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How to Get Sexy Arms with Female Specific Workouts

In today's guest article, you'll discover how to get sexy arms with female specific workouts. These 3 tips come from fellow Canadian trainer, Rylan Duggan, who is an expert at helping women "go sleeveless". Check out his site at GoSleeveless.com

How to Get Sexy Arms

By Rylan Duggan RK, BHK, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

WARNING: For women's eyes only (and sample workout below)

Although every woman wants to have washboard abs and a tight butt, how often are you really going to show these body parts off to the rest of the world?

With trips to the beach aside, probably not all that often right?

So what's the body part that grabs people's attention and let's them know that you have an incredible body?

What body part stands out and says "I'm HOT!" without having to walk around in skimpy clothing, baring a bunch of skin?

Your sexy arms of course!

Think of it this way: whether you are dressed for the office, the gym, or a night out on the town, your arms are out there for everyone to see.

I'm not going to sugar coat this and tell you that people aren't judging you, because the sad fact is, they ARE.

And it's your sexy arms that tell people in 3 seconds or less whether you have a great body or not.

So how can you get sexy arms like Angelina Jolie, Madonna, or Kelly Ripa?

Better yet, how can you get sexy arms like these stars, but WITHOUT a personal chef, dietitian, trainer, and herd of assistants at your beck and call?

Follow these three simple steps to sexy and you will be on your way:

Step 1 - Build The Muscle

Most women spend waaaay too much time on long cardio sessions, killing themselves trying to lose an extra pound or two, but never spending enough time with a serious strength training plan.

Here's the problem with this course of action: If you only ever focus on losing body fat, your arms will look worse!

Even some of the leanest women in showbiz have bat wing arms and droopy skin because they have neglected to build and sculpt the muscles in their arms.

Don't let this happen to you!

Start a strength-training program that emphasizes building, toning, and defining the muscles in your arms before you do anything else.

Step 2 - Burn The Fat

If you don't burn the fat away from your arms, then regardless of how much you sculpt and tone your arms, nobody will ever know. You have to get rid of the layer of fat on your arms if you ever want them to really stand out in a crowd. You cannot do this by spending hours on cardio and exercise classes that take months to show any visible difference.

Likewise, you can't get lean, sexy arms by just doing arm exercises - this is spot reducing, and no, it doesn't work.

What you can do is start a cardio and strength training program designed to torch body fat rapidly, and you will not only lose body fat from your arms, but the rest of you as well.

Step 3 - Burn Lots of Calories

You can tone and define your arms by losing body fat and building muscle, but if you don't burn loads of calories, it will be a never-ending task to try and maintain them. You MUST burn more calories if you ever want to keep sexy arms without starving yourself, and without spending hours in the gym each day.

The unfortunate fact is, that even the slightest increase in body fat will show up immediately on your arms.

You need to turn your body into a 24/7 fat burning and muscle building furnace that is working even when you aren¹t.

How To Put it All Together

If you want to get sexy arms, then you need a program that will burn fat, build muscle, and burn loads of calories all the same time; while putting specific attention on the arms to bring out maximum definition and sculpting.

The great new is this: Any program, like the Go Sleeveless program, that accomplishes all three of these goals will not only sculpt your arms, but will also melt fat from your entire body, shrink your waist and stomach, and tighten and define your whole body.

Here's a sample workout...

Superset #1 (repeat twice)
1A) Narrow-Width Incline Pushups (8-10 Reps)
1B) Mountain Climbers (20 reps)
Rest 30-60 seconds

Superset #2 (repeat twice)
2A) Dumbbell French Press (8-10 Reps)
2B) Weighted Bench Step-Ups (20 Reps)
Rest 30-60 secondsInterval

Cardio Workout (repeat three times)

Skipping: 2 minute round – as many as you can (try to get at least 100 in 2 minutes)
Rest 30 seconds
Shadowboxing: 1 minute round - throw at least 100 punches (left jab + right straight)
Rest 30 seconds

There is no reason that you have to put the rest of your body on hold while you work on creating a set of sexy arms that will stop traffic.

Thanks Rylan!

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