Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Daisy Workouts And High Intensity Training

It's funny.

Precious old Daisy is covered in blood, grass stains, and mud from playing so hard (just a little blood from another pups mouth).

She's hardcore.

Sprints and jumps, wrestles and tumbles. Tongue out. Teeth bared. Good pup.

This week has been good for training.


1a) 1-Leg DB RDL
1b) Mobility

2a) Safety Bar Squat
2b) Vertical Jumps

3a) DB Lunges
3b) GHR

and then today:

1a) Close-Grip Bench
1b) Pullups

2) Sled pulls

I was a little nauseous after both sessions.

And out of breath.

Good times,


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