Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 foods NOT to buy organic

If you're like me, you're confused about the TRUTH behind organic fruits and veggies. When is it best to pay the extra money? Well, that depends on whether the Big Food companies are involved!


Here's a SHOCKING fact that you probably didn't know:


99% of the organic nutrition companies are now owned by Big Food Industry companies that can't be trusted.


For example, I personally will NEVER buy these 5 organic foods:


- Naked Juice (owned by Pepsi)
- Odwalla (owned by Coca-Cola)
- Morning Star (owned by Kellog's)
- Stonyfield Farm Organic (owned by Dannon)
- Santa Cruz Organic (owned by Smucker's)

In reality, most organic fruits & veggies are NOT better than regular produce, and in many cases they can be complete waste of money.


That's why Nick "the Nutrition Nerd" Pineault and his finance Gen created the Fast Food Solution.


It's the only quick & easy way to cook fat burning meals that are FASTER & CHEAPER than fast food, without wasting time or money.
Nick and Gen are here to save you from the Big Ugly Food Companies and their shady government lobbying that allows the food industry to get away with label sneakiness (like the phrase "Trans Fat Free" that I've discussed in the past). 


Nick and Gen are on a mission to give you healthy meals - that your entire family will love - all in UNDER 15 minutes while fitting your family's food budget, too (these meals are CHEAPER than fast food!).
You'll finally have quick and easy meals that are convenient while SLIMMING your waistline.


Fast Food Solution is NOT a cookbook... it's NOT a Meal Plan... .


It's the world's first and only fat burning cooking system created with your busy life in mind:


  • Cook simple, mouth-watering healthy meals in LESS time than it takes to visit the fast food drive through

  • Discover how to SAVE hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill every month by knowing exactly what healthy foods are really worth it - and what sneaky grocery store scams to avoid

  • Know how to eat the right fat-burning foods every time instead of following ineffective advice from magazines (that are 'bought and paid for' by the Big Food Industry advertisements

  • Turn cooking into something so easy that even Craig Ballantyne, The Kitchen Clutz, could do!

  • Eliminate the frustration, stress and guilt that food can cause so that you can enjoy your favorite meals guilt-free and in "Fat Burning Form"


Don't let greedy corporations stop your weight loss efforts or destroy the health of your family ever again.


=> Get the Fast Food Solution here for CHEAP


It's the only healthy cooking solution you'll ever need.
And just wait till you find out the TRUTH about Gluten-Free foods on their website. It will make you angry at first, until you realize how much money this revelation will save you in the future.
Discover the truth about healthy eating at the Fast Food Solution site.


Keep on pushing on

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - This was Lesson #1 from...
...the TT Advanced Fat Loss Nutrition week.
More shocking info coming soon that will help you lose belly fat when combined with those new workouts you received last week.

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