Sunday, July 06, 2014

This weird TSA guy really did say this about my body

"Your workout program is working!" says the inappropriate TSA guy to me after giving me a pat down.


But funny.

I'm totally okay with it, but really, probably not a kosher thing for a government employee to say to someone.

It's not the first time.

My friend Simon Black, a younger, fitter guy, gets the same type of comments from TSA folks when he travels, too.

Oh well. Makes for a good story.

And to be honest, I did have a great workout yesterday. I thought I was going to deadlift, but the gym was closed. So I did Bodyweight Bodybuilding program me some inspiration for version 3 of that program.

1A) Max Pushups - 4 sets (total 135 pushups)
1B) Max Pullups - 4 sets (total 35 pullups)

2A) Max Pullups - 4 sets (20 pullups)
2B) Max Dips - 4 sets (50 dips)

And a few other bodyweight moves.

I'm sore today.

Yesterday's 3 mile hike near Evergreen, Colorado at 8000 feet elevation. Good times. Today...flying 1,507 miles from Denver to Toronto. Should be a good arm workout. And what do YOU have planned?

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Big week starts tomorrow. Be prepared. Plan your days, Identify your obstacles and have 2 solutions for each. Do the work. Earn the rewards.

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