Saturday, February 28, 2009

Total Body Workout

After a big dog walk to start the day, I hit the gym for a new workout's how it went down:

1A) Narrow Stance Squats (3x3 + 3x10)
1B) Cable Rotator Cuff (4x12)

2A) Military Press (4x8)
2B) RDL (3x8)

3) Bulgarian Split Squat (1 set only)

Unfortunately that workout lasted an hour...I did a lot of warm-up sets for the squats and military press.

Felt strong...liked this workout.

After the workout I had a chocolate milk and walked home. Then another tour with the dog. For lunch, I tried (for the first time ever) putting apple slices (Granny Smith) and asparagus in an omelet (with mushrooms, cheese, and spinach). It was a "great success!".

Give it a try,


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pnw fitness said...

Apples in the omelet huh... Going to have to see what that's all about.

What's your egg source/combo for your omelets, or do you just use whole eggs? said...

whole omega3 eggs

pnw fitness said...

Hadn't seen those in my stores, so I went to google to look:

$2.79 would still be a value. I'm really getting the shaft from one of my local stores.