Friday, August 31, 2007

What You Can Learn From David Beckham

David Beckham is hurt again. If you don't know, he's pro soccer player (now in the USA, formerly of Spain and Engerland). Beckham makes a lot of cash, and because of that, not playing is not an option.

But guess what happens when you are hurt and not fully recoverd and you try to play or workout while slightly injured.

You hurt something else.

Beckham was still recovering from an ankle sprain, yet was probably under a lot of pressure to play. And then he hurt his knee, spraining his MCL, because as he says, "I went into the tackle favoring my ankle".

His injury beget another injury.

And that can happen to you. So if you have hurt something, dont' try and work around it. Rest the area. There might be exercises you can do for an unrelated part of the body, but if you have a sore shoulder - don't try doing upper body work. It's just going to lead to something else breaking down.

Train smart, train safe, stay strong,

Turbulence Training for Abs
Fat Loss Workout Routines

Turbulence Training for Ripped Abs

Just in time for the weekend, is the new
Turbulence Training for Abs Workout.

The first Turbulence Training workout dedicated to
extra abdominal work...using the Turbulence Training
principles of course. If you love working your abs,
you'll love using this workout.

So many people have asked for a Turbulence
Training workout focusing on getting ripped abs,
but you know I'm not the kind of guy to put
together a workout of hundreds and hundreds
of crunches to try and sell you "an ab workout".

That's a joke, but by going through some past
workouts, I was able to put together a TT for Abs
program based on total body ab exercises, the
classic TT superset principles, and the famous
TT intervals.

Here's how it goes down...

Day 1 - Workout A

Bodyweight warmup
Total body supersets to boost your metabolism
Ab Circuit

Day 2 - Light recovery exercise

Day 3 - Workout B

Bodyweight warmup
Higher volume total body workout
(using a couple strength exercises as intervals)
Ab endurance circuit

Day 4 - Light recovery exercise

Day 5 - Workout C

Bodyweight warmup
Total body supersets to boost your metabolism
Ab Circuit

Day 6 - Intervals + Abs

My special blend of intervals and abs to work
your torso overtime.

Day 7 - Light recovery exercise

Okay, so that's it. See how I put all together
inside the September workout of the month,
Turbulence Training for Ripped Abs.


PS - This program covers it all for your abs...

Stability, resistance, the 6-pack muscles, and
your obliques, all while taking care of your lower
back at the same time.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hey, If You're Sick of My Long Shorts...

Then watch the Aug 30th video HERE over at Men's Health. I wore a new pair of shorts, just for I demonstrate a stretch for the "hip flexor" area, that is often tight in most people that sit for a living.

Learn the stretch HERE

NOTE: This video will likely be gone in a week, and I'm not sure how to archive it besides a direct link to the Men's Health video page...but I have more videos coming on, so keep an eye out for them...


PS - Another video...

Personal Trainer in Toronto

New Turbulence Training for Abs Workout is Ready

This program covers it all for your abs...

Stability, resistance, the 6-pack muscles, and your obliques, all while taking care of your lower back at the same time.

Get a 6-pack with Turbulence Training for Abs


Cardio & Nutrition Advice

Jen Heath is a fat loss pro who went from being 195 pounds after
having twins to getting fitness model-lean. She recently interviewed
over a dozen of the top fat loss experts in the world.

Jen is also an expert trainer with plenty to share...
CB: Why do some beginners drop out?
The main reason clients fail to contact me when they need help is
because they think they have "fallen off the wagon" or "done
themselves in" with chocolate.
Really, these slight deviations from diet can actually be mentally
refreshing and easily worked around. The problem lies in a
prolonged absence from utilizing me due to feelings of guilt, shame
or failure.
None of my clients are failures. Life happens, and nothing should
stop anyone from using the help they pay for. If a trainer finds
major flaws in their clients for something like this, they are not
worth having as trainers.
CB: What do you think about cardio for fat loss?
When I see people ding only cardio at the gym every time I see
them, it is no wonder that they look the same year after year.
They are always trying to get rid of that "flabby tricep" or that
"last bit of fat" on their abs. Cardio in volumes won't do it.
Weight training will. Smart nutrition with weight training and an
appropriate and not egregious amount of cardio is the way.
CB: Why is that?
I am certain that it is because there is an intimidation factor
associated in people's minds with weights. This can be complicated
further more by the idea that weights will make them bulky.
CB: Jen, you use weights, but look fantastic, not bulky.
I am not bulky, but I don't eat volumes of food over maintenance
either. The only way to "bulk up" is to eat over maintenance
The only way to get started on burning fat effectively is to eat
enough to give you body the energy it needs to do it! It is truly
time to get off the machines, and find a combination of weight
training and nutrition that will yield the true results women are
CB: What are some other problems with fat loss programs?
Changing training schemes and nutritional plans too soon is a huge
deterrent from success in physique goals.
Training plans are best implemented on a 6-8 week basis, with lots
of progression in the weights during this time.
The best thing to do is to focus on increasing the weights lifted,
or beating records form the workout before. Once the inevitable
results start coming from being consistent, it becomes much easier
to feel dedicated to a particular plan for a sufficient amount of
CB: What about diet plans?
The same goes for nutrition. Nutrition is most of the results we
getting the gym to begin with as I stated at the beginning of this
You can never know how well a nutritional outline will work for you
if you don't give it a fair chance. This involves a minimum of 4
weeks eating a certain way before determining whether it is
effective for your body.
Again, the tendency here is just that we want results sooner,
better, faster. Realizing that those kinds of results are the ones
that don't last can be a major stepping stone in achieve a lean
sexy body over a longer period of time, one that lasts!
CB: Any fat loss tips outside of eating and exercising?
It is imperative to get enough sleep. It is one of those things
that must be decided upon and done. Get as much done as you can,
make sleep a priority and go to bed. Most things can wait till the
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Get more tips...
By Tracking Down The 18 Leading Fat Loss Experts In The
World, Experts That Only The Super Rich Have Access To,
Experts That YOU Have Never Even Heard of Until Now,
You Can Now Tell The Diet Pill Industry Where to Go With
Their Diet Pills!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cosgrove & Ballantyne Talk Turbulence

This is from Alwyn Cosgrove's latest newsletter

Here's one of the q's from my interview...

AC: Can you describe a typical training session consist of for your clients?

My Turbulence Training system can be adapted for any goal and any experience level. I call the warm-up, Athletic Movement Training, and others might use the term "dynamic warmup" or "dynamic flexibility".

We use a general bodyweight warm-up to start, always trying to total body workouts and work as much of the body with each exercise as possible. So for example, we would do a circuit of bodyweight prisoner squats (to include the upper back muscles), some type of pushing movement (pushups - modified to the trainee's level of difficulty), and some type of pulling movement (focusing on shoulder blade retraction).

All exercises are "core exercises" - as we brace the abs and activate all of the core muscles while doing all exercises in the entire workout.

For an athlete, the number of exercises in the Athletic Movement Warm-up will increase in comparison to a client looking for fat loss or muscle gain, and will even differ depending on the amount of speed and agility training to be done in the athletes workout.

Then we work on actively increasing the range of motion for any problem spots - and this is individual to the client. So it depends on what we have learned from their assessment and previous training sessions. If any work needs to be done on the foam roller, we do it now. Same with any exercises that are required for this individual in terms of injury prevention (i.e. rotator cuff exercises or other small muscles - again, determined through assessment and from previous workouts).

Next, it is onto the strength training, using the TT principles. Efficient and effective exercises are paired with other non-competing efficient and effective exercises in supersets. The repetition range, number of sets per superset, and rest intervals will vary depending on the clients goals but all are picked to create the appropriate level and type of turbulence in the person's body to stimulate the correct physical change.

I prefer to stick with a lower repetition range than that normally found in traditional bodybuilding programs. Therefore, I find it very easy to make a client stronger. All you need to do is stick to the basics. Metabolic conditioning and/or fat loss intervals will follow the strength training. We will complete the session with stretching for the tight muscles only.

Another consideration - we won't apply aggressive stretching to a muscle that was trained hard during this session, or a muscle that is to be trained hard on the following day. We will only do light stretching for that particular muscle group.

I take a big picture approach to training. Pick exercises and techniques that are efficient and effective. That way, people will get in and out of the gym in as little time as possible. Therefore, they can spend more time training their sport skill or more time enjoying their life. You don't have to live in the gym to get great results. You just need a great program.

For beginners, here's what you need to succeed:

  • Get your nutrition in order
  • Get strong
  • Train with intervals

If you are lean, strong, and fit, there isn't much that can stop you,


P.S. Dozens of other trainers use Turbulence Training for their clients AND for themselves...

To get more TT, become a Member today.

"Craig, I just wanted to let you know that I've been using your Turbulence Training System to whip myself back into shape after a vacation and too much time in front of the computer getting a couple of projects completed and I've dropped 10.2 lbs. of bodyfat in the last 28 days. As a fellow fitness professional I can safely say that it's the best and most efficient approach to improving body composition that I've come across."

Pat Rigsby


The Fitness Consulting Group
Click here for a MUST READ for Personal Trainers


"I implemented your ideology into my training programme late last year and saw immediate results. Within a matter of weeks, I was able to complete near maximal sprints of 30 seconds with only 30 seconds rest with relative ease. I was getting so fit I was able to complete many more than the 6 sets of sprints prescribed in your manual! It works that well. It's no wonder I 've passed this effective, well thought out programme onto the people I train at my university's gym, and they love it! It decreases the amount of time needed to train, eliminates the boredom accompanied with steady state exercise, and maximises fat loss and strength gains, which from my experience, is exactly what people want. One guy I train has lost a stone and a half (21 lbs) using the programme and he only uses the gym 3 times per week compared to the 5 times he used to before using your ideas. Well-done mate."

Craig Bunting, CSCS, London, UK


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bodyweight Interval Fat Burning Circuit Q'n'A

Here's a bodyweight circuit training question and answer session I did on my fat loss forum.

TTMember Q: I was looking at this bodyweight workout and was wondering if I should use the "advanced" or the "beginner" interval routine. Personally, I like the look of this interval routine (again from the forums):

Y-Squat (15-20 reps)
Pushup (10 reps)
Single leg deadlift (12 reps)
Band pull (8 reps)
Jumping Jack (30 reps)
Mountain Climber (8 reps per)

But I am concerned that some of those exercises are ones that I do as part of my BW workouts. Does it look like that would be too much?
CB's Answer:

TTMember Response:
I am currently doing 32 pushups as part of the phase 2 body weight workouts, so I would guess I can do about 35 or so if I tried to max out on 'fresh' (i.e. untired) muscles.

I think I will go with a split squats then, for 12 reps per leg. As far as jumping jacks go, is 30 reps too many?

CB's Response:
Great work on the pushups, those should be no problem and I think 30 Jumping Jacks should be no problem for you.

Excellent, thanks for the input. It never ceases to amaze me how prompt and helpful your replies are. Keep up the good work!

Get more calorie burning fat loss help here

Also, if you are looking for a Personal Trainer in Toronto - watch this video

Monday, August 27, 2007

3 Tips from Fat Loss Expert

Not every fat loss expert has a website. In fact, many are what I
call "underground experts", toiling away in their gyms, labs, and
offices, helping thousands of men and women burn fat every day.
Jen Heath is a fat loss pro who went from being 195 pounds after
having twins to getting fitness model-lean. Her practical
strategies will save you time and effort, and skyrocket your
results. Jen is a true underground fat loss expert.
CB: Jen, what tips do you have for someone that is intimidated but
wants to get started?
First and foremost...tell yourself that you can succeed. It is true.
There is no goal too lofty.
Please take it from someone who knows from personal experience. I
have four children, a house, and several other commitments...enough
CB: Trust me, your transformation is impressive. What else should
beginners do?
Second, find someone who you look up to and trust, who may have
experience in what you are trying to accomplish. I cannot stress
this enough. I did not become a successful athlete
without a coach.
Having someone who has an understanding of your goals and what it
will take to achieve them, who will take the time to learn you as
an individual, your specific metabolic needs, and tendencies is not
only smart, but it makes what might seem 'intimidating' or 'hard'
become 'fun' and 'achievable'.
CB: I agree, learning more will help. Last tip?
Third, I would make an acknowledgement to yourself that there are
probably habits that you need to change. Some of them may be
obvious and you can go ahead and change those.
Regardless of what those changes are, goals are not achieved over
night, and neither is perfection in executing them. Success is
something you create by modifying your thoughts and behavior, step
by step as you remain committed to 'you'.
CB: Jen, you work with beginners, how does it usually start off?
Beginning clients are often frustrated that they are not making
any progress the gym, but when I ask them about their diets, they
honestly have no idea about what they are eating.
CB: Right, its a great reminder to check your nutrition and daily
food intake!
Clients say things like "I eat really well" or "I really try to eat
only low fat things". 
I honestly feel that if no attention is going to be paid to what is
going in, then what goes out I terms of efforts means little to
nothing. Our workouts in terms of results will only yield the
quality of what we put in our mouths.
CB: Interesting, what do you mean?
First of all, if you have "no idea" what you are eating in terms of
calories and macronutrients, chances are you may be eating a bowl
of special K cereal for breakfast, a tuna fish sandwich for lunch,
and chicken and red potatoes with broccoli for dinner.
Sounds pretty healthy, right?
Actually that equals roughly 850 calories, not nearly enough fat or
protein to accomplish anything. This is like a person starving
Likewise, someone who is only trying to eat low fat items, is
probably taking in too many carbohydrates, not enough protein, and
no where near enough fat to allow their bodies to function
normally, let alone grow muscle or shed fat.
CB: So what do you recommend?
The best thing to do is to jot down what you eat for a week, and
not worry about totals. You can take the time to add it up later.
Simply jot down what you eat on a small notepad that you can keep
with you, and later, sit down and figure out how close you came to
meeting what you body needs.
CB: Do you have specific nutrition recommendations?
A safe bet to go by is eating your body weight x 1 in protein,
about half your bodyweight in healthy fats, and at least 50 grams
of net carbs, or more depending on what you goals are.
So if you weigh 140 pounds, you would eat 140 grams of
protein, 70 grams of healthy fats, and 50 grams of carbohydrate.  
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - Get more tips...
By Tracking Down The 18 Leading Fat Loss Experts In The
World, Experts That Only The Super Rich Have Access To,
Experts That YOU Have Never Even Heard of Until Now,
You Can Now Tell The Diet Pill Industry Where to Go With
Their Diet Pills!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Phase 3, Workout 1

Today I started the next phase of Jays Maximum Mass workout. Great total body workout. Really hit the basics.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Use It or Lose It

Of course, the biggest question bodybuilders (and most guys) have about dieting and Brad Pilon's Fasting Program is "will I lose muscle". And Brad Pilon wrote a good little article over at his site here that will ease your worries about burning muscle mass with dieting

And then there's this other site you might want to check out, as this guy also promotes fasting for fat loss

The title of this post gives you a hint about what Brad says in his article. Basically, as you as you strength train, you'll keep your muscle while you diet.

Which brings up an important point...if you diet and only do cardio, you'll lose muscle even FASTER than if you just dieted alone.

So say goodbye to the 80's approach to fat loss (diet and cardio), and stick with what works (diet, resistance training and intervals).

It's the simple way to lose fat and keep muscle,


PS - For my workout today, I did kettlebell training, but also plan some deep knee bends for later this afternoon, before Phase 3 of Ferruggia's program starts next week.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Men's Health Videos

Today we finished filming some videos for the Men's Health magazine website, and now I'm sitting in the Detroit Airport watching a severe thunderstorm while I wait for my flight back to Toronto. The airport is one of the nicest I've been in, and I have a great seat in front of a huge section of windows where I'm watching the rain pouring down and the lightening, while listening to the thunder. Its pretty cool, but can't be good for my flight time...

At Men's Health, we filmed a bunch of workouts that you'll see featured in the October issue of the magazine. One of them is mine, and features 8 exercises you might not have done before...unless you are a member of my fat loss website

We also filmed some circuits from Jason Statham's workout (he's an actor), and it will give you some great ideas on how to get superlean. It also gave me some ideas for new fat burning programs.

And finally, we filmed some instructional videos for the Men's Health fitness test I created, that you can learn more about at

Good times were had by all,


Stress Relief & Weight Loss

It's Friday, and a week of stress has piled itself onto your shoulders. But you still have deadlines to meet and errands to run on your lunch hour. How will you ever get through the day and be able to make a seamless transition into the weekend?

Meditation and proper breathing can reduce your stress, improve your health, and help your fat loss.

In one study, published in the prestigious Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers found that meditation lowers blood pressure and even improves insulin resistance - thus a big help to people at risk of heart disease.

On the other hand, stress can mean death to a fat loss program.

Take this conclusion from a series of studies performed at Montclair State University, published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, "Dieters are more likely to eat more junk food when stressed. But even 1/3 of non-dieters eat too much junk food when stressed."

"Stressed dieters said they ate the snacks because the food makes them feel better. So stress not only makes you eat more, but also makes you choose junk food instead of healthy snacks."

I asked Dan Brown, a breathing expert, for his tips that any desk jockey can apply at any time of day.

1) First, drop your shoulders and relax the trapezius muscle. Many office workers sit with their shoulders shrugged up, putting tension on the trapezius muscle. This can lead to back aches and headaches.

So be conscious of your posture whenever possible. Simply relaxing your shoulders is one of the first steps in stress reduction. And make sure that you computer screen is at eye level. If you have to bend your neck forwards, you will end up with back pain and more tension.

2) Second, straighten your posture and take slow, deep breaths. Too often we are guilty of shallow, quick breaths - as if all the breathing is done by the upper chest. 

However, it is more relaxing to breathe deeply, from the belly. Inhale through your nose and let the breath travel all the way down to your belly.

Let your belly expand as the air fills it up, and contract as you exhale; letting the breath leave the the body via the same path it entered. Breath out through your nose. Do not force the breath, but gently guide it with the mind.

Do this for a number of breaths (I.e. 12 breaths to start). Don't count time, just breaths.

And make sure that you are sitting upright, and not slouching. Not only is this important for the health of your upper and lower back, but also for your breathing.

To improve your posture, curl your pelvis forward slightly. Straighten your spine vertically such that your diaphragm is not compressed or collapsed. Keep your neck vertical and head facing straight forward, as if suspended from above.

The idea is to make your entire spine vertically erect from end to end. This alignment will help ensure your blood and breath can move uninhibited throughout your upper body.

3) And finally, Dan recommends that you take more breaks from your seated position. Stand up, stretch, and take a short walk around at least every two hours.

Use all of these methods simultaneously for best results.

Let that help you through your day,


Thursday, August 23, 2007

CB's Business Seminar for Trainers

To all personal trainers with a website,

I am holding a seminar in November about how to improve your online fitness business. If you are interested in more details, please contact CB through this link

Here's some feedback from one attendee...

"Hey Craig... I had no doubt that the investment in your course would pay off... I just didnt think it would happen so quickly.

Two months away and from your coaching and emails alone, I've hired my 2nd employee to manage all my customer email (saving me hours each week to work ON my business), partnered with you for a promo which should easily surpass the cost of the actual conference, connected with the editor of Men's Fitness (I'll be in the November issue) and starting to network with some of your other attendees who I should be doing some very profitable projects with.

Even though I have already had extensive and expensive internet marketing coaching... I don't think your email subscribers have any idea of how much of an opportunity and deal they are getting by learning from you for such a low sign up fee. My $2000 investment is already paid off and we are over 2 months out from the conference even starting! Can't wait to meet you and all the other attendees. And sweet location too!"
Vince DelMonte
author & creator, No Nonsense Muscle Building

I look forward to helping you spread your fitness message to thousands, if not millions of people around the world,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS If you are interested in more details, please contact CB through this link

PPS - We'll also have Jim Labadie and Pat Rigsby at the seminar and you can talk to them about building your offline businesss as well.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kettlebells, Dumbells, & Men's Health Magazine

I'm heading down to Men's Health magazine Headquarters later tonite to film some short workout videos for the Men's Health website.

In the meantime, I want to update you on 2 jam-packed audio interviews I added to my fat loss membership site

The first is with Brad Pilon, author of Eat-Stop-Eat. Brad and I discuss his crazy diet idea and he actually makes it sound sane. He even has a few TT members trying it out. So far, so good. Let him make the case in Brad's interview here

And the second interview is with Alwyn Cosgrove. The last 15 minutes are stellar as Alwyn runs through some of the top tips he's taken from others. Find out how Alwyn is doing and how you can lose fat. Listen to Cosgrove explain keys to fat loss success here.

We cover one particularly important point, and that's about surrounding yourself with lean people if you want to get lean. Plus he explains Berardi's concept of G-flux, and how that changed some of his programming.

Really good stuff, and there are a few points that could really make all the difference to your fat loss success,


PS - Oh yeah, my workouts

Tuesday - kettlebell snatches, tested my left arm and got up to 29. So that's pretty good.

Wednesday - Day 2 of phase 2 of Maximum Mass. Phase 3 starts next Sunday or Monday.

The New Weight Loss Diet - Eat-Stop-Eat

This is going to sound crazy, but give him a friend Brad Pilon wrote a diet book about, get this, fasting. That's right. For 24 hours.

If you have any questions, he will be happy to get back to you, so email Help at

I read his book over the weekend. I even did an hour long audio interview with Brad Pilon on his Eat Stop Eat program - TT Members listen here

He makes a case for his plan being as simple as any diet program, and easy to follow. Although I'm sure you don't believe I asked him some more questions here...

CB: Brad, eat-stop-eat. What the heck are you are talking about? I can officially call you crazy now, right?

I wasn't lying when I said this was a radical new approach to nutrition!

Honestly, I started my research for Eat Stop Eat after I chose to study "the metabolic effects of intermittent short-term fasting and their potential application in weight loss"during my graduate studies.

(This is just a fancy way of saying I was studying the health benefits of short term fasting for school).

At the same time as I was researching short-term fasting, I was also trying to read all of today's popular diet books (kind of a side project I've had going on for the last year or so).

As I was reading through all of these books I realized that all of these diets were making the same critical mistake - they make their diets too difficult.

They are so complicated that they end up intruding on your everyday life. Skipping family events, avoiding restaurants...who wants to do that for month after month?

Not only that, but they make you feel guilty about every single piece of food that you put in your mouth!

So I decided to design a program based on my area of study, that was easy, flexible, and came with a sense of challenge and accomplishment as opposed to months and months of guilt.

CB: Okay, so you came up with fasting? Isn't that hard to do?

Not at all.

Everyone who has tried Eat Stop Eat has told me that they couldn't believe how easy it was! Even the biggest skeptics ended up telling me that it was way easier than they expected.

CB: What about my metabolism and muscle mass?


As I explain in my book, I think this whole metabolism thing is a myth!  

From my research I just don't believe that your metabolism will drop just because you haven't eaten in a couple hours. As for muscle, your ability to preserve muscle mass is directly related to your training. If you are weight training while dieting, you won't lose muscle.

CB: Ok, you sound like you have your opinions.

You can read Brad's book at or if you are a TTMember, listen to his interview.

He makes a good argument,

Brad's interview on TTMembers

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fat Loss Kettlebell Interview

Here's part of my latest fat loss kettlebell interview, this time with Franz Snideman.

CB: Let's go through a typical kettlebell-based fat loss program for an intermediate man and then a beginner female.

He would start off with about 5 to 8 minutes of full body joint mobility exercises followed by a kettlebell routine. All routines incorporate compound full body exercises, things like snatches, clean and presses, lunges, squats, Turkish get ups and bodyweight exercises like pull ups, push ups, jumping jacks, etc.

Here is a sample intermediate male fat loss program. The program consists of two separate workouts with a total of 3 workouts being performed each week.

You would perform 4 to 5 exercises in a row without rest. Here is the layout.

Week One:

Do Program A on Monday, Program B on Wednesday and back to A on Friday.

(This is part of program A)

Program A

A-1 Double KB Clean and Press - 5 reps
A-2 KB Windmill - 3 reps/side
A-3 Single Arm Bent Over Row - 8 per side
A-4 One Arm Swing Ladder - 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5

CB: What type of cardio/interval training do you use for fat loss?

For a lot of people our kettlebell fat loss workouts are enough and they do not need to do any additional cardio or interval training.

Read the rest of the interview here...

Bodyweight DVD Disappointment

This could also be titled how to throw away $8000 and 2 weeks of work.

Through a series of rookie mistakes, camera malfunctions and my own stupidity, the entire 2 weeks we spent filming the 6-month bodyweight manual turned out to be a waste. Footage was lost, quality was sacrificed when we tried another camera, and I just wasnt happy with the overall results.

So back to the drawing board, or more specifically the workout floor next week when we'll start re-filming.

On the bright side...

a) You'll end up getting a far superior product

b) I learned some valuable lessons for future filming

c) we should be able to salvage some footage to make for some cool youtube videos

d) I've got more time to brainstorm some new bonuses to make the DVD package even better and more valuable to you

We should still have this done for mid-October, just in time to fight the holiday fat without having to go to the gym,

Dumbell and bodyweight fat loss workouts

Monday, August 20, 2007

7 Day Fat Loss Workout Program Guide

7 days, 7 tips for fat we go.

Do your regularly scheduled TT workout.

Leg exercises allow you to work more muscle, do more work, and burn more calories. That will mean more and better changes to your body.

My favorite leg exercises are split squats, and all the variations. I'll show you a bunch in the soon to be released, Turbulence Training Bodyweight DVD's.

Granted, the best and toughest bodyweight leg exercise is the pistol. Hands down.


30 minutes of activity. Signup for this new health newsletter that promises you more energy and fat loss.


TT workout.

Stressed? Find out how to reduce stress with meditation.

According to Dan Brown of TTmembers, "In standing meditation (zhanzhuang) we shift our focus internally to give our mind and spirit a break from the hectic pace of a busy life and career."

"Our mind concentrates on proper structural alignments, breathing, and relaxation. The synergy of these creates an uninhibited flow of blood and energy throughout the entire body. This is very beneficial for our physical and mental health."

Find out 7 steps to do Standing Meditation

30 minutes of can do cardio or even yoga...but dont' go too crazy on either, especially if you are a beginner to fitness. Why not?

Both have a "dark side" and can lead to injury. News reports have documented a rash of yoga injuries showing up in hospitals since it has become popular.

However, a good teacher and small class size will prevent problems.

Yoga is great for reducing stress and helping you forget about everything outside of the yoga studio. I've been amazed how my mind has literally forgotten everything else during some of the yoga classes I've taken.

TT workout. Make sure you heed this advice from nutritionist, Chris Mohr, Ph.D., "Always eat something before you workout. You can even consume your post-workout shake slowly during your workout so that you have some nutrients in your body while training."

30 minutes of activity, check in with your social support group. A recent report showed that both men and women overestimate the amount of exercise they make sure you check in with a professional trainer to monitor one of your workout sessions.
Plan, shop, and prepare.

Make sure that when you are buying nuts that you avoid buying nuts that are roasted in hydrogenated vegetable oil.

This might make the nuts taste good, but it adds bad fats back into your diet, thus defeating the purpose of eating nuts!

Ouch, another hidden sabotage to your efforts.

Watch out for the hidden obstacles to fat loss,


P.S. TT Members get more...

Start with the Basic Level Member package and get a monthly workout download, access to the Discussion Forums, and interviews with fat loss experts for only $19.95 per month.

Or become a Platinum Member and get ALL of the TT workout downloads and exercise clips for only $297 - plus, we'll ship you our new Turbulence Training for Fat Loss 3-DVD set, AND a hardcopy of Turbulence Training for Fat Loss, AND a hardcopy of The 6-Month Bodyweight Manual for FREE.

Become a TTMember

"Dear Craig, Since I ordered the TT Membership Pass to your products I am working my way through your materials. And what a huge amount of information it is! I am more than impressed and satisfied! Turbulence Training is one of the most time-efficient, comprehensive and practical approaches to training I have come across yet. And I am no newbie to training."

Thomas Brenninger

"I must tell you that The TT Membership Pass has helped me tremendously not only for myself but as a personal trainer. I have purchased a lot of books, workout programs, etc., and your programs are awesome! I know I've told you this before but you definitely over deliver on all of your programs. The Membership was by far the BEST investment I ever made!...honestly. Thank you so much for making this available."

Georgette Pann, CPT,CSN,LPTA

Order your TT DVD's & membership today!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Monday's Workout On Sunday

Okay, last week of Ferruggia's Phase 2 - Maximum Mass. I did a workout today so I could take tomorrow off to do somethings and get some extra recovery before Wednesday. That's pretty much it. Also, I read Brad Pilon's book called "eat stop eat". Its really interesting. Read more at Brad Pilon's Nutrition Help Website

Saturday, August 18, 2007

2006 - 5'8', 190, 8% fat

I think the problem is that I've never been one to run around and take a lot of close up photos of me with my shirt off...this is the best one i have from 2006, in the Persian Gulf on the beaches of Dubai.

Just before or after this trip, I can't remember which, I was tested at 5'8', 190 lbs and 8% body fat at the Sports Specific Training center in Burlington, Ont. (

So there you go...I'll try and take more half nude photos for you in the future,

Gain muscle, lose fat with home gym workouts

The Perfect Body?

This picture, taken in July 0f 2007, puts me at almost "the perfect body" (think Brad Pitt in Fight Club), according to a colleague who has studied the research on what body types result in the greatest attractiveness to the opposite sex, as well as the body type that results in the greatest financial success.
My colleague will be releasing this info early next year, so I can't say too much about it - other than its going to be very, very popular.
Anyways, this is pretty much what I've looked like for 10 years now, so I'm surprised by all the emails I'm getting about my physique. It's wonderful (sarcasm) to know that so many of you thought i was an out of shape pathetic loser (just kidding with you).
Granted, I think I have one shitty picture out there on the Internet that people are basing their "mental images" of me on, so I should probably get rid of that one from wherever it is posted.
Hey, sometimes you just get caught by the camera on a bad day, what can i say.

But this is what I really look like. Although now I'm probaby 15 pounds heavier than this photo. Still as lean.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Workout - 1 more week on this phase

Today I did workout 3 from Phase 2 of the sickest muscle building workout program, as they would say in New Jersey.

Next week I'll do each workout one more time, although on Wednesday night I'm flying to Allentown, Pennsylvania, to the Rodale Headquarters (Rodale being the Men's Health magazine publisher). There we will be filming some video for Men's Health and their website.

After that, I'll fly back to Toronto and film a bonus bodyweight DVD to go along with my upcoming TT Bodyweight DVD's...the bonus DVD will featured dozens of unique bodyweight exercises that can also be substituted into the TT workouts,

dumbell and bodyweight home gym workouts for fat burning

300 movie workout Frequently Asked Question

Let me put this straight, for the last is the answer to the question, how often can i do the 300 movie workout...and guess what, the answer is NOT everyday...

Q: craig, after seeing your article about the 300 workout i tried it for myself and got wiped out in the gym. i think you said in your article that the actors in the movie did it everyday which i could see myself doing if i had to, but it seems counterproductive, and i was thinking alternating the 300 workout every other day with some cardio. what do you think?


at NO Point did I EVER say do it everyday. I said, in fact, Do NOT do it everyday. IN FACT, i wrote the authors only did this workout once. EVER. It is a right of passage, not a daily workout.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, M.Sc.
3 Day Per Week Fat Burning Workout Routines

What to Eat Before a Workout

People always ask me what they should eat before and after workouts...well, I have my nutrition opinions, but I also ask the expert, Dr. Chris's what he said, and you can read the rest of the fat loss nutrition interview here

CB: What are your pre and post workout eating recommendations? How important are these in the context of a day (24-hour cycle)?

They are pretty similar...

For post-workout nutrition, I like a liquid product that provides anywhere from 2-4:1 ratio of carbs to protein (so 2-4 grams carbs for every 1 gram protein).

For lifters, I typically shift more towards the 2-3:1 ratio and for more endurance type athletes, the higher end of the spectrum since they utilize more carbs during their workouts.

A favorite, simple post workout drink is chocolate milk. I know Craig and I share this opinion, and a study was just published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Energy Metabolism showing chocolate milk was more effective than a popular formula on the market and a popular sports drink.

For pre-workout nutrition, there are a handful of studies showing that a similar carb:protein ratio is important for maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and providing some necessary glucose for the body to use as fuel.

CB: Where are our youth going wrong with respect to nutrition (In terms of both obesity and young athletes)?

Too much reliance on snack foods, soft drinks, low nutrient foods, fast food, high fat foods, sugar laden foods, and more.

Of course on the exercise part of it, there is way too much physical inactivity, lack of participation in organized sports, too much computer and TV time, and the list goes on.

CB: Thanks Chris. Discover how to eat your way to the dream body you've always wanted without any hard to follow diets with Meal Plans 101.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Turbulence Training bodyweight exercises

I'm watching the Turbulence Training Bodyweight DVD's tonight, checking them one last time before we send them out to the distributor and make them available to everyone in September. They came out really great, and aside from one close-up we have to re-film, I'm very happy with the workout videos. You're going to love them.

I'm also re-doing the 6-Month manual and making some small changes to it...not changing the workouts, just modifying some of the numbers in the workouts.

We filmed the DVD's up at my friend Bill Wells' gym in Toronto, just west of Eglington and Avenue Road ( Bill is the best chiro in town, and fixes me up any time I do something stupid, which is often.

If you want the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss exercises on DVD, go here to the Turbulence Training Video Department. You also get all of the videos online as part of your Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Platinum Membership

Next time I think we need a girl model,


Kettlebell Swing Workout

Today I did one arm swings for sets of 35, 30, 20. Then Turkish Get-ups, Spiderman climbs, and stretching. That's it.

Here's a video of the 2-arm swing.

Triceps Exercises for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and "Toned Arms"

The Triceps Bench Dip is used in every bodysculpting fat loss aerobics class in the world, but is it effective and is it even good for you? Pix of triceps bench dips

Personally, I've never been one to use this exercise, as I thought it was lame-o. And then 2 years ago I attended a Bill Hartman lecture, and he was very unkind to this exercise. (Who's Bill Hartman? He's a guy that has been crowned "the smartest man in fitness" by Brian Grasso, Alwyn Cosgrove, and myself.)

So when the topic of bench dips came up on the TT fat loss forum, I decided to ask Bill a couple of quick questions.

CB: Bill, can you explain why "bench dips" are bad for the shoulder?


The bench dip requires about 90 degrees of shoulder extension which exceeds normal shoulder extension by about 25 degrees.

To achieve that much range of motion the scapula must tilt forward which is a pretty unstable position. This also means that the shoulder joint is unstable and increases demands on the rotator cuff especially the subscapularis.

Over time this is a lot of undesireable stress leading to impingement of the cuff. This doesn't even consider the stress on the AC joint. It's also a crap exercise for overload.

CB: What about the upright dip station, what is the best way to use it?


Forward leaning w/hips and knees flexed. (roughly 90 degrees)

It reduces the demand on shoulder extension

CB: Thanks Bill. Check out the smartest man in fitness at and check out his fat loss & golf exercise interview here

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Turbulence Training Audio Interview

Here's a way-back play-back, from the summer of 2006...

Another Turbulence Training Audio Interview for you.  

Craig gets put on the hot seat about gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time

I go over the 3 scenarios where it IS possible to gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously, as well as the one group of people that will almost never be able to do this.

I also discuss Brad Pitt's abs, program design, and everyone's favorite: supplements.

Listen here

2 hours of fat burning info from CB...

The TT principles have not changed with time,


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday Kettlebell Snatch Workout

Did some kettlebell work and ab work. I've decided the September TT workout will be the long overdue, TT for Abs.

With the kettlebell, I did sets of 26, 18, and 16 reps for the snatch. I also read "Enter the Kettlebell" by Pavel Tsatsoline to get more instruction on form and grip and movement for the exercise. Good book. The pictures of Pavel showing incorrect form are worth the price of admission.

Only a few more weeks till the RKC,

fat loss workout with dumbells and kettlebells

Is Tiger Woods on Steroids?

After yesterday's post about Tiger Woods and his muscle building, someone showed me a few links about golf and steroids. In fact, one of the comments I read asked, "how could Tiger NOT be on steroids?"

Give me a break.

Anyone who thinks Tiger Woods is on steroids has never been in a gym. Has never lifted weights. Has no idea of the potential of the human body to adapt to training. These guys must spend all of their lives in armchairs, elbow deep in 6-packs and potato chips, and that's why they can't fathom someone has the ability to gain muscle through exercise.

I'm older, and more muscular than Tiger thanks to the muscle gaining secrets workouts, and as drug free as you can get. In the photo is of me above, from last week, I weigh about 185-190 pounds at 5'8". (Notice how I put a small dog beside me to make me look even bigger.)

Getting back to Tiger....

The only thing his critics know is "the quick fix method". They have 1/1000th the discipline of Tiger Woods, a man who makes 10,000 times more money than they do each year. They can't imagine Tiger, a man with all the money in the world, would still work hard in a gym or have the discipline to gain muscle.

What a joke.

Listen, Tiger Woods has muscle, but he's not THAT big. I've met drug-free guys in their 40's with more muscle than him.

Plus, Tiger is 31 years old. It's the prime of his life. Yet, the critics who accuse Tiger of using steroids are the same guys who consider themselves over the hill at age 24. That's why they can't comprehend how Tiger Woods is still in shape. To them, everyone should look like John Daly after age 25.

But that's how it goes these days, I guess. Everyone is so soft and lazy that to see someone NOT overweight is a shock. And to see someone with muscle is a miracle!

Listen, anyone can gain muscle and lose fat at any age. And you don't have to take steroids to do it,

Gain Muscle & Lose Fat

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bodyweight Workout Videos Are Done

No matter what I do, I just can't make some of my friends like the gym as much as I do. For these guys, they'd much rather be playing (i.e. rock climbing, beach volleyball, and even co-ed baseball) than lifting. And when they strength train, as they know they must, they always choose my bodyweight workouts over any of my dumbell or barbell workouts.

For example, Joe, my lawyer buddy here in Toronto, he can't get enough of the bodyweight workouts, and is always bugging me to show me more. My other buddy, B-Rock, takes the bodyweight workouts outdoors after a climbing session or in the afternoon after he surfs (he's actually found a place to surf in Ontario).

And a lot of the TTMembers like the bodyweight workouts over the weights, or at least like to switch to them once in a while.

One member is using the bodyweight workouts while rehabbing a shoulder injury, and yet another is finding out that it's a lot easier to lie on your back and press weights with your chest than it is to press your bodyweight off the floor in a pushup.

So if you want a challenge or some variety in your workouts, you'll be happy to hear that last month I filmed my 6-Month Bodyweight Manual, and the DVD's have been edited and are on their way to my house for review. Hopefully everything will be perfect, and we can make these available next month.

If you remember, we had to re-do the last quarter of the workout due to camera problems...a bit frustrating but totally worth the effort.

The bodyweight DVD's show you over 60 different bodyweight exercises you can use to sculpt your body, burn fat, and get a fast workout. You'll also improve your mobility, which is very important for both performance and aging, as I mentioned in my post about Tiger Woods and his workout program for golf.

Look for the DVD's and a special, limited-number offer in September,


Tiger Woods Workout

Anyone see Tiger Woods on the weekend? Can you tell he's been working out?

It's incredible what he and his trainer have done...Tiger looks significantly more muscular than a year ago. What's even more incredible is the dynamic flexibility Tiger has maintained during his body transformation.

It's relatively easy to build a physique like Tiger's, especially at 31 years old. But to maintain the fluid range of motion on his swing while gaining that strength and mass is impressive.

I'm not sure if Tiger has to be that muscular to succeed in golf, but more importantly, he hasn't allowed his size to impair his performance - and that's what happens to most guys that strength train for golf. They use machines, rather than a variety of movements. They end up losing the mobility that a great golf swing demands.

But going back to Tiger, it was also impressive to see how he dealt with the heat. He didn't fade. In fact, in the post-game news conference, he went on a pretty good tirade about how great he felt, and how all other golfers should be training hard so the heat would not bother them. Basically, Woodsy "called out" the other golfers on the tour.

And you know what, good for him. As he said, "he busts his butt" to stay in shape. You can't say that for almost all the other players on the tour. Even the ones that workout probably aren't busting their butts like Tiger (or like the men and women using Turbulence Training).

Anyways, congratulations to Mr. Woods. He deserves it. He earns it. And it looks like he will be dominating the scene for another 20 years, or as long as he feels like it. Imagine that, Woods in top shape for another TWENTY years.

Train hard,


PS - Oh yeah, I did my workout today...back to Phase 2 of Maximum Mass by Ferruggia. Great arm pump.

7-Day Fat Loss Guide: Workout of the Week

Back from holidays? Added a few pounds during your vacation?

Don't worry, they'll come off just as fast as they went on once you get back on the Turbulence Training lifestyle.

Now more tips from your weekly 7-day guide to success...

Do your regularly scheduled TT workout. Add an ab exercise to each superset, so that your workout might go like this:

1A) DB Chest Press (8 reps)
1B) DB Row (8 reps)
1C) Mountain Climber (20 reps)


30 minutes of activity. If you are lucky enough to own your own home gym, some dumbells, and a kettlebell, you should be hitting the Workout of the Month

TT workout. Add a set of pushups to your workout today. After your strength training, but before your intervals, do as many pushups as you can. Just 1 set.

If you can do 30 regular pushups or more, and want a new challenge, then use one of the following variations:

- Spiderman Pushup
- Decline Pushup
- Elevated Pushup

30 minutes of activity. Got a pool? Try a workout in the pool... Here's my pool workout

TT workout.

Take your intervals outside in the evening when it is cool. You can mix up hill runs with bodyweight squats and ab work. Sweat, enjoy the outdoors, and finish off the week with a nice workout. Then take the weekend off from work and re-charge your batteries.

Saturday 30 minutes of activity, check in with your social support group. Grab a Green Tea and go to a restaurant that will allow you to order a salmon fillet and a nice green summer salad. Trade fat loss secrets with your support group...this might be the best way to keep you on track.


Plan, shop, and prepare.

Here's a vegetarian cookbook suggestion:

Try anything put out by the Moosewood Collective, famous for its vegetarian restaurant in Ithaca, NY.

And from Patrick S.,

I'm big into healthy cooking and one of the best books besides PN is The Garden of Eating by Rachel Albert-Matesz and Don Matesz. From Planetary Press.

It's faster to get direct from their website than anywhere else and the authors send emails asking for feedback and are open to direct questions. The recipes are EASILY modified to fit any lifestyle I can think of and I put it right at the top along with PN. The book is very fresh produce oriented.

Garden of Eating

And from Cathy...

Here is another cookbook recommendation: Ultrafit Cooking - Ultrafast & Ultraeasy Recipes. Available at It's great. Not only does it have recipes, it also has workouts you can incorporate into your routine and healthy cooking tips.

So there you go,


P.S. Do you want in the Turbulence Training club?

Do you want a new workout every month? Do you want to go from fat loss to a muscle-building workout next month, but also have a bodyweight workout for when you are on the road?

Get a new workout every month...

"Craig, I just wanted to let you know that I've been using
your Turbulence Training System to whip myself back into
shape after a vacation. I've dropped 10.2 lbs. of bodyfat
in the last 28 days. As a fellow fitness professional I can
safely say that it's the best and most efficient approach to
improving body composition that I've come across."

Pat Rigsby

"I love everything about the six-month bodyweight manual.
My clients are challenged and getting stronger and leaner.
I myself am amazed at how strong I've gotten just alternating
bodyweight with interval and dumbbell routines. I can now
do 6 pullups with the lowest assistance bands! Your new
updated manual is very professional and easy to navigate,
too. Keep 'em coming!"
Lisa Grivers, Personal Trainer

Get ALL the Turbulence Training workouts

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Snatch Workout

25 reps of the snatch with the 70 pound kettlebell. Two sets of 10 and one set of 5. Very good. Back pain all gone. Much stronger than last time, a couple of weeks ago, when I used the 70's for a few sets of 4-5 reps.

Less than a month to go till the RKC certification weekend. I just picked up a couple of books from Dragon Door (, including Pavel's "Enter the Kettlebell". Hopefully work slows down so I can read them

August 2007 Dumbell - Kettlebell fusion fat loss workout

Over 40 Fat Loss Project

Keith Stephens is one of our committed TT members. As a professional on-air DJ working evenings, and a family, Keith has a busy lifestyle…like so many of us.

Yet he still hits his workouts and posts them in the forums, even while on vacation. Keith is learning consistency is the key to success. Let's see how it's all going with Keith…

CB: What were major changes to your exercise and nutrition after reading the TT programs?
Cutting back on the distance running and doing more intervals.


The supersets are unlike anything I've done before. I've never done so much leg work. I always stressed the vanity muscles, the chest, shoulders and of course the biceps.

I could do all of three pushups when i started with TT. I am close to thirty as a personal best now. My eating has changed to smaller meals and the effort to try new vegtables and fruits. But I love the fact, that with two small kids and all the craziness that comes with being a parent i can crank thru my workouts.

CB: What's your favorite part about the TT member's site?
Two big things for me.


One is the social network and the support that comes with it. Two is the journal. I do mine a bit different. I write as if i was talking to someone. But its the feedback in the journal that is a great source of motivation, even if its "good job" or a quick tip.

Read the rest of the Turbulence Training Success Story here

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Workout

Felt like crap earlier today, but got better as the day went on...headcold hit its peak at about 4:30am, my back is still sore (but better), and my shoulder slightly sore (but should be ready to go, I'm just giving it a bit longer to recover). I'm a mess, but for once in my life smart enough to hold back and recover.

Still, I trained around these annoyances again with a decent workout, so next week I will restart Phase 2 of the muscle gaining program and stick with it for 3 straight weeks.

2 new Turbulence Training workout updates...

For travelers, we have a new free Youtube video up, showing you a hotel room workout I did in a hotel in Sydney, Australia, way back in February 2007.

Get some ideas for your hotel room workout 

And we also just completed version 1 of the Turbulence Training Exercise Document for TT Members. It contains photos and descriptions of all the exercises from every Turbulence Training manual and monthly workout.

Turbulence Training Exercises & Exercise Descriptions

Have a good workout today,


Turbulence Training Burns Fat Fast

Turbulence Training Burns Fat Fast...

"As a certified fitness professional for more than 8 years, i have come across every kind of "fat-loss" less than 3 months of Turbulence Training, i have dropped almost 10 pounds,but
more importantly, i have also dropped over 9% BODY FAT. Since many of Craig's programs require minimum equiptment, or none at all, except your own body weight, they are ideal for the home
client, as well as the "road warrior". Along with a safe,sane sensible eating plan, which NEVER leaves me hungry, i credit Turbulence Training for my body change accomplishments."
Jason Koronakos, NY

Get Turbulence Training to burn fat

PS - That was the TT Testimonial of the month.

As a result, Jason wins a 1-year Turbulence Training membership to the TT member's site and forum.

If you have a TT testimonial, please contact us at

You will be eligible to win the testimonial of the month contest, and 1-year TT membership.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kettlebell Muscle Building Workout

Today I started with kettlebell snatches, completing 3 sets of 18 reps. This was the first time the grip held out for every single rep in the last set, so we're definitely making progress.

I followed that up with most of workout 2 from Phase 2 of Jay's muscle building workout. But I have to be honest, I feel like a bit of a wreck with a sore back and a cold developed over the weekend, and my shoulder is still sore from overdoing things in Friday's workout.

Fortunately, I was able to restrain my ambitions and train conservatively today, so that I should be good to go at 95% next week.

I got some good advice from a trainer named Keith Scott about my shoulder. We trained last week in Chicago, and I interviewed him for can catch most of his interview here:

How to Train if you are hurt or a beginner


Fit Over 40 Fat Loss E-Course

If you have bodyfat that is soooo stubborn it does not want to ever leave your body you
need this free fat loss course from motivational expert, Jon Benson.

If anyone knows how to burn off stubborn bodyfat it is a guy who used to be obese.

Wait till you read Jon's story, man, is it ever inspiring to see what he has overcome. Same with
all the other stories in Fit Over 40. Makes you realize there are no excuses.

Even more impressive, Jon did all of this in his 40s, even though the older you get, the more
stubborn your bodyfat can become - if you let it.

But Jon shows you how to avoid that...

It is best that you learn how to burn stubborn bodyfat as soon as you can. You can do that using Jon's fat-burning strategies.

He will send them to you free. Just go here -- Jon Benson's tips


Craig Ballantyne, MS, CSCS

P.S.  It does not matter if you are 20, 40 or 99...these strategies will work for anyone at any age.

Jon's book is full of real-world examples, including a gal who shed over 100lbs of ugly blubber in her 50s, and a guy who lost an entire "person" in bodyweight by doing one simple exercise.

You can read more and pick up Jon's book and free Course HERE

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Squat Technique Video

I know many people have been looking for a video that shows proper barbell squat form, so I put one together and posted it on YouTube.

Barbell Squat Exercise Form Demonstration

home gym fat loss workouts

Sample 6-minute Circuit Workout

From John Barban, the Author of 6-Minute Circuits...

The other day someone emailed me asking for a sample of the 6 Minute Circuits Workout program. She wanted to try it first before she bought the book. I thought this was a great idea, and I want you to have a copy as well.

To download your free sample program go here:

John and the team at grrlathlete

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Friday & Monday Workouts

I trained on Friday in Chicago at the Lakeshort Athletic Club, but didn't do the workout 3 from Phase 2 of Jay Ferruggia's Maximum Mass workouts. ...instead, we did...

1A) Standing DB Shoulder Press (worked up to 80lb dumbells for 5 or 6)
1B) Hammer Strength Lat Pulldown Machine (3 sets, finishing with a dropset)

2A) DB Chest Press (worked up to 100x13 reps)
2B) Seated Row (I think we did 1 set to failure for 25 reps at a pretty good weight - group competition styles - where the last guy always wins of course)

3A) Biceps
3B) Triceps

Fun workout.

At one point this weekend I was a bleacher creature at a cubs game. However, baseball is an extremely boring sport to watch, and we left after 5 innings. Then again, I can't stay at a leaf game for more than a period and a half. And you couldn't pay me to go to a raptors game. Watching pro sports just isn't that exciting when you are older than most players.

Anyways, back to training today - I did some light squats, leg curls, triceps and biceps, because I overdid it on Friday during the highly competitive workout and my back was beat up from walking around too much on the today was not part of Ferruggia's program. I will start that up again tomorrow or Friday. I will probably spend 4 weeks on this phase of Jay's program just because I basically lost a week due to this trip.

Still eating though,

home workouts for fat loss

6-Minute Circuits - More info...

I've always believed supersets are best, but strength coach John Barban is now telling me I'm wrong!

John put together a program called, "6 Minute Circuits", so I grilled him about the methods and why his way is "supposedly" better than mine.
Like myself, John is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a varsity strength and conditioning coach, specializing in training female varsity athletes, and has his masters in nutritional science and human physiology from the University of Guelph.

CB: How does a 6-minute circuit compare to 30 minutes of slow cardio? How can 6 minutes of exercise possibly be just as good, or even better than traditional cardio workouts?

The 6-minute circuits workouts uses all the muscles of your whole body, and they are at a high enough intensity to build some lean muscle mass which stimulate your metabolism long term.

Slow cardio usually only engages your legs (like jogging, biking, efx trainers etc.) and not enought to really build any muscle.

Our circuits work your back, chest, arms shoulders core as well as your legs. You end up doing alot more work in the same amount of time.

CB: Do you have an example of the exercises you would use in a circuit?

Do the following exercises back to back to back no rest between each:

Reverse Lunges 12 reps per leg
Incline Push up 12 reps
Squat and Press 12 reps

I'll use different exercises in each mini circuit to workout all the muscles in the body in different ways.

Typical slow cardio can't get this many muscles working this hard.

Also the intensity is much higher with these workouts. You end up burning more calories during the workout, and getting a longer afterburn (the calories you burn once the exercise is over) Slow cardio has much less of an afterburn effect.

CB: Why are people so hung up on doing a LOT of cardio for fat loss?

I think they just get used to it, its easy and you don't have to think about it, and they probably read the calorie counter display once on a cardio machine and believe that they are accurately showing them how many calories they are burning.

These machines have been shown to be off by as much as 20% in some cases, so I wouldn't put too much stock in them.

Whole body high intensity circuit intervals don't have any sort of calorie counter attached to them, so people may not be able to visualize how many calories they are really burning with these types of workouts, and I can assure you its more than any slow cardio session of the same length.

CB: I totally agree, it's a lot harder to "think" your way through a tough workout than to do mindless cardio.

Also, I think people may be afraid of high intesnity workouts if they have never tried them.

They might think it's not for them or only for advanced trainers.

This is simply not true. Anyone can do a higher intensity workout by just moving their bodyweight with a few dumbbells. My circuits workout is actually very easy to set up and follow.

CB: John, how would you set up a 6-minute circuit? I don't need a bunch of machines all set up in a row, do I?


Each mini circuit can be completed just with a set of dumbbells and your bodyweight. A bench helps, but if you don't have one, you can use a stability ball.

If you are doing the circuits at home and you don't have either, a chair or the stairs, or even the edge of your couch can be substituted in for many of the exercises.

In the workout I explain how to make these substitutions at home.

At the gym you will be fine, all you need is one bench and a set of dumbbells for the whole thing!

CB: Interesting, this could change the many trainers look at fat loss workouts. How did you even come up with the idea?

It was part of our athletic training program for our women's varsity hockey team.

I needed to create a whole body workout that gave the girls a great cardio workout, as well as strength conditioning.

The other catch is we needed to be able to get it done in a limited amount of space. (in the winter we didn't have access to the track).

So we created this workout, it met all our needs, it got them in great cardio and strength endurance condition, in minimal time.

They continue this workout throughout their competitive season. The workout became available to everyone when my regular non-athlete clients started asking what I was doing with the athletes.

The female athletes were in great shape and my other clients demanded to be put on the same program. And the rest was history, now everyone is doing it and loving it.

CB: Since we talked last, I've had guys asking me, can the 6-minute circuits program work for them if they are short of time? Would you change anything
for guys?

Yes, this program definitley works for guys too.

I have some guys on it right now and I currently use it 3 times per week for strength conditioning myself. I find that if I follow the program exactly as it is written I can handle about 80-90% of my usual weight for each of the lifts.

If guys want to use it for max strength I would suggest giving some more rest between circuits and dropping some of the reps down to a power range between 6-8.

CB: Very interesting. John has challenged the fitness world to give up slow cardio and try 6 Minute Circuits.

Let me know what you think...


Craig Ballantyne,
Author, Turbulence Training

PS - If you are looking for fast results in minimum workout time, 6 Minute Circuits is your answer.

Every time I train with John I learn 3-5 brand new training ideas perfect for advanced fat loss. Just when I think I've seen it all, I schedule a session with John, so I can "steal" his best ideas!

And not only that, but John has got the psychology of training for fat loss perfected. I've watched him train clients, and he can motivate them to move mountains.

The 6-minute circuit routines are fresh, and full of real exercises that will get you REAL results. I wish I'd thought of this myself!

==> get 6 Minute Circuits

Monday, August 06, 2007

7-Day Fat Loss Guide to Ripped Abs

We might be running up on the mid-way point of summer, but I still think you can make some impressive changes by Labor stay consistent and stick with it. 

Now more tips from your weekly 7-day guide to success... 

Do your regularly scheduled TT workout. And use this ab tip of the week...

If you want to increase the challenge of your ab training (i.e. in planks, jackknives, chops, etc.), do you ab training after some serious interval training.

Serious interval training will tax your abs and other muscles involved in breathing (as well as those involved in maintaining a stable pelvis while running fast).

So when you do your abs, all exercises will be about 30% harder. Good times.


If you are going to exercise outside, make sure to do so in the morning or in the evening. 

Personally, I think exercising outside in the early morning is something everyone should experience. It's calm, beautiful, and it feels like the world is yours! (Probably because everyone else is still under the covers).

Here's a tip from a reader, Greg L., about improving the efficiency of your home workouts...

"If you don't have access to a set of fixed dumbbells or powerblock type adjustable dumbbells, get two sets of handles and set them up to do both stages of your superset.  It's not a perfect solution but it allows you to finish the superset in the proper amount of time as it is laid out

30 minutes of activity - with a friend. Could be anything, just make it social. It will seem a lot less like work if you do it with a buddy!

30 minutes of activity, check in with your social support group. And remember, don't set limits on yourself.

Plan, shop, and prepare.

Here are a couple of Cookbooks recommended by members last week...


1) Stellas Kitchen (although a lot of recipes contain artificial sweeteners, which you should probably stay away from).

2) Pump Energy

3) Nourishing Traditions


If you have others, let me know. 


NOTE: If anyone has any vegetarian cookbook recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated.



P.S. TT Members get more

If you want more TT workouts, TT for Women, TT for athletes, or even more TT for Mass, as well as my other female specific e-books, make sure you check out

"Dear Craig, Since I ordered the TT Membership Pass to your products I am working my way through your materials. And what a huge amount of information it is! I am more than impressed and satisfied! Turbulence Training is one of the most time-efficient, comprehensive and practical approaches to training I have come across yet. And I am no newbie to training."

Thomas Brenninger

P.P.S. No pullups, chinups, or bodyweight rows...

Just dumbells and kettlebells. That's all you get in my latest workout at

The August KB-DB-BW Fusion Workout is a combination of dumbell (or Kettlebell) and bodyweight exercise supersets to give you maximum results in minimum time.

No chinup bar or exercise ball is needed for this program.

Join TTMembers today & burn fat with basic free weights!



Share your tips,

TT workout. It's Friday and you have the weekend to recover. So stay focused and have the best workout of the week tonight. You'll benefit from an elevated mood, better sleep, and great start to the weekend.
30 minutes of activity. I've lost count of the number of times I've trained and worked under the hot sun during the hottest times of the day...but I don't recommend it.

TT workout.