Tuesday, July 08, 2014

3 stupid exercises

Today is an off day from the gym for me so I spent extra time answering fitness questions.

Over at www.TTmembers.com someone asked, "What's the craziest thing you have seen in a gym?"

My reply:

#3 - Canadia's wealthiest man, a multi-billionaire, standing on a bosu ball and doing band rows - with terrible form - while his trainer sat on a bench beside him and fell asleep. Similar situations happened all the time with this trainer and his clients when I was a trainer in downtown Toronto.

#2 - Guy standing on a bosu facing away from his trainer, wearing boxing gloves, and doing a backhand slap into the pads that the trainer held behind him

#1 - Same trainer as #2. He had a client put his front leg on a dumbbell (that set on the flat outer side of a round dumbbell) and his back leg on a bosu, and had the client do split squats. It was unbelievable.

These were all from 2006. While I see stupid stuff every time I visit a commercial gym, nothing tops these. Absolutely ridiculous.

NOTE: Both trainers were charging over $100 per session. The Billionaire's trainer was probably charging $150.

Silly, silly, silly.


That's why I have never wanted to be called a personal trainer.

But enough of that...let's move on to something awesome.

The feedback on the July Workout of the Month has been phenomenal. The program is called TT Meatheads: Metabolic Twist.

Here's what Dani Woodrum said:
"Holy Moly, Craig! I just started this program today - and let me tell you I've NEVER had a back pump like this before.  Who ever thought 10 lb rear delt raises would feel so heavy. If the next 2 workout days are anything like the first, I'll be looking like Arnold before you know it Great stuff CB"

And here's more info on the program:
Raving TT Meathead fans have been demanding a new program and here comes one with a twist. You've never seen these used in TT workouts before. The workouts will challenge your strength and endurance, your mental capacity, and your muscle capacity. The closest program to the Twist and Burn is Meathead 100...so if you liked that, get ready to love this one.

I've been using these Twists in my own workouts for months and I'm addicted. I'm doing the Twist and Burn three times per week...and can't wait to hear what you think.

Research shows that you don't have to lift heavy all the time to build muscle, and that matters for guys like me that have been in the lifting game for a long time. Let's take advantage of the boost in muscle growth that you get from burning it up with unique moves and rep schemes. So let's go and grow. Shake it up baby...Twist and burn...you gotta burn it up, baby, yeah, Twist and burn.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Today's kickbutt mindset tip:

Always remember that no matter how bad your struggles are, there is always someone going through worse that is working harder than you. Step-It-Up! Our lives are easy, our struggles are small. Let's do better every day!

PPS - #1 piece of advice I could give you is...

...probably in this free video


Create the vision for your life.

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