Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Morning in the Gym

It's really cute to see folks my mom's age getting "into fitness" and working out, and especially seeing the women doing resistance training at the gym, BUT...'s disappointing to see that so many trainers (or magazines) have shown these keen folks poor exercise form, useless exercises, and ridiculous workout programs.

And now these folks are keen to show their friends, and the gyms are full of 65 year old men and women beginners doing exercises and workouts they shouldn't be doing.

It's going to give resistance training a bad name...because in a few short months they'll have shoulder impingment injuries from doing bench dips, narrow grip upright rows, and smith machine presses.

I'm also not sure why a trainer would give an overweight 50 year old woman a workout consisting of dumbbell chest flies, 3 biceps exercises, and 3 triceps exercises. But that's another workout I saw today.

Whatever happened to good old kneeling pushups progressing to real pushups?

Why do beginner, overweight, 50-65 years young men and women need to be following workouts used by steroid abusers from Muscle and Fiction?

Here's a better beginner's workout you can do at home...while lying on the floor!


Chris said...

Ha ha ha... There are muscle bound 'heroes' at my local gym that couldnt manage those workouts - let alone their parents doing them! Craig, you are always an inspiration - keep doing what you are doing!

Thanks :)

James Davis said...
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James Davis said...
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James Davis said...


would something like this be suitable for 67 year old man who has rarely exercised? You know, someone who has worked at a desk for 45 years and now needs to lose weight and get some exercise to combat bad health.

Thank you.