Monday, February 23, 2009

24-Hour Fat Burning Fast & Diet

So I've decided to do an experiment...I'll give you all of the details in a few weeks, but it involves me doing a 24-hour fat burning fast once per week.
In fact, I wrote out my first 24-hour fast diary below.
Now most people think fasting is crazy...but it's not.
In fact, fasting is becoming more and more mainstream everyday. I spent the weekend at a seminar, and after my talk on Sunday morning, I heard from several people who were fasting for fat loss.
It's so simple. So easy. And frankly, you'll find that you have more mental energy and you'll save 2-3 hours per day by not having to prepare food and clean up after it.
Here's my 24-hour "fat burning fast" diary.
Sunday, 10pm - Finished late dinner at Inde Bleu in Washington, DC (had scallops, lamb chops, and berries for dessert...(skipped the cheesecake).
Monday, 7am - Wake-up
8am - Workout (walking lunges, rotator cuff cable work, BB RDL, cable chop, seated narrow grip row, plank and side plank)
10am - Started to feel hungry
11am - Went to airport. Not hungry.
12pm - Sitting in airport lounge surrounded by really good smelling - and healthy - airport food. Someone beside me had a chicken breast salad with a southwestern sauce.
(Yeah, I know that sounds strange to say good food in an airport, but it's true! There is really no good reason to eat bad food at airports anymore. There are lots of healthy options.)
3pm - Arrive back in Toronto and run errands at home. Staying busy made me forget about food.
5pm - Felt hungry while waiting for Bally the Dog to get dropped off from doggy camp. Drank Green Tea.
6pm - Walk with Bally through west-end Toronto. No hunger. Followed by quick doggy wrestle and then some deep breathing to reduce stress and increase sense of calm. Very relaxing.
7pm - Drank another Green Tea while preparing for Tuesday's emails and newsletters, and answering questions on TT forum.
9pm - End of fast, 1 hour early, but didn't want to eat too late before bed. Snack of raw vegetables and hummus followed by 1 pear, 1 banana, 1 apple.
9:30pm - Time to take Bally outside for a minute and then off to sleep. Only 3 more days till I head to LA for the weekend.
So that's how my latest 24 hour fat burning fast was good.
If you want to discover everything you need to know about fasting for fat loss, you must visit this fasting website:
It will give you the power OVER food,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS - Brad Pilon is one of the world's experts on fat burning fasts...
...and on how much protein we really need.


Dave said...


I fasted today too. 6 PM Sunday to 8 PM Monday. Even got a workout in after work [hence the tardy break of my fast.] I had a very productive day, and my energy level was through the roof! Totally unexpected. My focus was very sharp, too.

I am going to fast again Wednesday. Convenient since it's Ash Wednesday, and fasting is the norm.

Thanks for tipping us off to the fast.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Great stuff Dave! Sounds like this week would be a great time for many folks to try a fast.

Jeremy Reeves said...

I'm glad to see fasting is finally coming around in the mainstream world.

It's funny that America is one of the only countries that doesn't do fasting, and we're the fattest country in the world.


Looks like we have something to learn from the other countries :)

Jeremy Reeves

Bernee said...

Okay, you can find healthy foods at SOME airports. Sorry but I had absolutely no luck finding any healthy foods at the Dallas airport or the Kansas airport!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

I've been through Dallas many times. There are plenty of options.

Any airport with a newstand has raw almonds.

And most Starbucks have fruit (apple, banana).

Its easy to eat and snack healthy in airports.

Dallas even has sushi!

numbawon said...

can you give a quick update as to how your experiment is going (24-hour fat burning fast once per week)...
i'm doing my first ever fast today and i'm curious how yours is going?

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