Monday, July 21, 2014

7 weight loss myths exposed

Best-selling diet author JJ Virgin recently made this controversial statement:
"Counting calories doesn't work, and worse, most exercise programs actually lower your metabolism."
It's harsh, but true. She's dead on the money. So many trainers and magazines are giving the wrong advice.
But here's the good news. My good friend - and PERSONAL adviser on my digestive health issues - Dr. Peter Osborne invited over 30 of the top fat loss and fitness experts like JJ, Mike Whitfield, Shawna Kaminski, John Rowley, and Holly Rigsby to expose weight loss myths and exercise mistakes.
Doc Osborne and his health industry leaders will be sharing their "top secrets" on building a lean, healthy, body without any of the "Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil" hype that you see on afternoon television. 
This incredible event is called The Functional Health Summit, and like JJ Virgin, I want all of my readers to check it out (and you can do so ONLINE from the comfort of your own home).

Not only will JJ Virgin, author of the NY Times best selling Virgin Diet, be be speaking, but so will Dr. Cody Sipe (he'll show you how to live an active lifestyle to 100 - and beyond!)

Other experts will be covering...
  • The 7 weight loss myths perpetuated by the food industry
  • 5 Common exercise mistakes that program your body to store fat
  • How hidden food sensitivities can keep you from shedding belly fat
  • How common household chemicals you use can increase fat storage
  • How eliminating chronic inflammation can speed up your metabolism
And you just know Mikey "Pancakes" Whitfield, Master CTT, will be sharing some fun, fat loss finishers for you to try.

This is not an event you want to miss. The live presentations are free, but the event is ending soon, so hurry over to the Summit and get your access.
To your Best Life,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - This event is so important and you cannot miss...
...Kathy Smart celiac disease expert, and master chef will teach how to cook foods that are healthy and taste great,
Dr. John Brimhall sharing 6 steps to living vigorously at any age
Shawna Kaminski, Master CTT, showing you how to get fit and lose fat after the "dreaded" age of 40
My favorite expert? 
PPS - Doctor Osborne. Here's why he is on my speed-dial...
...because he's the one who helped me realize that I was gluten-sensitive and he has been my go-to expert as I work through some digestion issues.
Thanks Doctor Osborne. Don't miss his session.

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