Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Success Story of the Month

Here's the perfect success story...check out how Eric and his wife used to do a lot of cardio with no results...

...but since starting TT, he has lost fat and gained muscle, without being hardcore about the diet.

Thanks to his success story, Eric has won a one-year Platinum TT Membership. If you have a success story you'd like to share - and possibly win a 1-year
Platinum Membership - then please email: support AT

Let's hear from Eric...

"It has been a little over 4 weeks since my wife and I started Turbulence Training.  We have been very strict in sticking to  your program details and have gone through the intermediate workout.  Both of us are in fairly good shape and a few pounds overweight, but we wanted to do something different that would make a difference in how we looked and how we felt.  We mainly did cardio with a little weights.  So we start TT and after one week - we are seeing results and feeling great with tons of energy.  We finished the first month and now are on to the next 4 week cycle and we are loving it...I have lost 10 lbs. and putting on all kinds of muscle.   My wife has lost 5 lbs. and she can't wait until the next workout.  TT works.  It really works and the time commitment is perfect.   30-45 minutes 3 times a week whenever you can fit it in is all it takes.  We have been watching what we eat and how much we eat....BUT I would not say we are on any kind of hard core diet at all.  The workouts coupled with the intervals on the treadmill are working fantastic.  And another thing - doing intervals on a treadmill makes the treadmill time simply fly by, which I love because doing cardio on a treadmill is not too exciting."


It doesn't get much better than that!


Bench Press, John Romaniello, & Negative People

Today's workout was a 5x5 bench press workout, and I have a great free audio interview for you as well...

I really whipped through this workout...

1A) Bench (5x5)
1B) External Rotations (3x10)

2A) Overhead Squat (3x3)
2B) Wide Grip Seated Row (3x12)

3A) Close-Grip Pushups (4x25)
3B) DB Curls (4x8)

And the other night I was chilling at home (see the photo above for the cool view from my living room) and I interviewed my friend John Romaniello about fat loss, nutrition, bodyweight training, and more. You can listen here:

=> John Romaniello Interview

And today's controversial kick-butt mind-set tip that I posted on Facebook was...

Just as important as social support is removing all negative influences in your life. This may be painful. You might not want to give up hanging out with lazy friends that eat junk all the time, but if it is making you fat and unhappy, it MUST stop. Same with work. If all co-workers do is sit round and complain, then you can't be in that environment at lunch, coffee break, etc. Get out & save yourself!

But to clear up some confusion...

This doesn't mean you can't hang around people who have a bad just means that if you want to lose fat, you can't put yourself in situations where other people suck you into eating bad food and losing track of your goals.

Most importantly, if you hang around negative people who want you to fail, you have to drop them from your life. That's the point.

Stay positive,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - The new "Booty for Wife (& all the single ladies)" program... now available here:

=> Booty for Wife


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If you have back pain...

I haven't told a lot of people about this because I'm kind of embarrassed, but last summer (in July of 2009) I suffered from a bout of debilitating back pain.

I literally couldn't run more than 20 meters without a shooting pain in my right low back.

What happened?

Well, about 2 months prior to that I jumped off a 12-foot ledge wearing heavy work boots and landed on a concrete surface (long story) and I believe this was the root cause.

However, I had also been a little careless with my training and neglected my stretching program and my abdominal endurance exercises (including the planks and side planks) early last year.

So my chiropractor - a life saver named Dr. Michael Sommers here in Toronto - diagnosed me as having an irritated sacro-iliac joint and helped me overcome the pain with ART (Active Release Technique).

Plus, I dedicated myself to stretching 2-3 times per day - doing all of the stretches you'll find at the end of every TT manual.

Within a couple of weeks I was able to run, and I've continued that stretching program every day since.

In fact, I just got in from a sprinting session a couple of hours ago, and my vertical jump is as high as it has ever been (although both my squat and deadlift are still 50-60 pounds off from my best).

But most importantly, I feel awesome. Better than ever because I now know what it's like to be sidelined by back pain.

Having low back pain can make your feel like you're in a prison of your own body...unable to do normal daily activities that you take for granted when you are healthy...but now I'm "free" again. And I'm not about to be careless again.

If you are suffering from back pain caused by poor flexibility or bad exercise form, then I have good news for you.

My friend Eric Wong - another young guy like me who had to overcome back pain (although his was much more serious) has put together a free report for you about overcoming back pain here:


(Don't ask me what a bullet proof back is.)

Here's what you'll discover once you get this FREE report:

1) The 1 real cause of back pain (it's so simple, you'll be shocked that you've never heard it before!)

2) The absolute WORST thing you can do when you throw your back out

3) The 2 critical factors you must address to reduce back pain

It's the complete blueprint you need to 'bulletproof' your back so you never suffer from back pain again.
Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery from back pain,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Back pain affects 80% of the adult population... please forward that website to anyone you know who suffers from back pain.

NOTE: However, the first thing you should do if you have back pain is to see your doctor. Please take your back pain seriously and don't be like my dad who went 25 years between doctor's visits! Go see your doctor today if you have back pain that won't go away.

CB in GQ

So there you go...that's my GQ model career on the left, and the original photo on right.

Monday, March 29, 2010

12 Weeks to a Booty for Life

The new & improved Booty for Life 12-week program to put curves in all of the right spots.

When I first came out with the original Booty for Life in 2004, I didn’t know all of the amazing exercises that I now use in Turbulence Training.

So fast forward to 2010 and I’ve updated the original 8 weeks of the program and added in a NEW 4-week Booty Sculpting Workout to give you curves in all the right spots (the new program is weeks 9-12).

You’ll also get more bodyweight exercises that will tighten up your midsection and work your abs hard. Plus, a wide variety of interval training workouts have been included.

Click here to download the Booty for Life program from the TT Member's Site

Deadlift Workout & Cosgrove Inspiration

"The most important part is goal setting. You need to really want amazing results and be prepared to do whatever it takes. It's not that hard to get the results -- it's building that overwhelming desire that counts. Most people think -- "Well - this cake won't hurt me will it?" I get my clients to think, "Will this help me or not? Is this a positive step or not?" Once you get that -- you're a hit."
Alwyn Cosgrove

Today's workout:

1) Repeated Jumps (4x4) --- best jumps in months

2) Deadlift (3x325)

3A) GM (2x10)
3B) BB Shrug (2x12)

4A) BB Lunge (2x8)
4B) Cable Abs

That's it. Make sure you check out Jay Ferruggia's new program. As Jay says, "I took it upon myself to create the ultimate system that would help Average Joe's and weekend warriors get a little bit closer to looking and performing like Reggie Bush or Georges St. Pierre. I know how to help skinny guys get jacked. That's old hat to me. I can do it in my sleep. As long as someone listens and does what I say they will pack on size. But Triple Threat Muscle is a little different. Not only is the program focused on size gains, but also the development of explosive power and unrelenting endurance. So you get the jacked, muscular physique and the athleticism to go with it."

More info here:


Get strong,

Craig Ballantyne

PS - Funny story about the TT Gauntlet workout...

...has been posted on my other blog:

=> The Gauntlet Bodyweight Exercise Workout


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Triple Threat Muscle Interview

I've been a hard-core student of training for almost 19 years now, and one of the few guys I look up to is my buddy, Jason Ferruggia.

Jay has put even more hours in the gym working with clients than me, and these days he's insanely busy running "The Renegade Gym" in Wachtung, New Jersey (I even fly down there at least twice a year to train and learn from him).

He truly is one of the few fitness experts I trust these days for advanced training advice.

He's also one of the most passionate guys you'll ever talk to when it comes to training and nutrition. Jay would run through a wall in order to learn more secrets to help his clients.

Plus he's a funny guy (we joke around on the call quite a bit) and he's one of my best he's also dedicated to vegan eating as you'll hear on the call when we talk aboot nutrition. (Jay thinks I'm saying "aboot" when I mean about"...thanks to my funny Canadian accent.)

But back to your workouts...

The other week I got Jay on the phone and grilled him about what's working these days to help his male and female clients get lean, build muscle, and achieve what I call, "The Triple Threat" of:

1) Strength
2) Muscle
3) Power

In this free call, you'll discover his advanced strength, muscle, power, and conditioning methods that he uses when he trains his small groups of men and women each night.

So if you're ready for advanced strength training and conditioning secrets, then sit back and listen to this killer call (that also
includes some jokes between me and Jay) where you'll get the real deal on training from a guy who has spent over 15 years training men and women for advanced results.

In this call, Ferruggia tells you:

- Whether you should train 3 days or 4 days per week
- The best way to warm-up for hardcore training
- How he trains the female clients in his gym
- The workout "experiments" he's done on his lab rats
- His favorite diet for fat loss (you'll be surprised)
- Some of the amazing vegan meals he eats
- His favorite post-workout shakes
- The research studies he's done on his clients

And much, much more.

Click here to get access to listen to the call and read the special report summary of our discussion:

=> Jason Ferruggia Interview

I give Jay's info my highest recommendation,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - And yes, Jay has a new program out...

...and it's also called the "Triple Threat" workout program.

You can learn more about it here:


Enjoy the'll love Jay's passion for training, nutrition, and improvement.

Vegas Roundup

Here are some of the meals and workouts I had while in Vegas...

Friday night...started with a nice salad at D.Vino at Monte Carlo, then went way off the strip for great sushi at Osaka. Then went to "The Bank" at
Bellagio where of all people, James Caan was there celebrating his birthday. Saturday morning, 30 minute walk to get some sunshine...had a veggie burrito and some veggie sandwiches at lunch...always working to get more vegetables.

I spent all day at a seminar and then hit the gym for V-grip pulldowns, rows, curls, and lying dumbbell triceps extensions...just a fun workout...followed by another short walk on the Vegas strip.

Unfortunately, dinner turned into a bad experience at Sensi restaurant at Bellagio, so no good food to report about...but after I hung out with HUGE group of fitness experts at a nightclub called Haze where we got to see Snoop Dogg perform a couple of tracks...pretty's a rest day from workouts and then I hit deadlifts tomorrow.

BTW, I'm eating an apple and raw vegetables in the can always find healthy food in don't use travel as an excuse to eat junk.

And here's a little article I posted on the Turbulence Training Facebook Fanpage...

"Be Loud and Proud"

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult things about losing fat is eating in social situations. The peer-pressure (from both the ignorant and immature) is the toughest test of your commitment.

If you want to succeed, you have to lay the ground rules. There is no room for debate. You are either in or you are out.

And you might just surprise some folks when you show them that life can go on if you don't eat chicken wings with them.

Be loud and proud of what you are doing. There are more folks secretly wishing someone will take charge and be a healthy role model for them.

It might not happen overnight, but if you continue to lead by healthy example – without preaching or being condescending – you can build an entourage of social support and people who want to be healthy like you.

This will build powerful relationships that will take your health to the next level.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - On the TT Facebook page...'ll get my free "TT Gauntlet" Workout

Click here for access to this free workout

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Morning Vegas Workout

Busy gym at 6am here in Vegas...had another good workout.

1) Pushup (125)

2) Stability Ball Rollout (3x12)

3A) Chin-up (4x8)
3B) Dips (4x15)

4A) Inverted Row (3x12)
4B) X-Body MC (3x10)

5) Plank (2xMax)

Even though it's just bodyweight exercises, you'll get a wicked arm pump from this workout.

Last night had a late dinner at The Wok at MGM...had pan-fried bok choy (about 15-20 of the little suckers) and 1 hand roll of salmon and avocado.

I'm telling ya, Brendan Brazier's Thrive Diet book has got me working even harder on my nutrition. It really simplifies a lot of complex nutrition topics for you without being annoyingly preachy or condescending.

Today's Resource:

This week's 7-day fat loss call...bursting muscle & metabolism myths, plus politically incorrect nutrition from Jay Ferruggia

=> Muscle Metabolism Myths

And today's kickbutt mindset tip:

"To live an extraordinary life, you must resist an ordinary approach."
Frank McKinney

...CB says, "This applies to fat loss too. You can't eat a "normal" diet that consists of junk and soda and live a "normal" life of 6 hours of TV per day if you want the body of your dreams. You have to change, get out of your comfort zone, and be who you really want and deserve to be."

Stay strong,


PS - For those asking...

...the TT workout DVDs are here:

=> Turbulence Training Exercise DVDs

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vegas Workout

Had a great workout today at the Monte Carlo...its the best hotel gym I've used in Vegas. The rankings go like this...

1) Monte Carlo
2) Luxor
3) MGM
4) Planet Hollywood
5) Mandalay Bay

Those are the ones I've used.

But the Vegas trip didn't start out so hot...I developed a soul-crushing headache on the flight out here. Fortunately a nap fixed me up.

(BTW, if you're a reader, I got through George Foreman's "Knockout Entrepreneur" on the flight, and it was really good. Some big lessons there. And earlier this week I read the "Thrive Diet" by Brendan was full of new info (to me) on nutrition and vegetarian eating. I expected another run-of-the-mill veggie book, but this one delivered a lot more in depth info.)

But back to Vegas...after my nap, I had a garden salad and roasted vegetable sandwich and was ready to hit the gym. Here's the workout:

1A) 1-leg Hop (3x5)
1B) Prone Stick-up (3x10)

2A) Handstand Pushup (3x4) - Don't tell management I put my feet on the walls
2B) 1-Leg DL (3x12)

3A) 1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl (3x12)
3B) Sternum Pullup (3x8)

4A) 1-Leg Bench Squat (3x10)
4B) Side Plank with Leg Raise (3x12)
4C) SB JK (3x20)

I added an extended warm-up and that workout lasted 55 minutes. Long time for bodyweight, huh?

After I went for a walk around the new City Center...very interesting...the new sidewalk along the strip has lots of stairs (and no escalotors) was funny to hear all the tourists complaining.

So that's it so far...I really hope to hit a classic bodybuilding meathead workout with Vince Del Monte this weekend - maybe early tomorrow morning.

It will be hardcore, just like the TT Gauntlet workout you can get on the TT Facebook page here:


Until then, feel free to let me know your favorite Vegas hotels, restaurants, and activities.

Stay strong,


PS - Got to leave you with today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"There will be days when you struggle to exercise and stick to your nutrition program, and that is okay. Just never give up. Realize everyone else goes through this, and not quitting is what separates the winners from the losers."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1 simple workout change proven to increase calorie burning

The other day I mentioned a new research study proving the calorie burning power of supersets, and today I want to share it with you.

It comes from Syracuse University, and was published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research.

The scientists wanted to see if Superset training - like that found in Turbulence Training - would burn more calories than traditional resistance training (that's the kind you might be doing now).

The "guinea pigs" in the study were 10 young men, and the subjects did 2 workouts separated by at least 7 days.

The workout consisted of 4 sets of 6 exercises, and they did 10 reps per exercise. Pretty standard program.

But in one condition, the subjects did the exercises in supersets, while on the other day they did them like you'd see in a bodybuilding magazine (that's the less effective way, as you'll see in a moment).

The researchers found that the superset workout burned almost 30% more calories per minute than the traditional resistance training workouts.

30% more calories!

Plus, the researcher also discovered that the superset workout burned more calories during the "post-exercise" period (that means supersets will help you burn more calories while you recover from the workout).

The final conclusion from the scientists is a testimonial to Turbulence Training:

Incorporating supersets may benefit exercisers attempting to increase calorie burning in a limited amount of exercise time.


So there you go. More scientific proof that the Turbulence Training System is set-up to maximize calorie burning and fat loss.

Of course, the TT program was "only" 11 years ahead of this study, but I don't mind researchers confirming what all TT success stories already know, and that is: Turbulence Training works better than traditional workouts and cardio.

But listen, I understand you still might be skeptical, so I've arranged for you to have a 21-day trial period of Turbulence

You get to use the entire program and have access to the TT Member's area for 3 full weeks for less than 5 bucks.

=> Click here to try out Turbulence Training

I promise Turbulence Training will work better than ANYTHING you've ever tried before.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pre-Vegas Meathead Workout

Very Meathead-ish workout some big news coming in the TT world...some nice surprises...

Anyways, this was the last weights workout before heading out to Las Vegas on Thursday morning to hang out with 29 fitness experts, including Vinny D,
Dr. Sam, and Bedros. Should be good times.

1) Hang Clean (3x3)

2) Med Bench (3x3, 1x8)

3A) DB Row (1x12) - forearm got a little tight on this (b/c of the cleans) so I switched to DB Rear Deltoid Raises
3B) DB Inc (2x8-12)

4A) DB Rear Delt Raises (3x8)
4B) DB Triceps (3x8)

Also, used a great tip from Jay Ferruggia to get a better warm-up for the heavy benches...secret is in the interview here:

=> Jay Ferruggia Interview

Today's experimental blender drink turned out surprisingly well...Ingredients: 1 banana, blackberries, lots of raspberries, 2 kale leaves, spinach, chocolate vegetarian protein powder, almond milk, flax oil, and natural peanut butter. You can't notice the flax oil, spinach, or kale. And the combo of raspberries, banana, chocolate & natural PB worked great.

Today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Become an expert at learning from them."
- Larry Winget

......CB says, "You can't quit just because one thing didn't work. You have to keep trying, experimenting, and learning until you find the solution."

Keep fighting,


PS - Last thing...

The link to get your FREE TT Gauntlet program is now available on the TT fanpage here:

=> Click here to find the link for the TT Gauntlet Workout

(The only way you can get this workout is through the TT Facebook Fanpage.)

5 Things that do NOT boost your metabolism

The only thing that makes me more frustrated with the fitness industry than watching a trainer show a client bad form or a useless exercise is all the baloney about how you can boost your metabolism.

Listen, NONE of these will boost your metabolism enough to make a difference in your fat loss program:

1) Breakfast
2) Green Tea
3) Drinking cold water
4) Caffeine
5) Protein shakes

But don't worry, there are some fitness secrets that will still have a powerful impact on your metabolism, and they are:

1) Superset training (just found a new study on the weekend to support this...more info to come soon)

2) Interval training

3) Increasing your lean body mass

And just this weekend, Vince Del Monte sent me a report showing you 12 ways to boost your lean mass...and therefore to keep your metabolism running fast.

(NOTE: While Vince lists 12 in the report, I only like 11 of the factors on his list. I'm not a fan of #1, but I really like #3 and #7. And #11 is okay if you're a meathead.)

The GREAT NEWS is that he's giving away the check out 12 ways to boost your metabolism with his 12 anabolic factors here:


NOTE: This is not your regular old list of "sets and reps" tips.

Instead, Vince covers every single factor - from your motivation and mindset to your genetics to the science behind building lean mass.

It's an amazing're going to want to spend more than just a few seconds skimming. I recommend getting comfortable with a healthy drink and really getting into it...

And just wait till he gets to page 9 where he uses the analogy of me and him starting a band to show you how you can actually avoid the dreaded plateaus in your training. That Vince guy can be pretty funny sometimes.

Vince is also very passionate, and you can tell he is the son of a pastor, because both he and his father are blessed with the gift of bringing a powerful and important message to their audience with warmth and compassion, and in a style that is entertaining while educating everyone no matter how complex the topic.

I guarantee this report will bring a smile to your face and amazing new inspiration to your fitness program.

You'll discover WHY these 11 factors work, HOW to make them work, and the exact methods (WHAT) you need to use to make them work.

It's a blueprint for Lean Mass Metabolism success.

Again, Vince is GIVING these secrets away to you for the next 3 days, so visit this website to get instant access to his secrets:


Enjoy! And let me know what you think about his tips. Again, I don't like the first one...will have to give him a hard time about that next time we train together.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

Monday, March 22, 2010

Personal Trainers Kill Me

I don't know why, but nothing bugs me more than watching an ignorant personal trainer take their client through a dangerous or stupid workout.

Today I watched a trainer put his overweight client through a squat workout. Now squats are generally good, but here's where it got ugly.

First, the client couldn't squat properly so they had to put 5lbs plates under each heel. I don't like that. If you can't squat properly, choose one of the other 75 exercises that will work the lower body.

But it gets worse. Even with the plates under his heels, he still couldn't keep his heels down even when he had 225 pounds on the bar. The squat form was atrocious.

So the logical next step of course?

Another plate on each side, obviously.

And after that, even when the client is complaining of back pain, what's clearly the obvious choice? Another plate. Brilliant move.

(By the way, and you had to be there for this...the client is talking to the trainer about his back and his knees and out of nowhere the trainer looks up from the ground - where he was staring - and says, "Hey, do you know where the nearest Gap is?".

Great to see someone is paying attention and doing their job.

So the overweight guy with terrible squat form and plates under his heels goes on to do a set of these funky 4-inch knee bends with 405 on the bar.

Then they both agreed that it was time to start taking some weight off...

Trainers like these drive me insane.

One day I'll be in an institution thanks to these guys...or my head will explode from from my blood pressure being 1000/600.

And I really couldn't do anything but try and block it out, because today was a squat workout - so lucky me, I got to train beside them.

Today's workout:

1) Jumps - 5x2

2A) Squats
2B) Hanging Leg Pikes

3) RDL's

4) Back Extensions

Decent workout...

Now let's move on to something better...our kick-butt mindset tips for the day...

First...You must be willing to do whatever necessary to succeed.

That means taking personal responsibility for your current status. That means planning and preparing to create a guideline for change. That means setting goals and continuously monitoring your progress towards them. That means helping others so that you in turn h...elp yourself. That means constant
experimentation to find what works for you.

Second, a classic Kekich Credo, #27.

The choice to exert integrated effort or to default to camouflaged laziness is the key choice that determines your character, competence and future. That critical choice must be made continually – throughout life. The most meaningful thing to live for is reaching your full potential.

Today's resource of the day from Kardena Pauza...

...who visited the Natural Health Expo in Cali...

=> 5 Vegan Products Reviewed

That's it for now, have a great day and watch out for silly trainers.


PS - A little vid of home sweet country home for you...

Watch out for the insane dog.

=> Click here for a video of where it all began

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jay Ferruggia Interview

Friday afternoon I called up Jay Ferruggia and asked him a ton of strength and muscle building questions, plus asked him to clarify his nutrition, diet, and post-workout recommendations.

Definitely one of my best calls ever...

He covers 3vs4 day programs, sets & reps, the workouts he gives people at his gym, post-workout nutrition, his favorite shakes, the Warrior diet, conditioning, female training, and skinny guy training.

=> Click here for Jay's audio interview

And we also have this week's fat loss coaching guide up...

You'll get the TT2K10 workouts, the #1 factor predicting long term weight loss, 5 reasons why folks drop out of fat loss programs, how to avoid binge eating, and lots more in this week's coaching call:

=> Weight Loss Workout Success


I'm going to do another TT Gauntlet circuit outside today then hang out with some old friends and go for a road tour around the countryside.


PS - Today's kick-butt mindset tip comes from the man, the myth, the legend, Ari Gold...
"To get something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done." - Jeremy Piven

Friday, March 19, 2010

Turbulence Training Gauntlet for Nintendo 8-bit

So many TT readers have been telling me to create a TT game for the Wii...but honestly, I gave up all video games at age 19...once they introduced the 4th button, that was it for me. Too complicated.

And being the kind of guy who goes against the grain, I've decided to create a TT video game for the Nintendo 8-bit...remember the video game thingy you (or your parents) had back in 1989?

That's right, if you remember video games from 1989, you'll love the TT Gauntlet Ebook Cover. I hope I don't get sued for this.

What jokes!

I'm such a dork.

But seriously, this workout is going to be abs are still murdered from the TT Abs Gauntlet from 2 days ago...I feel like I've been shot more times than 50 Cent.

Later today and tomorrow I'm going to do some more Gauntlet workouts and an upper body bodyweight workout of:

1A) Pushups (3xMax)
1B) Pullups (3xMax)
2A) Elevated Pushups (3x20)
2B) Inverted Row (3x20)
3) Kettlebell swings or snatches

Short but sweet.

I'm also interviewing Jason Ferruggia about his super cool new program, "Triple Threat Muscle". It's based on actual studies he did on his ONE has ever done this before.

Very interesting results and wicked awesome new workouts.

But his artwork is no TT Gauntlet,


PS - Toronto/Mississauga TT peeps... of my best friends just opened a "Freshii" restaurant (super healthy food) at the Heartland Town Center - 5955 Latimer Drive Mississauga, beside the "Hockey Life" store - and is giving you 20% off your order between Friday & Sunday...just say you heard about it from "Turbulence Training".

I ate there last night and had the veggie burrito, an apple, water, and got a a frozen yogurt (with crumbled oreo cookie) to go to split in the car with bally the dog. Let me know what you order when you go...Freshii restaurants rock...they are in Toronto and Chicago...and everywhere else soon.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some weird stuff from the world of fitness

It felt really weird to walk out of the gym today with shaky legs...even though I only did bodyweight exercises, and not even that many of them.

But this weird little bodyweight program did the job...

1) 1-Leg VJ (3x4 per side)

2A) Pistol (3x8 per side)
2B) 1-Leg RDL (3x12 per side)

3A) BGSS 1&1/2 reps (3x10 per side)
3B) Stability Ball Leg Curl (3x20)

Also had a weird wake-up today because my abs are real sore from yesterday's Abs Gauntlet...I imagine it will get worse. Feels like my abs went thru paper

Weird Blender Drink:
I experimented today, and found out that cucumber is too weird for my tastes...even extra raspberries couldn't save it...

Now here's the weirdest story of the may have even seen this on the news already...

"Donna Simpson is working as hard as she can to get fat -- very, very fat. She weighs 600 pounds, she claims, and is vying for the title of world's fattest woman from the Guinness Book of World Records."

Here's the strange link to her story:

=> Strange Fat Gain Story

March Madness indeed,


PS - Here's some non-weird stuff for you...

...some nice kick-butt mindset thoughts:

Be positive. Have a "can-do" attitude. Encourage others. Provide solutions, not problems. Do all of these and then others will do everything they can to help you achieve your goals as well.

Stay strong!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 Mini-Circuit Bootcamp Workouts

Yesterday's bootcamp workout article was a hit...thanks so much for the emails and comments on the blog about the workout.

All those positive vibes combined with yesterday's beautiful weather here AND an amazing workout (I did my new "TT Abs Gauntlet" program, coming soon to my Facebook Fanpage - more info on that soon), have put me in an awesome mood.

And so I wanted to share three more circuits handpicked as some of the top workout highlights from the TT Bootcamps 2.0 program.

Just check out these circuits, but note, they are pretty tough and require a warm-up - just like all other TT Workouts.

These are so much fun...let me know what you think - but train safe!

#1) From: TT Bootcamp Workout #27 - TT Transformation Bootcamp

This is just one phase of the workout and it includes the increasingly popular type of training known as Metabolic Resistance Circuits...

TT Metabolic Resistance Circuit (30 seconds per exercise)  
- Bulgarian Split Squat or Split Squat 1 &½ Reps (30 seconds per side)
- Close-Grip Pushup ¾ Reps
- DB Row or Inverted Row
- 1-Leg Hip Extension or Prisoner Forward Lunge (30 seconds per side)
- Stability Ball Rollout or Inchworm
- Rest 2 minutes before repeating 1 more time.

#2) From: TT Bootcamp Workout #22 - TT Beach Body Bootcamp: Part 3

TT Total Body Abs Circuit (30 seconds per exercise)
- Stability Ball Rollout or Inchworm
- Cross-Body Mountain Climber
- Side Plank (30 seconds per side)
- Burpee
- Rest 1 minute before repeating 1 more time.

#3) From: TT Bootcamp Workout #17 - TT Adrenaline Bootcamp 3 - ADVANCED Workout

TT Adrenaline Abs Circuit (30 seconds per exercise)
- Stability Ball Leg Curl or Prisoner Forward Lunge
- Stability Ball Jackknife or Mountain Climber
- Get-up (30 seconds per side)
- Cross-Body Mountain Climber
- Shuttle Sprint
- Rest 2 minutes before repeating 1 more time.


Cool, huh?

And if you want the rest of those 3 workouts, they are all available along with 31 brand new TT Bootcamps workouts here:

=> 31 Brand New TT Bootcamps Workouts

But hurry, today is the last day that you'll be able to save $20 on the 31 brand new TT Bootcamps 2.0 workouts.

The price jumps up 20 bucks (yikes!) at midnight! So don't miss out.

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Bootcamps

PS - Here's that link again... get these new fat burning workouts:


Enjoy your weekend!

It's supposed to stay warm, but rainy up here, but that's okay, because Bally the Dog loves the springtime and running around in the rain. He might need to get a bath this weekend, we'll see...

Abs Gauntlet Conquered

Sweet. I conquered the TT Abs Gauntlet today...thanks to some inspiration from the 30th President of the USA...more about that in a second.

The Abs Gauntlet workout included...

Stability Ball Ab Exercises
Some advanced pushups and chinups
A unique pullup exercise

And I imagine tomorrow it will involve a lot of soreness. More info to come...

Resource of the day:

If you're like me and sick of hearing how "missing a meal will slow your metabolism" and how "eating breakfast boosts metabolism", you'll like this interview with Brad Pilon

=> The Truth About Your Metabolism

And now that inspiration I was mentioning...from Calvin Coolidge (the president with the greatest last name ever?):

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence....Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent....The slogan 'press on' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."
- Calvin Coolidge

............CB says, "It doesn't matter how much you know about diet and exercise - I know lots of ...out of shape personal trainers - what matter is taking action."

So that's what I did today...I persisted...worked hard...and finished the TT Abs Gauntlet.

And some great news for you?

When the full program is ready, the "Turbulence Training Gauntlet" workout will be free to anyone is a fan of Turbulence Training on Facebook here:

=> Turbulence Training Fanpage

Plus, this workout program has the funniest cover in the history of the fitness industry...the artists are working on it now.

Video game fans will appreciate it,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Slept in till 7:30 today...feeling a bit run down...and had the strangest dream....

...that the next Turbulence Training program was going to feature my favorite ice hockey breakaway moves...had the diagrams and videos all planned out. However I just can't see that being a big seller...let me know if I'm wrong.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TT Abs Bootcamp Workout

This is just 1 of the new 31 TT Bootcamps workouts, and specifically, this is Part 2 of 3 for the TT Abs Bootcamps series.

It's called "Abs Endurance" because of the endurance nature of the abs circuit at the end of the program, but like all TT workouts, it is a total body fat blasting program.

REMEMBER - Train at your fitness level...take extra breaks if you need them. Do only one round of each circuit if you are have not been exercising recently.

Train safe, train smart, and have fun.


TT Bootcamps Workout #8 - Abs Endurance: Part 2 of the Abs Bootcamps

Warm-up (20 seconds per exercise) - 10 minutes
- Bodyweight Squat
- Stick-up
- Kneeling Pushup or Pushup Plus
- 1-Leg Hip Extension (20 seconds per side)
- Plank (40 seconds)
- Side Plank (20 seconds per side)
- Run in Place
- Rest 1 minute and repeat 1 more time.

TT Strength Circuit (30 seconds per exercise) - 5 minutes
- Bulgarian Split Squat or Forward Lunge or 1-Leg Deadlift (30 seconds per side)
- 1-Arm KB or DB Press OR Elevated Push-ups (30 seconds per side)
- Optional if you have equipment: DB Row or Bodyweight Row
- Rest 2 minutes before repeating 1 more time.

Water Break - 2 minutes

TT Big 7 Circuit (20 seconds per exercise) - 10 minutes
- Jumping Jacks
- Prisoner Squat
- Spiderman Climb Pushup or Close-grip Pushup
- Band Row or KB Row or Cross Crawl
- Diagonal Lunge (20 seconds per side)
- Inchworm
- Rest 2 minutes before repeating 1 more time.

Water Break - 2 minutes

TT Depletion Circuit (30 seconds per exercise) - 10 minutes
- Total Body Extension or Jump Rope
- Cross-Body Mountain Climber
- Reaching Lunge (30 seconds per side)
- Squat Thrusts
- Shuttle Run or Run in Place
- Rest 2 minutes before repeating 1 more time.

Water Break - 2 minutes

TT Total Body Abs Endurance Circuit (30 seconds per exercise) - 5 minutes
- Pushup Plank
- Get-up (30 seconds per side)
- Optional: Stability Ball Plank
- Rest 1 minute before repeating 1 more time.

Cool-down, Stretching & Water Break - 10 minutes


And if you want Parts 1 & 3 of the TT Abs Bootcamp series plus all 31 new TT Bootcamps workouts, just visit this website:

=> The TT Bootcamps Workout System: Version 2.0

You'll get 31 total body workouts - including the 3-part TT Booty Bootcamps program - that you can do with minimal equipment (and even use in your own bootcamps if you are a trainer).

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Bootcamps

Quick Upper Body Workout

Not much to say today...quick upper body workout (35 minutes) and then back to work getting ready for a TT Abs coaching call tonight.

Started with a long warm-up.

1A) Bench (5x5)
1B) External Rotations (3x10)

2A) Overhead Squat (3x3)
2B) Wide Grip Seated Row (3x12)

3A) Close-Grip Pushups (100)
3B) DB Curls (4x8)

And today's resource...

Part 1 of a 3 part interview with Brad Pilon on the truth about fat loss diets

=> Making Fat Loss Nutrition Simple

Going to try the TT Abs Gauntlet again tomorrow,


PS - If you're not on the TT Fanpage... missed a great QnA today.

=> Click here to become a TT Fan and get access to the QnA's

Plus, only TT Fans will get the "TT Gauntlet" for free.


Monday, March 15, 2010

The TT Abs Gauntlet Workout

So on the weekend I dreamt up a new workout program...The Turbulence Training Gauntlet.

And today, I tried one of the workouts from that program, "The TT Abs Gauntlet".

Well, let's just says its, "The TT Abs Gauntlet Workout" 1 - Craig 0.

It beat me. So back to the drawing board and I'll try another version on Wednesday.

Although its not as bad as the time I tried the original TT Bodyweight 1000 - I was "this close" to going to the hospital after that one...I had to go through 3 more versions to make it safe for public consumption.

Today's workout...

1) Repeated Jumps (4x4)

2) Deadlift (3 sets using 315)

3A) GM (2x10)
3B) BB Shrug (2x12)
3C) BB Lunge (2x8)

Then the Abs Gauntlet.

NOTE: I did warmup sets of deadlifts between sets of jumps and my jump peaked after a deadlift set of six resp of 185...but did not get better after a warmup set of 225. But adding in light sets of deadlifts and squats will boost your jump every time.

Over to Facebook...

One question that came up over and over again today was, "What should I do on my off-day workouts?"

The answer:

Its up to the individual...just don't do so much that you can't recover from - or prepare for - the real workouts in your program. That's a big mistake folks make, going too hard on off-days and hurting the quality of their real training.

That's why I recommend only 3 bootcamp workouts per week in my new program here:

=> 31 new TT bootcamp workouts

Stay strong and train smart,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big Interval Training Mistake

Here's one big fat loss mistake...

Too many people are working too hard during their interval training recovery period.

Make sure you are doing a 3/10 intensity level for your interval recovery period.

That means a slow walk, no matter what your interval work speed.

Do not ruin your work interval by working too hard in the recovery period.

This isn't "cardio".

By the way, if you're looking for new interval and fat burning workouts, I have good news for you:

In the past year, over 1173 personal trainers and Turbulence Training readers have used the TT Bootcamps workouts to add fun, variety, and more fat burning results to their programs.

And so I went back into the Turbulence Training lab and created 31 brand new Done-For-You TT Bootcamps workouts.

You'll get proven Turbulence Training bootcamp style workouts that will burn fat with little to no equipment.

Here are just some of the 31 TT Bootcamp Workouts you'll get:

1. The TT Beginner Bootcamp 2K10
2. The TT Physical Testing Bootcamp
3. The TT Big 7 Circuit Bootcamp
4. The 3-Part TT for Abs Bootcamp Workout Series
5. The 3-Part TT Booty Bootcamp Workout Series
6. The 3-Part TT Adrenaline Bootcamp Workout Series (Advanced!)
7. The TT Bootcamp 300 Workout Challenge
8. The 3-Part TT Beach Body Bootcamp Workout Series
9. TT Metabolic Resistance Circuit Bootcamps
10. The TT Fusion Bootcamp
11. The TT Transformation Bootcamp
12. The TT Fusion Bootcamp

Plus you'll get 4 amazing bootcamp business building interviews with top bootcamp experts Bedros Keuilian, Steve Hochman, me, and Craig's personal favorite interview with Leanne Ellington.

But hurry, this $20 bootcamp release celebration discount ends on Thursday, March 18th at midnight.

Click here for 31 new TT Bootcamps Workouts

Good times,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - You'll get $20 off the TT Bootcamps workouts until Thursday as we celebrate the release of these new programs.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 out of 10 Interval Training Workouts

This week on the Turbulence Training Facebook Fanpage, we had a big discussion on interval training...
...I've put together your 10 favorite interval training workouts in this week's 7-day fat loss guide on the blog.
Here are just a few to get you started:
  1. 20-yard shuttles... throw five of them back-to-back for 100 yard total.
  2. 30 on 30 off doing kettlebell swings, and tabata training for 4 minute rounds with the kettlebell or any other chosen exercise
  3. Burpee pyramid
You'll also discover...
- Exercise substitutions for the deadlift
- The one universal law about your actions
- My own recent interval training workouts
- The truth about measuring body fat at home
- A kettlebell workout I did last week
- The one thing 75% of people regret in life
- 1 new food in my diet
=> Click here to get this week's 7-day fat loss guide
Big news coming on Tuesday! Stay tuned...
Your friend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Simple Nutrition
PS - Don't forget to join me on the Turbulence Training Facebook Fanpage...
...because I've reached my 5000 person friend limit, so I want everyone to join the TT Fanpage where I'll be doing Q'n'A sessions everyday, plus giving out bonus workouts and nutrition guides.
See you there...and watch out for the random Q'n'A sessions!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Early Workout

Early workout for me today...

I did not set any records working out at 5:30am:

1A) Pushups
1B) Ball Rollouts

2A) Chins
2B) Decline pushups

3A) Inverted rows
3B) Close grip 3/4 pushups
3C) Planks


It didn't help that I stayed up till 12:30am reading a book...a good book though, called "The Business of Happiness", by the owner of the Washington Capitals, Ted Leonsis. Another great recommendation from Yanik Silver. And I stumbled upon this quote for today's kick-butt mind-set tip:

"Life is too short to drink bad wine." If you've got a bad bottle in your life, get rid of it. There are plenty more at the store.

So have a great are two resources for you:

1) Turbulence Training in Spanish
Turbulence Training Spanish Edition

2) Free nutrition webinar for you =>

=> Simple Nutrition Webinar by Craig Ballantyne



Thursday, March 11, 2010

Conditioning Kick

I'm on a conditioning kick for some reason, and so today's workout was 8 intervals ran around the Washington Harbour area here in DC. Pretty interesting area...

Caught a late flight down here last night, and watched half of "Up in the Air" on the plane. Fittingly. I'll have to watch the other half on the way back.

Then my cab driver from the airport to the hotel turned out to be "Toonces the Driving Cat". I think.

Oh well, now off to a seminar, but before I go, here's today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"Look at your past. Your past has determined where you are at this moment. What you do today will determine where you are tomorrow. Are you moving forward or standing still?" -– Tom Hopkins

This is especially true when you have a hotel reservation till Sunday,


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Female Fat Loss

Going to start with a great resource today from the fat burning legend, Tom Venuto: 

=> Female Fat Loss Fixed

Now for my bodyweight workout:

1A) 1-Leg Hop (3x5)
1B) Prone Stick-up (3x10)
2A) Handstand Pushup (3x3)
2B) 1-Leg DL (3x15)
3A) 1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl (3x12)
3B) Sternum Pullup (3x8)
4A) 1-Leg Bench Squat (3x15)
4B) Ball GHR (3x10)
5A) Side Plank with Leg Raise (3x12)
5B) Stability Ball Jackknives (3x20)

Then an afternoon blender drink: 1 banana, frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, frozen spinach, peanut butter, almond milk, ground flax seeds.

And a cool quote from a new book I'm reading:

"Stress comes from knowing what is right and doing what is wrong." -Larry Winget

Flying to Washington tonight,


PS - Just added a new blog post called: Top 10 Interval Training Workouts

Monday, March 08, 2010

Its easy when you accept that it's hard

Last week was Murphy's was a bit of a disaster around the office. This week is much better...but still one major problem to solve. The spring
weather sure helps you look at things optimistically though...

Today I'm going to share two of my favorite mindset tips on fat loss...they are challenging, but hopefully the weather is nice where you are and you'll look at them the right way.

But first, my Meathead Workout

1) Hang Clean (3x3)
2A) Med Bench (3x3, 1x8]
2B) DB Row (3x15)
3A) DB Inc (2x8-12)
3B) DB Triceps (3x8]
3C) BB Curls 3-0-2 (3x10)

Crazy chest and shoulder pump. Could barely get all the reps...but I did better this week than last time in the bench and with rows.

Today's Blender Drink had a couple of fresh additions - coconut milk & kale

Unfortunately, the coconut milk "drowned" out the taste of the raspberries.

1 frozen banana, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, kale (just a little), walnuts, cashew butter (just a little), almond milk, and coconut milk (4 tablespoons). I'll try again tomorrow. 

Today's Resource #1

Kardena Pauza shows you how to make grainless granola here:

=> Granola Recipe & Video

Today's Resource #2

A simple nutrition interview with Brad Pilon...

Click here for Brad's audio interview

And now for my two favorite mindset tips for fat loss...

#1 - Accept the consequences...

Can you eat pizza on a fat loss program? Sure. Can you drink? Sure. Can you lie on the couch instead of working out? Sure. Your choice, your consequences. Remember this..."Bear in mind the single universal law of causality... there will be consequences from your actions, and you must be prepared to accept them." - Simon Black

#2 - Fat loss is simple...

Fat loss is simple when you accept how difficult it is. But when you accept that you will have to make long-term lifestyle changes, eat smaller portions, avoid junk food 90% of the time, exercise consistently and intensely, and hang around the right people, then you see it is a very simple thing to just have to accept that you have to do those things - without exception - to succeed.

Let me know how that helps,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

Better than intervals for fat burning?

Hope you had an amazing weekend. I did a couple of kettlebell workouts outside at my parent's farm this shorts, outside in 10-degree celcius (~52 farenheit) sunny spring weather.

Good times.

And I have 3 big TT member updates for you today.

1) The Personal Edition of the TT Bootcamp Manual will be ready next Monday.

That's the 2nd March workout of the month.

2) The first March workout of the month, The TT Big 6 Circuit for Fat Burning, is ready.

The workout and videos have been added to the workout section here:

=> Click here for the workout of the month

This workout has 4-week Beginner AND Advanced its like 2 workouts in 1.

(Plus, I've got my New Orleans Saint's Superbowl champs shirt on in the workout videos, too.)

3) Finally, in this month's call, I interview Alwyn Cosgrove...

...and he shares the workouts he is using to replace interval training for fat loss. A very interesting discussion...

You'll also discover:

- His thoughts on abdominal training that goes beyond planks

- How he uses a method called undulating periodization

- How he beat cancer - twice! - and his workouts that have helped him recover from his stem cell transplant

- His own personal TRX and Kettlebell circuits for metabolic fitness

- Beginner fat loss strategies that don't include cardio OR intervals

- His nutrition principles for fat loss

=> Click here for the "Better than intervals?" interview with Alwyn

Now back to finishing the TT Bootcamps workouts,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Turbulence Training

PS - We've had quite a few interesting conversations in the nutrition forums as well.

We've been talking about late night eating, avoiding late night munchies, and my thoughts on creatine...

Please stop by and let us know your thoughts too.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

KB's and what you should do...

15 minute kettlebell workout outside 10 degree celcuis weather. It's spring out there today. Did some swings and snatches, thats it. Just technique.

Now to follow this advice...

Research show that for 75% of people their biggest regrets in life are the things they didn't do in life...not the things they did.


"Go to the effort. Invest the time. Write the letter. Make the apology. Take the trip. Purchase the gift. Do it. The seized opportunity renders joy. The neglected brings regret." Max Lucado

More Kettlebell Workouts

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Workouts, Math, & Advanced Results

Todays workout: Vertical jumps, wide stance squats, medium stance squats, RDLs, ab pikes.

Might do some kettlebell stuff this afternoon. Outside. Its supposed to be 10 degrees celcius (about 50 farenheit). Did you go from celcius to farenheit, double the number and add 32. So there you go.

Today's mindset tip:
If you want advanced results, you have to take advanced measures.

This goes for anything in life, of course, but for fat loss, too many people think they can get to single digit body fat and see their abs just by getting a couple of workouts in and sticking to their nutrition plan 70% of the time. It doesn't work that ...way. If you want to take it to the next level, you have to do more than just "eat fairly healthy".

Every time I hear that line it is from someone who is not getting the results they want.

So be honest with yourself about how hard you are willing to work to get the results you think you desire,


Friday, March 05, 2010

Bodyweight Workout

Good bodyweight workout doesn't look like much, but it was.

1A) Tuck Jump (3x6)
1B) Pushup (3xMax)
1C) Pullup (3xMax)

2A) Elevated Pushup (2x20)
2B) Inverted Row (3x15)

Followed by a bunch of conditioning exercises...playing around with some new stuff for future TT workouts.

That's it, have a great weekend.

I'm going to do a regular squat workout on Saturday and then play around with kettlebells on Sunday - or vice versa, not sure. Or maybe both on Saturday and then take Sunday off.

But I'm planning to get back into Kettlebells this summer...might even try a workout outside this weekend. (It's supposed to be 9 degrees celcius, 50 degrees Farenheit - that's warm enough in my opinion.)

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, TT Bootcamps  

Time & Energy Management for Trainers

I just wrote a blog post on my favorite time and energy management tips and posted it on Chris McCombs' website here:

=> Time Management for Personal Trainers

It doesn't matter if you run a bootcamp or if you want to start an online business, these tips will show you how to get more done in less time so you can free up more time to live life on YOUR terms.

Let me know what you think,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Bootcamp Workouts  
Creator, Online Second Paycheck

PS - Have an awesome weekend...

...and remember, this is cheesy but true:

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

So don't dwell on past mistakes, that willl get you nowhere. Instead, focus on what you can and will do today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life, and all of the great things that will happen because of your actions. Get strong, be strong, stay strong. Have a great weekend and come back on Monday ready to tear it up.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Healthy eating & motivation tips

Warning: In this week's coaching call you'll be challenged, questioned, provoked, and possibly even angered.
It might be the most politically incorrect call I've ever done.
But you'll also get 10 tips to eat healthy for cheap here:
=> Eat healthy for cheap
You'll also discover...
- 7 exercise substitutions for squats
- 9 exercise substitutions for dumbbell chest presses
- The truth about resistance training for fat loss in overweight men and women
- The #1 thing you must be doing in your workouts
- The true definition of success
- 5 tough, yet powerful questions you MUST ask yourself today
Plus some other cool exercise ideas here:
Have a powerful week!
Your friend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Simple Nutrition
PS - Coming this week:
Nutrition articles on grains, restaurant eating, detox diets, and more.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lifting Weights = Fat Loss for Seniors

Some interesting fat loss research for seniors to report on, but first off...

Last day for the TT for Abs DVDs free shipping & bonuses offer here - then the price jumps up over $100:


Today's workout for me:
1A) 1-Leg VJ (3x4)
1B) Decline Pushups (3xMax)

2A) Pistol (3x6)
2B) Knee-up (3xMax)

3A) BGSS 1&1/2 (3x12)
3B) 1-Leg RDL (3x12)

4A) Stability Ball Plank (3xMax)
4B) Stability Ball Leg Curl (3x20)

Today's blender drink:
Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, 1 banana, spinach, small piece of celery (but I could still taste it), sun warrior protein, rice milk, and almond milk. I probably won't use celery anymore.

Yesterday I tried Kale in place of spinach, and realized I prefer using spinach. Also had an almond butter sandwich on flax bread.

To avoid night time binges:
Research shows the harder you make it to access these foods, the less you will eat of them. Opaque containers, stored in high cabinets or the basement, etc. will help you reduce intake. Also, use a food journal, and post what you eat online. A post dinner snack like plain yogurt plus chocola...te protein powder plus a couple of peanuts or some melted peanut butter is better than ice cream.

Interesting research to report as well...

New study shows weight training plus diet helps seniors lose almost 9 pounds of fat...while diet-only group lost less than one pound of fat.

(Reference: Eur J Appl Physiol. 2010 Feb 19. Effect of moderate intensity resistance training during weight loss on body composition and physical
performance in overweight older adults.)

And today's kick-butt mindset tip...its not surprising this is Kekich Credo #1:

Kekich Credo #1. People will do almost anything to stay in their comfort zones. But if you want to accomplish anything, get out of your comfort zone. Strive to increase order and discipline in your life. Discipline usually means doing the opposite of what you feel like doing. You need to set deadlines and replace bad habits and thought patterns with good ones.

More about that study in Sunday's podcast,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - I just re-lent some money to a medical clinic in Kenya...

...through one of my favorite sites


Probably my favorite charity. And fun too, I like looking through all of the projects these entrepreneurs have going on...very cool to see how hard they are working.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

TT for Abs DVDs


The TT for Abs DVDs are done...and you can get this 19 DVD set here

=> <=== I made this for you

There's a payment plan set up if you need it and it's free shipping...ANYWHERE in the world. My gift to you.

Time to workout with you,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, TT for Abs DVDs

PS - Make sure you save over $100 before Wednesday night... grabbing your copy of the TT for Abs DVDs here:

=> <=== I made this for you

Talk to you on the call.

PPS - Bally the Dog co-stars in the Simple Nutrition DVD.

You'll get to see him eat all of my food.

Oh, and there's a goofy blender blooper in that DVD too.


Hard Questions to Ask

Hard questions to ask yourself today:

Why do you continue to make short term decisions that ruin your chances of long-term success?

Why do you continue to eat junk when you want to lose fat?

Why do you watch so much TV when you know you should be exercising?

Why do you still do cardio and crunches when they haven't given you results and they never will?

(See: 7 Reasons NEVER to do crunches again)

Why do you hide your goals when you know that support will help you succeed?

You have to accept that a little short-term pain will allow you long-term success.



During your workout, always be asking yourself if you are doing the BEST that you can. Are giving extreme focus to the exercise? Even if it is just off-day stretching, are you doing everything you can to get the MOST out of your efforts? And if the choice comes up between "blowing off" the last exercise or sucking it up and sticking to it, make sure you choose wisely.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
The TT Workout DVDs

Monday, March 01, 2010

Push-Pull Workout

Good workout today...

Bench (5x5)
External Rotations (3x10)
Overhead Squat (3x3)
Wide Grip Seated Row (3x12)
Cable Abs (3x10)
Close-Grip Pushups (100)
DB Curls (4x8)

Great resource from Jay Ferruggia:

=> How to do more pushups

And today's kick-butt mindset tip:

You must create the desire within yourself to TAKE ACTION to satisfy your needs and wants. Motivation and inspiration can truly only come from within.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Ab Workout DVDs