Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 Ballantyne's Day Gifts for You - Last Chance!

Can you believe what Jillian Michaels, star of the show, "The Biggest Loser", said about me and Turbulence Training?

She said, "If you want to get six pack abs, you need to get Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne!".

Don't believe me?

It's true. She said it on her radio show in LA last January. And you can see why they pay her the big bucks, because she knows what works for burning belly fat and helping you get 6-pack abs.

So we aren't going to argue with Jillian Michaels. After all, she seems pretty tough. In fact, we're going to take her advice and give you a really good reason to grab your copy of Turbulence Training for your abs.'s time for the annual "TT Ballantyne's Day Sale" to help you get your abs out of hiding in time for summer!

Until Friday, February 13th at 10pm EST, you'll save $10 on the Turbulence Training for Abs program AND you'll get THREE free gifts.

Gift #1) Turbulence Training 2K9
Featuring the now infamous 10x10 Dumbbell Circuit, the TT2K9 program features all of the best fat burning exercises I discovered in 2008.

Gift #2) Turbulence Training for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks
A classic upper-body, lower-body split with extra total body ab exercises, more resistance training for muscle sculpting, and
shorter, but harder interval training workouts...including the HARDEST TT workout ever designed.

Gift #3) A free 3-month Turbulence Training Membership (retail value $89.85)!

And not only do you get these 3 gifts if you grab your copy today, but you also save 25% on the Turbulence Training for Abs Package. But hurry, this sale ends at 10pm (EST) tonight!

=> Click here to grab your copy & gifts before the sale ends tonight!

You'll be the BIGGEST loser of belly fat in your town,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Today is the LAST DAY of the Ballantyne's Day sale!

Because we are off to celebrate Ballantyne's Day tomorrow.

So grab your copy of Turbulence Training for Abs today and save 25% off while also getting 3 free gifts, including a 3-Month Turbulence Training Membership.

PPS - Normally, a single month's TT membership costs $29.95...

...but you'll get 3 months freee PLUS all of the TT for Abs belly fat burning workouts for only $29.95 when you take advantage of my Ballantyne's Day Sale.

Grab your copy and 3-month TT Membership here before the sale ends:


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