Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Opposite Workout Fitness Tips

Have you told yourself over and over again that you just can't do something, even though you have nothing to base that on? What would happen if you just started believeing the OPPOSITE? Simple little shift in mindset. But it could change your life.

Sticking with the "opposite theme", here are 3 cool workout tips that you can use to switch up your workouts without sacrificing results.

1) Do the opposite exercise workout

If you are doing weights, try using bodyweight exercises instead, and vice-versa. So let's say you are doing dumbbell chest presses, switch to an advanced pushup instead. Or maybe you are doing db rows, so switch to pullups, chinups, or bodyweight rows. Doing lunges? Switch to bulgarian split squats and use the 1 & 1/2 rep style.

2) Use opposite style rest periods (Take extra rest between exercises)

In this method, I want you to take 1 minute between exercises and 2 minutes between supersets. The extra rest will allow you to lift heavier weights. But that will make your workout longer, so cut out the third superset.

3) Opposite programming supersets to circuit

If you are doing supersets, switch to doing all the exercises in a circuit. you'll use lighter weights (slightly), but possibly get your workout done faster. A great change of pace without sacrificing results.

My schedule this week got switched up a bit. I
'm flying to LA tomorrow (and boy, will my arms be tired), so I moved up tomorrows workout to today:

1) Trap bar deadlift - 370x2x5

2A) glute ham raise
2B) hanging knee raise
2C) side plank
2D) plank

I will probably use workout tip #1 from above and do bodyweight stuff on Friday or Saturday.

Today's resource:
The nasty truth about store-bought guacamole (35 ingredients!) and a great recipe for delicious, fresh guacamole

=> The Truth About Guacamole

And look for TT Resident Evil to be unleashed in the Member's area later today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Meathead Upper Body Workout

Nice, quick, upper body meatheads workout today.

My training

1A) Stickups
1B) Med Ball Throws

2A) Bench Press (235x3x5)
T-bar row (3x12)

3A) Ring Dips (3x8)
3B) Chinups (3x12)
3C) Decline Pushups (3x20)

One more workout then heading to LA for the weekend to hang out with Vince Del Monte, John Romaniello, and Joel Marionz. It will involve a lot of me and Joel and John acting like idiots and Vince shaking his head at us.

Also, today is Transformation Tuesday. Every Tuesday I'll be featuring a new Transformation success story of the week. This week, I want to introduce you to Naomi.

Discover How Naomi Achieved a PRICELESS Transformation Losing Almost 13 Pounds of Fat and Over 5% Body Fat

=> Over 40 Female Transformation Contest Success Story

And today's resource:

Here's the best strategy for using the hottest topic in the dieting world these days

=> Best Strategy for Fasting

And finally, today's kick-butt mindset tip:

Kekich Credo #58. "You are responsible for exactly who, what, and where you are in life. That will be just as true this time next year. Situations aren't important. How you react to them is."

Get strong and stay strong,


Monday, September 27, 2010

Stress Busting Workout

Too many things running through my head today, but my workout fixed it. Heck, any exercise can be a stress busting workout. It's good to do work, get your mind off things, increase your blood flow, and get whatever other benefits there are to exercise.

So when you are stressed, don't skip your workouts. Even though you are probably busy, the workout will help you reduce your stress levels and even make you more productive.

My training today:

1A) Depth Jumps - 3x4
1B) Low Box Squats - 285x3

2A) Good Mornings - 3x8
2B) Ball Plank - 3x50s

3A) Barbell Lunges - 135x10

Notta too bad.

Resource of the article on the truth about alcohol for fat loss.

Here's what I wrote:

You probably shouldn't put booze on your shopping list if you want to burn fat. Now here's the truth about alcohol for fat loss.

I was hanging out in Austin, Texas the other weekend and on Friday afternoon, I got to chatting with a friend of mine who just turned 40. I hadn't seen him in a year, and he had lost 15 pounds. The guy looked 5-10 years younger. Heck, he looked as young as me!

So I grilled him about his "15 pound fat loss secrets"… here's the biggest tip he gave me.

He cut out alcohol.

He struggled at first, because he attends every Dallas Cowboys' game – so that means booze and food. But as soon as the season ended, he cut it out, and kept it out this summer. As a result, he lost 15 pounds (while losing only 5 pounds in the 6 months before that while he was working out and drinking – not at the same time of course!)

But it's NOT really the alcohol…its getting rid of the the junk food that goes along with alcohol that helped him lose the  belly fat.

Let's look at the numbers. There are 150 calories in a regular beer, and 200-300 calories in a Jack and Coke (150 calories for the alcohol and 100-150 calories for the coke). If you drink 10 drinks (and that's easily what a guy can do at a football game), you're looking at 1500-3000 calories. That's not good.

On the other hand, if you have 3 glasses of wine at dinner each night, that's only 400-450 calories.

The REAL problem is the food you eat when you are suffering from alcohol induced "no inhibition about your nutrition".

At a football game, you can eat 3000-5000 calories from wings, nachos, burgers, dogs, popcorn, and ice cream. Its much easier than you think.

At a fancy dinner, you can eat 1500-3000 calories from appetizers, steak, bread, and dessert.

So its not the calories from booze that cause most belly fat, but the food we eat when alcohol inspires us to make bad choices.

That's the truth about alcohol and fat loss.

Kick-butt mind-set tip of the day:

"What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple. Whether you are willing to do it, that's another matter."
Peter F. Drucker

Get strong and stay STRONG,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Toronto Workout, Mexico Workout, Interval Workouts

Got back into Toronto last night, ran some errands and slipped back into a nice routine. I'll be in Toronto for 6 days then off to LA next weekend. And I still have trips to Vegas and Arizona in October as well.

BTW, I had a great time at the Secrets Maroma Beach resort in Cancun. I was surprised I liked it that those types of holidays aren't usually my thing. But 3 nights wasn't enough.

The resort was really nice, and everything was taken care of...gorgeous setting, good food, great atmosphere, and of course, amazing friends (Joel, Vince and Flavia, Isabel and Stuart, John and Dana, etc., etc.). A great time...if anything, the service could have been a little faster, but hey, when you're sitting around in a tropical paradise with nothing to do and nowhere to go, it is easy to survive slow service.

Of course, I love my life in Toronto too, and so I'm not unhappy to be back and hitting the regular gym.

My training today:

1A) Triple Set Deadlift
1B) Bodysaw (ab exercise I found in Oct. Men's Health)

2A) Pistols
2B) Glute ham raise
2C) Shrugs

Check this quick workout video I filmed with my friend Isabel De Los Rios in Cancun. A nice circuit...advanced version could include decline pushups and a heavier dumbbell. Good times!

Turbulence Training at a resort in Mexico

And now for the Facebook Question of the Day:

Cat Potter asks: "What is the best cardio interval to do?"

There is no proven best interval. That's why my programs use a variety of interval workouts. I have some theories on the best...but it is good to switch it up. Check out my interval report here:

=> Interval Training Report

Kick-butt Mindset Tip of the Day:

"Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become."
Steve Jobs

Keep your momentum going through the weekend,


PS - Here's some great feedback on the TT for Abs DVDs...

"Hey Craig, I just got the TT For Abs DVDs in the mail this week. I absolutely love it! Thanks for making an amazing program. I am trying to get down to 11-12% body fat using this program. I also enjoyed the presentation and the nutrition dvd. Very informative, helpful, and motivating. :)"
Kirpal Lottey

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bally the Dog Does Intervals


Bally the Dog here again, as Bally the Human has gone on another one of his adventures. By the way, he's working on another free travel report for you, but I'm happy to fill in and play with you today.

*wags tail*

You're going to get my favorite interval training workout.

Also, and don't tell Bally the Human, but while he's gone I've set up a sweet TT interval training workout deal for you today here:


I figured I'd put these workouts on sale so I could earn a little human money to go buy a bag of peanut butter biscuits. And maybe some bacon too. Mmmmm, bacon. *drools*

And when it comes to exercise, dogs love to do intervals.

You know, sometimes I see other dogs jogging with their humans, but you probably didn't know most dogs HATE jogging and slow cardio.

We were made to sprint! Sprints are why us doggies are so lean, unless you feed us too much bacon.

So here's my favorite doggy interval session I use to stay lean and keep my six pack doggy abs (even though I'm a 5-year old lab).

After a warmup, including some downward dogs and a few loud barks to get motivated, I do:

1) 20 seconds of jumping up on people
2) 20 second shuttle sprint chasing a ball or small, yappy dog
3) 30 seconds dog wrestling (I like wrestling those uppity Labradoodles)
4) 30 second shuttle sprint chasing small dog or stupid catz

After the circuit, I take a minute to roll around on my back. I love doing this. You should rub my belly when I do this. Woof!

Then I repeat the circuit 3-6 more times, depending on my energy levels and how much time I have before Bally the Human takes me home.

Translated into your weird human exercises, it goes like this:

1) 20 seconds repeated vertical jumps
2) 20 second shuttle sprint
3) 30 seconds pushups
4) 30 second shuttle sprint

After the circuit, take one minute rest to pet your dog and tell your dog "how good they are". Then repeat 3-6 more times. Then go home and get your dog a treat. Like some bacon.

Interval training is the key to getting lean and staying lean. I bet Bally the Human is doing some intervals down in Mexico.

So join us in using the best fat burning interval workouts, and in saying "goodbye to boring cardio" forever. Get your intervals here:


Woof-woof, bark-bark, wag-tail-wag,

Bally the Dog
Guard Dog, Turbulence Training

PS - Those 31 human interval training workouts are ONLY...

...available at 50% off until Thursday night at midnight. It's a sweet deal - almost as good as bacon...and gives you dozens of workouts for just pennies per fat burning program.


(Plus, you get TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 for free.)

If you like that, now would be a good time to *virtually pat me on the head*.

Thank you. *licks your hand*

Woof-woof, bye-bye.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Cancun Meathead Workout

I am very lucky to be hanging around some great guys and gals in Cancun this week, including my friends, Vince Del Monte, Isabel De Los Rios, John Romaniello, and Joel Marion.

Isabel and I shot a quick workout video today that I'll be sharing with you soon. Then I did another meathead workout:

1-Elevated Pushups
2-DB Shrugs
3-DB Shoulder Lateral Raise Circuit
4-Biceps and Triceps
6-Cable pullover

Awesome times! And today's kickbutt mindset quote is all about hanging out with the right people.

You become who you associate with. Cut ties with lazy, negative, dishonest people." Kekich Credo #51.......Do not accept anything less than the best. This is YOUR life we are talking about!‎

Once you associate with the right people, you can achieve amazing things.

"Like boats without a rudder, people with no specific goals drift through life. What is one of the specific goals which gives your life direction
today?" - Bill Phillips......

One of my goals is to have created over 100 products by the end of 2010. I am going to finalize a new one, TT Transformation, today.

Be positive,


PS - Today is Transformation Tuesday...

Discover a powerful story of over-coming a "NO support" environment from a guy over 40 who lost belly fat an changed his life


Monday, September 20, 2010

Cancun Workout

Hit a travel/meathead workout here in Cancun. It went down like this.

Warmup including stickups

1A - Handstand pushups
1B - Pulldown
1C - cable abs

2A - Close grip pushups
2B - wide grip rows

3A - pushups
3B - reverse grip pulldowns

Todays mindset tip:

There will be days when you struggle to exercise, and that is okay. Just never give up. Realize everyone else goes through this, and not quitting is what separates the winners from the losers.

Train hard,


PS - Make a STRONG decision.

"It is not the decision you make that is most important; it is the degree of commitment with which you make the decision." - Bo Bartlett, artist

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Workout at Gold's Gym in Austin

Trained at Gold's Gym in Austin today. Good times.

1A) Jumps
1B) Squats

2A) Good morning
2B) Ball plank

3) Barbell lunges

One MAJOR lesson I've learned while traveling is that if you want to keep getting results, and if you want to avoid feeling guilty, and if you want to have energy and avoid feeling tired, is that you should do the best you can to stick to your normal schedule.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." - Jim Rohn

Last night I had some fun in Austin, but at 7:30am I was back up, working on my routine, and doing what I came here to do. To reach my goals I had to get back on track. Life can be fun, but if you want to accomplish big things, you have to get back to work when it's time to get back to work. Same goes for your fat loss program. Stay STRONG.

By the way, I'm working on another travel report which is already turning out to be even cooler than this one - which rocked...check out the top 10 things you must do to get lean and stay lean while traveling

=> How to Get Lean & Stay Lean While Traveling

Its already full of awesome content and this trip is only half over.

Today's resource:

Part 8 of fasting interview with Brad Pilon...this time Brad tells about how he did a powerlifting competition while fasting - quite interesting

=> Fasting and Powerlifting

Have a great week,


PS - Be nice to someone today. It's cheaper than trying to buy happiness.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to be 15 pounds light and look 15 years younger

Hey, I've been hanging out in Austin, Texas for the weekend and on Friday afternoon, I got to chatting with a friend of mine who just turned 40. I hadn't seen him in a year, and he had lost 15 pounds. The guy looked 5-10 years younger. Heck, he looked as young as me!

So I grilled him about his "15 pound fat loss secrets"...

1) He cut out alcohol.

He struggled at first, because he attends every Dallas Cowboys' game - so that means booze and food. But as soon as the season ended, he cut it out, and kept it out this summer. As a result, he lost 15 pounds (while losing only 5 pounds in the 6 months before that while he was working out and drinking - not at the same time of course!)

2) He used to record his nutrition.

Research shows that using a food journal will help you lose fat faster. Another easy way to use a food journal, is by posting your daily nutrition in the TT Membership forum. That's where hundreds of TT Members have posted their diet AND workout plans so they can benefit from the ACCOUNTABILITY of others.

3) He decided to commit and get SERIOUS.

His trainer, his wife, and a friend of the family all hounded him to get in shape for the sake of his 2 young sons.

In fact, the family friend SCOLDED him on not working out and told him he needed to shape up for the safety of his family.

That's the power of social support - it's and women from all over the world will give you the motivation, inspiration, and encouragement YOU need to succeed.

Get strong, stay strong.

And get lean,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meathead Hotel Gym Workout - Upper Body

I always plan my traveling workouts with expectation of minimal equipment so that I'm not disappointed.

Today's training in hotel gym:

1A) Bat Wings
1B) Pike Pushup

2A) Pullup
2B) Standing Cable 1-arm chest press

3) Standing cable 1-arm row

4A) DB Curls
4B) Triceps Rope Pressdowns

5) Rear Delt Raise, Side Raise, Front Raise

Good times.

Today's kickbutt mindset quote:

If you're just getting started, and you're struggling, just remember the Baby Step Method to improving. Be a little bit better today than yesterday. This all adds up. Make a checklist of positive behaviors that you must meet everyday. Do more planning. Identify 2 solutions for every obstacle in life. You will overcome. Keep up the good work and never get down on yourself.

And today's resource:

This week's 7-day fat loss call (adrenaline intervals)

=> Fat Burning Interval Workouts

Hanging out in Austin this weekend,


PS - Get a little bit closer with good decisions...

Everything you do takes you CLOSER to or further away from your goals...even on weekends. Don't ruin an entire week of awesomeness with a weekend full of poorly made choices.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Art of Non-Conforming Workouts

This weekend I'm off to Austin, Texas for a geek seminar, and then on Monday I head to Mexico to hang out with some of my fitness buddies, such as John Romaniello and Joel Marionz, and budettes, like Isabel De Los Rios and Flavia Del Monte.

Just another chapter in my weird, non-conforming, interesting life.‎

"You don't have to live your life the way other people expect you to. You can do good things for yourself and make the world a better place at the same time." - Chris Guillebeau, author of "The Art of Non-Conformity"  

I highly recommend Chris' book. Read it this week. Bought a couple copies for friends. Check his book out if you want to live life your way while helping others. It is possible.

Today's non-conforming training:

1) Cleans - terrible today...not sure why because deadlifts were most excellent.

2) Trap bar deadlift (340x8)

3A) Glute-ham raise
3B) Pistols

4A) Shrugs
4B) Planks

Today's resource:

This workout video is similar to the one I did today

=> TT Hardcore 2K10

And today's kick-butt mindset motivation:

‎"If I PERSIST, nothing can stop me."
Ted Nicholas

So never, ever, ever give up.

And another one...

"The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it."
Chinese proverb

Achieve your "impossible" in the 9th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. Last day to enter is Saturday,
September 18th here

=> Join the 9th TT Transformation Contest for free here

Be good,


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3 under-rated nutrition tips

I have a bit of an embarrassing story to share with you. I missed the bus to the bachelor party last week. And so I didn't get a chance to create a "lose fat at a bachelor party report".

However...I'm off to a business seminar this weekend and then a few days at a resort in Mexico, and I'll be bringing you a full report on how to get lean and stay lean when you take these types of trips.

The secret is to follow this #1 nutrition tip:

1 - Be accountable.

By promising you that I'm going to record my every meal, I have to make the right choices or I'll suffer embarrassment in front of over 87,000 people when I send out my food diary from the trip.

So you must find someone to be accountable to as well. It can be online, or it could be a friend at work or someone at the gym. All that matters is that you have someone to hold you accountable for your nutrition choices!

By the way, just keeping a food journal has been proven to increase weight loss. So even if you don't show it to anyone, holding yourself accountable will be enough to help your beat a fat loss plateau.

The next tip works really well for the final phases of dieting, or when on a business trip.

2 - Eat the same food everyday (sometimes).

Okay, I know, this doesn't sound like fun, but my ol' buddy John Romaniello, author of Final Phase Fat Loss, uses this when he has to lose the final 5-10 pounds of fat for a photoshoot.

And John is able to get super-lean by doing this.

Of course, this isn't a long-term strategy, but when you need to get "advanced results", you have to take advanced measures.

So when traveling to a business seminar, find the right choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and eat the same thing at each meal. That will minimize the damage - or even help you lose fat while on the road.

Or if you are in the final phase of a fat loss program, stick to the meals that are the best for your fat loss and easy to prepare.

You can treat yourself when the job is done.

3 - Increase your fiber intake.

I've stolen this idea from Josh Bezoni who gave some amazing tips on how to eat more fiber.

Fiber fills you up, helps you eat fewer calories, and may even help you eliminate extra bad calories.

Now here's a few ways for you to get more fiber in your diet:

- Blend in raw nuts with your smoothies & protein drinks
- Add vegetables to your omelet (I add broccoli, spinach, & mushrooms)
- Eat fruit between meals instead of high-calorie granola bars
- Snack on raw nuts instead of white-flour products like pretzels
 (I had a pretzel addiction in high school, and now I eat almonds)

Those are simple and under-rated, yet proven ways to improve your nutrition and lose more fat at home and while you travel.

On Thursday, I'll be starting my day with a high-fiber, nutrient dense blender drink, then eating some fruit, and then having a big omelet with vegetables before I head to the airport after lunch.

And you'll get to hear all about my meals, workouts, and adventures when I get back.

Just say NO to bellyfat when you travel,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Take your before photos to enter the 9th TT Transformation Contest. Last day to enter is this Saturday.

Just Checking In

Just checking in...are you hitting your workouts? How is your nutrition? Have you found social support?

If not, just remember that this is the last week to enter the 9th TT Transformation can win $1000 just for losing fat. Here are the details =>

And if you're struggling, just remember:

"Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
Harriet Beecher Stowe

My training today:

1) Stick-ups+Medball throw+cable external rotations warmup

2A) Handstand pushups (new record of 5)
2B) T-bar rows

3) Chinups

4) Decline Pushups

5A) Rear Delts
5B) Side Plank 

Yesterday I did a Men's Health podcast on "Are you too old to lose fat?" and "Why you should avoid situps".

Here's their podcast page => Men's Health Podcasts

And today's second kick-butt mind-set tip:

"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy."
Dale Carnegie

Get out there and get strong,


PS - ‎"A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Diet Mistakes & Foods to Eat

On Sunday afternoon I biked down to the 26th Annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival. On the bright side, it was well-attended, featured dozens of vegetarian companies devote to adding value to the world, and it offered dozens of free cooking classes.


I was also disappointed. Why? Because I watched so many vegetarians make the #1 veggie diet mistake...they were consuming massive amounts of sugar.

According to my nutrition expert friend, Josh Bezoni, adults and children should only consume 30 grams of sugar per day. However, I watched adult after adult (and their kids) drink big bottles of soda all afternoon. One guy was drinking directly from a 2-liter bottle!!!

Most people just don't realize how bad sugar is for their belly fat. In fact, Josh named that as the "#1 obesity additive" keeping us fat.

BTW, Josh was a judge for the Bill Phillips Body-for-LIFE competitions back in the day so he knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition. Plus, he's prepared a report for you on his top 15 foods that fight fat. I know that the 2nd one on the list will be controversial. You can get it here:

=> 15 Foods You Should Eat

By the way, I ate SEVEN of his 15 top foods before 2pm yesterday, including #'s 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, and 11 from his list.

Heck, even ol' Bally the Dog had 5 of those foods (he skipped #'s 8, 9, and 11, but also had #14 that I didn't have).

(Personally, I think #4 is the number one food to help you lose belly fat, and you'll be surprised it is not chicken, steak, or a
fancy protein powder.) 

Helping you make the right choices,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, How to Lose Fat While Traveling

PS - I also saw...

...a lot of the vegetarian food carts at the veggie food fair advertising "fake pork chops", "fake sausage", and "fake chicken". To me, this type of eating gives vegetarian eating a bad name. I'd rather eat real meat and real vegetables.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Monster Workout

Today's training for me was a workout I call, "The Monster". This workout is part of the TT October Workout of the Month. Advanced. Had me doubled over a couple of times.

Today's mind-set tip comes from Larry Winget:

"Ask yourself, 'What is the worst that could happen?' Then go for it. Besides, the worst that could happen rarely happens." - Larry Winget

Now for a couple more monster workouts...

You can do this Monster Bodyweight Cardio Workout in your living room while watching NFL football tonight 

=> Bodyweight Cardio

Also, here's this week's 7-day fat burning coaching call...shows you another MONSTER bodyweight workouts and tips to cut down on your monster food bill.

=> Save Money On Groceries

That's it for today.



Saturday, September 11, 2010

Social Support Saturday

‎"Social support is simply other people believing in you before you believe in yourself. And that is why it's so important...because it gets you through to when you can finally believe in yourself."
Marty Goldman, winner of Bill Phillips' Transformation Contest

Top 10 Transformation Tips (#'s 9, 6, and 5 might be most important)

=> Top 10 Body Transformation Tips



PS - "When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water."

- unknown boy scout saying?

Anyways, take a big deep breath before you say something you regret. Be good this weekend, have fun, and stay strong.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Handstands, Eccentric Training, & Berardi Surprises

Really great workout today. First of all, it was Meathead style, which is always fun. But it also had personal bests for me in the Handstand pushup, which was a surprise, and something you always want. There should be some type of personal best in every workout.

Here's how it went down. Started with foam rolling and stretching.

1A) Stick-up
1B) Med ball throw
1C) Bat Wing using - 35 pounds 3x5x5seconds Click here to see the Bat Wing (or google Bat Wing if this doesn't work)

2A) Handstand Pushup - kicked up to full handstand position and did 4 in first set, 3 in second, 3 in third, plus did my first few seconds of free standing Handstands. That was fun.
2B) Pullup - 12, 10, 10

3A) Board Press - bailed on this...right pec minor felt a little "ropey" I did eccentric cable crossovers... Google "Eccentric training injury" and you'll find research and articles on using eccentric exercise to battle tendinitis.
3B) DB Row - 80x3x15

4A) DB Curl (4 second eccentric to help forearm soreness) - 35x3x8
4B) BW Triceps Extension - 18,12,12

5) DB Shoulder Lateral Circuit (Rear, Side, Front Raise) - 15x15 for each movement

50 minutes in the gym, with 15 minutes being the warm-up portion.

Today's resource: A surprising interview with Dr. John Berardi

Another fitness expert dedicated to helping as many people as possible. You'll discover "90% tracking tips", the "30g/day supplement", a "7 word nutrition plan", and a surprising post-workout fat loss suggestion.

Listen here => Dr. John Berardi Surprising Interview

And today's kick-butt mindset tip:

If you don't have social support, take charge as the leader. Be confident in your choices. People will respect your decisions, even if it seems at first that they don't. Soon, people will come to you for advice and support. You are the one making the right decision. Never forget that.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fat Loss Is Simple

I came up with the saying a couple of years ago. Once you think about it, you'll realize it's harsh, but true.

"Fat loss is simple once you realize how hard it is."

Fat loss is simple once you accept how much effort, honesty, responsibility, long-range planning, creativity, intensity, discipline, thought and control the process is going to take.

I'm not saying it is easy. And it is not going to happen from a magic pill.

But once you accept how difficult it is then will you succeed.

The same goes for my goal of getting stronger. I need to step it up. Fortunately, I had a good workout today.

1) Hang Clean - 165x4x5

2) Trap Bar Deadlift 310x3x8

3A) Pistol - 3x5
3B) Glute Ham Raise - 3x10

4A) BB Shrug - 185x3x15
4B) Plank - 120 seconds, 80 seconds, 65 seconds
4C) BB Lunges - 135x8

These days I'm not doing much kettlebell training, but Chris Lopez put this 12-minute back to school KETTLEBELL workout for you

=> 12-minute kettlebell workout

Speaking of new workouts, I spent some time designing TT Transformation 3 yesterday...its looking good...interesting, and different from many TT programs.

And today's kick-butt mind-set tip was really popular too:

"Self-confidence is the surest way of of obtaining what you want. If you know in your own heart you are going to be something, you will be it. Do note permit your mind to think otherwise. It is fatal."
General George S. Patton

So be confident in the changes you are making,


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Steve Jobs Book Quotes

I'm reading a book called, "The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs". It's really good. Here's a quote from it that I liked:

"Your time is limited. So don't waste it living someone else's life."
Steve Jobs

And another:

‎"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood."
Daniel Hudson Burnham, American Architect

No workout for me today, but I'm working on the Bodyweight 1000 2K10, the Abs 1000, and TT Transformation 3. Off to the lab the meantime, check out this free bodyweight workout. Please share with your workout friends

=> TT Bodyweight Gauntlet Workout

Stay strong,


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Transformation Tuesday Tips

Another issue of Transformation Tuesday. Today, you'll get 3 of my best transformation tips AND my thoughts on how to
avoid bulking up.

=> Body Transformation Tips

Plus, we had another TT Facebook contest, this time I was asking for your best beginner Transformation Tip.

Our winner is Russell Hannah! Congratulations to Russell for his winning entry here: 

"Support. From someone who understands your goal. and is willing to kick you in the butt if required. and simply dont have the food your arent ...supposed to eat in your house. Then you wont be tempted."

Now for today's kick-butt Transformation mindset tip:

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."

My workout today:

1) Stickup+MedBall+cable ext rotation warmup

2A) Bench press
T-bar row

3A) Chinups
3B) Decline Pushups
3C) Cable rear delts

And don't miss my abs/cardio QnA here:

=> The Best Cardio & Abs Exercises



PS - Here's another quote from my Mom's favorite person...

"Never waste time on the things you can't change or the opinions other people have of you"
Rachel Ray

So be positive. Help others.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Leg Workout & Bad Ab Exercise

We're going to talk a LOT about ab training this week. There are a lot of bad exercise choices out there in every gym. So I'll show you how to choose wisely later this week.

Today I watched a well-meaning but poorly educated trainer put his client through some dangerous ab exercises. Not surprisingly, client complained of low back pain after.

The exercise was weighted Stability Ball Crunches...but not just any regular stability ball crunches. The movement was not restricted to just a few inches of a curl-up, but instead included a violent full body situp that ended with the client almost putting her head between her knees.

So it became a full on Stability Ball Situp Total Body Flexion exercise. A big NO-NO for your back.


Because as Dr. Stuart McGill, the world's expert on low-back injuries and abdominal training, said in a recent New York Times article, " sit-ups, they place devastating loads on the disks."

By disks, he's referring to the intervertebral disks in your spine, the ones that get herniated in many low back injuries.

So you need to avoid sit-ups, and stick to back-friendly ab exercises instead. This may mean the end to your beloved "ab burn" from doing hundreds of crunches, but trust me, your results will be just as good AND you won't hurt your back. More info to come soon...

My training today:

1) Depth jumps

2) Box Squats

3A) Good Morning
3B) Ball Plank
3C) Lunges

As for your training, I hope it includes a workout that is helping you in the 9th TT Transformation Contest that started yesterday. The TT Member's Transformation forum is filling up with TT contest #9 contestants! It's going to be an awesome fall fat loss season.

And don't forget we also have a 6-week contest that ends on the day before Halloween (so you can wear a sexy costume).

Details here =>

Today's kick-butt mindset tip:

"Avoid negative people at all costs.They are the greatest destroyers of self confidence and self-esteem."
Brian Tracy

So don't let anyone bring you down!



PS - A tip I found in a book I read this weekend...

...the book was, "The Ultimate Sales Machine" by Chet Holmes. Very good book...and the quote was:

‎"Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious."
Thomas Edison

So put your brain to work while you sleep. I've used this tip before for big-time results!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Vegetarian Eating While Out

Last week I met some friends at a restaurant in downtown Toronto called "Fresh". It's well known for its vegetarian and even vegan options, and so I took advantage of that.

I ordered a vegan curry with brown rice, and it was great. More and more vegetarian restaurants are popping up.

I even found an amazing vegetarian restaurant in the city of Krakow in Poland during my summer travels.

You can read all about the meals I had there PLUS my top 10 tricks for getting lean and staying lean while traveling in this free report I created for you:

=> =>

A lot of my success has to do with this rule:

1) Travel with a Personal Philosophy of Being Lean

Listen, here's the truth. When you travel the world, you're going to be up against all sorts of obstacles and the entire world is conspiring against you. From airport food to lousy hotel gyms, burning fat and keeping the weight off will not be easy.

But before we even worry about what food to pack or workouts to bring, we need to get your personal philosophy sorted out.

You must have a set of behavioral rules and a personal philosophy in place that will guide your every decision. Only then will you have the strength to make the right choices.

On the other hand, if you leave home with a laissez-faire attitude thinking, "Oh, I'll do my best", you are going to break down the second you past the first Cinnabon restaurant in the airport.

Now, I'm sure you've never been told by a fitness expert to have a "guiding personal philosophy" before, so let me help you with yours.

First, let me give you a related example. Let's look at vegetarians. They clearly have the guiding personal philosophy of, "I don't eat meat." Or look at a recovering alcoholic. They have the guiding philosophy of, "I do not drink alcohol." Those are rules that they live by that are non-negotiable.

So work on YOUR personal fat loss philosophy to live by everyday, and never compromise!

Stay healthy,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Bat Wing Exercise

I did the "Bat Wing" exercise in my workout yesterday. To find out what it is, go here to see my latest Men's Health contribution.

=> Exercise Tests Article

(NOTE - The exercise idea is from Dan John):

Then download this week's 7-day fat loss podcast...featuring research on 1 vs 3 sets for muscle, the perfect fat loss workout, 3 over-rated ab exercises, and more



"Pay your grocer or pay your doctor."

Get out to your farmer's markets today and get real food. Spend a little extra if you must. Eat a little less.

And get ready for the 9th TT Contest that starts tomorrow


Stay strong,


PS - Good life advice from Dave Kekich...

"Don't allow yourself to be rushed. Make important decisions carefully, considering your gut feelings."
Kekich Credo #34

Friday, September 03, 2010

Get out of your comfort zone

I hope you have a great weekend, but when you get back on Monday or Tuesday, let's get ready to get you out of your comfort zone and into the 9th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest here:


More about that next week...

My training today:

1A) MB throw
1B) upper back warmup

2A) handstand pushup
2B) Wide grip pullups

3A) rack lockout
3B) db row

4A) db curls
4b) bw triceps extension with rings

Weekend will be off. Back to squat workout on monday.

Now about your comfort zone...

Here's ONE thing we fear about change, getting out of your comfort zone, and 5 crazy photos of destruction

=> Read how to get out of your comfort zone & achieve your goals

If that wasn't's another kickbutt mindset tip:

"Other people and things can stop you temporarily. You're the only one who can do it permanently."
Zig Ziglar



PS - This weekend, remember...

"The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times... the best moments usually occur when a person's body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile."
Mihály Csíkszentmihályi

Thursday, September 02, 2010

You are not washed up at 27

Another day, another email from some guy who is 27 years old and thinks he is too old to lose fat.

Listen, you are definitely not too old to transform your body if you are 27.

Seriously, I get emails all the time from guys who think they are "too old to lose fat at 27". Can you believe that?

What would YOU say to these guys?

One thing I'd tell them is that they need to plan and prepare.

After all, "Failing to plan is planning to fail".

Cliche, but true. If you want to change, or if you want to succeed in the TT Transformation Contest, you need to take an hour today or this weekend planning out the rest of 2010. Identify the obstacles in your way and come up with at least 2 solutions for each of them. Plan your meals & workouts. Recruit your social support. And identify the real reason causing you to change.

Here's the new workout I planned for myself today:

1) Hang cleans

2) Trap bar deadlifts

3A) Pistol squats
3B) Glute ham raise

4A) BB shrugs
4B) Planks

Good times.

Today's blender drink:

1 banana, frozen straweberries, 1.5 peaches, spinach (you can't taste it), 2 cups almond milk, Garden of Life raw protein powder, cacao nibs, and walnuts.

Bally's current snack of the day: "Thinkers". Wild salmon with added gingko biloba. Seriously.

Triple seriously yours,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Win one of three free copies...

...of the TT for Abs DVDs here:


.... post your entry on that site, not here. Contest ends Friday night. Winners announced next week.

You rock! 

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Big Arms with Vinny D

One of the biggest "concerns" folks have about TT is that there are not enough arm exercises in the program.

So I went to Vince Del Monte for some eye-opening arm exercise tips.

First, here are Vince's 3 Rules for Training Arms:

1. Generally to grow your arms about 1-2 inches you need at least 10 pounds of total body muscle. If you're legs, back, chest and shoulders are getting bigger, your arms will be growing too.

If your arms are not growing and you're doing dozens of biceps and triceps exercises then go back to focusing on getting stronger with the "majors" and you'll start getting bigger biceps and triceps.

2. So get stronger in "big lifts."

Focus on full body workout where you get stronger in your squats, deads, presses and rows and save 2-4 sets at the end of each workout for some direct arm training in the 6-10 rep range.

At the end of a full body workout you only need one direct biceps and triceps exercises. I would go with DB curls and Skull Crushers.

3. Experiment with different sets and reps.

When you train arms on their own day, super set three different exercises at three different rep ranges to stress the muscle fibers at different intensities and for maximal recruitment.

BONUS Tip: Don't overtrain your arms by doing them every workout.

Less if often with your workouts. Don't underestimate the stimulation your arms get by focusing on your major muscle groups and big exercises.

Thanks Vinny D!

Meatheads 4x4

4 days. 4 exercises.

The TT Meatheads 4x4 program to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Ah yes, another Meathead Workout.

This time my “Meathead” client requested shorter workouts (because it was the summer time and he wanted to strut his meathead stuff on the party scene).
So I gave him just 4 exercises per workout (sticking with the best basics) and I added in the option for him to do one of four "conditioning/interval/ab" workouts at the end of the resistance training workouts if he had time.

If you’re into fast workouts muscle building, you can skip the additional conditioning components.
On the other hand, if you want to try and gain muscle while burning more belly fat at the same time, use both the 4x4 muscle building basics and the 4 conditioning workouts as outlined in this program.

You’re going to have a blast with this program,