Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Workouts on the Road

I'm back from a crazy week of off-road race car driving down in Baja, Mexico. That was so much fun! We drove a couple hundred miles per day, criss-crossing some canyons and mountain ranges. It was wild.


Our group also got to hang out with Monster Garage star, Jesse James, and then we watched a great Superbowl game with former Superbowl MVP, Desmond Howard.


I was only able to do some bodyweight exercises and sprint intervals on a beach while I was in Mexico, but when I finally got back to San Diego I hit a 24-hour Fitness gym for a workout of…


1A) Wide-Stance Squats (3x6)
1B) Pullups (3x12)


2A) Full Squats (4x10)

2B) Military Press (3x8)


3A) Cable Abs (3x12)

3B) Face Pull (3x12)

Hopefully I'll be back in Toronto on Tuesday night,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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Anna said...

Sounds like fun!

Andy said...

Craig...I wish you had called me! I probably know the gym you're referring to...was it the one right at Horton Plaza? It's only a few blocks from work!!!

Great you had a blast down in Baja!

Wish you had called me! Hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Craig, I am loving TT. But the bodyweight warmups arent cutting it for me and i'd rather not do treadmill work to work up a sweat. Any tips? thanks and the program is great.

Bob said...

Glad to see you could keep at it while you were "working" in Baja.


Damien said...

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