Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tour of Where It All Began...

Hey! Here's a little video I filmed for you on Ballantyne's Day Weekend of the home where I grew up...where I started working out with my York Universal weight machine, and where I did the first Turbulence Training-style Bodyweight program back in 1994!

It's a cool little, Bally the Dog plays best supporting comedic dog in this one, acting crazy like always...


Anonymous said...

I give you a lot of credit for creating new programs and being very innovative and passionate about your trade. That's why I read a lot of what your create.

But, your rant (5 Reasons Why the Term "Cardio" is Lame) about cardio being a waste of time is way off base. I will agree that following many of your multi-muscle programs are a great base for fitness and weight loss. In fact, I've done the 300 workout. However, taking the stance that cardio, "...isn't going to do anything for you, and it will just waste your time and resources." is irresponsible.

You mention, in the past, people participated in sports. True. How many people can do that today, every other day? How many people can walk or ride to a gym every other day?

Cardio must have some value? You even mention doing "light activity" on the off days. What is that? Wouldn't that be walking on a treadmill while reading a magazine? I will agree with your second point that the treadmill reading is lame. Perhaps you should be more definitive in your suggestion (rather than ranting to sell your training method) about cardio.

You mention in point 3 that, " long as you're active each (doing manual labor, "cardio", playing sports, or lifting weight), you're doing enough to meet the minimun required amount of exercise for cardiovascular health." You should rant on those guys in the gym who flop out 3 sets of 10 of 5 exercises and between each set just stand around waiting for the next set. I know, from experience, that is not a cardio vascular workout. It isn't going to get you in "good" shape. And, it isn't something you can do every day. Well, unless you count those who train one body part a day. Yeah, one body part a day...great workout. In your quote, you mention "cardio". At least most of the people doing "lame cardio" on a cardio machine are getting their heart rate higher than most weight lifters working out as described as above.

In #4, you mention that people doing "lame cardio", will, " sorely disappointed by how slow he is - and by how he lacks the sports-specific fitness as much as all the guys who just lifted weights all off-season." Seriously? You're telling me that someone doing cardio will fatigue faster than a weight-lifter when playing Ultimate Frisbee or basketball? OK...I'll take for granted you've done the research on that, but I find it hard to believe.

You have to look at things from several view points. For someone in good shape, it may only be necessary to workout hard for 3 days a week. But, for those who are more over weight of out of shape (that is, they can't walk upstairs for example), to truly make gains, those people have to do some type of "cardio" at some intensity.

Finally, in #5, and again, looking at things from a broad view, you make it sound as if doing any cardio is a waste. You have to remember that most people aren't even in average shape. What percentage of your readers need more than a multi-muscle workout. I've always felt Men's Health did a good job of taking things from this perspective. But in your rant, you're giving people an excuse to avoid cardio when far too many people just sit on the couch. If these people won't do cardio, what makes you think they'll multi-muscle resistance training. Again, I know you need to sell books and plans, but don't bash something that over time has a great history of helping people.

Even your own magazine, in a recent article, stated that 80% of those in the Belly Off Club did cardio workout. That's a pretty good number in favor of cardio.

So what's the point of my ranting? Cardio does have a place when done right and that should be your message. Rather than a general statement that cardio is a waste of time. And remember that there are too many facets of life that make "machine cardio" a necessity in life.

I've learned a lot from you and expect more than bashing for the sake of sales.

For now, I'm posting anonymously...but if you respond and want to talk directly to me, I'll watch this blog and reply to you.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

I'm sorry you didn't understand the post. Please re-read. I'm talking about people who dislike cardio and do half-assed cardio.

I'm not talking about people who look at endurance exercise as a training method.

I'm talking about people who watch TV while they do cardio and expect results.

For sports, interval training is far superior to doing "cardio" while watching TV.

Anonymous said...

OK...Each of your points makes sense except the one about watching TV while doing cardio.

Should I take the machine and turn it around so I'm looking in the mirror?

Should I go outside where it's freezing and running on pavement kills my feet?

I'd love to do a multi-lifting workout every day, but that would be overtraining...wouldn't it?

When doing my cardio, my heartrate is between 150 and 180...I do invervals. And I watch TV.

Of course, you can't cover every single person in every article you write. I understand that. Hopefully those in really bad shape don't take your article as literally as I did.

Again, keep up the good work.