all covered here...

Today's workout:

1) Power Clean

2A) Bench Press
2B) DB Row

3A) DB incline press
3B) Cable external rotations
3C) pullups

Tonight, I'm filming the TT Big 6 Circuit program, TT Transformation-2, and TT Bodyweight Bodybuilding.

I've got a day off from training tomorrow, and then deadlifts on Wednesday, upper body on thursday, and then flying to Miami on Thursday to hang out with Vince Del Monte, Bedros Keuilian, Chris McCombs, and Dr.Sam.

By the way, here's an important professional development seminar for trainers:

It's called the Fitness Business Summit and its a 3-day event in California. I highly recommend that you attend.


For those folks who want more nutrition info, here was my morning blender drink:
Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, spinach (you can't taste it), sun warrior protein powder, walnuts, cashew butter, almond milk (plain and unsweetened chocolate), sesame seeds, and walnuts. I forgot the banana...i'm going to have to start making a checklist for these things because I usually forget one... ingredient. Also, I had a toasted almond butter sandwich and 1 apple.

Resource of the day:

Uh oh, 1 mistake all women make when it comes to fat loss =>

=> Female Fat Loss Mistake

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Monday, February 15, 2010

Workout & Standing Pullover Exercise

Flashback to 2005 when these standing pullover exercise photos were taken...been a long time since I did these, but I added them in today because the gym was busy and I needed a replacement exercise.

All the racks were taken so I couldn't do good mornings...I tried to kill time with the standing pullover, but they were still busy so I did RDL's instead of good mornings.

Description below.

Today's workout:

1) Jumps - 3 sets of 3 reps of 2 jumps (jump, land, jump again, reset for next rep)

2) Squat

3A) 1-leg Stability Ball Leg Curl
3B) Standing Pullover

4B) Stability Ball Plank

Standing Pullover Exercise Description
- Stand in front of the lat pulldown station with your knees bent and hips back.
- Prepare for the exercise by bracing (contracting) your abdominals from top to bottom.
- Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the pulldown bar and keep a small bend in your elbows.
- Slowly pull the bar down and back towards your abdomen.
- Your torso should remain completely stationary. Your abdominals should remain strongly contracted.
- Slowly return your arms to the top position to achieve a stretch in the abdominals.
- Pause briefly and repeat.

Resource of the Day

In case you missed it last week, here's a free Turbulence Training Nutrition Presentation/Webinar.

=> Fat Loss Webinar

It includes my 15 nutrition rules.

And today's tip of the day:

Monitor everything you eat. Find out what works best for you. Find out how you respond to different foods. Find out what makes you sleepy and what keeps you mentally alert. Find out what fills you up and what leaves you hungry. Then eat more of what helps and less of what doesn't.

It's that simple,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ballantyne's Day Weekend Update

Happy Ballantyne's Day everyone.

I started the day by taking 2 old friends through the final phases of the TT Big 6 Circuit. It's now finished and will be filmed tomorrow night and will be 
one of the Turbulence Training workouts of the month for March (it will include beginner and advanced versions). Fun and fast.

Breakfast today was 3 scrambled eggs (organic free range) plus 2 pieces of toast plus blender drink (berries, banana, spi...nach, almond milk, cashew butter), an apple, and some pineapple.

After I worked on some cool resources:

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, I created a new Bootcamp Workout

=> Winter Olympics Bootcamp Workout

In response to the massive meat recall in California, I added this to the veggie blog:

=> Black Bean Vegetarian Burger Recipe

And my friend Kardena posted this interesting video...I've yet to try this...but here is:

=> How to Make Almond Milk

And to kick off your week, here's some great info on social support:

The #1 unknown factor for success in fat loss is "Social Support". This means that you need to have friends, family, and co-workers supporting your fat loss efforts. Even "internet friends", weight loss websites, and fat loss forums are proven to help. With social support, you'll finally have the missing piece of the puzzle in your fat loss program.

Stay strong and have a Gold Medal week,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Controversial Protein & Fiber Info

Lots of controversy in this week's 7-day fat loss guide.

Men's Health stats that the average man needs only 80 grams of protein per day, while another study I reviewed gives a surprise recommendation to a certain type of fiber for controlling your weight.

You'll also get...

- The TT Beginner Total Torso Training Workout

- The simplest transformation tip ever

- The #1 rule for endurance athletes and weight training

- You'll find out what happens when you eat 90 grams of protein at one meal

- And you'll get an update on all of the new TT programs coming soon, including
the Turbulence Training for Abs DVD's


Happy Ballantyne's Day,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Author, Turbulence Training

PS - The TT for Abs DVD's...

...will be ready in early March.

They were filmed in "follow along" style, so you get to workout with me for every set and every rep.

There are 12 weeks of advanced workouts, plus bonus beginner programs, and even the TT 15-Minute Express program.

Plus, you'll get my brand new, "TT Simple Nutrition" DVD, filmed right here in my kitchen at TT Headquarters.

All of that coming soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Deadlifts & Upper Back Pump

Not a lot going on around here today...the dog has another ear infection, and I'm working on...

- TT Transformation 2 (should be done soon)
- The TT for Abs DVD's (filmed a nutrition video yesterday)
- TT Big 6 Circuit (for March)
- TT Bootcamp 2K10 program (professional and personal editions)

My workout break went like this:

1) Deadlifts
2) Rack pulls
3A) DB shrugs
3B) Back extension
3C) Side plank

40 minutes, and it gave me a killer upper back pump...I don't always get one of those, but sure did today.

Have a great Ballantyne's Day Weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - If you do not truly believe in yourself...

...TRULY believing that you can succeed, than you will not be able to lose fat. You must be 100% certain that you are going to achieve your goals. You
must have this mindset. Hoping, trying, wishing - none of that works. You must believe with 100% certainty.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paging Dr. Brilliantyne...

I'm totally gonna change my name to Craig Brilliantyne...since I just created brilliant new workout, "TT Transformation 2 - Judgement Day". This will be added to the Platinum TT Member's Area this weekend as a Ballantyne's Day Gift.

Today's blender drink looked like a vat of Purple Jesus. Only healthier.

Ingredients were: blueberrries, blackberries, raspberries, 1 banana, spinach, almond butter, almond milk, walnuts, and sun warrior protein powder. I also had a toasted cashew butter sandwich using flax bread. Then I had an apple and hit the gym to take someone through a "TT Transformation 2" workout. That's where I perfected the program. It's a lot of fun.

Today's big boy salad: spinach, red and orange peppers, broccoli, red onion, avocado,mushrooms, tomato sauce (I don't like the taste of salad dressings), 1/2 can black beans. Shared the avocado, peppers,and broccoli with Bally the Dog.

Today's Facebook Q'n'A

Q: "To lose weight.......Heavy weights and less reps or lighter weight and more Reps?"

Lighter forks and fewer fork reps.

I'll be doing another Q'n'A on the Turbulence Training Fanpage this afternoon after I hit a dog walk and then film a "Turbulence Training Nutrition DVD" in my kitchen this afternoon.

Today's Resource:

=> The Turbulence Training 7-Step Detox Nutrition Plan

And now your daily butt-kick to the head:

Kekich Credo #94. For each important action you take, ask yourself if you would be embarrassed if it were published...

CB says:

• Be accountable to others and post your nutrition on the web.
• If you have to publish it, will you eat it?
• Remember: The actual eating portion of a meal takes only minutes, are you going to waste ...weeks and months of hard work on a simple few minutes of indulgence?

Alright, that's it for today.

Stay strong and see you on Facebook,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Facebook Q'n'A & Workout

I've decided to do some "rapid fire" Facebook Q'n'A sessions each day...

Highlights from today's Facebook Q'n'A:

Do you have any suggestions for losing belly fat, upper thigh and inner thigh fat? I guess the typical womans complaint! That would be my problem area. Also, whats your take on protein powders?

The Turbulence Training program - especially interval training - and good nutrition will help you get rid of your belly fat and thigh fat. Plus, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on the alcohol as much as possible.

You probably don't need the protein powders, but as long as they don't cause you to take in too many calories, they won't hurt either.

Make sure you join my Facebook Fat Loss page to be a part of the Q'n'A and also to get butt-kicking tips like this:

"Treat your fat loss program like a science experiment. Record your food and exercise to identify what works best. Self-monitor your body to know more about it and your individual response to diet and workouts. Educate yourself aboot different diets and programs."


1A) Cable External Rotation
1B) Power clean

2A) bench
2B) db row

3A) db steep incline
3B) pullup

4A) EZ bar triceps
4B) curls

Then some ART at the chiropractor's, and then a long dog walk. Now to finish up the detox article for tomorrow's Turbulence Training newsletter.

Now for...

Today's Resources:

New metabolic resistance circuit just added to TT Fanpage:

=> Click here for the Metabolic Resistance Circuit

And last thing...if you like hardcore bodyweight workouts, check out:


Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne

PS - See you on Facebook tomorrow. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Superbowl Summary & Today's Workout

For everyone asking "how was the superbowl"...well, it was cold.

We had first row tickets in the corner of end zone, so that was good. The game was also good...I was neither "amazed" nor "disappointed" about that experience. I might do it again...who knows, maybe next year in dallas...Of course, the overall weekend experience was a 9.5/10 with all the parties, celebrities, dinners, adventures, etc.

Cool highlights:

1) My friend getting a photo taken with Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones

2) Having Terrell Owens hold the elevator door open for our group...he was very polite.

3) Seeing a very wasted NFL coach acting silly...who will remain un-named

4) Seeing a very wasted NFL player at a nightclub acting silly...who will remain un-named

5) Seeing Wyclef Jean, Sean Paul, and Queen Latifah perform at a tiny nightclub in front of only 200 people

6) Eating dinner at Prime 112 steakhouse at a table that neighbored a table including Franco Harris, another table including Queen Latifah (saw her 3 times over the weekend), and a table including Jarrod from Subway (he wasn't eating a sub)

7) Winning the "wine game" at Prime 112. We ordered 3 bottles of wine (one cheap, one medium, one expensive), and we drank them "blindfolded". I was the only one to identify the correct identities of the wines.

There were a few other random adventures, but I'll keep those to myself.

And so I finally got home from Miami at 2am last night...and this morning I had my 1st blender drink in almost a week.

Ingredients: raspberries, blackberries, pineapple 1 banana, spinach, almond milk, walnuts, sesame seeds, flax meal, peanut butter. also used a decent tasting vegan vanilla protein from the UK (gift from a friend) called Phyto Protein

Today's workout:

1) jumps

2) squats

3) good morning

4A) 1-leg ball curl
4B) ball planks

I wasn't particularly explosive today...although strength was okay...but my weight was down 6 pounds from last week. It should be back to normal by tomorrow. I didn't keep to the best eating and hydration schedule in Miami.

Resource of the day:
Here's a presentation (webinar) I did last week on my 15 Nutrition Rules that you can watch for free


And finally, today's fat loss fire-up:

The more you learn and apply now, the easier it will be to maintain your weight and body fat for the rest of your use a food journal and trainnig journal and study the results you get from the changes you make in your diet and exercise. You have to identify the connections between what you do and the results get. Once you do, you'll know what works for you...and staying lean for life will be easy.

Stay strong,


Monday, February 08, 2010

15 Nutrition Rules

Last week I recorded a presentation on my 15 Nutrition Rules.

It's really cool, and almost like being at a seminar with me.

Plus, you really need to master these nutrition tips to transform your body, especially tip #1.

You can watch it for free here:


NOTE: I recorded this for my friend Hubert and an audience of financial traders, so you can just ignore the "industry speak" at the end of the call.


To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - It takes about 20 seconds to load and for the audio to kick in, so please be patient. Thanks!

Motivation for your week

Some of the weekend motivation tips I posted on my Facebook page

Kekich Credo #89. Unattended problems will not go away, but will usually get worse. Anticipate and avoid problems – or meet them head on at the outset. Overcome fear by attacking it......

CB Says, "Make today productive. Attack a fear or obstacle that is getting in your way of success. Just do it."

For maximum fat loss results, find a workout partner you like to be around, choose a form of exercise you truly enjoy doing – rather than dreading – and have as much fun as possible while losing fat.

You don't always need to ask the buff person in the gym. Sometimes someone who is simply 10 pounds lighter than you will have the best tips. Social support from someone who has succeeded after being in your shoes is critical. Stay strong and get stronger from others.

Have a great week,


7 Word Diet

In this week's 7-day fat loss guide, you'll discover two diets:
A) The research-proven "diet of death"
B) The 7-word diet
Plus, you'll also discover:
- The KB-DB-BW workout program from way back in August, 2007
- 3 rules for cheat meals
- An extra interval training workout (with bodyweight exercises)
- And where I'm traveling to this weekend (it's pretty cool)
Stay strong,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Adrenaline
PS - Watch for my 11-Step Detox Article on Wednesday.
PPS - And please, choose the right foods. 
I want to see you live a long and healthy life, and nutrition is the most important factor in your health.
Let me know how I can help you make the right choices.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Miami Workout #1

Just got to hotel in South Beach. My first SuperBowl party was in the hotel gym.

Today's Workout:

1) Lower Body Stretching

2A) Overhead squat
2B) Free motion row

3A) 1-arm DB shoulder press
3B) 1-arm free motion row (resisting rotation)

4A) Pushups
4B) free motion rear delts

5) More lower body stretching

I'm gonna use the free motion again this weekend - play around with some exercises.

Also, assuming something interesting happens this weekend, I'm going to package up all of my workouts, nutrition, and interesting stories into a new free special report for a NEW TT website I have coming out on staying ripped and lean while traveling.

Until then, stay ripped, lean, and strong,


PS - No matter how excited you are to get to Miami...

...resist the urge to yell, "I'm in Miami, bitch" when the plane lands. Unlike the girl beside.

It's very unbecoming of a young lady.

And tired. So tired.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Deadlift Workout & Supplement Q'n'A

Good 30-minute workout today:

1) Jumps

2) Satch-grip deadlifts

3) Rack pulls

4) DB shrugs

5A) Back extensions
5B) Side planks

Doing a private webinar tonight on my "15 Nutrition Rules" and if all goes well, I'll arrange for a replay of this webinar in
the next couple of weeks.

Heading to Miami tomorrow for the SuperBowl.


Supplement Question posted on my Facebook page: Craig what do you think about pre workout drinks that help with N.O and glutamine and all of that stuff?



Today's blender drink:

1 banana, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, spinach, almond milk, peanut butter, sun warrior protein powder, flax meal.

Also, just posted the new 7-day fat loss guide called "The 7 Word Diet".

=> Seven Word Diet

And finally, today's kick butt motivation:

Kekich Credo #87 - The key to success is adding value to other people's lives.

For FAT LOSS: If you want to lose weight, help someone else lose weight. If you give them social support, find them healthy eating options, and stay active with your friends, then you will lose weight as a result.

Plus, research shows if you exercise with someone who loses weight, you have a greater chance of losing weight as well.

Stay strong,


If You Like Hard Workouts

If you like hard workouts, I have good news for you.

I've just been "accused" of creating my best workout yet.

Here's the latest TT Member forum feedback on the TT Adrenaline Workout from member, "BJ":

"Just finished 4 weeks of TT2K10 and loved it... really feel like I made progress.

"Today I started the new Adrenaline program...Workout A. During the third round of the third superset, as I gasped for air, I remembered that I should have only done two sets of each exercise my first week. That would have helped. Screw it, no pain, no gain.

"For those who haven't tried Adrenaline, you are in for a treat amigos. A few little shuttle runs doesn't sound that bad, but wait til that third set after some heavy DB chest press and max pullups. WONDERFULLY PAINFUL, Craig, your best work yet!"

If you like that kind of stuff, you'll love TT Adrenaline.

TT Members can visit this link to download TT Adrenaline:

=> Click here to download TT Adrenaline


If that doesn't sound like fun, then uh...just skip it and stick this Beginner Turbulence Training Workout instead.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, TT Adrenaline

Monday, February 01, 2010

Workout & Men's Health Protein Article

Let's start by looking at my workout and then talking about a new Men's Health protein article that is sure to cause CONTROVERSY.

Today's Workout

1) Power clean

2A) Bench
2B) db row

3A) db steep incline
3B) pullup

4A) EZ Bar Extension
4B) DB Curl

Nothing controversial there.

But the Men's Health magazine protein article reports that even top level, hard training athletes need only 0.77 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, while the average 180 pound guy (assuming average body fat levels) who works out only 3 days per week needs only 80 grams per day.

That's a LOT lower than the muscle mags and protein companies would have you believe.

Heck, I remember back in my protein days consuming a protein shake that contained 52 grams - at once! Crazy stuff you'll believe when you're a kid.

But listen, there's nothing wrong with sticking to the 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight rule (unless you have a lot of body fat, then you can cut back on that by half and still have enough protein).

As my old grad school professor Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky is quoted in the article, "Taking in more protein than the recommended dose won't confer more benefit. It won't hurt you, but you'll just burn it off as extra energy." Dr. Tarnopolsky was one of my grad school of the smartest guys I've ever met. He's a human encyclopedia of scientific information.)

The article also references a study that showed consuming 90 grams of protein at one meal provides only the same benefit as consuming 30 grams of protein, and quotes the author of that study, Dr. Douglas Paddon-Jones, Ph.D, as saying, "It's like a gas tank. There's only so much youcan put in to maximize performance; the rest is spillover"

In past blog posts, I've also used the analogy of a factory that only has so many workers in it who can do so much. It doesn't matter how much raw material you ship to the factory, the workers can only create so many parts. The rest is not used.

Back to Tarnopolsky...he had another interesting comment, "You'll need to consume 25% more plant-based protein to reap the benefits that animal-derived protein sources provide."

So if you are a vegan, take note.

My diet contains 2-4 servings of animal protein per day, usually from milk (2 cups after workouts on M-W-F), or eggs (I'll eat 4 eggs, two days per week), or cheese (weekly reward pizza). I'll eat meat once per week. So I get 15-30 grams of animal protein per day.

The rest is from plant protein, mostly beans, nuts, and grains.

Earlier today I had one of the best blender drinks I'd ever made. (The key for a great drink is raspberries.) 

Today's ingredient list was:

1 banana, raspberries, blackberries, spinach, almond milk, walnuts, sun warrior protein powder. I poured this over almonds, raisins, and oatmeal.

Anyways, make sure you pick up the March 2010 issue of Men's Health for that protein article, and an interesting leg workout from Martin Rooney, an NFL and MMA strength coach.

And finally, today's kick butt TAKE ACTION quote from my Facebook page:

"Somewhere out there, a person just like you but with 10x's the excuses that you have, is achieving the same goals you want to achieve. Listen, everyone has a "good enough" excuse to fail and to quit. But everyone also has ALL of the tools they need to succeed. Your choice."

Stay strong,


PS - For all of the sets, reps, and photos of the Turbulence Training workouts...

Please visit the complete TT Workout Library here:

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