Monday, September 24, 2018

Journey Begins

Off day today. The journey begins tomorrow.

Train ride to Toronto. Squat or deadlift workout at BANG Fitness. Coaching day on Wednesday, big family dinner Wednesday.

Thursday is a meetings day, catching up with some clients in Toronto. Friday-Saturday are back-to-back workshops. Good times.

Sunday brunch + accountability coaching day.

Monday meetings day.

Tuesday fly to Vegas... filming, seminar, workshop, trip to Speed Vegas, and then off to San Jose.

I'll be doing a workshop in SJ on Friday, then speaking at the RISE fitness event on Saturday, followed with ...

Not sure.

At present, supposed to fly home through Vancouver... on Canada's Thanksgiving weekend... but the timing is all wrong.

I'd get home at 8pm Sunday which is too late for family dinner... and I can't stay over in Vancouver and do a workshop on the Sunday because it's a holiday weekend.

Might get in an extra Empire filming session with Bedros Keuilian that week instead.

It's all messed up.

Why can't he live just down the street, lol.

Anyways, the adventure continues...

But this is nothing.

You should see the trip I'm trying to plan that includes Seoul, Sydney, Melbourne, Beijing and LA.


Talk soon,


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Saturday and Sunday Sessions

I like working on Sundays, it's my coaching day. At 6am an email goes out to my 250 high level clients. It contains 10 accountability questions for the week. I get dozens of replies, and I reply to each reply. It's so fascinating to solve problems, create new content, and generate new connections.

It keeps me busy, but I still have time for training and a walk outside.

But I would do more walks if I had a dog. 😊

I really want to adopt a couple from ... especially Bentley and Ellie Bellie. The problem is I'd have to install a fenced in dog run for them.

Hmmmm... dilemmas, dilemmas.

Anyways, here are a couple of good weekend workouts:


Extensive old-man warm-up for tight hips

1A) Front Squat (+ one rep of Hang Clean since this was done at home with no rack)

1b) RDL

2A) KB Swing
2b) KB Reverse Lunge

2C) Stability Ball Rollout

Very good session.

Then Sunday was all meathead, all the time... But I was so focused on my work that I worked right through lunch (forget to really eat), and then trained at 2pm. Good times.

1A) Pushups

1b) Band Pull

2A) DB Chest Press

2b) KB 1-Arm Row

3A) Floor Press

3b) Shrug

Good times.

Then a walk outside... one of the last nice weekend days of the year.

Off to Toronto on Tuesday for coaching sessions and gym workouts.

Talk soon,


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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

ManUp Day!

Big day in my world. Kind of.

My friend Bedros Keuilian just released his new book, ManUp.

I hope you grab a copy... its a killer story combined with great leadership lessons.

Bedros and I lift together all the time.

He trains like a Meathead, and never does a warm-up, but sometimes I join him.

We had an epic workout earlier this year of:


DB Row

Hammer Strength Rows


Not a lot of supersets, just "he goes, I go".

 And I managed not to get hurt.

Guess I was able to ManUp for that one!

Anyways, grab a copy of his book... I even get a shout out in it.

You get a really cool bonus course when get ManUp here

Today was an off day for me here, but hopefully I will deadlift tomorrow.

Off to dinner,


Monday, September 17, 2018

Summer Update

Alright, I'm back and going to update this blog again.

Lots to report.

This summer:

- I went to Germany, South Africa (Safari!), Croatia, Montenegro, Lithuania, and London, UK

- I learned safaris are really amazing

- I worked a lot... and did not sleep very much... in fact I've been on about 6.5 hours for 60 days in a row

- I got a crazy bug bite in Montenegro that became infected

- I went a long time without working out

- I grew my new business really fast using Instagram (weird, right)

- I almost finished another book, "Unstoppable"

And most importantly...

- I tried to come up with New TT programs and I failed... I spent weeks trying to come up with something good, and nothing could compare to the classics.

So... I'm sorry, there won't be any new TT programs to buy

But I will start posting my workouts here again.

Starting today:

I weigh about 170 pounds, and I lost weight on my 31-day trip this summer while everyone else gained 10 pounds.

Unfortunately, I probably lost muscle from not training.

But I haven't lost that much strength on some exercises... and when I was training with Jay Ferruggia last week I managed to DB press 90x5.

Today in the hot garage gym I did:

1A) Band Pulls

1b) Pushups

2A) DB Press

2b) BB Row

3A) Elevated pushup
3b) Ab Wheel Rollout

Alright, that's it.

I gotta lot more work to do tomorrow (crazy book deadline!!!), so I'll talk to you soon.

Much love,


PS - Sad news... Ol' Bally is off to doggie heaven. He had a great run... the best ever. Miss him a lot. We'll never forget his Bally workout emails!!!