Friday, February 06, 2009

Fat Burning 7-Day Workout Plan

In this week's fat burning 7-day workout plan you're going to discover some cool push-up info, but also some shocking diet info about common foods.
In fact, I'll reveal one of the foods that caused me to gain fat in high school when I first started lifting weights.

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Last week I was traveling, went down to Mexico. It's always amusing to me to be on a flight and hear the captain come on and say, "we'll be expecting some turbulence in 15 minutes".
It makes me want to jump up and do some spiderman pushups in the aisle. But I can't see that being a good idea when the seatbelt light comes on...
Anyways, I have some cool photos of my trip here:

And I have my daily planning to thank for the lifestyle that allows me to take that time off.

This week's main Transformation Tip is all about reviewing your diet and exericse journal. These are mandatory! You must keep track of what you eat and your workouts in order to find out what works and what sucks for you!
Once you know, you can adjust and succeed!

This week's workout to review is the Turbulence Training Total Body Ten (aka Workout C from TT 2k6).

1A) Y-Squat (15 reps)
1B) Decline Pushup (10)
1C) Step-ups (10 per side)
1D) Pushup (30)
1E) Bodyweight Squat (20)
1F) Spiderman Climb (15 per side)
1G) Forward Lunge (10 per side)
1H) Close-grip Push-up (10)
1I) Stability Ball Leg Curl (15)
1J) Inverted Row (10)

No rest between exercises. Rest 1-2 minutes at the end of the circuit before repeating 1-2 more times. Good times!

Time for 30 minutes of fun activity.

By the way, I also wanted to mention the page that has all the details about the Turbulence Training Franchise opportunity. Don't miss your chance to become one of the first 7 Certified Turbulence Trainers!

Another TT Workout day. And time for some pushup info courtesy of Bill Hartman and Men's Health magazine.

When doing pushups, you are lifting 75 percent bodyweight and Bill Hartman says pushups help you build stable, healthy shoulders because they train your scapular and rotator cuff muscles.

So that's why even bodybuilders should add pushups to their upper body workouts. Dumbbell and bench presses don't achieve the same results.
Listen to the call for another Hartman exercise tip for a cool new move to replace traditional lateral raises.
I also want to go over my deadlift workout. This is a simple, but brutal lifting session.

1) Deadlift (using 35lb plates instead of 45lb for extra range-of-motion)

2A) Military Press
2B) Good Morning

3A) Front Squat
3B) Chin-ups


30 minutes activity.
TT Workout - finish the week strong!
Also in the March 2009 Men's Health magazine is a tip from Alwyn Cosgrove for those of you who have 1 arm weaker than the other. Here's the classic 3 step approach to fix that problem.

1) Drop all barbell work and only use dumbbells
2) Do the weak side first and then match the number of reps with the strong side
3) Use assistance for the weak limb if necessary

It's Social Support Saturday. I want you to get and give encouragement about never giving up. Just like the Cardinals and Steelers never gave up in the last Superbowl, I want you to fight to the finish.

Plan, shop, & prepare Sundays!
Here's the scoop (the 2 scoops!) on the food that helped make me a little beefy when I first started "bodybuilding" back in high school. Men's Health reports that my beloved Raisin Bran cereal has more sugar per serving than Fruit Loops (19g vs 12g)!.

I used to eat 4 bowls of that stuff per day back in high school. Two in the morning, two after school.

Keep an eye out for hidden sugar in your diet!

That's it for this week...I want to end by asking you if you have any health issues that you would like to see covered in future issues of Turbulence Training.
Do you have...
- Kidney stones
- Diabetes
- Arthritis
- Gout
- Acid Reflux

Just let me know and we'll ask an expert for health tips.

Thanks for your help,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Don't miss next week's call...

...when we'll dissect Turbulence Training 2K7


hogger said...

Great article this week. Would like to see some info of kidney stones. I do not have them but would like to prevent them.

Anonymous said...

I would like some infomation on arthritis. My knees are beginning to be affected. Thanks for all the great information.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your column and thanks for the great advise.

I'd like to see some information for those of us that have been told by Doctors not to exercise too strenuously due to certain conditions we may have. What precautions should we take when following your training?

Anonymous said...

Your information is fantastic! I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

I have Crohn's disease and am prone to hernias but want to get big and get ripped. Would like some info on what I should do so I can follow your course.

Anonymous said...

Great advice. Enjoyed learning about your daily schedule. I would like to see some info about reflux- my daughter suffers from it. Thanks!

Dyan said...

I am a diabetic and would like to know some health issues about it.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I will get follow up info on ALL of this! You guys are great, thanks so much for the kind words!


Sonja said...

Hi Craig,

I've been following your advice for some time now, thanks you for your great advice. I can see some improvement in my body, but not as much as I would like, and as I invest in my diet and training. I suffer from low tyroid and have been on medication for almost ten years. Could you write something about that, particularly if there are some exercises to increase metabolism? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Craig

I have been receiving your emails for a while. I am just concerned about my diet becasue I am a vegetarian. Is it possible to weight train and burn fat without eating meat or eggs? Thanks for all the great work outs

SueBK said...

I am enjoying your emails with lots of practical advice. I'm seeing real results. I refuse to be fat AND forty, and since I can't change the forty I have to do something about the fat ;-)

I would love some information for those of us who simply can not do push ups. What can we do to build the muscles needed for push ups. I have never been able to do them, and I'm not getting any better as I get older. I've been doing them against the wall, real slow in and hold, fast out. What else can I (we) do?

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,
Thanks for the advice. I have elbow and rotater cuff aches (mainly RH side)which is limiting my training, particularly push ups. I would appreciate information on working these joints to strwengthen without injury.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig!
Thanks for the information and your support.
I would like some information about exercises that does not involve knee strain for those people that suffer from severe knee pain when exercising.
Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig, I'd like to learn more about plantar fasciitis and how to train with it. For example I obviously struggle to do interval training on the treadmill at the moment.

Simon said...


I read your emails and blogs with great interest. I wonder if you could give soem specific advice for diabetics?

I have Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetes. It seems to make it very difficult to lose fat for two primary reasons:

1. When your blood sugar goes high, you are forced to give yourself a burst of insulin to bring it down. This surely equates to the insulin spike that a normal person has when they consume a high sugar item such as a chocolate bar, which puts fat straight on.

2. When your blood sugar goes low, you need to eat something sweet to boost it in order not to pass out. This makes sticking to a diet low in calories much harder.

Do you have any advice under these circumstances?
Many thanks!

Tim James said...

Fabulous stuff Craig.
I dont have any requests as I am happy with your info. Mexico looked totally rad.

Its really good to see so many comments. I know it helps me when people give feed back.

Keep it up Bro!

megha said...

I enjoy reading your column and thanks for the great advise.


Anonymous said...

I would like some infomation on arthritis


Anonymous said...

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