Sunday, May 20, 2018

Couple of workouts dow

Got a couple of TT HP 3.0 workouts down.

One will pre-exhaust with pushups, and another (in the next phase) will hit heavy presses followed with a unique EMOM pushup challenge. Good times. That workout humbled me.

There's also a good lower body session in the works, and one conditioning workout is in the books. 

But remember, these workouts are high-performers, busy men and women generally over 35 looking to gain a little muscle and lose fat. They aren't for the 25 year old hard core crossfitter. That never was me and never will be ... besides the 25-year old workout boat left my dock a long time ago, lol.

Stay tuned for more TT HP 3.0 updates.

Craig Ballantyne
Author, The Perfect Day Formula
PS - The 2018 Perfect Life Retreat is Nov. 8-9th in San Diego


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Still figuring things out

Quick check-in...

I'm still out in the lab, running tests, trying new training methods, and building out the new TT HP 3.0

TT for High Performers

It's still going to be built for building muscle and losing fat, but will also include everything I do to sleep better, travel 200 days of the year at 10% body fat while eating amazing steakhouse dinners, visiting 5 new countries every year, and keeping anxiety attacks far, far away. 

Basically, TT for James Bond types ... but without all the shoot-em-ups & car chases.

Sorry, you can't have everything. 


Talk soon,