Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Best Diet for Burning Belly Fat

This might be the coolest fat burning diet article ever, if you can call a diet article "cool". You're going to love the Ninja-analogies in this belly fat burning article...


The Best Diet for Burning Belly Fat

By Brad Pilon
, Fasting for Fat Loss

There are hundreds if not thousands of fat burning diets on the Internet. And, each diet claims to burn belly fat better and faster than the next.

They all SOUND reasonable, and of course they all talk about their 'massive amounts of scientific evidence so how do you tell which is the best fat burning diet for you?

Here are my three Ninja 'Fat Loss Assassin' tests for determining if a diet has any value:

1) Does it know the vital first rule of the 'Diet Martial Arts'?

In other words, does it create some form of caloric restriction?

If it doesn't, it's no good. If you want your diet to be a true 'fat assassin' and kill body fat in its sleep then you have to be in a calorie deficit (spending more calories then you are consuming) and the easiest way to do this is to simply eat less.

Most likely, this is common sense to you, but you would be surprised how many diets promise to burn AMAZING amounts of body fat while actually allowing you to eat MORE (No exercise necessary…of course)

2) Does it have Ninja-Like Flexibility?

A fat burning diet that is too restricting lacks flexibility. If it has two hundred and six rules you must follow and a long list of foods you can and cannot eat, chances are you will not be able to stick to this diet for an extend period of time.

If a diet can't bend to the demands of your life, it will snap. If it lacks flexibility, it's no good.

3) The Warrior Test

Any diet can be a good fat FIGHTER, waging a quick 3-day attack on fat before it burns out and dies on the battlefield.

However a true Warrior lasts the entire Battle…Your diet should be something you can follow for months, if not years. Noticeable fat loss doesn't happen overnight, and that's why any diet we choose to follow MUST have longevity. It has to last.

If it's a super-crash diet, it may give you great results in the short term, but it will lack longevity, and thus it will fail you.

If your diet passes the Ninja test, if it is skilled in the diet Martial arts, has the necessary flexibility and longevity, then it's the right diet for you.

Look for the simplest, easiest and most practical way to reduce calories and burn body fat that fits into YOUR unique lifestyle. This will always be the best fat burning diet for you.

Diets don't have to be complicated to work.

In fact, the simpler the diet is, the better the chances that you will see long term success.

Thanks Brad!

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