Thursday, January 31, 2019

LAX to Toronto

Hello from rainy LAX where I'm waiting out a long delay on my trip home to Toronto where it is cold and snowy.


Bedros and I just wrapped up our best ever Empire Mastermind meeting, and it was epic - despite my cold.

The good news is that I did a deadlift workout yesterday, and an upper body workout today.

Deadlifting was done at BK Strength in Chino Hill.

1a) Deadlifts

1b) Mobility

2a) KB Swings

2b) Mobility

There was a good steak dinner at the Ranch restaurant in Anaheim, too.

Then it was off to LAX ... my flight was super late getting out of Toronto, so it will be super late leaving LA.

Fortunately I knew that and stayed at my hotel forever, and did a workout there.

For the next couple of days I'll be staying in Toronto.

Next week I'll be in NYC to work with some private clients, and then I am heading down to Florida for Vince DelMonte's Mastermind. Later next month I will be in NYC on February 20th to do a morning TV show to promote Unstoppable, and while I'm there I am looking to do a few other media events, and maybe a book signing.


And yes, I know this goes against my plan to not travel... but you should see all of the events and invitations that I have turned down... February's list included speaking gigs in Amsterdam, San Diego, Florida, and Chicago. J

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Good Trip, Bad Trip

I've been having a great trip down in California, staying out of the Canadian cold and winter storms.

On the downside, ironically, I (a Canadian), caught a cold.

So I've missed some workouts and slept a little more.

It could have been worse.

Fortunately, I had a great dinner at Mastro's in Costa Mesa last night with Bedros Keuilian, Tim Grover, Joel Marion, Superbowl champ Steve Weatherford, Dan Long, and a couple of others. We started with an unnecessarily large seafood tower, then unnecessarily expensive steaks (waygu from Japan!), and then a few folks (not me!) had unnecessarily large desserts.

Today was a great Mastermind meeting, and tonight it is another steak dinner... this time at the Ranch in Anaheim.

And tomorrow I might finally get back to working out at the gym.


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Cold in California

Happy Sunday! I am fighting off a cold, but wanted to share a popular video / tool that I posted on IG and that will really help you Make More Time for What Matters.


So listen... grab a paper and pen and take 10 minutes and save yourself 10 hours.🧔🏻

Yesterday was an off day, and today probably should be too... which really sucks because I was very excited to have a big deadlift workout... but last night I slept nearly 10 hours... and I have a big week ahead and can't afford to be sick. Bummer.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Dallas Steaks and California Jets

This was an epic 48 hour trip.

Joel and I flew from Tampa and we arrived to a very chilly city. That would prove to be a problem later Tuesday night.

Upon arrival we grabbed lunch and then went to the event networking party, before meeting up with the so-famous-he-is-infamous Bedros Keuilian. We had a huge group dinner at Dakota's steakhouse. After dinner, where I had a waygu strip, baked potato, and brussel sprouts, we had to stand outside in the cold waiting for a ride home. It was 40 degrees Farenheit and I was in a t-shirt. Ooops.

The next day, after a few hours of writing, I went to a 24-Hour Fitness gym for squats. It was a great workout, and the staff was Texas-friendly.

Old-man warm-up with new mobility work from Luka Hocaver

1a) Squats

1b) Box Jump


2a) Front Squat

2b) Leg Curl

Then it was back for a quick lunch and to get ready to bring the wisdom of the Perfect Week Formula to the CapCon crowd of 500-strong at the Perfect Week Formula. Boom. It was fun. Then two of my best friends, Joel and Bedros, followed me with their own magic hours on stage. Dang, Bedros gets better and better every time. He was sooooo good.

By then we were starving, so it was off to Bob's Chophouse for more steak.

We started with ALL the appetizers. Literally. LOL. Bedros even put his box of chocolates – a gift from the CapCon seminar- on the table for everyone to share.

The menu tempted me with a pork chop tomahawk, something I had never seen before... tempted as I was, my choice was the bone-in rib-eye, with my master plan being to eat half of it at dinner and the next half for breakfast.

My sides were brussel sprouts, sauteed spinach with mushrooms, and a plain baked potato.

And yes, my plan worked.

I took home half my meal, put it in the fridge in my hotel room, and enjoyed a cold, fatty steak for breakfast. It was like eating butter.

Then it was off to the airport... where our group of 8 had rented a private jet for our flight to LA. Private jets are fun because you have no security to deal with, but they are actually tiny and cramped, especially for 8 grown men. Still we had fun, took lots of videos and photos, and landed safely (most important of all!).

From there it was a drive to Costa Mesa, California, where I'm speaking at another event and doing one of my coaching workshops on Saturday.

Sunday is a rest day - and sushi dinner day with Bedros and his family - and then it's three days of Empire Mastermind fun in Chino Hills at Fit Body Boot Camp HQ.

Oh, and I did a little workout this morning of pullups and rows.

Time for a good rest and solid day of coaching and speaking tomorrow.


PS - Quote of the Day

"My life improved when I quit looking backwards. My life just took off like that. When I started saying, "What am I going to create in my life regardless of what has happened?" The sooner you can separate from your past and your mistakes and the negative, the better." - Grant Cardone 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Florida to Dallas

On Sunday I had a good leg workout, even though it was in the hotel gym at the Clearwater Marriott.

But first, some big news.

My new book, Unstoppable, is now available on Amazon. 

It's going to be a best seller. Woohoo!

Now for some workout updates...

1a) DB Split Squats
1b) Mobility

2a) DB Bulgarian Split Squats
2b) DB RDL
2c) Cable Abs

I was well fueled from the previous evenings crab leg feast.

And then today I did an upper body workout before my flight from Tampa to Dallas with Joel Marion.

1a) Pullup
1b) Seated DB Shoulder Press

2a) DB Lateral Raise
2b) Face Pull

3a) Triceps
3b) Curls

Tomorrow I'm speaking at Ryan Moran's Capitalism Conference. We'll be meeting up with Bedros Keuilian as well and having a steak dinner.

Then we're all off to California to speak at Jason Capital's High Status Summit event. It's going to be WILD with over 900 young men and women ... and it's one of my favorite audiences in the world.

I know I'm going to get a great workout on Sunday, but until then it will just be hotel gyms.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Florida Workouts

Good morning from super crazy windy Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Yesterday I held a coaching workshop inside while it was sunny and windy outside. Today, my day off, is going to be windy and cloudy and maybe rainy. Oh well.

It's been a great week in Florida.

But first, a round up of Vegas.

It was a great trip... despite the rain... and despite the fact I didn't go to "Vegas Proper".

I stayed at the Green Valley Ranch Casino, which, as I was told, is one of the getaways built for locals... casino workers... to spend their time.

The gym and spa were nice. The pool looked great... but the weather was 50 degrees (Farenheit), cloudy, and with more rain than they might get all year. Haha.

It reminds me of the (only) time I went to Dubai in 2006, and it rained three days in the middle of the desert (!) and everything was flooded.

Haha... So maybe don't invite me to your wedding, because it'll probably rain... LOL.


I did some typical hotel gym workouts while I was there, spoke at a conference, and then had a great steak dinner with my friends Tim and Sasha Larkin. The are BOTH trained killers. Tim teaches self-defense courses around the world, and co-owns "Machine Gun Vegas". Sasha is a high-ranking Sergeant in the LVPD, but also an experienced yogi and one of the nicest, most dangerous people you will ever meet. 😎

As a cop in Vegas she also has the craziest stories of anyone that I've ever met. You can just imagine.

Anyways... The next morning it was off to Miami...

Upon arrival, and after settling into my room at the RIU on Collins, I started with a nearly perfect sushi dinner at Blade... a restaurant in the FountaineBleau. I got the eel roll, the Geisha roll, and another roll with an awesome Jalapeno sauce.

(Side note... I'm a big James Bond fan, and the FountaineBleau is the hotel where Bond meets Goldfinger in ... Goldfinger.)

The next day I coached 6 clients at a workshop... it was really great... and one of the most emotional events I've hosted yet. My clients had powerful breakthroughs.

Up next was a drive from Miami to Tampa...

Yes, driving takes longer (in theory) than flying, and because I paid a driver to drive me, it was more expensive than flying, I drove because:

a) If I can avoid going to an airport, I will
b) I could work and do calls uninterrupted from the back seat
c) It was a straight shot... Get in the car, get out of the car... rather than Uber to airport + security line up + lineup to get on the plane + possible delays + lineup to get off plane + Uber to hotel

I will do almost anything to avoid standing in lines or going through TSA.

So, 4.5 hours later, I was in Tampa (well, Clearwater Beach to be specific)... and it was worth paying double what it would cost to fly. That night I did an hour walk to meet my friend Joel Marion and his family for dinner at the Sand Keys Resort (a nice new hotel in Clearwater Beach).

On Saturday, the morning started with writing, then an upper body workout (after my long old-man warmup, of course). My coach, Luka Hocaver, has given me some new mobility movements and helping me overcome some injuries.

1a) Pullup
1b) Mobility Movements

2a) Face Pulls
2b) Triceps Extensions
3a) Biceps Curls

Then I coached another great group of clients, with workshop attendees coming from Puerto Rico, France, and all over America.

After that day of breakthroughs, I met Joel and his family again for a low-key dinner at Salty's in Clearwater, a local institution... and ate way too many shrimp and crab legs.

Today will be a squat workout at a local gym in Clearwater... probably an LA Fitness.

Tomorrow is a work day here in Florida, and then it's off to Dallas on Tuesday with Joel. We'll meet up with Bedros, speak at an event, then fly to LA, speak at an event, and then I'll do a workshop on Saturday.

Fun, fun, fun.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Golds and Vegas

Can you believe it rained in California the last three days? 

After Wednesday's great workout with Jay, I snuck in a Friday session, then Saturday was just a walk day.

Sunday though, I met my friend Luka at Gold's Gym, the Mecca, where Arnold trained in the 70's... and where, apparently, he still goes today.

I had never been to Gold's Gym before, even though I've been going to Santa Monica for years. It was good fun, and Luka and I trained outside, even though some stuff was still wet from the rain.

My workout:

A cool warm-up with Luka who is helping me overcome some injuries...

1a) Trap Bar DL ... worked up to 365x3x5
1b) Box Jumps

2a) Good Mornings
2b) Chinups

Today was a trip to Vegas... the rain caused a bit of a delay, but it wasnt' too bad, and I'm staying a hotel way off the strip called the Green Valley Ranch. I guess it's for locals?

Tomorrow I am speaking at an event, and then at night I'm excited to visit Hank's steakhouse, which looks good. Really good. Just checked out the menu, and I am eyeing up a waygu steak and some sides.

But first I am going to rock a 2-hour session for my friend Clint Salter's mastermind group.

Then on Wednesday morning I head over to Miami.

While there I am definitely going to have a killer meal somewhere!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Eating Walking Training Good Life

There's been more eating than lifting out here in California, although every morning I go for an hour walk.

Wednesday I had a great workout with Jay Ferruggia, then a trip to Cafe Gratitude.

Thursday was a walk, an all-day Mastermind meeting, and then a big dinner (huge shellfish platter + striploin steak + a pecan praline cookie brought to me from a client who lives in Louisiana). After I waddled home, I was only able to get about 5 hours of sleep.

Friday was another walk, another Mastermind meeting, and then I did an upper body workout of rows, face pulls, triceps, and more rows.

Today will be a walk and some stretching, and then Sunday morning I have a big lift planned with Luka Hocaver and Jay Ferruggia. Then we'll hit a big brunch too. Monday I head over to Vegas.

Today's Quote
Life is good. Even when you're struggling, life is good. When it's snowing, life is good. When you're cold, life is good.

When you're hungry, life is good. When you're frustrated with a friend, life is good.

When you're busy, life is good. When you're succeeding, life is good.

When you've dried off and warmed-up from being out in the snow and cold, life is good. When you've got a warm dog by your side, life is good.

When you've eaten a great meal, life is good. When you've made up with your friend, life is good.

No matter what, always remember, life is good!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cali Travel and Workout

Tuesday was an off-day in Toronto. I filmed all day, walked around in the rain, and realized my nagging injuries needed rest and recovery.

On Wednesday morning it was off to LA. The flight was great, and I watched Deadpool 2 and LOL'd so much.

Then it got better when I landed. First, it was over to Jay Ferruggia's for a podcast. That was fun, and it's coming out soon to support my new book, Unstoppable.

After that, we walked his high-energy dogs, and then went off to Iron gym for a really great totally body workout:

1a) DB Shoulder Press
1b) Seated Row

2a) Step-ups
2b) Med Ball Throws

3a) Front Squats
3b) Band Pulls

Then we bid adios to each other and I went to one of my favorite little restaurants, Cafe Gratitude, for a vegan meal. I always get the Humble Bowl with quinoa... although I'm going back later this weekend so I should try something new.

After that I went over to Whole Foods and stocked up on protein bars. That's my circuit in Santa Monica. A workout, Cafe Gratitude, and then Whole Foods.

This week I'm running a small event at the Loews Hotel by the Santa Monica Pier. Watch my Instagram for photos.

Kekich Credo #84 says, "Nobody gets old by surprise." So get started transforming and changing your life today (IF there is something big you want to change). If it's a body transformation, then just remember: A 12 week transformation is only 0.3% of your life. And if you focus on learning about your body for 12 weeks it will allow you to be lean forever. Stay strong.

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Winter Workouts in the Garage Gym

Yesterday was a great deadlift session with one small issue. I'll share in a moment.

Friday was an off day, and so I just walked and did some yoga. I can only do about 15 minutes before I'm bored.

Been getting lots of sleep and doing even more reading... added these to the list of done:

"Lessons from History" - Will and Ariel Durant
"Rocket Fuel" - Gino Wickman
"Tao Te Ching"

So now to Saturday's session:

1a) Deadlifts
1b) Mobility

2a) Double KB Front Squat
2b) Lateral Band Walk

Unfortunately I banged my finger as I set down a bumper plate... it bounced back up and jammed it.

Fortunately, it could have been a lot worse... and it's just a minor hassle today.

Alright, off to record some podcasts.

Then a training session of:

1a) Floor Press
1b) Band Pull

2a) Overhead Press
2b) Row

3a) Triceps Extension
3b) Curls

I might squat tomorrow... or Tuesday... then it's filming ++ travel ++ Mastermind days in California.

It's been nearly 5 weeks since I set foot in an airport...

... and later this year I plan to go five months!

(From February 1st to mid July.)

Peace out,


Wednesday, January 02, 2019

New Year's Deadlift

After a rainy, stormy, and boring New Year's, I got back into the garage gym on New Year's Day. Last week's hang cleans messed up my forearms a bit, so I left them out of this workout and things seem to be fine today.

1a) Deadlift
1b) Mobility

2a) Shrugs
2b) Bulgarian Split Squats

Tomorrow I will be back in for some presses.

I also have started a couple of new books:
  1. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
  2. Legacy by James Kerr (a book about the All Blacks rugby team leadership)
  3. Tao Te Ching
This year I'm going to finally read a lot of the books that have piled up in my house, haha.

Of course, every time I read a book I order 1-2 more to replace it.

Anyways, happy new year!

Stay strong and get stronger,