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5 Tricks to Maximize Fat Burning

Let's start today with some STRAIGHT talk...the motivation you need to finish the week strong (and don't miss the inspirational image at the end of the email, either).
Whatever is in your way, you're stronger than it, you're tougher than it, and you're better than it. You're going to beat it. No matter what happened yesterday, stay strong and get STRONGER today. I believe in YOU.
Perhaps, like most people, at one point or another, you have struggled to lose weight with long, slow and boring cardio exercise. It happens. Don't feel bad.

You spent hours on the machines each week, for months at a time, only to get no results - nothing but sores knees and a lighter wallet from wasted gym fees.

You need a different approach, one that uses breakthrough exercise science and delivers a fat burning workout that is 7 times more effective than cardio
The good news is that you can get this WITHOUT long, intense workouts (like those TV infomercials promote) that hurt your knees and back.  

And this exercise breakthrough doesn't require expensive exercise gadgets.

Instead, this amazing system reverses your body's natural aging, tones trouble spots and blasts through stubborn fat loss plateaus.  How?  By activating and restoring your body's natural fat burning metabolism.  

I'll reveal this new Fat Burning System to you in a just a second, but first, if you're still skeptical, you need to see...
The 3 Reasons that Cardio FAILS FOR FAT LOSS

There are three major reasons that cardio has failed you in the past.

In one study (from the journal Obesity), subjects did an hour of cardio 6 days per week for one year. They lost only 5 pounds - in the entire year! That means it takes over 50 hours of slow, boring cardio just to lose one pound.

Worse, the weight loss was not all fat - it included water and muscle loss, too. When you lose muscle, you get weaker and your metabolism slows down. That's reason number one that cardio works against your fat loss efforts.

In a second study, this one from Britain, researchers discovered why you can actually GAIN weight from cardio. Slow cardio exercise turns people into "compensators" that eat an extra 300 calories per day because cardio makes them so hungry. If that sounds like you, you're not alone. The Compensators in this study gained 3 pounds after a 12-week cardio program. YIKES!

Finally, in a third study, this one reported by Shape magazine, researchers at the University of California found that all cardio machines overestimate the number of calories you burn in a workout. The elliptical machine was the worst, overestimating your calorie burn by a whopping 42%! It's no wonder why people are NOT losing fat with slow, boring cardio.
Fortunately, there is a MUCH better way to lose fat and it takes just a few minutes in the morning. This simple system will help you burn fat all day long, even while you sleep.

In the first four minutes you activate your body's metabolic furnace. After you've completed this SuperCharged session, you'll spend the next the next two minutes regenerating your body's fat burning hormones.

This Activate-Regenerate Combo is the Breakthrough System that will help you beat stubborn fat loss plateaus. It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 50 pounds to lose, you can do so - all in the comfort of your own home. Here's are the 5 tricks this System uses to MAX your fat burning. 

Trick #1: Ignite the Fire

You'll start with a simple movement pattern.  The first 10 seconds activates your metabolism and cranks up your fat burning.  These movements are a lot more fun than slogging away, over and over again, on a treadmill. This FORCES your body to maximize the burning of stubborn fat. 

Trick #2: Trigger the Thermogenic Threshold 
Between 60 and 90 seconds, your muscles start to pump out massive amounts of signaling compounds - think of it like your car releasing exhaust when you step down hard on the gas.  

These powerful little compounds tell your body to release the metabolic "super-hormone" that burns 450% more FAT.  

But when you do slow cardio, you NEVER release this powerful hormone.

Trick #3: Feed the Fat Burning Fire

At this point your body starts tapping into its glycogen reserves.  This is like grabbing some extra firewood and throwing it on top of the fire you already started.  Guess what happens next?

Your body's fat burning furnace gets even hotter and you'll burn WAY more calories.  This also sets you up to burn fat after you finish this short workout. 

Trick #4: Afterburn Activated

  • In the fourth and final minute of your metabolic movement session, you'll max out your fat burning for the ENTIRE DAY.  Here's why:
    • You've ignited your metabolic fire in the first minute
    • You've released powerful fat burning "super-hormones" in 2nd minute
    • You've put extra fuel on top of your fat burning fire in the third minute
    • You've "switched on" your fat loss afterburners in the fourth minute.
    You can consider this "Fat Burning Mission Accomplished" because your body will be burning fat for the next 48 hours. Awesome right?

    This Afterburn is the MAGIC behind a special form of training that lets you lose more weight while exercising much, much less. 

  • Trick #5: Regenerate the System

  • Your "movement" session is over now.  But now you're going to take your results to the next level.  In the next two minutes you're going to boost your fat burning with a delicious recovery meal. This simple meal takes just 2 minutes to make but is the key to getting the fastest results possible.

    Fat Burning Locked & Loaded for 48 Hours - Even While You Sleep!

    You're DONE!

    As you enjoy the boost of energy and kickstart your daily fat burning, you'll see how simple and easy this 6-Minute System is to add to your day. 

    Finally, nothing will get in between you and the body of your dreams. 

    This amazing system is the key to overcoming all the weight loss obstacles in your life and is a proven blueprint for losing the belly fat without giving up time with your family, friends or career. 

    And here's the final beauty of this system: it doesn't require any equipment. 

    You can do these 4-minute miracles anywhere, anytime, including in a hotel room, the park, and of course, the comfort of your own living room or bedroom (many folks just wake-up and exercise right away in their pajamas).

    It's the perfect way to start the day because you're setting your body up to burn fat for a full 48 hours. The amazing breakthrough system starts working immediately and you can expect fast results. I've been studying health and fat loss for more than 15 years. And this is my most important discovery yet.

    Use this system to your advantage today,
    Craig Ballantyne, CTT
    Certified Turbulence Trainer

    PS - You'll be shocked and delighted by...
    ...the results you'll get when you follow my proven system for burning fat and boosting energy in just a few minutes. 
    PS - Have an amazing day and end to your matter how tough it has been. Stay strong and get stronger.

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