Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lower Body Workout

This was my last week for this lower body week I'm switching it up to 3-day, total body workout program (legs-push-pull in each workout). But today, I got up early (6:30am), went to the dogpark with Bally the Dog and then hit the Stratford YMCA for squats.

Started with Snatches first, then overhead squats. Just one real set of each with a bunch of warm-up sets. Then into...

1A) Wide-Stance Squats (3x6)
1B) Face Pulls (3x10)

2A) Olympic Squats (4x8)
2B) Pullups (14, 8, 7, 5)

That was it. Then back home for another dog walk. Bally went for a swim after chasing a muskrat into the river behind my parents house. He loves the cold, the snow, and the water. Crazy dog!

Back to the big city now,


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