Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hard Core Fighter Fat Loss Workouts

You catch the GSP-BJ Penn fight on Saturday night?
I missed it live, because I was in Mexico at a remote campground with no TV's, let alone satellite feed.
But I heard it was amazing. And then on Sunday, I read an article about GSP's training in one of the fitness magazines.
This MMA stuff isn't going away anytime soon. And even if you aren't a fan, we have a lot to learn about fat loss from these guys, because their goal is to perform at their best while having low body fat.
In the past, bodybuilders used starvation and cardio to get lean to go onstage, but that makes you weak and tired.
On the other hand, mixed-martial artists want to keep their weight down, but be as strong, powerful, and athletic as possible
for their particular weight class.
Up here in Canada, I met a guy who trains fighters for a living, helping them cut the fat with hard to the core circuit training
workouts. He even combines dumbbells with bodyweight exercises AND fighter exercises to get you maximum results in minimum time.
So even if you aren't a fighter, my friend, Coach Eric Wong, can help you look as tough as one.
In Eric's programs, he uses an MMA techniques circuit to replace "easy off day workouts".
This works perfectly with the hard to the core MMA interval training circuits on your "real" workout days.
Check Eric out, he's lean and mean and is a fighting machine - with 6-pack abs. But more importantly, he's used his programs with hundreds of clients and fighters to get them into shape for the UFC.
This is the real deal. Check out his site for the 5 Secret Training Techniques of Professional MMA Fighters That You Can Use to Get a Rock-Solid, Chiseled Body and Six-Pack Abs.
Beat the fat,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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Ryan said...

On his site he states: Would you train 3 days a week for 1 hour to look like GSP or Michael Bisping?

Then why the heck does GSP train 6 hours a day? Give me a break with the hype.

Andy said...

BJ is one of my favorite fighters but he got his butt beat..but there were some techinicalities in that fight that were overlooked like the use of vaseline on GSP shoulders in between rounds that was discreetly applied on his chest and back. Maybe I'm a bit partial with BJ's corner here but what a cheap tactic but I think GSP kicked BJ's butt big BJ's contemplating retirement. I don't think he will but BJ got owned that night.

Anyway, I love metabolic circuits! Especially MMA fighter and boxing type ones. I've seen Eric's site and it does look appealing.

There's so much training involved in fighter training I don't think a normal person would last a day! Phew! But they have amazingly lean physiques and great upper and lower body strength...and a great set of abs too!

liam said...

you can bulk up and have flat sexy abs and a chiseled chest you can have it all and its this simple

Aurea said...

I think I haven't watched the GSP-BJJ Penn fight that time, maybe I was at the dental clinic, having my teeth whitening (Fort Lauderdale) treatment at that time. But I've learned about the results the day after the match, since I was busy with my Aikido training session and watching my best friend on his retirement match at the amateur MMA circuit, then bringing him to the sedation dentistry (Fort Lauderdale based) clinic due to him getting three of his teeth knocked off by a swift kick to the mouth (though my friend won by submission).