Wednesday, November 28, 2018

From Thanksgiving in California to Christmas in Denver

I was really tired on my first morning back to California from Australia, but had a nap at lunchtime and then I've been good since. 

On Thursday, aka American Thanksgiving, I went over to visit my friend Bedros Keuilian and the 15 others he had at his house for steaks and all the sides. Funny story, they had Mac'n'Cheese, a Thanksgiving staple for many, but they Bedros and his wife, the Recipe Hacker, Diana Keuilian, did NOT make it.

They bought it from El Pollo Loco, a local roast chicken place. :) 


The day was great and then I got back to work on Friday with a big sale on my new Instagram Course and lots of coaching over the weekend. 

I did lots of great workouts:

Thanksgiving - Deadlift
Friday - Bench Press
Saturday - Tire Flipping
Sunday - Squats 
Monday - Rows
Tuesday - Arms
Wednesday - Squats

This week I was in a recording studio finishing up my Unstoppable book. I have a big launch planned for January 21st for this new book. :)

Later today I fly to Denver for our annual Toys for Tots seminar, shopping, and Christmas party with 100 of our entrepreneur friends. This is our 7th year doing this and we've probably bought close to $1,000,000 in toys. WOW.

For training, tomorrow will probably be an off day, and then Friday I will bench press. Saturday will be an upper body workouts after shopping but before the Christmas party with Mr. and Mrs. Clause. 

Sunday I fly back to California. 

Then it's one more week in the sun before I go home for Christmas! 


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Back from Australia

Flew back from Australia last night. It was 13 hours and I messed up my sleep timing and didn't get much on the flight. 

A little tired today, but still did a bunch of great coaching calls and now I'm going to slip into a short chest press workout.

Tomorrow will be a real good deadlift session. Might hit BK Strength.

Then it's off to BK's grill house for steakgiving with Bedros and family.

Craig Ballantyne
Author, The Perfect Day Formula 


Sunday, November 18, 2018

More Aussie Workouts and Workshops

I am still down under in Australia. It's nice. I made it Melbourne, but did not go to the end of the earth, aka Perth. That city is a 5 hour flight from Sydney, which makes it 25 flying hours from Toronto! WOW. 

I get back to USA on Wednesday, and am going to go to Bedros' house for Thanksgiving. Then we do our Toys for Tots thing in Denver on December 1st, and then I have some work to do, and then i fly back to Toronto on December 8th and will be home till New Years (with some trips to Toronto in there too).

Life is good and definitely just have first world problems (like not being able to find Quest bars in the Melbourne airport). 

On the bright side, the hotel gym in Melbourne was good, and the workshop I held there was excellent. We also had amazing food at each of our workshops, with really good salmon and chicken at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Melbourne.

Yesterday's workout:

Face Pulls
Bodyweight Rows
DB Curls

Today's Workout

Bench Press (smith machine... I know!)
Face Pulls
Cable Lateral Raise

I'm such a Meathead.

Tomorrow we get back to squats.

Stay tuned,

Craig Ballantyne

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Australia Travel

Last week was a really great week at the Perfect Life Retreat... check out the reviews below.

I also did my biggest podcast ever. Check out the 10X question here! 

After the Retreat in San Diego I flew to Australia and I have had some great workouts here:

Wednesday, November 14th after I landed:

Box Jumps

Front Squats

And then on Thursday, Nov 15th:

Bench Press

Shoulder Press

Today I fly over to Melbourne.

And then I have some days off next week back in Sydney.

Then it's back to California where I will be enjoying a "misfits Thanksgiving" with Bedros Keuilian and all of his California "transplant" friends that don't have anywhere else to go on the big day... and Bedros makes steaks, not turkey, lol.

Stay tuned for more adventures,


PS - Here are some amazing Perfect Life Retreat reviews:

"AMAZING EVENT! Can't thank you enough. What a group of people!" – Matt Del Negro


"Everything was first class and the speakers were fantastic. I left feeling enthused and re-energized for my business and myself." – Rob Groll


"Craig, thanks for an amazing event that actually ran ON TIME!" – 100 attendees J


More Retreat feedback...


"We got engaged at the Perfect Life Retreat!" – Joe Arko & Sara Fennell*


*results not typical J


"I am an operator. I've made a quantum leap in confidence since I met you of which I am truly grateful to you for. I've been reminded again and again of how important it is to spend time with other operators. I learned that one of my superpowers is sharing with vulnerability. I have a powerful message to share and there are huge amounts of people that need my help, it's my duty to help them. Mentors are essential. It's time to fully commit to my vision and make it happen. 2019 is THE year." – Nick Elvery


"Craig Ballantyne is amazing. Dude, seriously. Awesome conference. It was like a shot of adrenalin into my business and mindset. Your content was great. Shanda, Bedros, and Tim were exactly what I needed. I've always liked Bedros's material... but it's been a while since I've heard him. He's really manned up over the last couple of years to a whole new level." – Brent Weaver (who will be attending Toys for Tots!) 


"Thanks again for putting together such a great event. The contacts made there were insane and the notes I have to implement from Tim, Sharran, Bedros, Joel and yourself are invaluable. Now comes action!" – Mike Novak

Monday, November 05, 2018

Flight to San Diego

Time has been on my side recently.

First it was daylight savings on Saturday night, so I caught up one hour of sleep... only 150 to go, haha!

And today's flight from NYC to San Diego went perfectly.

It was a 3-hour time travel session, and I finished a very important presentation.

After I landed and did some phone calls, I jumped over to one of my favorite gyms, Fit Athletic, for a workout:

1A) Deadlifts
1B) Box Jumps

2A) Wide Grip Deadlifts
2B) Core Training

Lots of mobility and foam rolling today, too.

Then some walking around to get groceries for the week.

Now to get more sleep ... busy day tomorrow with a podcast with Shawn Stevenson to promote my new book, Unstoppable, and then a training session with the team at Organify.

PS - Made a video about lessons from my dog. 

Sunday, November 04, 2018

NYC travels

What a great weekend in NYC.

It's the perfect day for the big city's Marathon, but I'll be coaching some entrepreneurs to grow their business faster while having more work-life balance.

To start the day I went for a walk to Central Park. It was all fenced off for the race, and thousands of people were already out getting ready.

But I also saw people doing wedding photos at 6:30am in Times Square. That was so weird!

Yesterday I did upper body:

KB Presses

The day before I did lower body

DB Bulgarian Split Squats
KB Swings
Leg Extensions (haha, yes, hotel gym fun!)
Cable Abs

Then yesterday I spoke to 100 entrepreneurs for my friend Vinny D.

Last night had a great sushi dinner with Jason Capital.

Tomorrow I fly to San Diego. 

Big week ahead!

Talk soon,


Craig Ballantyne
Author, The Perfect Day Formula