Sunday, January 31, 2010

Success stories of the month

Congrats to JN and John who are our winners of a 1-Year Platinum Membership for their Success Stories of the Month for January 2010.

If you have a success story, please email:

support AT


Now to hear from JN and John.


"After my hysterectomy four years ago, my body shut down completely, I got a horrible spare tire and hated looking in the mirror and taking pictures.   

I spent hours on the eliptical, but had zero results.  I went to my doctor, who prescribed weight loss pills that gave me horrible dry mouth and crying jags.  I figured I'd have to get used to being the fat, old high school English teacher stereotype when I stumbled across the bodyweight workouts online, which were (ridiculously enough) free!  

My body began to alter within two or three weeks--my back and knees stopped hurting and my clothes actually felt looser!  

And I love walking out of the gym past the guy who is still on the treadmill from when I came in!  I made the plunge and became a TT member, and the sources are overwhelming, every last one of them useful in some way--well, maybe not the Buff Dudes section, but virtually everything else!  Thanks, Craig!"

"I have been back in regular training for about 18 months now but have recently started out on T.T. Before I was a cardio and dynamic tension guy as I wasn't a fan of shifting weight as I always thought I would bulk up.

Also I use to rock climb a lot but suffered a shoulder dislocation which made me lose confidence in performing various moves which I use to perform climbing, I thought that dynamic tension would be a good way of gaining strength until I discovered bodyweight exercises and replaced this straight away, also replacing boring cardio with intervals,(cycling, bodyweight or kettlebell.)

Recently I bought the original T.T manual and have started on the program and have found doing the supersets excellent fun and really good workout.

I have found that since using weight training like this I have become a lot stronger and a lot more defined/leaner, plus my shoulder has gained a lot more strength and motion especially in an exercise I picked up from you on you tube, the "stick up" which I found real difficult at first but now have great success with.

I have recently been back to my local indoor climbing wall for a winter fix and discovered to my joy that with my improved power to weight ratio and grip strength (all those dumbells) that my climbing is almost at the same standard as it was 2 years ago, although the technique left a little bit to be desired!

But all in all I am a great fan of T.T, I always leave the gym or my workout at home with a feeling of accomplishment and always have that post-workout buzz which certainly wasn't with me after sitting on a stationary cycle for an hour, just a sore you know what.

I think that the structure and time it takes to do a workout lends itself brilliantly to busy people, or just people who don't want to spend their whole lives in a gym but do want great results. 

So from what results I have gained in such a sort space of time, long may they continue, and to me the only way for this to happen is the T.T way." 
John H.
Norwich , England

Looking forward to hearing your success with Turbulence Training

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Forget yesterday and get back on track

One bad meal, one bad night, one bad day - even one bad week - doesn't ruin everything you've worked so hard never give up.

And don't let anyone deter you or get in your way of doing the things that will get you closer to you're'. Remember - its your life - and you're the boss of it. No one else.

Today's workout:
Jumps, Squats, Good Morning, 1-Leg Ball Curl, Ball Plank.

Today's blender drink:

1 banana, pineapple, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, almond milk, almond butter, sun warrior protein.

Stay strong,


PS - Don't forget... start the Adrenaline program if you are up for a challenge:

Click here for TT Adrenaline

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bodyweight Workout

Crazy call this week! On the blog you'll see me do:

1) A 1-arm pushup
2) The partner assisted Glute-Ham Raise

Click here to see these videos & this week's workout

Plus, I also share...

- 2 research proven tips for women
- The ultimate bodyweight strength training workout
- The nutrition tip of the week
- 2 transformations tips
- And the Crazy 8 Bodyweight Circuit

Click here for the Crazy 8 Circuit

That is a legendary TT workout,


PS - I also released another instant classic last week...

...The TT Adrenaline Challenge

Click here to get TT Adrenaline
Make sure to post your score in the Member's Forum!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Classssssic Meathead

Classic Meathead upper body workout today...with a bit a few TT twist I suppose.

1) Overhead Squats (you won't see that in a real meathead's workout)

2A) Seated Rope Row (allows extra range of motion)
2B) Military Press

3A) Eccentric Barbell Curls
3B) Pushups

4) Ab Walkouts (aka "Inchworm")

30 minutes, including warm-up. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I prefer four workouts per week of 30-40 minutes rather than 3 workouts per week of 50 minutes.

Resource of the day...

The new (and crazy) TT Adrenaline Workout is here for all TT members to download. Not a member? Best deal here

=> Click here for TT Adrenaline & 3 more 2K10 workouts

Motivation of the day:

Kekich Credo #81 - "The best way to get started is to get started. Life rewards action…not reaction. Wait for nothing. Attack life. Don't plan to death or ask for permission…but act now…and apologize later."

......CB says, Just do it. It's LESS painful to JUST DO IT than it is to sit around and fret about it or feel guilty that you haven't started yet. Once you get started, things will get done and you will get results.

Get strong,


Adrenaline Workout Kickstart

There is no other TT Workout like this – are you ready for the TT Adrenaline Circuit Challenge? Let me know your score!  

Click here to download TT Adrenaline

The TT Adrenaline Workout is based on scientific findings that no other trainer is talking about…and this program contains interval training techniques and systems that have never been used before in the Turbulence Training workouts.

It also features the most demanding challenge ever in the history of Turbulence Training.

NOTE: This is an advanced program. Take this warning seriously and train safe.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snatch Grip Deadlift Workout

Tonight I'll be filming the TT Adrenaline program and TT Transformation program.

The Transformation workout includes the Snatch-Grip Deadlift, an exercise that I've switched to for the next 4 weeks in my own program...the difference is simply in the grip you take on the bar, going about 6 inches wider than shoulder width apart.

Here's a good definition I found on the site, Straight to the Bar:

"This is a deadlift performed with the same grip as Olympic lifters use for the Snatch. The grip is wide and overhand (both hands), which shifts the emphasis slightly to the upper back (one of the reasons Olympic lifters always seem to have large traps); although the usual players still get a good going over.

To determine the appropriate grip width, stand with your arms out to the sides. The distance between the elbows is the same as the desired distance between the first/second fingers on each hand (in my case, that puts the ring fingers on the rings). The wide grip increases the distance the bar has to move; it also reduces the amount of weight which can be lifted. Start a little lighter than for a conventional deadlift."

It also weakens your grip, another reason you'll be able to lift less weight - at least it does for me.

And ladies, you'll like this deadlift because it really works your butt, especially if you do what I did in my workout today and started with repeated squat jumps...

1) Repeated Squat Jumps - 3x8

2) Snatch-Grip Deadlift - 3x5

3A) Rack Pull - 3x8
3B) Side Plank with Leg Raise - 3x10

4A) Back Extension - 3x8
4B) DB Shrug - 2x15

This workout lasted only 35 minutes. Very quick.

Today's TT Facebook Motivation Quote

"Put down your goals in writing - carry the biggest ones with you in your pocket to remind you of the right path at all times (I do this). Put down your workouts on paper so you know what to do when you go to the gym. Write down everything you eat - relying on your memory will fail you. Review this information frequently to keep you on track."

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Adrenaline

PS - The other day someone asked me about the 300 workout...

They thought I created it and trained the actors from the movie...


So I want to clear up a few misconceptions about the read them,
you'll need to:

Click here to read the TT Facebook Fanpage

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Recovery Day

No workout today. Just some streching and used the foam roller.


4 organic free-run eggs (reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live skit) with onions, mushrooms, & spinach, 2 pieces flax bread toast, 1 orange, 1/2 grapefruit. Green tea. Also had an apple before I walked the dog.

Substitute exercises Q'n'A" from  

Hi Craig: Just did the first workout of 2K9 this morning, nearly felt sick after the kettlebells and running in place, phew that was a tough workout and with the rest periods shorter, that really challenged me, really enjoyed it though, sucker for punishment!!!

I want to have a go at both TT for Jacked and Lean Meatheads and Reformed Meatheads next, they are ok for women to do aren't they?

I just need some sub exercises if you can give me an idea of what to do please as I do all my workouts at home TT for Jacked and Lean Meatheads Workout A for Chin Ups and Dips I was going to do inverted rows instead of chin ups but they are already in the first superset. I do have barbells, lat pulldown, dumbbells so just wondering what you suggest instead and also for dips.

In Reformed Meatheads it is for Workout A and sub for Pull ups and dips.

Hi! Yes, women can be meatheads too.

To replace chinups, use "Kneeling Reverse (Underhand) Grip Pulldowns" or Seated Reverse Grip Pulldowns.

For dips, you can do any triceps pressdown or lying ez-bar (or dumbbell) triceps extensions.

To replace pullups, you can use overhand grip pulldowns.


Resource of the day:

9 bodyweight exercise tips

Motivation of the day:

"To live an extraordinary life you must resist an ordinary approach" - Frank McKinney.

For fat loss, this means NOT doing the same things as everyone else in the office (i.e. bringing in donuts, eating fast food, going to bed late and running late in the morning). Instead, you need to plan, shop, and prepare for your meals and stick to a workout schedule - be consistent and you'll achieve extraordinary results.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Workout & Strange Blender Drink

It was busy in the gym again today...I thought everyone gave up after how quiet last week was.

Today's Workout:

1) Power Clean

2A) Bench
2B) DB Chest Suppored Row (really good upper back exercise)

3A) DB Steep Incline

4A) EZ Bar Lying Triceps Extension
4B) DB Curls

After the workout, I had my...

2nd (strange) blender drink of the day (instead of chocolate milk): 1 banana, raspberries, chocolate hemp drink, almond milk, cashew butter, chocolate vega powder. And for those who will be asking, Hemp Drink tastes like dirt.

Had that along with a cashew butter sandwich.

Okay, and here were a couple of motivation tips posted on my my Facebook page today:

1) Focus first on the major changes that will bring you the biggest results. Don't get caught up in minor details that hold you back from making major changes.

2) I still have yet to meet a person who wears a scale around their neck (like Flava Flav wears his clock). So stop obsessing on the scale weight and focus on the inches and the mirror. No one wears a scale around their neck...only you worry about the weight, while everyone else will be noticing how much leaner you are getting.

So if you lose inches but not pounds, don't be upset.

Focus on the right thing,


PS - Here are some new Facebook photos...

...of me speaking at Joel Marion's Transformation Domination event.

=> TD Photos of CB talking about TT

3 Bodyweight Circuit Systems for You

Today I want to show you the three types of exercises you can always do at home, even if you are stuck there because of a blizzard. Heck, you can also do these in any hotel room.

But first, you have to see this amazing bodyweight exercise video from Bodyweight Exercise Coach, Adam Steer.

I promise it's unlike anything you've ever seen before:


And you don't need any equipment for his exercises. Hey, he's not even wearing shoes!

Okay, so here are the 3 exercise types you can always do at home:

1) Squatting
2) Pushing
3) Total Body Abs

With those three movements, we can create dozens of total body workouts.

A beginner could do:

1) Wall Squat or Partner Assisted Squat
2) Kneeling Pushup or Incline Pushup
3) Plank or Side Plank or Bird Dog

For example, here's an intermediate session:

1) Prisoner Squat or Y-Squat
2) Regular or Close-Grip Pushup
3) Side Plank or Side Plank with Leg Raise

For advanced:

1) Split Squat or Bulgarian Split Squat
2) Decline Pushup or Spiderman Pushup or Grasshopper Pushup
3) Mountain Climber or Inchworm

And then you could also do what Adam Steer does in this video by combining ALL of those movements into what he calls a "Bodyweight Flow Series".

Check out the video here (complete with cool dramatic music):


But hurry, that video won't be on that website for very long.

I trained with Adam last Friday at Powerhouse Gym in Tampa, Florida, and wow, does Adam do some crazy cool stuff with bodyweight exercise.

If you're a trainer looking for new exercises OR if you just love bodyweight exercises and need new workouts for home and travel, you will love Adam's fresh, unique take on bodyweight training.

More proof that you don't need to go to an expensive gym,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Just to clear up any confusion...

...that's Adam in this video, not me.


But even though he is a couple of years older than me, he still moves like a kid thanks to bodyweight exercise. These are amazing exercises that will help you transform your body and get rid of joint pain while getting stronger, fitter, and leaner.

Powerful stuff!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Workout Program

Started a new 4-week program today. Over the last 6 months I've had some back issues (from a weird accident) that have made me weaker...

...but recently I've made some amazing improvements with help from my chiropractor, Dr. Michael Sommers - top Toronto Chiropractor - and its time to start getting my strength back again.

Fortunately, it's only affected my squat (mostly) and deadlift (a little), and I've been able to return to my best vertical jump performance ever.

Today's Workout

1) Double Jumps -3x3 (jump, land, jump again - then rest and repeat 2 more times)

2) Squats

3) Good Morning

4) Stability Ball Jackknife Plank

Blender drink of the day:
1 banana, raspberries, blueberries, spinach, almond milk, peanut butter, cacao nibs, Sun Warrior protein powder, walnuts, sesame seeds.

Tip of the day:

Giving others social support will create a better environment for you to lose weight. However, you can't force weight loss on anyone, but teaching others about fat loss helps you understand it better…so you'll do better.

Now a dog walk, then the mall, then football.

Go Saints.

Go Colts.

See you in Miami in 2 weeks,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - I added a little abs exercises triset to the TT Facebook Fanpage

Click here for 3 ab exercises  

Friday, January 22, 2010

My 3 reason I avoid caffeine

I personally don't like caffeine, and there are 3 reasons why.

1 - Jitters, anxiety, insomnia, etc.
2 - Dependency and withdrawal side effects
3 - I don't need it. I have plenty of energy thanks to diet & exercise.
By the way, I'm not an expert on whether caffeine is healthy, but I think we can use common sense on that. If you drink 1-2 cups of quality coffee per day, that's fine...but 6-8 cups or 5 Red Bulls...well, then you might have some issues.
I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences about caffeine on the blog...
Plus, I've posted more info about them on the blog along with research on the effects of caffeine on exercise.

You'll also discover...
- The updated TT for Abs Advanced Workout: Phase 2
- How to drink more water
- The #1 thing you need to know about training
- The one exercise you MUST be able to do for 2 minutes
Let me know if you have any tips on drinking more water or cutting back on caffeine here:
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS - Next week... thing women MUST do for weight loss.
And the most advanced TT Bodyweight workout ever.
Until then, stay strong!

Friday Motivation & Workout

Kekich Credo #75. "Persistence is a sure path to success with quality activities. Never, ever, ever, give up."

Here's how to apply that to your fat loss program:

• Consistency is key.

• Eat with 90% compliance.

• Don't go on binges. Make lifestyle changes.

• Look long-term, not just next week.

• Track your efforts and focus on what works.

• Never quit. If you stumble..., get back up.

• Get social support to help you make it through the dip.

And stay strong my friend!

My workout:

1A) Military Press
1B) Rope Row

2A) Pushups
2B) Cable Abs

3A) Barbell Curls (it's Friday, time to have some fun with Meathead exercises)
3B) Triceps


While filming the TT for Abs workouts other night, I did a great superset that could almost be a complete workout (if you only had 10 minutes):

1A) DB Lunge
1B) Decline Pushup

Or you could add in a modification to the lunge and a row to make it a total body tri-set:

1A) Bulgarian Split Squat (bodyweight only, 1&1/2 reps)
1B) Decline Pushup
1C) DB or Bodyweight Row

Or 2 more exercises to make it a 2-superset workout that hits all of the Hot Zones of the body.

1A) DB Lunge
1B) Decline Pushup

2A) DB or BW Row
2B) Your favorite total body ab exercise


Have an amazing weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Elliptical Machines Vs. Deadlifts

Deadlifts would crush the elliptical machine - if it was a battle to see which exercise could change your body for the better.

As Men's Health said, (On page 52 of the December, 2008 issue), "Never trust elliptical machines". They quote a study that found elliptical machines over-
estimated the number of calories burned in a workout by 31%.

My buddy Lee Hayward, a Canadian meathead from out on Newfoundland, "I personally take the read outs on all cardio machines with a grain of salt,
but I always felt that the elliptical showed an unusually high number for calories burned compared to the intensity of the workout."

And I agree.

Heck, that same issue of MH quoted a Biggest Loser competitor who said the same thing.

So not surprisingly, my workout today did not include the elliptical, but did include the deadlift...

1A) Deadlifts
1B) Pushups

2A) Rack Pulls
2B) Side Plank

3A) Shrug
3B) 1-leg ball curl

And yes, I know that deadlifts are 1000x's harder than the elliptical, but you must push yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

Of course, you don't have to do deadlifts, but you shouldn't waste your time on the elliptical reading people magazine.

Here's a quote that will challenge you:

"If you deliberately plan to be less than you are capable of being, then I must warn you that you'll be unhappy for the rest of your lives."
– Abraham Maslow


And to finish off...a quick Q'n'A from my Facebook page:

Q:  Is there such a thing as too much TT if I'm not sore? I think I'm becoming addicted to the slaying TT has deliverd to me :)


Yes, be careful...overuse injuries can sneak up.


Training is a stimulus applied with PURPOSE in order to get adaptation. Its not about how much you workout, but the results you get from your workouts.

And if you are new to TT, remember this:

Everyday take baby steps to improvement. Be a little better than yesterday.

Stay strong and safe,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I guess I hate the Red Sox now...

I got the BB Bold 9700 and confirmed my apartment for NYC. Pretty big day here in Turbulence Training land.

So I guess if I'm going to be in NYC for a few months, I should start hating the red sox now? And painting my face for Ranger's games. And being embarrassed by the knicks.

I also tested out TT Adrenaline Workout A today.

It uses a new twist on old Turbulence Training to make use of a scientifically proven way to increase adrenaline in the body.

According to Professor Steve Boucher, an Australian expert on Interval Training, the increase in epinephrine (the scientific name for adrenaline) might be the reason that "high intensity intermittent exercise may result in greater fat loss in the abdomen".

Basically, it could be one of the reasons that intervals work better than cardio.

More to come on that...hoping for a January 28th early release date...I'll let TT Adrenaline out of the vault on that Thursday so you can start it up on Sunday or Monday.

Over on the TT Facebook Fanpage, I shared a butt-kicking Kekich Credo...

Kekich Credo #73. Nothing wins more often than superior preparation. Genius is usually preparation.

So for Fat Loss, you must...

1) Plan, shop, and prepare.

2) Come up with two solutions for every obstacle in your life.

3) Use a structured, professionally designed workout

4) Get social support

5) And have a mindset that are going to DO this, not that you are going to "try" and do this. That's how you win.

On the food scene, I crushed two blender drinks in the AM and one after I got home from the gym.

But of all the days to drop the peanut butter jar on the floor, today had to be the day Bally the Dog was busy with a I had to clean it up
myself. Anyways...

Blender Drink #1: 1 bannaa, blueberries, raspberries, almond milk, peanut butter (not the stuff from the floor though), sesame seeds, vega powder, cacao a toasted PB sandwich.

Blender Drink #2: blueberries, strawberries, spinach, 1 banana, vega, almond milk, and peanut butter.

And today's resources:

Here's the TT Bootcamp workout we did on saturday morning

=> Bootcamp Workout

Deadlifts tomorrow,


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crazy Challenge Circuit Workout

Started today with a late breakfast blender drink (because I slept late because I filmed TT for Abs DVD's till late last night).

The ingredient list was: 1 banana, raspberries, blueberries, unsweetened chocolate almond milk, vanilla chai Vega, walnuts, cacao nibs, and cashew 2 toasted almond butter sandwiches. No spinach in the drink today, but I had plenty of vegetables in a big boy salad at lunch.

Around 1pm I hit the gym for a crazy workout, the "TT Adrenaline Circuit Challenge".

Shuttle sprints plus bodyweight exercises...with a challenge component so we can all compete against each other.

Here's how you will score it:

You add the total # of Pushups + Pullups (from 3 rounds) and subtract two times the number of minutes it takes you to finish the workout.

I did 40, 30, and 28 pushups in 3 rounds, plus 10, 8, and 8 pullups.

The circuit workout took 26 minutes to complete.

So my scoring was:

98+26-52 = 72.

Curious about the TT Adrenaline circuit? It comes out February 1st.

In the meantime, here are a couple of resources for you today:

5 truths about weight loss from former bodybuilder, Brad Pilon

=> Weight Loss Truths

And an old ab exercise video of mine:

=> The Evolution of Ab Exercises & Core Workouts

Train safe,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Did you know that the TT Adrenaline Workout... based on one of the scientiific theories around why interval training works so well for fat loss?

You'll learn all about it on February 1st.

Get ready to train for Adrenaline.

Monday, January 18, 2010

3 bodyweight exercises

My friend Chris Lopez just posted a video of his 3 favorite bodyweight exercises on the blog.

Check out the short video for workout ideas here:


He does a pretty solid pistol.


PS - Don't miss the weird t-shirt he has on. Seriously, what's up with that?

PPS - He filmed this at Fortis Fitness in Toronto...pretty cool gym as you'll see.

Workout Volume & Ab Plank Tip

The gym was a lot quieter today than 2 weeks ago...have that many people dropped out already? It felt like November in there.

One of the reasons I think people drop out so fast is from the muscle soreness they get by trying out high volume programs in magazines...the big mistake most people make is doing too much volume.

Even YOU are probably doing too much volume. So here's what you need to do right now...

Take a look at every exercise, set, & rep in your workout program.

Is it there just to add volume & time to your workout or is it there with purpose, actually getting you closer to your goals?

Remember that training is simply a stimulus being applied to the body with the purpose of getting a specific adaptation.

In other words, you should train to get results, not just to do more exercises and spend a lot of time working out.

If you do that, you'll save time, have less soreness, and maybe even get MORE results by doing less.

Here was today's workout for me...


1) Hang Clean

2A) Bench Press - I had a couple of months off the bench, and now I'm back to 225 for sets of 7
2B) T-Bar Row

3) DB Incline

4) Triceps experimental exercise

This was a shortened workout because I'm filming the TT for Abs Phase 3 video tonight. Should be the last session of filming...still trying to get this DVD set out for a BALLANTYNE'S DAY release.

Speaking of abs...I bet you didn't know this tip about the plank exercise...

Can you do a plank for 2 minutes straight?

That is Dr. Stuart McGill's recommendation for healthy people. Dr. McGill, a low back pain expert, has found that abdominal endurance corresponds with less back pain, so he recommends you build up your plank endurance to 2 minutes. If you can NOT do that, you are at greater risk of low back issues.

Check your plank,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Turbulence Training

PS - For all personal trainers and bodyweight exercise addicts...

I'm having a TTBootcamps sale this week.

Check out for a special abs workout bonus.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday Night Rave Vs. Sunday Morning Workout

My neighbor had a rave in his condo till 6am last night...fortunately I didn't get home from the airport till midnight and had household chores to do for a few hours. So I did some laundry, expense report for the trip, opened up all the mail that piled up while I was gone, watched sportscenter, etc.

Then I tried to go to sleep by jamming the pillows into my ears, and it worked. Fell asleep within half an hour, and while I woke up a couple of times, I slept pretty well for having a nightclub 20 feet from my bed.

I believe my ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep well is due to regular exercise, healthy eating, and my perception of reality - which is: Nothing really matters too much so try not to make a big deal out of things. For example, I knew I'd eventually be able to fall asleep so I didn't get mad and I just dealt with the situation.

Thanks to the sleep, I felt fine this morning and had a good workout.

1) Prisoner Squat Jumps

2) Squats

3A) Good Morning
3B) Planks

4A) DB Bulgarian Split Squat
4B) Back Extension

Finished fast, in only 45 minutes.

And here's a good Transformation Tip that I posted on my TT Facebook page today:

"Replace "living to eat" with something more meaningful in life. People eat out of boredom or to satisfy other unmet desires. Instead of consuming calories to "drown your sorrows", find a more productive use of time. Get your workout done first thing in the morning so that you don't live with the guilt of missing your workout all day long. Also start your day with your best meals full of fresh fruits and vegetables."

And here's another one that got a good response yesterday:

"You must create the desire within yourself to make you TAKE ACTION to satisfy your needs and wants. Motivation and inspiration can truly only come from within."

I can't motivate you. Only YOU can motivate yourself. You are the one who needs to decide that you're not happy with where you are in life and that you are going to change.

And I'll add one more thing to that. Here's a little quote from a book I'm currently reading:

""Men of action are favored by the goddess of good luck." – Richest Man in Babylon

 That doesn't just apply to your finances (as that is what the book is about), but to everything in life.

So stay strong and take action,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Here's another quote from a recent book I read that helps me deal with obstacles in life...

"Freedom is the opportunity to live life as you want to live it."
Harry Browne, "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World"

What he means is that we have the freedom to respond to whatever situation we have to deal with in life...last night for example, I could have gotten angry, but I was also free to deal with it by realizing that the situation would soon end and that I was better off to "put my energy" into falling asleep rather than creating a confrontation with people who were to drunk to care that I wanted to sleep. I know I made the right choice.

And you have the freedom to choose how you will respond to everything in life. You can waste grief and energy by getting angry about something you can't change, or you can choose to focus your efforts on the things you can control. Choose wisely.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Meathead Workout

Alright, so I've had my 5 days off...time to get back to training. Had a great meathead workout today at the Powerhouse gym in Tampa, Florida.

Here's how it went down:

1A) Bench
1B) Seated Row

2A) Military Press
2B) Chins

3A) Shrugs
3B) Dips

I went there with a bunch of other trainers, including:

Eric Wong, trainer at MMA Strength & Conditioning

Sean Barker, owner of Fitness for Busy Dads

Adam Steer, trainer at Bodyweight Exercise Blueprint

Deb Froelich, expert at Cellulite Circuits

Alex Maroko, young athlete trainer from Speed & Quickness Training

Rommel Acda, trainer from Washington State and owner of 10-Minute Workouts

Good times,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Turbulence Training

Obesity Solution

A doctor from UCLA reviews the obesity solution in this week's 7-day fat loss guide.
You'll also discover...
- The Transformation Tip of the Week
- Updates for the classic Turbulence Training 2K4 program
- 3 questions to ask yourself about your nutrition
- The Bodyweight 200 Workout (& time limit)
- What to eat to protect your teeth
Stay strong,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Stay tuned for a funny story tomorrow.
PPS - New TT Bootcamp workout coming for you on Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Becoming a Better Personal Trainer

I might upset a few folks in this interview about the fitness industry and becoming a great personal trainer, but I want you to check it out.

John Izzo asked me a lot of great questions - ones I rarely get asked and we cover everything from....

- One key to fat loss nutrition
- The books you MUST read to become a better trainer
- Two exercises you need in your workouts
- THE #1 best way to get traffic to your website

Check it out here:


And I apologize in advance for anything I said that offends you,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

TT Transformation Workout

Sunday night I flew from Toronto to Washington, and was subjected to airport security for the first time since the Christmas bomb threat...

...and let me tell you, "WOW, what a pat down." I've never been manhandled like that before. It was downright uncivilized.

Makes me angry just thinking about it, so let's focus on some good news instead.

As soon as my flight landed in Washington I grabbed a cab from Reagan airport that took me on a ride through historic Washington - past the monument and gorgeous old churches - to my hotel in Bethesda, MD.

When I got to the hotel, I had a workout surprise waiting for me.

In my email inbox, the cover for your new TT Transformation program was waiting for me from my graphic artist, and so I stayed up until 12:38am Monday morning adding a few exercise photos so that the TT Transformation Program would be available for all TT Members on Monday morning.

And so far, the TT members are raving about could be my best program ever.

So I want to share a bit of info about this new bonus workout (it's the 3rd program I created for you for the month of January).

Let's start with workout A. Oh wait, first, I want to mention the's a little longer (6 exercises) than normal with some extra shoulder mobility work.


Because I truly believe if you want a maximum body transformation you need to improve your posture at the same time as losing body fat - proper posture is essential for being able to show off your body.

Okay, so back to Workout A - the first superset could be a workout on its own. Then boom, into a lower-body plus abs triset, and then finish off with a 4-exercise posterior-chain plus torso training circuit.

Oh, and don't forget the DOUBLE Burpees to finish workout A. You think your heart is pounding just reading about the workout, just wait till you try it.

After a day of rest, you hit Workout B - you'll be upper-body pumped with this one.

Try out the total body triset to start. It's a bit of a pre-fatigue twist to a regular TT workout, followed by a couple of classic TT supersets, a little arm work with some unique tempo training, and then you'll finish with my new favorite interval training system.

This is my favorite workout from TT Transformation, and you'll love the feeling the next day. You'll have just the right amount of soreness, in all the right spots.

Okay, to finish the week, we have workout C, starting with deadlifts - my favorite exercise - or DB Step-ups if you can't or
don't want to do "deads".

Then you'll move into two total body supersets before finishing with an updated version of Timed Intervals (similar to the timed intervals from TT Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks workout from February 2009).

WARNING: You will hate me during and after (for a short time) the exercise B in the timed interval portion.

(UNLESS you're insane like me, and then you'll love exercise B. Heck, if I could, I'd be doing that exercise right now, instead I'm stuck in a meeting sneaking out this email to you.)

So that's the new TT Transformation program that I've created just for you. And its one of the over 57 workout programs you'll get with your Platinum TT Membership.

Grab your Membership and bonus DVD workouts here:


You're going to love the results you get with these new exercises and fat burning techniques found only in the TT Transformation program.

To your transformation,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, The Turbulence Training DVDs

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Workout, Washington, & Urgency

Off to Washington tonight. My first time flying this year. Washington for 3 days then Tampa till Saturday night.

Today's Workout:
1) Deadlifts
2 Rack pulls
3) Shrugs
4) Side planks

30 minutes and done.

Blender drink:
Vega, almond milk, spinach, 1 banana, blueberries, raspberries, cacao nibs, walnuts. Had with a "crunchy almond butter" & apple butter sandwich on flax bread (vege hut brand).

Now off for crazy dog walk.

But before I go, I need to give you today's kick in the butt...

Are you struggling to stick with it?

I want you to put a little urgency into your fat loss program.

What if you had to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks or you lost your job, could
you do it?

Imagine you had to go to jail if you skipped your workout to sit on the
couch instead - would you make that workout?

You just need to find compelling motivation to stick to your spend
some time in reflection on that - and find YOUR REASON.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Turbulence Training DVDs

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Milk and Fat Loss

I reviewed a very interesting study in this week's 7-day fat loss guide...
...about what happens when women lift weights and drink a liter of milk per day.
You'll be very surprised at the results.
You'll also get to see the new "cartoon" picture of me and Bally. But you have to go to the blog to see it...
You'll also learn...
- How to set process goals
- The color of Bally's dog collar
- 3 advanced 15-minute circuit workouts
- My favorite type of intervals
- The workout I'll be teaching in Tampa next Saturday
- And the one thing I want you to buy in bulk this week
Stay strong and never quit,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS - And don't forget, your last day... enter for 12 weeks in the TT Transformation Contest is this Friday, January 15th.
You could win up to $1000 just for losing belly fat.

Meathead Workout

I'm traveling all next week so I plan on deadlifting tomorrow, and that means cutting out the rows from today's workout. I did some extra shoulder warmup (cable external rotations), and then did:

1) Bench - 2x6

2A) DB Incline - 2x8, 1x15
2B) Light Rope Row - 3x12

3A) Dips
3B) Stability Ball Plank

Lots of dog walking planned today as well.

Morning blender drink:
1 banana, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, almond butter, almond milk, walnuts, sun warrior protein. Poured over oat groats (soaked those in water for 24 hours), almonds, and raisins.

Have a great day,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Friday, January 08, 2010

Great Friday Afternoon Workout

Here's how you do Friday afternoons right...

Workout: jumps, squats, x-body mountain climbers, reverse lunges, 1-arm db shoulder press, ball plank, RDL's, dumbbell chops, ball jackknives, side plank, and finished with double-burpees.

For double burpees, do two pushups and two jumps, not just one. So down, out, pushup, pushup, in, jump, jump.

After workout: Chocolate milk, an almond butter & apple butter sandwich on flax bread, and more berry blender drink.

Today's berry blender drink: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, 1 banana, cashew butter, almond milk, walnuts, Sun Warrior protein, cacao nibs. Probably one of the best tasting drink I've made, although you can still taste the "Chalk-i-ness" of the protein. Had with almond butter sandwich and an apple for breakfast.

Bally's bone of the day - "A Darford Mega Breathbuster". Includes funny-lookingcrossed out image of dog with bad breath on label.

Resource of the day - John Alvino shows you how to overcome fat loss challenges (powerful stuff)

=> Overcoming Fat Loss Challenges


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Cheat Meal Tips

If I had to name one thing that was the cause of the demise of so many New Year's Resolutions, I'd have to say:


Oh, and Awards show parties too.

Why? Because that is where the diet comes tumbling down, right?

But a football/Oscar awards "cheat meal" doesn't have to be the meal that derails your progress.

A 'cheat meal' (or reward meal, as I prefer) can be a valuable component of your program. It can be the biggest factor in helping you stick to the lifestyle for life.

Just check out this advice I gave to a new TT Member on the forum yesterday...

I'm 7 days into the transformation contest and its going well. I still need to work on portion control but I am eating whole,
natural foods. I've decided to have my cheat meal tonight while watching the BCS Championship (college football) with my wife. 

She wants Hooter's wings (LOL). Are there any guidelines on what you reccomend for cheat meals (besides a healthy meal). I'd love to have the wings and some beer but I don't want to crash a good start.

Great question.

Very simple guidelines.

1) Enjoy the meal WITHOUT guilt. It's just one meal.
2) But NO "gorging" or going back for 2nds. You just get one round of food to enjoy - so eat and drink slowly. No gluttony allowed.

3) Once it's over, get right back on track. No feeling bad. In fact, you should feel good - after all, you just REWARDED yourself.

And be prepared in advance that you don't "relapse" after the meal. Make sure you have plenty of healthy alternatives for snacking if you still are hungry later in the evening so that you don't go back to the leftover wings.

Also, with respect to rule 2, everyone needs to make sure they haven't "bottled up their desires" so that they end up going on a binge fest. Its not about binging, its about rewarding.

That's why I like the term "reward meal" rather "cheat meal", even though it sounds totally dorky.

Anyways, apply those 3 rules without guilt, and enjoy the game!

And no matter who wins, at least it isn't the Gators.

(And I just opened up the floodgates for angry emails from Florida fans right there, didn't I?)

Have a great weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Be a Robot..."Do your workout" (said in robot voice)

Kekich Credo #69. There is no such thing as a good idea unless it is developed and utilized...

I say, "The best fat loss book in the world is useless without implementation. All the planning in the world is no good if you don't follow through. Become a robotic action taker. Just get it done. Even if you don't feel like it, just get started...go through the warmup, chances are you'll do the whole workout."

Today, I combined my regular workout with Workout C of the upcoming TT Transformation program.

1A) Deadlift
1B) Stability Ball Pike

2) Rack Pull - 1 set

3) Shrug - 1 set

4A) DB Split Squat
4B) Decline Close Grip Pushup

And some 20-10 intervals, including front squats...this program should be available next Friday. Good stuff.

But my work isn't done to film more TT for Abs tonight.

For todays blender drink:

Vega, almond milk, raspberries, 1 banana, spinach, blueberries, cashew butter, walnuts, flax meal...along with
an almond butter sandwich.

I had that in the AM for breakfast and then repeated after workout (plus having a chocolate milk after workout).

I need to switch up the blender drink and try some new
ingredients...hopefully something more exciting later this week.


PS - Please join the Turbulence Training Facebook fanpage for even more TT updates...

...including 5 fat loss tips I posted yesterday:


See you there!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Abs Filming & Nutrition Tips

I'm taking the day off training after filming late last night. I posted the workout I filmed on the Turbulence Training Fanpage. We'll have those DVD's out in February.

Today's blender drink was:

- 1 banana, blueberries, raspberries, spinach, walnuts, flax meal, sun warrior protein, cacao nibs

I had that along with a cashew butter sandwich on toasted flax bread (Vege hut brand)

So no workout blog, but I had a guest post on my other blog today...

"7 nutrition tips plus 3 exercise tips from Isabel De Los Rios:"

=> Click here for Isabel's fat loss tips

Most people don't know this, but Isabel once struggled big-time with her weight, making the same nutrition mistakes that every busy man and woman makes today.

Please check out her tips to help you lose fat.

I particularly love tip #7.

And there's a picture of Bally the Dog up there too, in case you don't like nutrition tips but just like dogs.

And tip #3 explains why I put ground flaxseed and walnuts in my morning blender drinks.

More transformation tips coming tomorrow,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - I'm also working on...

- a Detox article (!)

- the TT Transformation program for TT members

- and a few killer fitness expert interviews. Stay tuned! 

Monday, January 04, 2010

TT Success Story of the Month

I thought this TT Success Story of the Month was pretty funny...find out how Fiona gets free training thanks to TT (plus, she gets a 1-year platinum TT Membership for her story).

Fiona Sheds the Cardio-Carb Fat With Turbulence Training Workouts

"U certainly bring out the big guns for workouts. I would like to say a big thanks.  

I just ran my first marathon 8 weeks ago and had to reduce weights and eat more carbs, in fact i went carb crazy.  I weighed in after the marathon and my BF was 25%.  

I have followed two of your programs for the last 8 weeks, plus added riding, running and kayaking and weighed in this morning and am now at BF 17%.  

I have even converted my Personal Trainer, she is now coming in and doing these programs with me and I havent had to pay for personal training for 8 weeks. Keep up the good work."
Fiona Ransom

That's classic!

And remember, every month we award a 1-year Platinum TT Membership to the best TT Success Story.

Please send yours in today.

Click here to submit your TT Success Story

Upper Body Workout & Blender Drinks

It was even busier in the gym today than I expected, plenty of meatheads - including myself.

Today's workout was...

1) Hang Cleans - 3x3

2A) Bench Press - 2x6
2B) T-Bar Row - 4x10

3A) DB Incline - 2x8, 1x12
3B) DB Chest Supported Row on Incline Bench- 3x8

4) Dips - 2x15

After the workout I had a chocolate milk on the walk home.

Then I got Amazon'd into buying 3 books. They have a great upsell process - good luck trying to buy just one book.

I ended up getting "Mr. America" for a friend, and bought "Acres of Diamonds" and "The Richest Man in Babylon" for
myself. I also started reading another classic, "Walden", the other night.

I'm going for 100 books read this year.

And you? How are your 2K10 workouts? And what are you reading?

I've also had a lot of requests for me to start publishing my blender drinks again, so today was:

Raspberries, blueberries, spinach, vega powder, cashew butter, walnuts, almond milk, and cacao nibs. For breakfast, I poured 1/2 of it over ezekial cereal, raisins, and almonds.

Now I'm having the other half along with an almond butter sandwich as a mid-afternoon snack.

Alright, and we'll finish off with today's Kekich Credo, perfect for this time of year. It will really make you think...

Kekich Credo #59. The foundation of achievement is intense desire. The world's highest achievers have the highest levels of dissatisfaction. Those with the lowest levels are the failures. The best way to build desire is to make resolute choices for the future.

Here's what that means for Fat Loss

• If you are overweight, than essentially your desire for food and inactivity is greater than your desire for a better body. It is that simple.
• You may not yet have developed an intense desire to be lean. It just doesn't bother you enough to make any changes.
• If and when it does, then you will change. Until then, you are not dissatisfied enough with your current situation.
• What will it take to finally make the changes you need to succeed?
• What fears are stopping you?
• When you are ready to change, you need to avoid your comfort zone at all costs.

Stay strong and continue to make progress every day,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - One more resource...

...Kardena Pauza gave some training tips on her blog today:

=> How to get flat abs

A couple of good tidbits there.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

5 Diet Tips for 2K10

Remember that funny video I made last year about "diet vs exercise"?

If you haven't watched it, here it is:

=> Diet vs Exercise Video

It points out the futility of the cardio confessional and shows you that diet is much more important than exercise.

And since diet is more important than exercise, I've decided to spend a lot time sharing nutrition tips this week, starting with these 5 diet secrets:

1) Your nutrition program doesn't have to be extreme.

Hold up on the insane New Year's changes. Make sure the nutrition plan you've chosen is sustainable. Simple diet changes go a lot farther than you might think.

Why not just eat more whole, natural foods rather than trying to go on an impossible-to-stick-to ultra-low carb extreme plan?

2) Get the junk out of the house.

If it's in your house, you'll eat it...and trust me, this goes for me too. When I visited my mom's house for Christmas, I ate all the chocolate I could find. But I keep it out of my house here in the big city.

So whatever your weakness is, keep it out of your home.

Success is that simple.

3) Fill in the "diet-killing" gap.

For some folks, the diet-killing gap is between work and dinner. For others, it's between dinner and bedtime, but for almost everyone, there is a point in the day when we suffer from mindless eating.

So make sure you have soon as you come home from work, cut up vegetables and dip them into hummus. That will keep you full on a small amount of calories.

After dinner, if you need something sweet, stir up chocolate protein powder into a small bit of plain yogurt. That will satisfy you.

4) Chew your food 20 times before swallowing.

Most people eat so fast they only about 5 times. You'll really notice a difference and you'll slow your eating so you feel full. I was reminded of this tip while reading a book called, "Mr America", about one of the first ever fitness gurus.

5) Have a bowl of broth-based vegetable soup before a meal.

American researcher Barbara Roll has published a lot of studies showing that this will help you reduce the food you eat. Surprisingly, consuming just water doesn't seem to do the same trick.

So those are just 5 of the diet secrets we have for you this year.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be sharing more nutrition secrets from fat loss nutrition expert, Isabel De Los Rios.

She has a Turbulence Training partner approved diet program if you are looking for more help with your nutrition:


When I want advanced nutrition help, I go directly to Isabel. She's overcome a weight problem herself thanks to good nutrition, and that is why I know she can help you too.

Stay tuned for proven secrets to help you lose fat in 2010,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Isabel has a NEW 14-day sexy body nutrition solution.

But it's only available this week. You'll get a copy of "14 Days to a Sexy New Body in 2010" free when you get Isabel's diet program.

=> Click here for Isabel's program & the NEW Bonus

This 14-day plan tells you EXACTLY what you need to eat for maximum fat burning to kick off your 2010 body transformation (perfect for TT Transformation Contestants).

You don't have to do any calculating or guessing, Isabel has done all the work for you.

Do the exercises you hate for more results

You tend to get the best results from the exercises you hate - because they tend to be the hardest.

So don't rationalize removing an exercise from your program just because it's tough...those are often the ones you need to keep!

Today's workout for me included a couple I'm not fond of: front squats and bulgarian split squats (1 & 1/2 reps).

The full workout:

1) Jumps - 3 sets

2) Squats - 2 sets

3) Front squats - 2 sets

4A) Good Morning - 1 set
4B) Bulgarian Split Squat 1 & 1/2 reps - 1 set

5A) Back extension - 3 sets
5B) Stability Ball Plank - 3 sets

Now time for a 90 minute dog walk...

Also, here's a tip on my Facebook page that got a good reponse:

Consider setting PROCESS goals instead of just outcome goals. A process goal is "I will do Turbulence Training 3 days per week" or "I will use a food log for 8 weeks". And then if you meet your process goals, your outcome goals (i.e. you want to lose 10 pounds) will take care of themselves - and you'll have better lifelong habits.

Stay strong and never quit,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Hey you lil' monkeys...

You should check this trainer and his gym out...

From my friend (& one smart dude) Jon Hinds, "join us at and help spread our healthy message of whole body performance training, eischens yoga restoration & balance training and plant based nutrition to all your friends and family to make 2010 the healthiest year yet! Our goal is to wake up the fitness world from the matrix of isolated minds and bodies to one of whole body strength & balance and whole food nutrition for ultimate health, energy & strength!

Jon Hinds is one of the best trainers you might never have heard about.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Green Tea update

I've always been skeptical that Green Tea could "burn fat"...
...but this week I have a surprising research study to review that gives the final word on Green Tea and fat burning.
You'll also discover...
- The 15-Minute TT Express Circuit Workouts 
- Research on the Exercise-Mental Health connection
- 7 success tips for your Transformation
- The new "burgers" I'm eating
- The most important measurement to take
- The 3 things you need to write down right now
- And 3 of my big goals for the year
Here's to your best year ever,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training
PS - More nutrition help coming tomorrow.

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 Upper Body Workout #1 - Plus Sprints

Just got back from a big dog walk through High Park, and it's turning into a "snow globe scene" time to make some chili, wild rice, and watch some football.

Today's Upper Body Workout

1A) Military Press
1B) Rope Row

2A) Decline Pushup
2B) Cable Abs

3A) Barbell Curl
3B) Dips
3C) DB Rear Delt Raise

And then I ran some shuttle sprints based on the research I talked about last week...I'll probably run more sprints this year.

For more on the shuttle run research, go here:

=> Calorie Burning Workouts

And for info on how to do the 7th Turbulence Training Transformation properly, check out these simple steps:

=> Body Transformation Contest Tips

Happy New Year,


PS - Here's the most important fat loss lesson...'ll get all year:

=> The Diet vs Exercise Battle for Fat Loss

Find out who always wins in diet vs exercise