Wednesday, July 09, 2014

#1 worst ab exercise

If you've been doing this one ab exercise (and almost everyone does it), then you are making your belly bigger. 
It's a big mistake. In fact, you're about to discover 3 of the world's most popular ab exercises that you should NEVER ever do! These 3 exercises can actually make your waistline bigger and hurt your back.

Women Click Here ---> 3 Ab Exercises That Do NOT Flatten Your Belly (#2 is the worst exercise for a flat stomach - it makes your belly bigger!)
And men, you must avoid the third exercise on this page because it is the #1 cause of back pain.
  • An unsightly belly that you can't seem to lose
  • Back, neck, or hip pain that just won't go away
  • Painful posture that nothing seems to help
  • Or if you simply want to finally get a flat stomach or even toned sexy abs but don't know where to start
Fix your belly today,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - Your Plan for This Week...
Overcome fear. Problems will not get better by avoiding them.
"Plan your work and work your plan." - Nido Qubein
Plan ahead to lose your belly fat by preparing TWO solutions for every obstacle that you know life will throw in your way. Focus on what matters. Concentrate on what counts. Never, ever give up!

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