Monday, July 28, 2014

4x's more fat loss for people over 30

Do you ever feel like you're too busy to look and feel amazing?
That your work and family responsibilities are keeping you from ever feeling young, sexy and energetic again?
If so, then I promise you're NOT alone.
As we get older, life gets more...complicated.
And over time, that number on the scale keeps creeping up and we start feeling older. 
But it doesn't have to be that way.  You see, most diet and exercise plans are WAY TOO INTENSE to actually work.  I know that probably sounds crazy but hear me out for a second...
If you're over the age of 30, then you need an age-reversing and fat-burning system that fits in with YOUR LIFE. You don't need the hard-core bootcamp training that is only good for a 20-year old.
Forget about it. 
Punishing your body with hours of exercise doesn't work.  Giving up all the food you love and making yourself miserable doesn't work either.
If you've tried it and not seen results - don't's not your fault.
And that's why I'm so excited to share this new research with you.  Because I believe that science has finally cracked the code to fat loss.  Not only have experts created a system that is amazing at burning fat and boosting energy...this new system takes just 6 MINUTES PER DAY. 
Read that last line again.
Just 6 minutes per day!  And you can do it first thing in the morning.
Literally, before your friends and family climb out of bed, you can set your body up to burn 400% more fat all day long.  They'll still be rubbing the sleep out of their eyes while your body's metabolic furnace is melting away stubborn fat from your arms, belly and thighs.
Here's the REASON WHY:
Your body goes through various cycles throughout the day.
It's why you have lots of energy in the mid-morning, you feel tired in the afternoon and why you get a burst of energy a few hours before bed.
But here's the thing...
If you USE your body's natural cycles right, you can burn 4x's more fat and re-shape your body faster than you could ever imagine. 
When you strategically enhance your metabolism, fat loss becomes so easy that it seems like cheating.
And there is just one system out there devoted to using your body's natural metabolic cycles in order to burn fat.  It's a remarkable discovery that could change your life...starting today.
Finally you will be able to lose weight without:
·      Long, slow and boring cardio
·      Insane, restrictive diets
·      And dangerous diet pills that could kill you
That's why experts are calling it the "Holy Grail of Fat Loss."
Here's how the 6-Minute system works:
You start your day off with a simple "food and movement" pattern.  It takes just 4 minutes and it's not hard to do at all. 
What happens next is amazing...
After you finish your light movements, a flood of youth-enhancing and fat burning hormones are released in your body.  The mitochondria in your cells are primed to melt away fat. Mitochondria are just little power-plants responsible for giving you energy.
Those 4-minutes of movement sets those guys up to wage war on your stubborn fat cells!
Then, you eat a delicious breakfast which takes just 2 minutes to prepare.  This special meal flips on your body's thermogenic switch...
...which means you flip the switch on your body's natural fat burning furnace.  You'll melt away stubborn fat and you'll feel full and satisfied. 
You'll be ready to start the day.
And best of all - this pleasurable 6 minute food and movement system will set you up to burn fat ALL DAY LONG. 
4x's more fat in fact.
This powerful secret shocked me when I discovered it several years ago, and today you'll learn exactly how the system works and how you can get started today. Read this article below:
You'll be shocked, amazed and delighted that it takes just 6 minutes per day to get the body you want - and deserve. 
It's perfect for you if you feel like your busy life is keeping you from looking and feeling GREAT.
Learn more at the link below:
To your BEST life,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - I almost forgot to mention...'re also going to learn some other cool stuff like 3 delicious snacks that melt away fat.  You'll get the recipes and these fat burning snacks have CHOCOLATE, CHEESE, and CARBS in them...
Who says losing fat can't be fast and delicious?

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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