Tuesday, July 22, 2014

3 Steps to Fix Your Trouble Spots

Everyone knows spot reduction is impossible - right?


I was arguing about this with my friend, Shaun Hadsall, the other day.

Shaun says you CAN specifically target the stubborn fat targeting your trouble spots.
I say, "Prove it."
So Shaun went back in his lab in Central Michigan and did 2 things t:
a) He put together a report, The 7-Day Spot Reduction Solution
b) He wrote this killer article which shows you EXACTLY how to use the latest cutting edge, targeting strategy on your stubborn fat areas.
Enjoy the article and report. - Craig


Your 3 Step Protocol to Burn Off "Stubborn" Fat From Your Worst Trouble Spots


By Shaun Hadsall
Stubborn Fat Expert & Author Fastest Fat Loss Week EVER


Picture the WORST trouble spot on your body at this very moment.


Many times if you physically touch these areas, you'll probably notice that it's most likely ICE cold. That's because "stubborn" fat is different than normal fat.


It LACKS blood flow and science now PROVES that when you increase blood flow to that area you can extract and burn more fat from your problem spots. <= Great news


In fact, the latest research and studies that I've come across also indicate that blood flow and lipolysis (burning of fat) are higher in pockets of fat that are adjacent to the contracting muscle. (Stallknecht, 2007).


This means if you train your trouble spot areas the right way, at the right time - the fat on the outside of that area will be "burned off" first, which means you can legitimately burn off stubborn fat from your WORST problem areas.


This 3-step strategy below lays out exactly how you can induce spot reduction in the trouble spot.


- STEP #1: Create Strategic Blood Flow

- STEP #2: Break Apart Stubborn Fat

- STEP #3: "Burns off" Your Trouble Spots

Let's briefly cover how each step works so you can put this to work on your problem areas:


STEP #1: "Heat Up" Your Trouble Spots (create strategic blood flow)

"Stubborn" fat is MUCH different than normal fat. It LACKS blood flow. All you have to do is physically touch your worst "problem" areas and you'll probably notice that it's most likely ICE cold.


But science tells us that if you increase blood flow you can extract and burn more fat from your problem areas.


So by contracting muscles that are right next to your most stubborn fat, you instantly create blood flow to your hard-to-get-rid-of areas, which allows you to induce "spot reduction".

STEP #2: Naturally Release Fat Burning Hormones ("break apart" stubborn fat)

In order to burn fat directly from your problem areas, after you've created strategic blood flow, you need hormones. Otherwise your fat cells won't be released properly and they'll continue to stay "trapped" inside your body.


Enter: Catecholamines


When you perform a hard, short burst (sprinting, cycling, bodyweight moves, hill runs, etc.) for only 10 to 30 seconds max your body will release unique fat burning hormones, called Catecholamines.


These "fight or flight" hormones are scientifically proven to release Growth Hormone (the fat burning SuperHormone) and break apart stubborn pockets of fat in the areas where you have created blood flow.


Spot Reduction Solution Protocol:


One of the easiest ways to create the "effect" laid out above is to alternate back and forth between high intensity exercise bursts and exercises that are closest to your trouble spots.

For example: Supersetting back and forth between sprints and Craig's total body ab exercises can potentially help you target more belly fat. 


This sets you up for the perfect storm inside your body to start "burning off" this stubborn fat.


CAUTION: All the effort and focus put into this scientifically proven approach could backfire on you and be a TOTAL waste of time if you don't stop your body from restoring these newly released fat cells...


.... Which is exactly what we do with the very last step.


The Free Fatty Acid Finisher

STEP #3: STOP Your Body From Restoring Fat (avoid re-esterification)

Immediately after you finish the Spot Reduction Solution Protocol, free fatty acids will literally pour or "dump" into your bloodstream.


This is where you can incorporate a sneaky strategy to burn them off, which can mean MORE fat loss.


But if you're not careful, research shows these fatty acids float around and can literally move from your upper body to your lower body (or some other trouble spot) and just be RESTORED as body fat again.


Weird and wacky - I know, but the human body is designed to be a survivor.


So your body will do whatever necessary to protect itself by HOLDING ON to the stubborn fat you just worked so hard to release.


This is a process called re-esterification and in order to avoid it following the second part of the Spot Reduction Solution on the next page is crucial so you can STOP your body from re-gaining the weight back.


Make no mistake about it. 99.9% of exercisers who don't have access to this information will hit adaptation (i.e. a weight loss plateau) and NEVER be able to induce science based spot reduction.


But all you have to do is perform the Free Fatty Acid Finisher found inside the 7 Day Spot Reduction Solution on the very next page to prevent re-esterfication and "finish" off your most stubborn fat:




Burn it off,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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